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Qt Creator version 4.8.1 contains bug fixes.

The most important changes are listed in this document. For a complete list of changes, see the Git log for the Qt Creator sources that you can check out from the public Git repository. For example:

git clone git://code.qt.io/qt-creator/qt-creator.git
git log --cherry-pick --pretty=oneline origin/v4.8.0..v4.8.1



All Projects

QMake Projects

C++ Support


Test Integration

Platform Specific


Credits for these changes go to:
Aaron Barany
Andre Hartmann
André Pönitz
Andy Shaw
Christian Kandeler
Christian Stenger
David Schulz
Eike Ziller
Haxor Leet
Ivan Donchevskii
Knud Dollereder
Leena Miettinen
Marco Benelli
Nikolai Kosjar
Orgad Shaneh
Robert Löhning
Thomas Hartmann
Tim Jenssen
Vikas Pachdha