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    1 """Database backends for pyzord.
    3 The database class must expose a dictionary-like interface, allowing access
    4 via __getitem__, __setitem__, and __delitem__.  The key will be a forty
    5 character string, and the value should be an instance of the Record class.
    7 If the database backend cannot store the Record objects natively, then it
    8 must transparently take care of translating to/from Record objects in
    9 __setitem__ and __getitem__.
   11 The database class should take care of expiring old values at the
   12 appropriate interval.
   13 """
   15 from pyzor.engines import gdbm_
   16 from pyzor.engines import mysql
   17 from pyzor.engines import redis_
   18 from pyzor.engines import redis_v0
   21 __all__ = ["database_classes"]
   23 database_classes = {"gdbm": gdbm_.handle,
   24                     "mysql": mysql.handle,
   25                     "redis_v0": redis_v0.handle,
   26                     "redis": redis_.handle,
   27                     }