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WebSocket Service

This service provides an Http server supporting WebSocket protocol to send realtime events to user's interfaces. It is hooked to various internal Topics and contains most of the logic to decide whether to broadcast a message to a given connected user.

Service is listening by default on the [::]:5050/ws and [::]:5050/chat (see below) endpoints.

Currently only the ReactJS interface is using this connection to update in real-time.

Internal Events to Websocket Sessions


Websocket server is implemented internaly using GIN and Melody libraries. WS connections are identified as "Sessions", and when a client is connecting, it must send a first "register:" message containing the current JWT token, as it would for any other public API in the micro-services architecture. When received, the JWT is parsed and the current user workspaces are stored in the session.

When an internal event arrives on the micro event bus, the websocket logic will map the various active sessions and generally use their username or list of workspaces to broadcast the event to each of them (or not).

Wired Events

Chat Handler

A dedicated handler is listening on [::]:5050/chat and is specifically plugged to the internal CHAT topic to dynamically create rooms, connect users to them, etc. It provides a gateway for all chat operations, using the following protocol :