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    1 Qt 4.2 introduces many new features as well as many improvements and
    2 bugfixes over the 4.1.x series. For more details, see the online
    3 documentation which is included in this distribution. The
    4 documentation is also available at http://qt.nokia.com/doc/
    6 The Qt version 4.2 series is binary compatible with the 4.1.x series.
    7 Applications compiled for 4.0 or 4.1 will continue to run with 4.2.
    9 ****************************************************************************
   10 *                           General                                        *
   11 ****************************************************************************
   13 Qt 4.2 contains a lot of changes, which will be fully documented in the
   14 final release.
   16 For this tech preview, please concentrate on the new features and provide
   17 feedback on the qt4-preview-feedback mailing list (see
   18 http://qt.nokia.com/lists/ for details)