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    1 Pyzor was originally written by Frank Tobin. Other people
    2 contributed by reporting problems, suggesting various improvements or
    3 submitting actual code.  Here is a list of those people.  Help me keep
    4 it complete and free of errors.
    6 Frank Tobin		ftobin@neverending.org
    7 Rick Macdougall		rickm@nougen.com
    8 Colin Smith		colin@archeus.plus.com
    9 Bobby Rose		brose@med.wayne.edu
   10 Roman Suzi		rnd@onego.ru
   11 Robert Schiele		schiele@users.sourceforge.net
   12 Tobias Klauser    	tux_edo@users.sourceforge.net
   13 Tony Meyer    		tony.meyer@gmail.com
   14 Alexandru Chirila 	chirila.s.alexandru@gmail.com