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    1 <TITLE>Building</TITLE>
    4 <H1>Step 1: Build the library</H1><P>
    7 Quicktime for Linux requires a copy of of libmpeg3 in a directory next to itself.
    8 This provides the mp3 interface.<P>
   10 Your directory structure should thus be:<P>
   11 <PRE><TT>
   12 /my_directory
   13 /my_directory/libmpeg3-*.*.*
   14 /my_directory/quicktime4linux-*.*.*
   15 </TT></PRE>
   17 type "make" in the libmpeg3 directory.<BR>
   18 Type "configure" in the quicktime directory.<BR>
   19 type "make" in the quicktime directory.<BR>
   20 type "make util" to get quicktime to build some utilities.<P>
   22 The makefiles automatically configure themselves.  The library is in
   23 i686/libquicktime.a. You should manually set the CFLAGS environment
   24 variable with the optimum optimization parameters for your i686
   25 derivative.<P>
   27 The entire source code tree should be positioned in a location where
   28 every application that needs it can access it.  There is no provision
   29 for standard include files and normally it's much to difficult for
   30 users to match versions to use it as a shared library.  Those of you
   31 who were born before 1997 may remember QT doing this.<P>
   34 <P>
   35 <P>