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    1 Version 1.43.2
    2 - removed some duplicate lines of code
    3 - added the number of files and folders to the panel status bar
    4 - updated greek translation (thanks to Nikos Papadopoulos <nikos769@yahoo.gr>)
    5 - when launched from a terminal, Xfe is now interruptible using Ctrl-C (thanks to Lars Lindqvist <lars.lindqvist@posteo.se>)
    7 Version 1.43.1
    8 - fixed a regression that corrupted the initial search window content
    9 - changed 'KB' to the more correct 'kB'
   11 Version 1.43
   12 - updated russian translation (thanks to Bogdan V. Kilin <bkilin@ya.ru>)
   13 - fixed ugly transient window drawing when starting Xfe on older hardware
   14 - the scrollbar size can now be changed in the Preferences dialog
   15 - fixed wrong icon when file names are equal to an extension name (bug #221)
   16 - fixed missing FXURL::encode() in DirList.cpp (bug #228)
   17 - fixed bug #233 in "Open with" and "Run" dialog history (patch from klappnase).
   18 - fixed a screen corruption problem in XFileExplorer.cpp and in WriteWindow.cpp. This problem appears when using
   19   the nouveau driver for nvidia graphic cards (NB : repaint and disable commented out)
   20 - updated spanish translation (thanks to jcsl <trcs@gmx.com>)
   21 - applied several patches (#7, #9, #21, #22, #23 and #25) from Debian (thanks to Joachim Wiedorn <ad_debian@joonet.de>)
   22 - applied patch #34 for freetype detection (thanks to polynomial-C)
   23 - fixed a compilation warning in WriteWindow.cpp
   24 - updated libsn to current version (0.12)
   26 Version 1.42.1 (pre-release)
   27 - fixed a Valgrind complaint about uninitialized values when allocating an icon
   28 - the location string in the Properties / General tab is now selectable
   29 - better mini folder open icon for Gnome icon theme
   30 - in drag'n drop mode, display the destination folder name as selected
   31 - sort scripts with directory entries first
   32 - fixed suffix position when creating a copy of a dot file
   33 - updated german translation (thanks to Joachim Wiedorn <joodebian@joonet.de>)
   34 - new finnish translation (thanks to Kimmo Siira <kimmo.siira@gmail.com>)
   35 - fixed a possible data loss when moving files between two file systems and an error has occurred (bug #224) 
   37 Version 1.42 (released 27/07/2016)
   38 - the input dialogs with history are now alphabetically sorted. The number of visible inputs is set to 8 (feature
   39   request #202, thanks to klappnase for his patch)
   40 - gray / green focus icons in panels are now clickable buttons (feature request #204) 
   41 - fixed a problem with the exec path (bug #217)
   42 - fixed a regression where panel width percentages were incorrectly set to two digit precision. Indeed, three
   43   digits are required otherwise the panel widths are not correctly retained
   44 - fixed some typos in File.cpp
   45 - fixed a resource leak in startupnotification.cpp (runcmd function). The display is now properly closed
   46 - added custom mount / unmount commands in the Programs tab of the Preferences dialog
   47 - fixed bugs in the Properties dialog when displaying the size and number of subfolders
   48 - fixed a regression that prevented to refresh the panels after a file operation in the Properties dialog
   49 - replaced the internal Xvt terminal used for root mode with st, another tiny terminal that supports UTF-8. This allows
   50   to fix bug #214 and to use the text font selected by the user in the Preferences dialog. As a side effect, Xft (and
   51   fontconfig) support is required in the FOX library. The configure.ac file was changed accordingly to reflect this new
   52   requirement
   53 - fixed a wrong return code in the quit command of XFilePackage 
   54 - fixed a regression in the save dialog of xfw (bug #211)
   55 - patch for OpenBSD build and fix for hurd and kfreebsd on Debian (thanks to joowie)
   56 - fixed failed build on Mac OS X (bug #210)
   57 - fixed failed build with --disable-n (bug #209)
   59 Version 1.41 (released 28/11/2015)
   60 - avoid exiting Xfe when an X error is detected (fixes bug #779163 in Debian)
   61 - with single file selection, overwrite dialogs now only show Yes and Cancel options
   62 - when renaming a file, allow to overwrite destination if source and destination are both files
   63 - fixed a crash in SearchPanel when deleting files with thumbnails on
   64 - implemented a du (disk usage) command. This allows to get the sorted total sizes of selected items and compare them.
   65   The associated menu voice is "Compare sizes" in the FilePanel or SearchPanel context menu and is enabled when at least
   66   two files or folders are selected
   67 - it is now possible to open multiple Properties dialogs on different file selections
   68 - added an optional confirmation dialog for the change property action and also added the related option to the
   69   Preferences dialog
   70 - the Properties dialog now uses a separate process to compute the total directory size
   71 - fixed a crash in SearchPanel (caused by a wrong ICONLIST_MASK in IconList.cpp)
   72 - fixed a refresh problem with the second panel, in two panels mode
   73 - removed brown, blue and XFCE icon themes
   74 - removed iMac and Windows 95 color themes
   75 - fixed a regression in CommandWindow that didn't capture error messages any more
   76 - improved the font dialog appearance when using the ClearLooks controls
   77 - removed the bottom separator from each dialog for a more modern appearance
   78 - fixed the key bindings dialog appearance when no shortcut has been defined
   79 - fixed the rename file (F2) and create new file (Ctrl-N) wrong shortcuts in xferc.in
   80 - the progress bar frame now has the ClearLooks style
   81 - fixed search panel list style, dirs first and ignore case parameters that were not retained 
   82 - added a close button to the title bar of all dialogs
   83 - added missing icons to some file operation dialogs
   84 - reorganization of the menu order in xfe, xfi and xfw to be more consistent with common practice
   85 - fixed a regression where it was not possible anymore to copy / paste text in a text field
   86 - the new folder, new file and rename dialogs now forbid names that include the character '/'. This prevents creating
   87   files or folder in other directories and seems safer than the previous approach 
   88 - fixed OpenBSD build (bug #206)
   89 - updated czsech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <arch_dvx@users.sourceforge.net>)
   90 - fixed incorrect selection mode in XFileImage
   91 - the menu key now has the same function as the Shift-F10 key, i.e. it opens the popup menu on a file list
   92 - code source cleanup
   93 - fixed the placement of file error messages
   94 - fixed key navigation in the icon list. Now pressing a letter key only selects an item, whatever the mouse cursor
   95   position
   96 - fixed a regression in IconList, where it was not possible anymore to select a file in a file dialog
   97 - fixed a small regression with the arrow cursor in the FXMenuTitle hack
   99 Version 1.40.1 (released 11/08/2015)
  100 - fixed archive extensions like tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.xz that were uncorrectly displayed as gz, bz2 and xz in file lists
  101 - applied fixes from Coverity analysis
  102 - fixed bug #181 (USB drive requires manual refresh on re-mount)
  103 - fixed a bug in the PathLinker where a path such as /test was incorrectly found as being a part of a path like
  104   /home/test/temp 
  105 - fixed bug #204 (Can't overwrite folders ). The rename command now forbids renaming files or directories to a
  106   destination that already exists
  107 - set focus on the cancel button in some confirmation dialogs
  108 - when pressing the return key on a multiple selection of files and directories, the files are now opened and the
  109   directories are ignored
  110 - fixed missing suffixes when creating directory copies from copy / paste operation
  111 - fixed the user and group combo box sizes in the Properties dialog
  112 - fixed wrong icon size in xferc for aac and flac types
  113 - fixed wrong if test in onCmdPopupMenu() for FilePanel.cpp and SearchPanel.cpp (Coverity)
  114 - fixed the path linker button text when the directory name contains '&' characters
  115 - implemented natural sorting in DirList
  116 - fixed natural file sorting in compare_locale() and compare_nolocale() (bug #203)
  117 - updated spanish translation (thanks to jcsl <trcs@gmx.com>)
  118 - fixed a bash-ism in configure.ac (bug #200)
  119 - fixed Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X and Ctrl-A shortcuts that didn't work in text fields with caps lock enabled 
  120 - in the search window, pressing the Return key does not launch another search when the panel has the focus
  121 - fixed a problem where data count is wrongly reset when moving files between different file systems
  122 - updated hungarian translation (thanks to Sándor Sipos <ss1978@freestart.hu>)
  123 - fixed a freeze problem with the uim input method and changed the way input methods are detected. We now use the
  124   XMODIFIERS environment variable. This works well with ibus, uim and fcitx input methods. There remains a problem
  125   where composed characters don't work with the SCIM input method, can't find why
  126 - fixed a compilation problem in non Linux systems (cmd variable not declared in main.cpp, bug #198)
  128 Version 1.40 (released 11/01/2015)
  129 - updated german translation (thanks to Joo Martin <joodebian@joonet.de>)
  130 - updated czsech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>)
  131 - updated greek translation (thanks to Nikos Papadopoulos <231036448@freemail.gr>)
  132 - updated brazilian portuguese translation (thanks to Phantom X <megaphantomx@bol.com.br>
  133 - fixed data loss when moving or renaming right protected files between different file systems (bug #195)
  134 - fixed the archive name when creating an archive from / path
  135 - fixed the width of the progress dialog with long file names
  136 - fixed a size problem with the OverwriteBox dialog
  137 - fixed a bug with Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V on a selected directory 
  138 - fixed a bug that made the file size accounted twice when moving files to a different file system
  139 - disable search button when the search dialog is open
  140 - in SearchWindow, the results label is now positioned on the same line as the stop / start buttons
  141 - fixed a memory leak introduced in version 1.39 with natural file sorting
  142 - checked that non member functions that are not needed outside the module in which they are defined are declared static
  143 - fixed the color of the alternate text in the progress bar, when the default theme is used
  144 - now the copied / moved data size is displayed below the progress bar for copy / move operations
  145 - updated the documentation (README, xfe man page and help.h)
  146 - at the command line, Xfe can now handle file or directory names (and URIs) and launch the associated applications to
  147   open the given files. The first two directories are displayed in the file panels, the others are ignored. The number
  148   of files to open is not limited
  149 - added setlocale() command to xvt internal terminal
  150 - fixed a display problem in XFilePackage that occured when the package file is big
  151 - added a new "Modes" tab to the Preferences dialog because otherwise it is too high
  152 - added an option in the Preferences dialog to start Xfe in the home directory, in the current directory or in the last
  153   visited directory. Starting Xfe in given directories at the command line takes precedence over these options
  154 - source and target size / modified time are now correctly aligned in OverwriteBox 
  155 - avoid warning about mount points not responding when the user has no permissions on some parent directory
  156 - replaced swriter, simpress, scalc, sdraw, sbase and smath with lowriter, loimpress, localc, lodraw, lobase and lomath,
  157   since LibreOffice is the default of most Linux distributions these days 
  158 - default programs (text viewer / editor, image viewer / editor, pdf viewer, audio player, video player and archiver)
  159   are now identified in xferc as <txtviewer>, <txteditor>, <imgviewer>, <imgeditor>, <pdfviewer>, <audiolayer>,
  160   <videoplayer>, and <archiver>. Thus, when new file associations are added to the system xferc, there is no consequence
  161   for the user even if he has changed his default programs. Compatibility with previous version of Xfe is also ensured
  162   through an internal mechanism (to be removed in the future)
  163 - fixed a bug with the overwrite confirmation dialog: in some cases, the cancel button didn't work correctly
  164 - fixed the right panel refresh that did not occur after a file operation on it
  165 - fixed the progress bar display when the percentage is equal to 100
  166 - added the ability to copy or cut files from different directories and add them to the clipboard using Shift-Ctrl-C
  167   or Shift-Ctrl-X (by default) and to paste them all in a common place using Ctrl-V. To avoid possible problems,
  168   this mechanism is disabled if the user has redefined his key bindings for copy / cut and these use the Shift key
  169 - refurbished the mechanism used to limit the length of message lines and avoid too large message windows
  170 - updated the help and README files
  171 - fixed the width of the Properties dialog that could be too large with long file names
  172 - fixed a keyboard navigation issue in Xfe (set focus to the file list after some user actions)
  173 - in file lists, pressing the space key now selects the current item even if the mouse pointer is over the first column
  174 - improved keyboard navigation in Xfi
  175 - added a preference in Xfi to allow displaying the file list before the image 
  176 - implemented vertical or horizontal stacking for image and file panel in Xfi
  177 - implemented vertical or horizontal file panel stacking in Xfe. The directory panel is always vertical
  178 - two floating point digits are sufficient for panel width percentages
  179 - removed the XFileView application (Xfv) because it can be replaced with Xfw using the read only mode (xfw -r)
  180 - added an option to start Xfw as read only (xfw --read-only, or xfw -r)
  182 Version 1.39 (pre-release)
  183 - search ignoring case is now the default in XFileWrite
  184 - added flac and torrent associations
  185 - added the trash size to the empty trash confirmation dialog
  186 - fixed a regression introduced in version 1.38 when displaying a message box
  187 - implemented natural sort order for file lists (thanks to Vladimir Támara Patiño, Martin Pool and others)
  188 - fixed a regression introduced in version 1.38 when fixing bug #187
  189 - search results are now displayed faster when the number of items is huge
  190 - only display the wait cursor in file / search lists when refresh is forced
  191 - fixed the flickering problem that occurred on the search panel toolbar buttons
  192 - avoid sorting again the search list when nothing has changed
  193 - message texts are now displayed on three lines with a scrollbar if they are too long
  194 - fixed a problem when searching within folders with a lot of sub-directories and thus a long path lenght
  195 - in the Properties dialog, the path location is now displayed on several lines if it is too long
  196 - the maximum number of path links is reduced from 1000 to 128 because this has a strong impact on the startup time. But,
  197   Xfe does not crash if there are more than 128 sub-directories
  198 - fixed the drag copy operation when the destination has the same name: we now add a (copy) suffix like with the paste
  199   command
  200 - fixed a bug in File.cpp that occurred when trying to move a directory on a directory with the same name  
  201 - all "operation cancelled" messages are now warnings instead of errors
  202 - association icons are now displayed in the Properties / Permission tab
  204 Version 1.38 (pre-release)
  205 - fixed a typo in fr.po (xfe --help message)
  206 - Xfe window is now shown a little bit earlier than before
  207 - added two new search options: no recursive, and don't search in other file systems (request #1852)
  208 - fixed a bug with copy to / move to / symlink to in search panel: now an absolute path is required
  209 - fixed copy to / move to / symlink to in double panel mode when using relative paths (bug #187)
  210 - added epub, fb2 and orb file associations for eBook support with fbreader as the default application
  211 - all file associations that are in the global xferc but not in the local xferc are copied to the local xferc. This
  212   allows to automatically add the new file types introduced into the global xferc
  213 - removed #ifdef FOX_THREAD_SAFE in FileList.cpp and DirList.cpp because they were never used
  214 - fixed a problem with the XrandR extension support in foxhack.cpp. Added stuff for this in configure.ac
  215 - some code cleanup in main.cpp, XFileView.cpp, XFileWrite.cpp, XFileImage.cpp and XFilePackage.cpp (we now use a new
  216   function getcommandOutput() instead of inline code)
  217 - fixed some issues when detecting the package format used by the system (Linux only)
  218 - fixed the bug in Ubuntu where character input was not possible if iBus was running. The way it is fixed is a dirty hack
  219   but it seems to work well now (bug #193)
  220 - fixed exec lines in xfi, xfp, xfv and xfw desktop files (Debian patch)
  221 - applied patches to the embedded xvt terminal (patches from Debian, thanks to Joachim Wiedorn <ad_debian@joonet.de>)
  222 - we now use a decimal basis for counting KBytes, MBytes and GBytes. This is what most file managers use
  223 - added the ability to create copies of a file with Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V. The copied file names have the suffix (copy),
  224   (copy 2), (copy 3), etc. (request #189)
  225 - fixed the error dialog that was displayed several times when attempting to paste files with the same name
  226 - fixed the paste command that did not work when one or several files were selected
  227 - fixed a typo in the french translation of XFileImage.cpp
  228 - fixed a problem in CommandWindow, where the object was not deleted after closing the window (bug #197)
  229 - added a Compare menu voice to the FilePanel and SearchPanel context menus. An external file comparator program can
  230   also be defined in the Preferences dialog. Default key binding is set to F8. It is possible to compare two files
  231   from the same file list or one file from the file list and another selected through a file selection dialog
  232 - fixed the 'ftheader.h not found' problem when doing ./configure in Ubuntu 14.x and derivatives (bug #192).
  233   Thanks to J. G. Miller
  234 - fixed warning messages with automake 1.14 
  235 - set focus to the search file text field when opening the search window and select characters (bug #186)
  237 Version 1.37 (released 24/11/2013)
  238 - fixed the search window to allow search directory name to contain spaces
  239 - fixed a bug in DirList.cpp and FileList.cpp where on some Linux distribution a message 'Mount point not responding'
  240   is wrongly issued with gvfs mounts
  241 - updated spanish and argentinian spanish translations (thanks to Martín Carr <tincarr@gmail.com>)
  242 - updated italian translation (thanks to Giorgio Moscardi <software@sukkology.net>)
  243 - now the file lists are ordered according to the locale. Thanks to Vladimir Támara Patiño for his nice patch.
  244 - updated czsech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>)
  245 - updated greek translation (thanks to Nikos Papadopoulos <231036448@freemail.gr>)
  246 - script dir entries are now sorted alphabetically. Empty directories are no more shown
  247 - when searching with thumbnails on, the images are now displayed at the end of the search. This is more user friendly
  248 - replaced the right arrow with the normal one when pointing on menu items
  249 - avoid showing hidden directories in the script menu
  250 - fixed failing script execution when the script path contains spaces
  251 - some code cleanup ('pathname' variable name instead of 'filepath', for consistency), removed unused focus in and
  252   focus out callbacks in SearchWindow.cpp
  253 - changed the way hidden files are handled in the search panel, because the old way did not work well. Now, there is 
  254   simply a checkbox to let the user select if he wants to search within hidden files or not. The status bar of the
  255   search panel still has the thumbnails icon
  256 - fixed a freeze with thumbnails on and loading pipes
  257 - fixed some file list refresh problems when thumbnails are displayed
  258 - fixed wait cursor not displayed in file and search lists
  259 - thumbnails are now displayed one by one in file lists. This is more user friendly than displaying them all at once 
  260 - applied patches from Debian (thanks to Joachim Wiedorn <ad_debian@joonet.de>)
  261 - updated brazilian portuguese translation (thanks to Phantom X <megaphantomx@bol.com.br>
  262 - updated swedish translation (thanks to Anders F Björklund <afb@users.sourceforge.net>)
  263 - updated german translation (thanks to Joachim Wiedorn <ad_debian@joonet.de>)
  264 - updated french translation
  265 - fixed a compilation issue in SearchPanel.cpp when Xfe is configured without startup notification
  266 - fixed a compilation warning on some systems in screen.c
  267 - search pattern now allows to search from text without the '*' character
  268 - fixed the look of the disabled clearlooks buttons in the search panel toolbar
  269 - fixed an occasional crash in the search window
  271 Version 1.36 (pre-release)
  272 - all ClearLooks hacks are now stored in a separate clearlooks.cpp file
  273 - radio buttons now have the ClearLooks appearance
  274 - menu titles now have the ClearLooks appearance
  275 - added a Go to scripts folder menu item to the Scripts menu item in search window
  276 - added an option to warn the user when setting the current folder in search window
  277 - added a Go to parent folder menu item to the search window
  278 - in search panel, disable toolbar buttons when nothing is selected
  279 - check buttons now have the ClearLooks appearance
  280 - fixed the way child processes are killed in CommandWindow and SearchWindow. Now, the whole group is killed
  281   and there is no more zombie processes
  282 - fixed the wrong color of the button corners with ClearLooks controls
  283 - code cleanup (use types FXlong, FXulong, FXuint, FXuchar for 32 and 64 bits architecture)
  284 - disable the UI buttons while searching files
  285 - fixed the stop button that didn't work correctly
  286 - make search list continuously scroll down while searching
  287 - fixed a bug when reading file names from the results of the find command  
  288 - let the FileDialog in SELECT_FILE_DIRECTORY mode display also link to directories (fixed in FileList.cpp)
  289 - patched ttyinit.c for FreeBSD according to bug #176
  290 - fixed some compiler warnings on Ubuntu 13.04
  291 - updated the documentation to reflect the new search feature
  292 - added some search options: size, date, permissions, users, groups, empty files
  293 - fixed some glitches with the search panel
  294 - fixed a compilation bug under non Linux systems (bug #185) 
  295 - implemented the context menu functions in search panel
  296 - set the initial search path to the panel current directory
  297 - fixed drag and drop from the search window
  298 - ported the search dialog (version from 1.33-devel) to the actual Xfe 
  300 Version 1.35 (released 22/08/2013)
  301 - changed the default keyboard shortcut for Rename to F2, and for New file to Ctrl-N
  302 - updated the documentation to add a paragraph that explains the script functionality
  303 - for consistency, use the word "folder" instead of "directory" everywhere in the application, 
  304 - added a Scripts menu to the file panel right click context menu. This allows the user to execute shell scripts
  305   on the selected files and folders, just like in Nautilus. The location of the script directory is ~/.config/xfe/scripts
  306 - added spanish colombian translation (thanks to Vladimir Támara Patiño <vtamara@pasosdeJesus.org>)
  307 - fixed a bug where copy / paste didn't replace a folder, but creates a subfolder (bug #183) 
  308 - increased the maximum number of path links to 1000 and the maximum path length to 4096. This has no impact
  309   on performances and allows Xfe to better resist to very deep path trees (bug #184)
  310 - fixed keyboard shortcuts like Del or Shift-Del that didn't work when when CapsLock is on (bug #178)
  311 - now use -Wall for release compilation and thus fixed a lot of compilation warnings
  312 - fixed BSD compilation errors (thanks to Vladimir Támara Patiño and Pietro Cerruti))
  313 - fixed a crash that occurred when selecting the last file of a file panel (bug #179)
  314 - replaced many sprintf() calls with snprintf() (thanks to Vladimir Támara Patiño)
  315 - updated swedish translation (thanks to Ingemar Karlsson <ingemar@ingk.se>)
  316 - updated greek translation (thanks to Nikos Papadopoulos <231036448@freemail.gr>)
  318 Version 1.34 (released 11/02/2013)
  319 - date format is now the same everywhere (and can be selected from the Preferences dialog)
  320 - it is now possible to specify two start directories at the command line in Xfe. This can be combined with the --panels
  321   option to select the panel view mode. If no panel view mode is selected and two start directories are specified, then
  322   the two panels mode is selected by default
  323 - added a Clearlooks theme and modified the Human and Sea Sky themes
  324 - scrollbar color can now be changed
  325 - fixed wrong bordercolor in foxhacks.cpp
  326 - default audio and video apps are now audacious and mplayer
  327 - a middle click on selected files now opens the associated file viewer
  328 - when selecting file name in the symlink dialog, don't select the path
  329 - when selecting file name in the rename dialog, don't select the (last) file extension
  330 - add --as-needed to LDFLAGS in debian/rules
  331 - fixed a typo in help.h (patch from Joo)
  332 - added POTFILES.skip to the po directory (patch from Joo)
  333 - for xvt inside of xfe there is the need to configure xvt depending of the kernel. Adding some code for using with 
  334   variants of the hurd system to ttyinit.c (patch from Joo)
  335 - set xpm application icons size to 48x48 instead of 32x32 (bug #3571058)
  336 - get rid of the unuseful Confirm Quit option
  337 - applied patch from gentoo maintainers that adds --enable-minimalflags (respect system flags as much as possible)
  338   to the configure script (bug #3598473)
  339 - fixed a bug in FXURL::encode() that prevented to paste files with a '%' character in their name (bug #3603196)
  340 - removed the sfx script, because it seems that nearly nobody uses it
  341 - now, when a directory is selected in file panel, paste send files in clipboard to it. And it is no more allowed
  342   to paste files when a single file (but not a directory) or several files / directories are selected in the file
  343   panel (bugs #3568004 and #3484709)
  344 - keyboard shortcuts now work when Caps Lock is on (bug #3568005)
  345 - Groupbox now have rounded corners when Clearlooks controls are used
  346 - Xfe main window has now a simpler, nicer layout
  347 - fixed several regressions in the dir history buttons and history lists
  348 - make last visited directory visible in FileList to avoid scrolling again to visit it
  349 - now the file and directory lists are not refreshed anymore when Xfe is minimized
  351 Version 1.33.1 (pre-release)
  352 - when only one file / folder is selected, display its name in the delete / move to trash dialog
  353 - code cleanup (int, long, FXlong, FXulong types)
  354 - the execution confirmation dialog is now only displayed with executable text files
  355 - fixed the timestamp that was badly generated in the startup notification process. Now firefox can be launched without
  356   UI problems
  357 - fixed a problem where the current directory was not correctly set when executing a file from a panel
  358 - fixed a typo in main.cpp ('--panel' instead of '--panels')
  359 - the three viewers xfv, xfp and xfi can now be closed with the Escape key (and still with the Ctrl-Q shortcut of course)
  360 - let xfe -pn (n=1,2, or 3) work to select the panel mode (thanks to miven)
  361 - simplified the FilePanel status bar information when only one file is selected (thanks to miven)
  362 - fixed a type cast in ttyinit.c
  363 - added support for tbz archives (another name for tbz2 or tar.bz2)
  364 - select the file name when renaming files, this allows to start typing right away without deleting previous file name
  365 - updated brazilian portuguese translation (thanks to Vinícius Moreira de Oliveira <megaphantomx@bol.com.br>
  366 - updated czsech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>)
  368 Version 1.33 (released 08/08/2012)
  369 - updated xferc file
  370 - added an optional confirmation dialog when opening (or double clicking on) executable files
  371 - added an option to the Preferences dialog to allow settting the date / time format for file and directory lists 
  372 - fixed a copy / cut problem when files are on different file systems
  373 - added dutch translation (thanks to Hans Strijards <hannesworst@gmail.com>)
  374 - added an option to the Preferences / Dialogs tab to allow bypassing a warning message display when date preservation fails
  375 - fixed missing translations in FilePanel.cpp and DirPanel.cpp
  377 Version 1.32.5 (released 06/04/2012)
  378 - updated the help dialog and the README file
  379 - fixed a bug with drag and drop, when dropping a directory to another directory with the same name
  380 - fixed duplicated shortcuts in the Bookmarks menu. Now, when more than 9 bookmarks are used, the new ones have shortcuts
  381   based on letters like a, b, c, etc.
  382 - fixed two missing shortcuts in polish translation
  383 - replaced all occurrences of PLACEMENT_SCREEN with PLACEMENT_OWNER, because the former can cause problems on multiple
  384   display machines
  385 - set focus to the active panel when invoking a bookmark action
  386 - added a confirm dialog to the clear bookmark menu item
  387 - fixed wrong icons in copy to, move to, link to and rename dialogs
  388 - fixed ld problem for ubuntu, which uses --as-needed by default (thanks to Joo for the patch). The patch replaces the
  389   $LDFLAGS variable with $LIBS in configure.ac
  390 - fixed wrong mimetypes in desktop files (thanks to Joo)
  391 - updated xferc.in file
  392 - added support for xz (and tar.xz) archive format, and removed rar, lzh and arj archive creation because they are
  393   rarely used on Unix systems. However, extraction of these archive formats is still possible, of course
  394 - fixed a crash in XFilePackage due to an inexistent tooltip string
  395 - updated greek translation (thanks to Nikos Papadopoulos <231036448@freemail.gr>)
  397 Version 1.32.4 (released 24/05/2011)
  398 - added new file types and icons for common font types
  399 - updated spanish and argentinian spanish translations (Martin Carr et al.) 
  400 - added icons for Scilab file type (.sci and .sce)
  401 - fixed the duplicated new file icon in the File menu
  402 - updated czech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>
  403 - replaced playmidi with timidity in file associations
  404 - fixed a memory leak in DirList
  406 Version 1.32.3 (released 22/03/2011)
  407 - fixed a regression related to the copy/paste problem between xfe and nautilus 2.30.1. This regression occurred because
  408   of the suppression of the last \n at the end of the clipboard string, thus breaking the mechanism used to retrieve
  409   each line of the clipboard. Now the problem is fixed.
  410 - fixed missing strings in the german translation (thanks to Joo <ad_debian@joonet.de>)
  411 - updated the documentation by adding some clarifications about the startup notification process
  412 - fixed an issue in configure.ac to allow compiling xfe with gcc 4.5.x
  413 - renamed configure.in to configure.ac
  414 - fixed several issues with drag and drop within, from and to the DirList. Now, DirList and FileList paths should
  415   be consistent. Also, when removing a directory outside xfe, the application should correctly update the DirList
  416 - now, xfe honors $XDG_DATA_HOME and $XDG_CONFIG_HOME for local Trash and local config paths
  417 - fixed a compilation issue when the fox library was not compiled with Xft
  418 - changed the way compilation flags are handled in the configure process. Now, if CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS are defined
  419   by the user, they are used. If not, then compilation options are defined according to the options passed to
  420   the configure script.
  421 - fixed a drag and drop problem between dolphin or konqueror and xfe
  422 - fixed a copy/paste problem between xfe and nautilus 2.30.1 (the file list had an \n at the end that prevented copy/paste
  423   from xfe to nautilus to work properly)
  424 - fixed a typo in XFilePackage.cpp
  425 - replaced oowriter, oodraw, etc. with the more conservative commands swriter, sdraw, etc. in xferc.in
  426 - fixed a nasty bug that occurred when trying to move a directory into itself or into one of its sub-directories
  427 - updated german translation (thanks to Jens Körner <jens@kleinflintbek.net>)
  428 - added h++ and hpp file types to xferc.in
  429 - updated polish translation (thanks to Franciszek Janowski <nobange@poczta.onet.pl>)
  430 - changed the menu category of the Xfe application in xfe.desktop.in 
  431 - updated brazilian portuguese translation (thanks to Phantom X <megaphantomx@bol.com.br>
  433 Version 1.32.2 (released 20/09/2010)
  434 - renamed the EditWindow class to WriteWindow, for consistency
  435 - fixed the position of repeated error messages displayed during file operations : now the message windows should not
  436   move each time the user selects OK
  437 - fixed the way error messages are handled when something goes wrong in the copy / move /delete file operations
  438 - fixed the display of the deletion date, that was incorrectly set to one hour and one month in the future
  439 - added a message to warn the user (at the first launch) of an old Xfe version about the new configuration file location
  440 - the '~' character can now be used again in the 'Open with' dialog
  441 - don't display the panel active icon in one panel mode, because it is not relevant
  442 - removed double error messages when trying to copy / move / rename a file over itself 
  443 - created symbolic links now have a path that is relative to the refered file  
  444 - fixed the double error message in xfp that was displayed when the file format is unknown. Also added a wait cursor
  445   that is useful when the package size is huge
  446 - fixed a problem that occurred when testing the result of the pclose() system call, because of the harvest zombie
  447   mechanism which intercepts any terminated child process. This caused a bug in xfp (when opening a package)
  448   and xfe (when querying a package). Also fixed the query package mechanism, to be more clever when a file does not
  449   belong to any package
  450 - added document icons for Scribus (sla or slc extension) 
  451 - fixed a bug in the "open with" history, where the last item was removed whenever a command was run. Also increased
  452   all history sizes to 30 instead of 20.
  453 - removed a confirmation dialog when removing / trashing a symlink on a directory
  454 - fixed a bug when copying / moving directories to a directory with the same name(ex : /A/1/file1, /A/1/file2 to /B/1, etc.)
  455   This should work as expected now.
  456 - fixed a crash that occurred when dragging a folder in big icon view (thanks to Sarkar Anjishnu for discovering and
  457   reporting this bug). The bug was introduced in version 1.22...
  458 - fixed a scrolling problem in the tree list when dragging a file onto it (thanks to Mathis Dirksen-Thedens for discovering
  459   this bug) 
  460 - fixed a crash in Properties dialog that occurred when the df command comes from busybox instead of coreutils 
  461 - removed the encoding key in desktop files. According to Joo Martin (Debian maintainer) it is now deprecated
  462   by the FreeDesktop standard. All strings are required to be encoded in UTF-8 inside desktop files.
  463 - updated german translation (thanks to Joo <ad_debian@joonet.de>)
  464 - added some new filetypes to xferc.in (thanks again to Joo)
  465 - applied patch from Joachim Wiedorn (Debian maintainer) that allows to compile Xfe with kfreebsd and hurd kernels (thanks
  466   to you Joo!)
  467 - new translation to chinese (Taiwan), thanks to Wei-Lun Chao <chaoweilun@gmail.com>
  468 - fixed a compilation problem with gcc 4.4.x Now the inline functions statrep() and lstatrep() are declared in xfeutils.h
  469 - updated russian translation (thanks to vad vad <vadbuntu@gmail.com>)
  470 - new translation to bosnian (thanks to Pr. Samir Ribi and his students Bajrami Emran, Balagija Jasmina, Bilalovi
  471   and Omar Cogo Emir)
  472 - fixed the problem of the initial window position with window managers like icewm, openbox, etc.
  474 Version 1.32.1 (released 12/11/2009)
  475 - .sh and .csh files (i.e. shell scripts) are executed when double clicking on them, if they are executable
  476 - added support of ARJ archive format
  477 - for extraction of rar archives, replaced the "rar x" command with "unrar x", which is more common on Linux systems
  478 - fixed a bug that prevented to display the "+" sign correctly for some versions of the readdir() system function where
  479   the . and .. directories are not listed first
  480 - fixed a bug that prevented to display the "+" sign correctly in a directory list, when the file system type does not
  481   support dirent.d_type (e.g. reiserfs)
  482 - fixed a bug in File::mount() where an empty error message was displayed each time a file system was mounted or unmounted
  483 - fixed a crash bug related to FilePanel::onUpdPkgQuery() when selecting files in some cases
  484 - updated swedish translation (thanks to Anders F Björklund <afb@algonet.se>)
  485 - fixed a problem when dragging a file over a symlink folder in a file panel. After dragging, the symlink icon was
  486   incorrectly set to the folder icon.  This bug was already in version 1.19.2. 
  487 - updated hungarian translation (thanks to Sipos Sándor <sipos.sandor@iconet.hu>)
  488 - updated brazilian portuguese translation (thanks to Phantom X <megaphantomx at bol.com.br>
  489 - fixed a potential problem in the startup_completed() function to avoid exiting Xfe when XOpenDisplay() fails.
  490   This situation arises in some Linux distros (Mandriva 2009, Opensuse 11, Fedora 10) when suing the root mode. I couldn't
  491   find the origin of the problem, which is not present on Debian Lenny, Ubuntu Jaunty, Fedora 11. 
  493 Version 1.32 (released 19/10/2009)
  494 - modified script sfx.sh to add uninstalling of xpm icons
  495 - modified script makesfx.sh to add stripping of binaries
  496 - fixed a typo in the Makefile.am that prevented man files to be installed
  497 - added xpm icons to be compliant with the Debian Policy. Also changed the debian/menu file for the same purpose.
  498 - fixed the size of the su button in MessageBox.cpp
  499 - added CFLAGS configuration to configure.in
  500 - added a mechanism to prevent zombie processes when forking
  501 - removed the xfvt executable and integrated it in the code. This avoids a mostly unused executable into the Xfe package.
  503 Version 1.31 (pre-release)
  504 - fixed a segfault when viewing the Properties of an archive file
  505 - fixed a bug that prevented the folder history list to be updated when clicking on a tree item
  506 - fixed a bug in the folder history list : when the refresh button was clicked, the root directory was erroneously
  507   added to the folder history list
  508 - updated spanish translation (thanks to Félix Medrano Sanz <xukosky@yahoo.es>)
  509 - updated czech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>
  510 - updated greek trabslation (thanks to Nikos Papadopoulos <231036448@freemail.gr>)
  511 - updated german translation (thanks to Joo Martin <ad_debian@joonet.de>)
  512 - updated the Xfe man page to add the directory URI capability
  513 - added a tiny terminal program xfvt (~55 KB, based on Xvt 2.1, by John Bovey) that is used in the root mode
  514   authentication. This allows Xfe to be independent from the terminal program installed on the system. Also used nohup
  515   to allow closing the terminal without destroying the Xfe window!
  517 Version 1.30 (pre-release)
  518 - fixed the error message displayed in root mode when the terminal program is not found 
  519 - fixed an issue with the gvfs file system when Xfe is launched as root. For now, I choosed to disable the detection
  520   of this file system, but I must investigate about gvfs to understand what really causes the problem.
  521 - fixed a problem in Makefile.am that prevented performing several 'make dist' one after the other
  522 - fixed the file type in FileList.cpp when the file is a symbolic link that refers to a file with no association
  523 - several fixes in Properties.cpp related to startup notification
  524 - added a local option to the Properties dialog to disable startup notification for a given executable file
  525 - added a global option to the Preferences dialog to disable startup notification. This only affects the way
  526   applications are started from within Xfe. Note that, even if the option is disabled, xfe, xfi, xfv, xfp and xfw
  527   still indicate they have started to the window manager (provided that xfe was not compiled with the --disable-sn
  528   configure option).
  529 - added greek localization (thanks to Nikos Papadopoulos)
  530 - fixed some typos in strings
  531 - shell scripts can be executed again. It was not a good idea to avoid their execution in Xfe...
  533 Version 1.29 (pre-release)
  534 - in startup notification error reporting, we ignore errors related to X_SetInputFocus
  535 - when a SMB mount is performed when xfe is open, the smb hard disk icon is now correctly shown
  536 - when making a file panel active, we also want the directory panel point on the same directory
  537 - in message dialogs, the su button must not be displayed when the root mode is disallowed
  538 - fixed problems when reporting system errors using errno
  539 - fixed the sfx.sh.in script to correctly handle desktop files
  540 - some changes in Makefile.am to better handle po files and other config and script files
  541 - many changes in configure.in due to the use of intltool
  542 - internationalization of desktop files using intltool
  544 Version 1.28 (pre-release)
  545 - in FilePanel, display the "Open with" dialog box when a command is not found
  546 - added an option to disallow root mode (can be useful if xfe is deployed in a company, where root access is not allowed)
  547 - made a conditional compilation in src/Makefile.am, relatively to the startup notification compilation option
  548 - fixed malformed URIs when dragging files to another application. The correct form is for example file:///home/test/...
  549 - added an option to confirm trash operations. We now distinguish trash confirmation from delete confirmation.
  550 - fixed problems with file operation shortcuts when DirPanel is active
  551 - fixed a serious memory leak in XFileImage
  552 - in copy file operations, the progress window is now stretchable
  553 - when --disable-sn is used in configure, desktop files now have StartupNotify=false
  554 - fixed a bug in the location bar that in some cases displayed a malformed directory path instead of the correct one
  555 - the location bar can now open directories specified as URIs, like file:///home/test
  556 - now Xfe can open at the command line directories specified as URIs, like file:///home/test
  557 - added the forgotten xfeutils.cpp file to POTFILES.in
  558 - fixed a bug in positioning the xfv window (the position() function must be called *before* the FXMainWindow::create()
  559   function). Thanks to Joo Martin for discovering this bug.
  560 - fixed the allowTooltip variable that was not initialized in IconList.cpp
  561 - implemented a startup notification using version 0.9 of the libstartup-notification-1.0. Added a compilation option
  562   --disable-sn that allows to disable the use of the startup notification
  564 Version 1.27 (pre-release)
  565 - fixed a compilation problem when the FOX library is compiled without the --with-xft configure option (thanks to
  566   Claudio Fontana)
  567 - updated hungarian trasnlation (thanks to Sandor Sipos)
  568 - fixed a missing TAB in EditWindow.cpp (thanks to David Vachulka)
  569 - updated swedish translation (thanks to Anders F Bjorklund)
  570 - fixed some bugs in the file path sent by the Properties dialog to the chown and chmod functions 
  571 - changed the way permissions are handled in the Properties dialog : now symbolink links are ignored when trying to change
  572   their permissions. However, it is possible to change their owner but the link are not followed. I also added special 
  573   permissions (suid, sgid and sticky) with a warning message for the user about possible unsafe behaviour.
  574 - fixed a possible crash when the current directory contains no item (this could arise in some situations where the user
  575   does not have read access on the directory he is working in)
  576 - set focus on the panels when selecting/deselcting files with Ctrl-A, Ctrl-I, etc.
  577 - fixed a bug in Pathlinker, when navigating through directories where one name is used as the begining of an another
  578   name (ex: test and test1) 
  579 - fixed a problem with truncated strings in the Properties dialog
  580 - now the Properties dialog is displayed before that the recursive size is computed
  581 - the wait cursor is no more useful
  582 - updated the help.h file and the associated french translation
  583 - added file size and modification time to the overwrite dialogs
  584 - trashed hidden files and directories are always shown in the trash can
  585 - updated the README and the help.h files
  586 - when copying and moving files/folder to the trash can (at the trash base location), also create the trash info file.
  587 - when deleting, moving or renaming files/folders from the trash can (at the trash base location), also delete the trash
  588   info file. But don't delete it if the file is located in a subdirectory in the trash can. 
  589 - added a key binding for the View action (default is Shift-F4)
  590 - changed the confirm empty directory dialog inn FilePanel to use the same ConfirmOverwrite dialog as elsewhere
  591 - fixed a segfault in Properties.cpp when performing a chmod or a chown on a file without permissions : the file object
  592   was deleted too soon
  593 - added a cancel button to the ConfirmOverwriteDialog
  594 - fixed the progress dialog that annoyingly appeared behind dialog boxes when a file operation is interrupted
  595 - fixed a bug when updating the file panel context menu : the rename menu was not grayed out with multiple file selection 
  596 - fixed several memory leaks due to the use of strdup() without corresponding free() 
  598 Version 1.26 (pre-release)
  599 - fixed the cancel action in the Keybindings dialog : now, cancellation works as expected
  600 - added the total number of files and number of subfolders to the Properties dialog when the selection contains directories
  601 - changing permission or owner of a broken link is now done silently (no more annoying error message) 
  602 - fixed the phantom trash menu when the trash can system is disabled
  603 - fixed a problem with the wait cursor that was not displayed over the file list in some cases
  604 - modified the trash can system to be more compliant with the Freedesktop standards. Now Xfe creates the info files where
  605   the original path and the deletion date are stored and displays the original path and deletion date in the file list
  606   and in the file tooltip.
  607 - fixed a problem with static variables in several classes
  608 - moving files to the trash can now creates the .trashinfo files, as required by the freedesktop standards
  610 Version 1.25 (pre-release)
  611 - added a Keybindings tab to the Preferences dialog that allows the user to interactively modify the key bindings 
  612 - fixed a FOX bug in parseAccel() that prevented key bindings like Ctrl-F10 to be correctly interpreted
  613 - added the _ICONLIST_STANDARD icon list type to distinguish between file lists, serach lists and standard lists
  614 - fixed a bug in Preferences.cpp related to the show_mount_prev variable that was not correctly initialized.
  615 - added the onCmdHeaderClicked callback to the IconList. This is to allow the target object to get the message
  616   that the user has clicked on a header button.
  618 Version 1.24 (pre-release)
  619 - fixed a problem when trying to create the new config directory or the new trash location if the parent folder does not
  620   exist. To fix this, I added the mkpath() that creates the parent directrories if necessary.
  621 - fixed a non initialized variable (smoothscroll) in XFileImage
  622 - fixed a crash of XFilePackage, when opening a package. Since I removed in version 1.22 the icon->create() instruction
  623   from icons.cpp I had to add similar instructions to the XFilePackage::create() function. This works, but I don't
  624   clearly understand the origin of the problem.
  625 - changed the location of the Xfe config files and the trash can. The new locations are .config/xfe for config files
  626   and .local/share/Trash/files for trashed files. These are compliant with the Free Desktop standards. Note that
  627   at the moment, Xfe does not use the info files when trashing files.
  628 - removed the "TRASH" string from trashed file names. This string is indeed not really necessary.
  629 - fixed error dialog when copying files on a Windows disk and trying to preserve dates
  630 - fixed some untranslated strings in File.cpp
  631 - fixed the file filter history and made it retained when quitting Xfe
  632 - added a button to the FilePanel status bar for the file filter command
  633 - display the file filter string in red (and added this color as an attention color to the color theme)
  634 - french translation update
  635 - the copyright string is now in xfedefs.h
  636 - started to work on configurable key bindings for all apps
  637 - added a Shift-Tab keyboard shortcut to cycle through the panels in reverse order. Note it is only useful in tree and 
  638   two panels mode
  639 - enabled again the keyboard shortcuts on the DirPanel because now we have a way to know which panel is active. Thus it
  640   is no more confusing to use shortcuts everywhere
  642 Version 1.23 (pre-release)
  643 - now shell scripts cannot be executed but are edited or viewed in all cases. This prevent to launch scripts by mistake.
  644 - fixed a problem where in some cases files could have an association but no file type
  645 - fixed a problem when navigating through the main menu using the keyboard : in one panel and tree panel modes, the 
  646   right panel menu appeared as a "phantom" menu. Now it's fixed. 
  647 - fixed a problem when cancelling a drag and drop operation: the operation is now globally stopped as it should be
  648 - avoid refreshing the directory size when when performing lenghty file operation (copy/move/delete, etc.) on a large
  649   number of files
  650 - some code optimization to improve performances when xfe lists files in a big FileList
  651 - improved xfe startup time by reducing the number of calls to FileList::listItems() to 2 instead of 6!
  652 - added a tooltip text for the active icon of each panel
  653 - when the path linker is not displayed (selected from the Preferences dialog), display a path text instead in every file list
  654 - stop refreshing the file list when performing lenghty file operation on a large number of files. This prevent flickering
  655   and speeds up a bit the file operation
  656 - fixed a severe performance issue when pasting a long list of files. This was because of the \r character at the end of 
  657   the uri strings that I removed from clipboard string to be compliant with nautilus. I completely removed the \r character
  658   and tested copy/paste/dnd operations with nautilus, konqueror, thunar, dolphin, krusader, rox and pcmanfm. Everything seems
  659   OK now.
  660 - now Xfe tests if folders have sub-folders or not and displays the tree list accordingly
  662 Version 1.22 (pre-release)
  663 - all mounted file systems (including proc, sys, dev) now have the proper icon. Removeable media also have the
  664   file system icon and can be unmounted by the user if he has the correct permissions.
  665 - fixed the CXXFLAGS that was unappropriately cleared before compiling
  666 - fixed a compilation bug with gcc 4.4 (strstr now returns a constant char* instead of a char*)
  667 - fixed the terminal command string for root mode. This string must be included within quotes for some terminals
  668   to work as expected
  669 - added a Ctrl-l shortcut to clear the location bar and allow to directly enter text into the text field
  670 - fixed a memory leak related to the run and open ComboBox history
  671 - changed the clipboard content when copying file names from Xfe to a text application. Now, the full pathes of all the 
  672   selected files are pasted, as it seems to be the standard behaviour
  674 Version 1.21 (pre-release)
  675 - added an option to let Xfi list only known image types
  676 - saving the window position when quitting an application is now optional. This is to be more consistent with the
  677   default behaviour of modern applications and window managers
  678 - fixed the confirmation message when deleting non empty folder. Added a Yes for All button to the message box.
  679 - replaced "foreground color" with "text color" in the Preferences dialog, because it is more informative
  680 - fixed some focus problems on the file list when clicking on an already checked toolbar button (or activating the button
  681   using a shortcut)
  682 - now in MessageBox, we can justify text and place icon as desired  
  683 - the type-to-jump-to-filename feature now can be case insensitive, and is now coherent with the file list sort order
  684 - in panel cycling, made the selected item always visible when focus shifts to a panel
  685 - added desktop files to start Xfe and the related tools from the desktop menu
  686 - added translator names to the Xfe about menu
  687 - added a led icon to the panels that helps to distinguish which panel has the focus. Removed the old gray out
  688   mechanism
  689 - fixed the file list background color, because it was wrongly obtained from the main background color 
  690 - fixed a serious performance issue with xfv and xfw when opening large files. This was due to the isutf8()
  691   function which was very badly coded (shame on me)
  692 - limited the scrollbar button size to barsize*2 instead of barsize/2
  693 - some polish of the main windows
  694 - customised gui control hilite and shadow colors for better looking themes
  695 - added the rounded gradient capability (Clearlooks) to scrollbars, comboboxes, progress bars and arrow buttons
  696 - added the ability to overwrite existing directories during copy operation even when they are not empty
  698 Version 1.20 (pre-release)
  699 - disabled the root mode menus when Xfe is already launched as root
  700 - fixed the refresh bug in the DirList, when dragging a directory at a level up
  701 - changed the file permissions to rw when copying from a CDROM or a DVDROM (Linux only)
  702 - fixed a FOX issue in the FileList, where in row mode the scrolling was vertically instead of horizontally
  703 - fixed a FOX issue that prevented composed characters to be input when the mouse pointer is not within the text field
  704 - fixed a FOX issue in FXTextField that crashed some input dialogs when FOX was compiled with the --with-xim option
  705 - fixed a FOX issue in FXComposeContext that prevented any character to be input when FOX was compiled
  706   with the --with-xim option (to get support for composed characters) 
  707 - added support for OOXML documents in xferc (thanks to Joo Martin <ad_debian@joonet.de>)
  708 - updated german translation (thanks to Joo Martin <ad_debian@joonet.de>)
  709 - fixed the "Jumping Jack Xfe" bug in DirPanel and PathLinker classes
  710 - some code cleanup in FilePanel : added the dirpanel variable to the constructor to gain access to the
  711   DirPanel class
  712 - 7zip archives are now handled by the standard 7z program. This also allows to decompress 7zip archives
  713   without deleting the archive file
  714 - updated czech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>)
  715 - updated swedish translation (thanks to Anders F Björklund <afb@algonet.se>)
  716 - updated japanese translation (thanks to Karl Skewes <karl@garagedori.com>) 
  718 Version 1.19.2 (released 01-08-2008)
  719 - changed default archiver program from file-roller to xarchiver, changed default PDF viewer from acroread to xpdf,
  720   and changed default PS viewer from evince to gv. These new defaults are more conservative and desktop independent.
  721 - added support for 7zip archive format (need the p7zip external program)
  722 - fixed some issues in the german translation
  723 - updated hungarian translation (thanks to Sándor Sipos <ss1978@freestart.hu>)
  724 - some code cleanup (remove of unused variables)
  725 - fixed a bug that prevented the panel "dirs first" option to be retained 
  726 - fixed a problem with the default cursor when switching to double click mode (thanks to Cal Peake <cp@absolutedigital.net>)
  727 - updated spanish translation (thanks to Xuko Sky <xukosky@yahoo.es>)
  728 - updated japanese translation (thanks to Karl Skewes <karl@garagedori.com>) 
  730 Version 1.19.1 (released 03-07-2008)
  731 - when right clicking in an empty place in the directory tree, display the panel context menu
  732 - fixed the normal color of Xfv, Xfw, Xfi and Xfp when they are started for the first time before Xfe. 
  733 - workaround for a bug on Openbox window manager that caused Xfe and other applications to start at the first time
  734   with a hidden window bar. Now, we simply start at (50,50 instead of (0,0). Perhaps, an Openbox or FOX bug? 
  735 - fixed a bug that prevented to rename a file or directory using the Properties dialog
  736 - fixed a bug with the path linker that caused a continuous refresh of Xfe and then a high CPU usage
  737 - added a new menu item to the file list to autosize icon names in icon view.
  738 - DirPanel options are now persistent and are stored in the DIR PANEL section of the registry 
  739 - fixed the shortcut of the trash menu
  740 - removed most of the friend classes
  741 - also added these new items to the FileDialog and to Xfi 
  742 - added new items to the Panel menu and to the popup menu, to be able to sort on user, group, permissions and deletion
  743   date
  744 - in detailed mode, fixed a problem with column darkening when sorting from the main or popup menu  
  745 - changed all occurrences of the "filepath" variable to "pathname", to be more consistent for developments
  746 - improved the way the FileList is periodically refreshed. Now, we don't force anymore a complete refresh every 30 seconds
  747   as before, except when something really changed. This allows Xfe to avoid continuously refreshing the thumbnails.
  748   which is prohibitive when there are large images. 
  749 - added a FILEDIALOG section the xfe registry in replacement of the "filedialog_*" options.
  751 Version 1.19 (released 11-06-2008)
  752 - fixed copy/move operations when dragging files to the tree list : we don't want to change the current directory to
  753   the target directory (thanks to Mathis Dirksen-Thedens for this tip)
  754 - updated swedish translation (thanks to Anders F Björklund <afb@algonet.se>)
  756 Version 1.18 (released 05-06-2008)
  757 - in FileDialog and detailed mode, we also retain the size of each column
  758 - in Xfe, normal and text fonts can now be changed at the same time without restarting Xfe after each change
  759 - in Xfi, Xfw, Xfv and Xfp, the OPTIONS section of the configuration files is related to the application specific local
  760   options. The SETTINGS section is reserved for more general options, like for example FOX options. This is more
  761   consistent with the convention adopted for Xfe (the main application).
  762 - fixed a bug that prevented Xfi to retain its file list mode and its icon arangement 
  763 - the file dialog now saves its state (size, list mode, hidden files, thumbnails, ...) between sessions and applications 
  764 - updated japanese translation (thanks to Karl Skewes <karl@garagedori.com>) 
  765 - fixed some typos and updated accordingly french, italian, brazilian portuguese, hungarian, czech and chinese translations
  766   (thanks to Claudio Fontana <claudio@gnu.org> for discovering these typos)
  768 Version 1.17 (pre-release)
  769 - added the rounded gradient capability to toggle buttons
  770 - fixed the problem of GUI updating : now the GUI is only updated when the user interacts with the program.
  771   This significantly saves some CPU.
  772 - fixed the path link when hovering over a directory in the file or directory list
  773 - added support for extracting ACE archives (the unace program must be present on the system)
  774 - fixed some bugs related to the path linker
  775 - updated brazilian portuguese translation (thanks to Phantom X <megaphantomx@bol.com.br>)
  776 - added support for extracting ace archives
  777 - fixed the color of the engaged buttons when using the rounded gradient controls
  778 - in the archive dialog, now typing an archive extension automatically sets the correct archive format 
  779 - added the new path linker to the file dialog and to the file list of Xfi. Removed the old DirBox from the file dialog.
  781 Version 1.16 (pre-release)
  782 - updated czech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>)
  783 - fixed the search and replace dialogs in Xfw, because there was problems with the rounded gradient theme
  784 - completely revamped the pathlinker feature. Now we display links as real buttons and we can go anywhere through the
  785   visited path. Also fixed the problem of the right most button used for Panel focus 
  786 - updated chinese translation (thanks to li xin <xinliGG@gmail.com>)
  787 - updated italian translation (thanks to Claudio Fontana <cladio@gnu.org>)
  789 Version 1.15 (pre-release)
  790 - updated hungarian translation (thanks to Sándor Sipos <ss1978@freestart.hu>)
  791 - updated brazilian portuguese translation (thanks to Phantom X <megaphantomx@bol.com.br>)
  792 - fixed a crash bug that occurred when toggling the thumbnails button and moving to another directory
  793 - fixed the gradient button background color when the background color is not the base color
  795 Version 1.14 (pre-release)
  796 - updated brazilian portuguese translation (thanks to Phantom X <megaphantomx@bol.com.br>)
  797 - fixed a big memory leak when displaying thumbnails in the FileList : the X11 pixmap memory was not correctly freed
  798 - changed a bit the way the registry directories and files are managed. However, it should be transparent for the end user.
  799   The vendor key is not used anymore in the registry but it is still used during the application creation to set the WM_CLASS
  800   window property.
  801 - fixed the background color of the line and column numbers in xfv 
  802 - added the TextLabel widget, based on FXTextField. This allows to have a different widget for the file operation dialogs
  804 Version 1.13 (pre-release)
  805 - added a rounded rectangle capability to FXTextField 
  806 - added the FOX color theme to the Preferences dialog
  807 - FOX hack to optionally display all buttons with a nice gradient effect and rounded corners (thanks to Sander Jansen
  808  <sander@knology.net> for the related code)
  810 Version 1.12 (pre-release)
  811 - improved the way the FilePanel popup dialog is displayed when using the Shift-F10 keyboard shorcut
  812 - added an option to display or hide the FilePanel path linker
  813 - we now use the .cpp extension for the source files, instead of .cc . This is to be consistent with the FOX library.
  814 - xterm is no more required for the root mode. Now, if xterm is not present on the system, we use the terminal program 
  815   that is specified in the Preferences dialog. However, xterm is still the default and the user's terminal is only used
  816   as a fallback. This is because xterm has many options that can be used to nicely format the user dialog.
  817 - updated chinese translation (thanks to xinli <xinliGG@gmail.com>)
  818 - fixed a small problem in file operation dialogs with the size of the command message. Now, we adjust the message size
  819   by taking into account the real font size.
  820 - fixed a regression in FileDialog where the ICONLIST_AUTOSIZE directive was ignored
  821 - in file dialogs , fixed foreground, background and highlight colors in detailed mode
  822 - compiling in debug mode does not set the -O2 flag
  823 - additional review of the french translation. Fixed some issues. 
  824 - added new selectable default programs in the Preferences dialog : PDF, audio and video viewers
  825 - removed the wheel lines option in Xfw. It is indeed redundant with the same option in Xfe
  826 - fixed the smooth scrolling and wheel lines options in Xfp, Xfv, Xfw and Xfi
  827 - fixed a small bug in XFilePackage where the window size was not saved after clicking on the close button
  828 - in the xferc config file, the OPTIONS section is now reserved to xfe specific options. Other options that
  829   are common to all four applications are now saved under the SETTINGS section of xferc. Nothing changed in
  830   other config files. Note : when reading the xfe registry from Xfv and others, generic FOX options like wheellines,
  831   selbackcolor, etc., are automatically read from the xferc config file. Specific options like single_click, file_tooltips,
  832   etc., must be read explicitely.  
  833 - file dialogs now retain their size, mode and also the hidden files and thumbnails state
  834 - work done to have a better consistency between file dialogs and file operations (concerning the file/folder
  835   selection mode)
  837 Version 1.11 (pre-release)
  838 - fixed a problem when resizing the size column (the right justified one) in detailed mode
  839 - implemented optional relative resizing of panels and columns in file list detailed mode
  840 - added japanese translation (thanks to Karl Skewes <karl@garagedori.com>)
  842 Version 1.10 (pre-release)
  843 - fixed the file dialog associated to some file operations (rename, open with, add to arch, etc.).
  844   Thanks to Karl Skewes <karl@garagedori.com> who discovered these bugs.
  845 - fixed problem when renaming the last file of a list to a different directory 
  846 - fixed problem when renaming a file or folder located on a mounted volume
  847 - removed DirListBox.cc from POTFILES.in
  848 - fixed a problem when opening new windows in XFileView and XFileWrite : now the new window size is the same as the last opened
  849 - fixed a regression in the Properties dialog, when multiple files are selected
  850 - fixed a bug that occured when resizing the panels using the splitter
  851 - added the reverse order menu item to the main Panel menu. This one was missing for some obscure reason. 
  852 - updated hungarian translation (thanks to Sándor Sipos <ss1978@freestart.hu>)
  853 - in FilePanel, don't select the first item (the parent directory) with select all or select inverse
  854 - for consistency purpose, also added a similar panel context menu to the DirPanel. 
  855 - in FilePanel, the panel context menu item is now a submenu. It should be more usable like this.
  856 - new complete KDE icon theme
  857 - new partial tango icon theme
  858 - new partial XFCE icon theme
  860 Version 1.09 (pre-release)
  861 - fixed a bug that prevented dragging files from Xfe to the ROX filer or desktop
  862 - fixed a bug that prevented unmounting removable file systems after executing some copy/move/extract/etc. function
  863   in Xfe (this was related to the chdir performed before some operations)
  864 - in FilePanel, the starting directory of the extract to command is now set to the home directory
  865 - added an option to avoid displaying tooltips in the FileList or DirList 
  866 - display again some information in the status bar when only one file is selected. This useful when navigating using the keyboard
  867 - allowed again file names without extension to have their icon (there is still a problem with file names like zip or cc,
  868   but I have no solution for them at the moment)
  869 - allowed again empty file names in FileDialog (why did I remove this feature in version 1.07?)
  870 - fixed a bug when dragging files to the FilePanel : the Pathlinker was not refreshed correctly
  871 - fixed a bug when copying/pasting/renaming/symlinking or dragging a directory in the DirList :
  872   now we correctly display the target directory 
  874 Version 1.08 (pre-release)
  875 - added a patch from Tomas Kolousek <kolousek@spscv.cz> that adds an option to force a panel mode from the command line.
  876   Thanks Tomas!
  877 - added stuff in configure.in to handle the problem of the Xft support in FOX library. One can now compile
  878   Xfe even if FOX has been compiled without Xft support
  879 - fixed a problem when working with filenames that contain characters like ' " $ \ etc.
  880   (thanks to Glynn Clements <glynnc@users.sourceforge.net>)
  881 - fixed a bug with single click in the FileList when horizontally scrolling the list
  882 - disabled the focus file list and dir list refresh mecanism introduced in version 1.06 : it has serious refresh problems
  883   when the listed files are modified and xfe has not the focus
  885 Version 1.07 (pre-release)
  886 - fixed a pointer problem in the function isEmptyDir() of File.cc (thanks to Tobias Ulmer)
  887 - single click file and directory open options are now completely independant
  888 - added a new panel context menu item that allows to open the panel context menu. The old control right click
  889   way is still there.
  890 - disallow empty file names in FileDialog (Note: can't remember why I did this. So I cancel this in version 1.09)
  891 - added error dialogs when nothing is entered in an operation dialog
  892 - fixed problems with some error dialogs when errno is not set
  893 - fixed the refresh problem of the FileList when moving a dialog upon it (added the isOdd() function to the IconItem
  894   class, thanks to Alain Ducasse for the tip)
  896 Version 1.06 (pre-release)
  897 - when sorting files in the FileList, if option Directories first is checked, then directories are always
  898   displayed on top of the list. This seems indeed more convenient.
  899 - modified browse input dialog to distinguish between the cases of single and multiple files selections
  900 - added a menu item to create a new symbolic link refering an existing file or directory
  901 - added an option to set the smooth scrolling on/off in the Preferences dialog. This is only valid for file lists.
  902 - added two menu items in the Tools section : one for synchronizing the two panels (i.e. being at the same
  903   directory in both panels) and the other for switching directories between panels
  904 - fixed a bug in the main Makefile.am that prevented 'make distclean' to work properly
  905 - limited the size of the file operation dialog messages when long file names are used
  906 - fixed a bug in the Preferences / Programs dialog where the archiver browse dialog was wrongly related to
  907   the image viewer
  908 - fixed problems with the progress dialog and the error dialogs in file copy/move operations
  909 - added an error message in xfi when trying to load a corrupted image file
  910 - fixed a crash bug in xfi that occurred when clicking on a non image file after a valid image file had been loaded 
  911 - updated the xferc.in configuration file (thanks again to Joo Martin <debian@joomart.de>)
  912 - updated again german translation (thanks to Joo Martin <debian@joomart.de>)
  913 - replaced file names double quoting with single quoting
  914 - fix a bug in the File::archive() method : an existing target was not correctly detected 
  915 - do a better refresh of the file list : when xfe has not the focus, we don't perform a complete refresh of the file list,
  916   but only a refresh when files or directories have changed. This should save some CPU. (Note: removed later in version 1.08)
  918 Version 1.05 (pre-release)
  919 - fixed compilation warnings with gcc 4.2 related to string constants
  920 - updated german translation (thanks to Joo Martin <debian@joomart.de>)
  921 - updated czech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>)
  922 - updated brazilian translation (thanks to Phantom X <megaphantomx@bol.com.br>)
  924 Version 1.04 (released 04-09-2007)
  925 - changed 'pbar' to 'progressbar' and 'pdialog' to 'progressdialog' for legibility in File.cc, FilePanel.cc
  926   and DirPanel.cc
  927 - updated Chinese translation, thanks to Li Xin <xinliGG@gmail.com>
  928 - added the deletion date to the TreeList tooltip, when the directory under mouse is in trash can
  929 - changed the way root directory sizes for TreeList and IconList tooltips are computed : the performances
  930   should be much better now
  931 - removed the Save Settings menu of Xfi because settings are now automatically saved 
  932 - when cancel is pressed in the More Preferences dialog of Xfi, all options are now reset to the previous values
  933 - when cancel is pressed in the Preferences dialog of Xfe, all options are now reset to the previous values
  935 Version 1.03 (pre-release)
  936 - fixed some strings displayed when selecting icon or program files
  937 - updated the README and help.h files
  938 - fixed the selection of the icons theme directory in the Preferences dialog
  939 - fixed a small regression when selecting directories in FileDialog in Copy to, Move to, Rename, etc.
  940 - some cosmetics in the Theme tab of the Preferences dialog
  941 - changed the default icon theme to gnomeblue and also changed the default base color to something lighter
  942 - icons files that are the same between different themes are now handled using symbolic links. This avoids wasting
  943   disk space and is more easy to maintain in the source tree
  945 Version 1.02 (pre-release)
  946 - improved the way a directory is selected in FileDialog : in an empty directory, if we hit OK then we get the current
  947   directory instead of doing nothing
  948 - fixed a crash bug in XFileImage, because the numsortheader variable was not initialized in IconList
  949 - when using the directory back, forward and up commands, the focus is keeped on the current tree or file panel 
  950 - in DirList and single click mode, navigating with up and down arrow keys do not expand directories anymore
  951 - in FileList, maintain the folder icon open when displaying the drag and drop menu
  952 - the drag and drop dialog is now optional
  953 - updated czech translation (Thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>)
  954 - fixed some strings in the french translation
  955 - fixed an incorrect string when deleting a non empty directory
  956 - changed the buffer size in copy operation from 4096 to 16384 bytes. This slightly improves the performances.
  957 - in DirList, maintain the folder icon open when displaying the drag and drop menu
  958 - fixed the open icon of a link folder that was not shown when dragging in DirList
  959 - some cosmetics on the FileList tooltip 
  960 - added more informations to the tooltip displayed when hovering on an item in the DirList
  961 - when scrolling with pgUp and pgDown keys in FileList, the selection now follows the scroll 
  962 - colored the sorted column as in many file managers
  963 - added the new class IconList because the corresponding FOX class was too hacked  
  965 Version 1.01 (pre-release)
  966 - in single click mode and detailed file list, the hand cursor now only appears when the mouse pointer
  967   is over the name column
  968 - added an option to confirm the deletion of empty directories
  969 - fixed a crash bug when moving the last file of a panel to another place
  970 - fixed an issue with the size of the file operation dialogs. Now, the dialog size should be more adjusted to the text.
  971 - now the size and sort function of the file list columns in XFileImage are saved between sessions
  972 - fixed some typos in the french translation (accents)
  973 - added an icon to each non modal window
  974 - fixed a typo in the french translation
  975 - used addAccel() instead of hidden buttons for some shortcuts
  976 - fixed the french translation of the help menu that disapeared 
  977 - removed the "Show hidden folders" menu in the View menu because it is confusing when the tree list is
  978   not displayed
  979 - fixed an issue with the include path in src/Makefile.am (thanks to Antoine Jacoutot)
  981 Version 1.00 (released 16-07-2007)
  982 - adjusted the makesfx.sh and sfx.sh scripts to reflect the rename of Xfq and to allow uninstalling the FOX libraries 
  983 - fixed a bug that prevented the use of the open command on multiple files
  984 - added Chinese translation, thanks to Li Xin <xinliGG@gmail.com>
  985 - added support for sshfs file system. Normally, this should work now without translating the uids and gids.
  986 - fixed another regression in the update status function of the FilePanel class (refered links were no more displayed) 
  987 - fixed a regression in the update status function of the FilePanel class (crash when Tab pressed in two panels mode) 
  988 - fixed a bug with the associations of file names with capital characters and no extension (in FilePanel.cc and in
  989   Properties.cc)
  990 - added two default programs to the Preferences menu : image editor and archiver
  991 - made help window to be non modal
  992 - last (or first or new, depending on the file operation) selected item is now enabled after the operation.
  993   This facilitates keyboard navigation.
  994 - both color and icon themes now can be changed at the same time
  995 - added blue and brown icons themes (thanks to Dean Linkous <deanlinkous@inbox.com>)
  997 Version 0.99.8 (pre release)
  998 - fixed a problem with the CommandWindow when executing a command that return nothing
  999 - updated help and readme files
 1000 - changed the way that icon themes are selected. This should be more intuitive now.
 1001 - added a new "Extract to folder" menu for archive extraction
 1002 - fixed a crash bug that occurred when displaying properties of a mount point on a crypted filesystem
 1003 - renamed XFileQuery to XFilePackage (which is more appropriate) anq Xfq to Xfp
 1004 - simplification of the bookmarks menu code in XFileExplorer
 1005 - fixed a regression in the Preference dialog, where some options that need restart were no more retained
 1006 - synchronized file associations between different Xfe instances. However, for icons to be immediately updated
 1007   it is necessary to click on the toolbar refresh button.
 1009 Version 0.99.7 (pre release)
 1010 - fixed several bugs in PathLinker that prevented correct display of the path buttons in some cases
 1011 - synchronized bookmarks between different Xfe instances
 1012 - fixed a small bug in DialogBox, where hitting the return key didn't activate the OK button
 1013 - added Ctrl-W hotkey to each app. This shortcut closes the window. Replaced the Ctrl-W (Zoom to fit Window) in Xfi with
 1014   Ctrl-F.
 1015 - removed the quit buttons in each app. I think it's not necessary.
 1016 - fixed a bug in the FilePanel : when using the "open with" command, at the second time the wait cursor was always open
 1017 - fixed drag and drop when dragging into directories in Xfe : the directory where we are dragging from is now displayed after
 1018   the drag menu appears
 1019 - added copy/paste scheme to the search / replace dialogs in Xfw. Fixed a bug in the search for selected text menu items
 1020 - major Xfe code reorganisation : now the file management routines are located in the FilePanel and DirPanel classes.
 1021   Toolbar buttons and main menu items are now relative to the file panels only. The directory panel only uses
 1022   the right click popup menu for his file operations. This is more consistent whith the way other file managers
 1023   operate.  
 1025 Version 0.99.6 (pre release)
 1026 - added a file browse icon to the open with and execute command dialogs
 1027 - better consistency in the FilePanel status
 1028 - added more informations to the tooltip displayed when hovering on an item in the FileList
 1029 - now, when nothing is selected in the file panels, the delete menus, buttons and keys are disabled. However, the
 1030   user can still delete a directory in the tree panel by using the right click menu. This avoids possible manipulation
 1031   errors when using the delete keys.
 1032 - translation of the help dialog to french, thanks to Claude Leo Mercier for his help (<claude.leo.mercier@gmail.com>)
 1033 - split of the main toolbar in two smaller ones. This allows to better display toolbars on a small screen.
 1034 - fixed a problem when copying broken links
 1035 - fixed a crash bug in the help dialog
 1036 - added an option in PreferencesBox to adjust the mouse scrolling speed and redesigned the Preferences tabs
 1037 - toolbars can now be docked on each side of the window
 1038 - now enable (not select) parent directory when entering a new directory. This improves usability when
 1039   browsing using the keyboard. Thanks to hudsucker <hudsucker@users.sourceforge.net> for the patch.
 1040 - added a context menu to the FileList in XFileImage
 1041 - added the ability to copy/paste text between most dialogs in all applications
 1043 Version 0.99.5 (pre release)
 1044 - added swedish translation (Anders Björklund <afb@users.sourceforge.net>)
 1045 - added the ability to copy/paste file names between the FileList (or DirList) and dialogs.
 1046   I have chosen to only keep the first file name of the clipboard contents.
 1047 - in root mode, obtain the correct background and foreground xterm colors
 1048 - I realized that the directory size in detail panel mode is not useful, so I removed it
 1050 Version 0.99.4 (pre release)
 1051 - added the ability to use sudo instead of su for the root mode. This allows Ubuntu users to use the root mode, and
 1052   sudo is more versatile than su.
 1053 - FOX hack to display non UTF-8 file names (e.g. 8 bits) correctly. A warning message is displayed in file dialogs
 1054   when the file name is not in UTF-8. It is possible to copy/move/rename files with non UTF-8 file names but string
 1055   manipulation into the text field is ugly. This is due to the fact that FOX 1.6.x don't directly support anymore
 1056   8 bits strings.  
 1058 Version 0.99.3 (pre release)
 1059 - fixed a problem when testing if the distribution used in Debian based. I tested the presence of "apt-get" but
 1060   it seems more appropriate to test the existence of "dpkg" on the system
 1061 - fixed a bug in xfv : the position and size of the window were not saved when closing the program using the
 1062   cross icon on the window
 1063 - replaced the create archive dialog with a (hopefully) more intuitive one
 1064 - replaced the DirlistBox with a FileDialog (more powerful) when extracting archives
 1065 - added the ability to browse files for selecting destination in file operations
 1066 - now supports symlink on a multiple selection
 1067 - fixed the F5 shortcut which is now attributed to "copy to" like in most file commanders
 1068 - added Brazilian Portuguese translation (thanks to Jose Carlos Medeiros <jcnascimento@gmail.com>)
 1069 - added a popup menu to select the drag type (copy, move, link or cancel) when dragging file(s) to Xfe
 1071 Version 0.99.2 (pre release)
 1072 - added the ability to click on the panel title to set the focus on it
 1073 - fixed an issue when opening a new Xfe window : the starting directory was not always the home directory
 1074   as it should be
 1075 - added clipboard support to Xfe : we can now copy/cut/paste from and to Nautilus (Gnome Desktop), Konqueror
 1076   (KDE desktop) and Thunar (XFCE desktop). Copying and pasting from and to any file manager that uses the standard
 1077   text/uri-list type should also work.
 1079 Version 0.99.1 (pre release)
 1080 - fixed a problem with Matlab file icons in xferc.in
 1081 - updated and fixed the french translation
 1082 - reintroduced the filter indication in FilePanel. It was lost since the introduction of the path link widget. 
 1083 - fixed a bug in Xfw, Xfv and Xfq where black lines were displayed as highlight color in FileDialog
 1084 - updated czsech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>)
 1085 - added a copy menu / toolbar button to XFileView. This allows to copy text between xfv and any other editor.
 1087 Version 0.99 (released 12-03-2007)
 1088 - fixed missing su dialogs when trying to create a new file or folder in FilePanel and DirPanel
 1089 - updated to gettext 0.16.1
 1090 - added the image size (in pixels) to the XFileImage window title
 1091 - upgraded configure system to automake 1.9
 1092 - added an option to XFileImage to allow fitting the image to the window when opening
 1093 - changed the reverse order button in dir panel, it is now a check button
 1094 - re-introduced the reverse order option in the file panels, because it is necessary in icon modes
 1095 - added an option in the file panels that allow to sort file and directories without separating them
 1096 - fixed a bug when trying to enter a read only directory in FileDialog and XFileImage
 1097 - the registry was not updated in some cases in the Preferences dialog
 1098 - changed the cursor to a hand when browsing using a single click
 1099 - added options to allow single click file and directory open in FilePanel, FileDialog and XFileImage
 1100 - file copy operations now keep the original date of the input files or directory (although it is not the default in the Unix /bin/cp
 1101   command, it is the default in many file managers, and it is more useful from the user point of view)
 1102 - fixed a crash bug when creating a link to the / directory
 1103 - fixed typos in cleanPath() and filePath()
 1104 - fixed a small typo in Preferences.h
 1105 - fixed a bug that prevented settings to be retained on Mac OS X (and other systems?)
 1106 - updated czech translation (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com>)
 1107 - updated deutsch translation (thanks to Joo Martin <debian@joomart.de>)
 1109 Version 0.98.2 (released 20-02-2007)
 1110 - added stuff to create a self extracting package. The user can type sh xfe-0.99-i386.sh to install Xfe to /usr/local
 1111 - added a Windows icon theme
 1112 - converted ru.po to UTF-8
 1113 - fixed a crash bug whith the FileDialog when associating a program to a file (the StringList pointers were not
 1114   defined because setDirectory() was not called)
 1115 - fixed a bug with the progress bar when copying files of size > 4GB. The percentage was not correctly displayed.
 1116 - removed the statout() and lstatout() functions that were too slow on a computer with a lot of NFS or Samba mount
 1117   points. They are replaced by statrep() and lstatrep() that are faster.
 1118   The timeout for down mount points is now 30 seconds (this is the default timeout of stat() and lstat() on Linux systems),
 1119   and the mtab is checked every 5 seconds. Up and down mount points are now refreshed every 5 minutes.
 1120   This change should make Xfe more responsive in the general case, but less reponsive when some mount points are not
 1121   respondind. This is the tradeoff...
 1122 - replaced exit() by _exit() in every fork child
 1124 Version 0.98.1 (released 13-02-2007)
 1125 - I realized that xfe could not be installed by a non root user because of the /etc/xfe/xferc configuration file
 1126   location. So I decided to move this file to $prefix/share/xfe/xferc which can easily be customized by a user
 1127   that wants to install xfe in a non system place.
 1128 - fixed a bug in pkgInstall() that prevented packages to be installed when xfe is started from a directory which
 1129   is not the same as the package directory
 1130 - converted most of po files to UTF-8
 1131 - avoid zombies by using system() instead of execl() in the runcmd() function
 1132 - added the forgotten pclose() in main.cc and XFileQuery.cc that produced a sh zombie
 1133 - fixed a bug with diacritic symbols when the locale is not set to UTF-8 (thanks to David Vachulka <david@konstrukce-cad.com
 1134   for the tip)
 1135 - fixed a serious bug that occurred when copying files on a location where some of these files already exist : no error
 1136   message must be displayed in this case and the copy operation must not stop! 
 1137 - fixed a serious crash bug when link directories have trailing '/' in their name
 1138 - fixed some mistakes in the README and help.cc files
 1140 Version 0.98 (released 09-02-2007)
 1141 - removed the mount and unmount icons from the toolbars to allow people that work on 800x600 resolution to see all
 1142   the toolbar icons
 1143 - new icons for xfe, xfi, xfw, xfv and xfq
 1144 - fixed the RPM spec file for Fedora Core 6
 1145 - fixed error messages when copying multiple files on a full device
 1146 - thumbnails are now displayed based on the file extension and not on the file type (which could be wrong)
 1147 - fixed some (but not all!) problems with refresh when the Filelist uses highlight bars, especially when returning
 1148   from the Properties dialog
 1149 - fixed problems with the file type of broken links 
 1150 - changed the way links are handled in Xfe. Now the size shown in the Filelist is the size of the link
 1151   and not the size of the refered link
 1152 - updated the menus shortcuts
 1153 - updated the help dialog and the README file
 1154 - added the runcmd function to simulate a startup time when executing a file
 1155 - reorganized menus and toolbar
 1156 - added a root mode in menu and toolbar, and in permission denied dialogs
 1157 - fixed a crash bug when clicking on the Properties toolbar icon
 1158 - fixed a problem with file operation dialogs when the message is on two lines
 1159 - added an Xfce theme
 1160 - added a Gnomeblue theme 
 1161 - added a Gnome theme 
 1162 - added an icon theming feature
 1164 Version 0.97 (pre-release)
 1165 - added the path linker feature (thanks to Julian Mitchell <jupeos@gmail.com> for this improvement)
 1166 - added a recent files list to xfv
 1167 - xfw and xfv can now manage 50 windows instead of 20
 1168 - fixed a bug in XFileWrite where the window menu didn't show the active window (this was related to the
 1169   keyboard scrolling on popup menus)
 1170 - in the FilePanel context menu, it is now possible to edit and view multiple files
 1171 - xfw and xfv can now open multiple files from the file dialog box
 1172 - xfv is now able to view multiple files
 1174 Version 0.96 (pre-release)
 1175 - fixed a bug where mount point /dev/.static/dev is not responding (however, not an xfe bug!)
 1176 - fixed a bug in the toolbar big/mini/details icons not properly shown
 1177 - updated OpenOffice.org and MS Office file types
 1178 - fixed a translation bug : the CommandWindow class was not translated
 1179 - added an XFCE4 color theme
 1180 - made the file list highlight color a standard part of color themes
 1181 - some cosmetics in XFileQuery
 1182 - fixed a crash bug in XFileQuery due to icons that were not correctly created. Added icon->create() to loadiconfile
 1183   in icons.cc and to createData in FileDict
 1184 - fixed a bug in XFileImage when loading an unsupported image file
 1185 - implementation of the back and forward history in the FileDialog
 1186 - implementation of the back and forward history in the FileList
 1187 - some code cleanup in classes FileList and DirList
 1189 Version 0.95 (pre-release)
 1190 - fixed a bug where the WaitCursor was not closed in some cases
 1191 - fixed a bug with FXTextField when displaying the InputDialog : now the dialog should have the correct width.
 1192 - changed the way the open command is handled. Now multiple files having the same association are handled simultaneously.
 1193   It thus should be easier to queue files in xmms, for example.
 1194 - added a Trash menu to reduce the file menu. When the trash is not used, the trash menu is not shown
 1195 - added enable-release and enable-debug to configure options
 1196 - small hack to the FXTextField class to allow to copy/paste with the mouse on the file operation dialog
 1197 - some cosmetics on the Properties dialog and on the XFileWrite preferences menus
 1198 - fixed a bug in the status bar of the Filepanel when displaying the usr, grp and size of the file
 1200 Version 0.94 (pre-release)
 1201 - fixed a bug in the FileList with drag and drop
 1202 - allowed sorting by file permissions
 1203 - added a Go to trash button and menu item
 1204 - added a deletion date column when displaying the files in the trash can. This allows to sort against the deletion date.
 1205 - changed the way the deleted files are tagged
 1206 - added a working print command to xfi
 1207 - icons are now loaded from the disk at the application start. This allows the user to easily change the default icons. 
 1209 Version 0.93 (pre-release)
 1210 - added a working print command to xfv and xfw
 1211 - added version number on the about dialog of xfq, xfv, xfw, xfi
 1212 - added an extension column to the Filelist. It is useful for sorting files based on the file extension
 1214 Version 0.92 (pre-release)
 1215 - updated the help text and the man files
 1216 - added a new app : X File Write, a simple text editor, derived from the FOX text editor Adie, however much simpler
 1217   It is used as the default editor for Xfe.
 1218 - some cosmetics in the Preferences dialog
 1219 - fixed a bug in the Properties / File association dialog that prevented to change the icons for tar.gz and tar.bz2 file types
 1220 - fixed a bug in the Properties / File association dialog where all files were uncorrectly found as archives  
 1221 - the default editor, text viewer and image viewer now can be changed in the Preferences menu
 1223 Version 0.91 (pre-release)
 1224 - removed the static linking option (not compatible with the configuration changes)
 1225 - updated the README and help files
 1226 - changed the trash location to ~/.xfe/trash
 1227 - changed the config file names to xferc, xfirc, xfqrc and xfvrc
 1228 - changed the filetype icons directory to /usr/share/xfe/icons
 1229 - changed the config directories to /etc/xfe (global) and ~/.xfe/config (local) 
 1231 Version 0.90 (pre-release)
 1232 - fixed the static linking issue
 1233 - fixed a compilation warning (dereferencing type-punned pointer...)
 1234 - added a small hack of the FXPopup class that allows to navigate with the keyboard in context menus (right click)
 1235 - fixed the problem of the '^H' when dealing with rar archives
 1236 - changed the default editor from nedit to xedit (default for XWindow systems)
 1237 - hide the redundant location label in one panel and tree panel mode (thanks to a patch by Anders F. Björklund)
 1238 - added support for Debian packages in Xfe and Xfq (thanks to a patch by Anders F. Björklund)
 1239 - for Linux systems, added the ability to unmount (as root) file systems that are only listed in /etc/mtabs
 1240 - fixed a bug that prevented to mount/unmount file systems with spaces in their name
 1241 - cosmetic change on the overwrite box : changed the buttons position to be consistent with others
 1242 - added an optional command that allows to bypass the trashcan for permanent file deletion
 1243 - added a Ubuntu Human color theme (thanks to a patch by Anders F. Björklund)
 1245 Version 0.89 (pre-release)
 1246 - slight modification of the suffix of the deleted file to improve legibility
 1247 - added a drag corner to the applications (Xfe, Xfv, Xfi and Xfq)
 1248 - in the permission dialog, when the recursive mode is selected, added the ability to select between 
 1249  "File and folders" or "Folders only" or "Files only" 
 1250 - fixed a problem when displaying the file permissions in the file list. The FOX function FXSystem::modeString()
 1251   seems to be not compatible with the standard st_mode format 
 1252 - port to FOX 1.6.0
 1253 - fixed a small typo in the German translation
 1255 Version 0.88 (released 02-07-2006)
 1256 - now the global Desktop file is copied to the local registry ~/.foxrc/XFileExplorer/XFe at the first launch of Xfe 
 1257  (or if the file doesn't exist). This allows the user to easily edit the Xfe file to suit its needs.
 1258 - improved the performances on Linux systems when computing the dirsize (not recursive) of the root ('/')
 1259   directory by avoiding to scan the mount points (could be time consuming on a slow network)
 1260 - for archive operations use the directory name as a starting guess for the archive file name
 1261 - removed a lot of global variables (global options)
 1262 - added two new color options (foreground / background) for the file and dir lists in the Preferences/Colors dialog.
 1263   The foreground (font) color and the bacground color of the file and dir panels can now be set independantly of
 1264   the global interface
 1266 Version 0.87 (pre-release)
 1267 - temporarily disabled the print menus in XFileView and XFileImage because they were not implemented at all!
 1268 - when dragging files from a read-only directory, converted the move action to copy (useful when dragging files
 1269  from a cdrom for example, thanks to pechkov for the tip)
 1270 - major update of the Desktop file (now only uses lower case file extensions)
 1271 - added more file associations and icons (OpenOffice, StarOffice, etc.) Thanks to Vidar Jon Bauge <vidarjon@tiscali.dk>!
 1272 - added a specific icon for broken links and fixed a small bug relative to the status bar in FilePanel
 1273 - added russian translation (thanks to Dmitij Lebed <dimaz.sertolovo@gmail.com>
 1274 - added danish translation (thanks to Vidar Jon Bauge <vidarjon@tiscali.dk>)
 1275 - fixed a problem when creating a file or a folder with Xfe : umask was not respected. Thanks to marvin6161
 1276   <marvin6161@users.sourceforge.net> for providing a patch
 1277 - fixed a segfault when right clicking in the DirPanel on a mount point with permission 700
 1278   Thanks to marvin6161 <marvin6161@users.sourceforge.net> for providing a patch
 1279 - fixed a segfault that sometimes occured when dragging a file to the directory list
 1280 - fixed a problem with supplementary groups not taken into account (thanks to Armin Buehler 
 1281   <abuehler@users.sourceforge.net> for providing a patch)
 1282 - updated to gettext 0.14.5
 1283 - fixed some problems with executable file names like zip, cc, etc. Now, they should be handled correctly
 1284 - now there is no more difference between upper case and lower case file extension
 1285 - set the big icons and mini icons views in ICONLIST_AUTOSIZE mode to avoid file names truncation
 1286 - updated Italian translation (thanks to Claudio Fontana <sick_soul@yahoo.it>)
 1288 Version 0.86
 1289 - added norvegian translation (thanks to Vidar Jon Bauge <vidarjon@tiscali.dk>)
 1290 - added a waitpid call in statout(), lstatout() and mt_lstat() to avoid zombies processes
 1291 - the directory size is now periodically refreshed instead of updated every FOX event. This allows Xfe
 1292   to be more responsive.  
 1293 - renamed function dirpath() into pathsize() in File.cc
 1294 - added the possibility to cycle through the three panels when the right panel is shown
 1295 - restored the "one panel" and "tree and two panels modes" since some people find it useful
 1297 Version 0.85 (pre-release)
 1298 - fixed a problem when archiving directories with escape characters in their name
 1299   (thanks to Luc.Habert@ens.fr for discovering and patching this bug)
 1300 - fixed a bug in checkTimeout() and removed the test on now.tv_sec
 1301 - added .wri and .dpatch extensions to Desktop.in
 1302 - fix compilation on amd64 platforms with gcc-4.0 (patch from Andreas Jochens)
 1303 - added the "New window" menu item to allow starting a new Xfe session from the actual window
 1304 - set the KDE and GNOME themes more actual and renamed them to GNOME2 and KDE3
 1305 - replaced the mini file manager icon with a better one (thanks to antonix  <anto1945@infinito.it>)
 1306 - replaced the zip file icons with better ones (thanks to antonix  <anto1945@infinito.it>)
 1307 - fixed problems with the German translation (broken shortcuts)
 1309 Version 0.84 (released 06-27-2005)
 1310 - fixed a bug when dragging files from Gnome (or other desktops?) to Xfe. The number of files
 1311   was incorrectly set to n+1 instead of n.
 1312 - fixed a small regression that occured when trying to copy or move a directory to a place
 1313   where a directory with the same name already exists
 1314 - simplified the source tree to reduce the compilation time
 1316 Version 0.83 (pre-release)
 1317 - modified the layout of the permissions tab to be more intuitive (first permissions,
 1318   then owner, and finally command)
 1319 - added button "Owner only" in the permissions tab to allow chown only operations
 1320 - fixed a bug in chmod and chown operations when trying to recursively change permissions
 1321   on a single folder
 1322 - new Debian package icon
 1323 - when multiple files are selected, the default for Properties/Permissions dialog is now "Set marked".
 1324   This is more consistent with the single selected file case.
 1325 - updated xfe.spec.in to reflect FOX 1.4.x support
 1326 - changed executable files icon
 1327 - added Windows EXE icon
 1328 - added Ctrl-W shortcut to the Quit button
 1329 - changed the font in Help window to text font (improve readability)
 1330 - changed delete and empty trash icons, for consistency
 1331 - fixed a problem when moving a file and that file already exists : only one overwrite dialog
 1332   should appear. Fixed the File::move() function in the File class.
 1333 - updated the README and help.cc files
 1334 - implementation of the trash can for file delete operations
 1335 - fixed a small bug in exists() function that prevented broken links to be deleted 
 1337 Version 0.82 (pre-release)
 1338 - added an API ::stampname() to prepare file deletion to trash can
 1339 - in FilePanel, deselect the '..' item when the popup menu is displayed
 1340 - revisited the refresh strategy : file operations should be faster now!
 1341 - revisited the problem of moving files between different file systems : now a progress bar
 1342   is correctly set up in this case
 1343 - added support for drag and link operations (binded to ctrl + shift + mouse left button)
 1344 - fixed the panel and dirpanel navigation with the keyboard. It is now possible to cycle the
 1345   panels with the Tab key and select any file or folder (with FOX >= 1.4.16)
 1346 - replaced all occurrences of access() with isWritable() isLWritable and isReadExecutable().
 1347   This is to use our statout() and lstatout() functions with timeout on Linux systems.
 1348 - added or updated the following translations : pt_PT (Miguel Santinho), de (Tim Benke),
 1349   es (Martín Carr), hu (SZERVAC Attila). Thanks to these people!
 1350 - now uses the identical() function to test if source is identical to target. This allows
 1351   the test to also work on case insensitive filesystems (thanks to Bastian Kleineidam) 
 1352 - replaced all ocurrences of ::exists(dequote()) with ::exists() because of problems with
 1353   file names such as 't\\\est'
 1354 - fixed the WM_CLASS name. It is now set to "XFileExplorer" and it is also the vendor name.
 1355   Now, Xfe configuration files are located in the .foxrc/XFileExplorer directory
 1356 - added an option to display or not the mount/umount success messages (thanks to pechkov)
 1357 - replaced all occurrences of strcmp() with streq() (thanks to Francesco Abbate)
 1358 - a manual refresh now triggers an update of the mtdevices and updevices lists
 1359 - fixed a bug in File.cc when renaming or moving a file on a FAT partition : if source and destination
 1360   file names were the sames (on case insensitive file systems), the file was deleted
 1361 - fixed a bug in FilePanel.cc in onUpdMount and onUpdUnMount functions. The mount and unmount
 1362   buttons were not grayed out in the correct way
 1363 - fixed a bug in File.cc in function dirsize that caused directory listing of / to be
 1364   very long
 1365 - now Xfe warns at startup about mount points that are not responding
 1366 - speed up file listing when we are in a smb or nfs mount
 1368 Version 0.81 (pre-release)
 1369 - fixed bug when deleting a link file that refered on a file without write permission
 1370 - fixed a bug when copying files without permission from a directory to another
 1371 - fixed the file path in the clipboard when the file or directory to copy is in the root tree
 1372 - added a label with path name to the Xfi file list
 1373 - fixed the directory used when opening files in Xfv, Xfq and Xfi
 1374 - replaced strcpy() with strlcpy() to avoid possible buffer overflows (thanks to serj@varna.net
 1375   for this tip).
 1376 - updated the french translation
 1377 - some minor changes in the copy to/move/symlink procedures
 1378 - fixed a crash bug when right clicking on a mounted directory without write access
 1379 - added new context menu item in DirPanel "Reverse order" to reverse the directory sort order  
 1380 - removed unuseful "expand dir" and "collapse dir" popup menu items in DirPanel 
 1381 - refreshed DirList code using FXDirList as a model
 1382 - replaced sprintf() with snprintf() to avoid possible buffer overflows (thanks to serj@varna.net
 1383   for this tip).
 1384 - the main cursor was redefined to be the standard X Window cursor. This
 1385   is now fixed.
 1386 - added icons and tooltips to the Debian menus
 1388 Version 0.80 (Released 04-19-2005)
 1389 - Added the stuff (in the 'debian' directory) to allow creating a debian package
 1390 - Completed the four man files
 1391 - Updated french translation
 1392 - Cleanup of the AddToArch and Extract functions
 1393 - Added support for RAR and LZH archive format (the rar and lha programs must be present on the system)
 1394 - Fixed the extract menus in FilePanel to only display 'Extract here' with .Z, .gz or .bz2
 1395   compressed files
 1396 - Removed the absolute path of archive commands because it is not standardized
 1397   on Linux distributions. Now, we assume that archive commands are in the path
 1398 - Deselect the '..' directory for file operation
 1399 - Added check and radio buttons to the FilePanel context menu
 1400 - More code cleanup in XFileExplorer.cc and FilePanel.cc (more separation between
 1401   the two)
 1403 Version 0.79 (pre-release)
 1404 - Fixed some keyboard shortcuts in Xfe, Xfi, Xfq and Xfv
 1405 - Some code reorganization in FilePanel.cc and XFileExplorer.cc
 1406 - Thumbnails state is now saved in Xfi
 1407 - Changed the way icons are scaled when thumbnails are activated. Now, we don't use
 1408   a tmp file anymore
 1409 - Fixed the mount/unmount menus and buttons. Now, the unmount button is grayed out
 1410   when a filesystem is mounted, and conversely.
 1411 - Allow to mount/unmount from the FilePanel
 1413 Version 0.78 (pre-release)
 1414 - Menu items now are grayed out when only ".." is selected
 1415 - Added an "Extract here" command for archives to the FilePanel context menu 
 1416 - Code cleanup in FilePanel.cc (replaced some char * with FXString)
 1417 - Hide the dialog that appeared below the progress bar when moving files between
 1418   different file systems
 1419 - fixed a problem when dragging the ".." file. Now, no file operation can occur on it
 1420 - suppressed the "one panel" and "tree and two panels" modes because they are
 1421   not really useful
 1422 - changed the toolbar aspect in all apps to exploit new features in FOX 1.4
 1423 - port to FOX 1.4
 1425 Version 0.77 (pre-release)
 1426 - new application XFileImage (Xfi) for image viewing
 1428 Version 0.76 (pre-release)
 1429 - fixed a bug where directory sizes were not properly displayed in the
 1430   status bar or in the properties dialog for directories with spaces in them (thanks to Cal Peake).
 1431 - with display thumbnails, the mini icon is now drawn from the big icon. This is more efficient than
 1432   starting again with the image file (around two times faster for big images).
 1433 - changed the way display thumbnails is selected.
 1434   Transfered the related code from FileDict to FileList.
 1435 - for thumbnails displaying, the default is set to not display thumbnails images
 1436 - added some shortcuts to the file selection dialog
 1438 Version 0.75 (pre-release)
 1439 - added more error messages for file operations
 1440 - the copy/cut/paste clipboard is now persistent
 1441 - now Open and Paste menu are grayed out when unuseful
 1442 - added Copy to menu for consistency
 1443 - added a property tab for multiple file selection with size, number of files and files type
 1445 Version 0.74 (pre-release)
 1446 - fixed the sorting function for file types
 1447 - removed the "Console file manager" menu item because it is of no use
 1448 - fixed a crash bug when changing the default viewer or editor
 1449   (removed the call to clearitems() in FileList::setAssociations)
 1450 - fixed the number of items in the FileList
 1451 - added the locked folder icon in the DirList
 1452 - fixed a bug when doing chmod or chown in the DirList. Now, it should work properly.
 1453 - fixed a bug when deleting files, where all the selected files were not always deleted. This bug
 1454   is related to the periodic refresh process, so I have added a variable in FileList to disallow
 1455   periodic refresh when deleting files.
 1457 Version 0.73 (pre-release)
 1458 - fixed the placement of the Properties dialog. It is now centered on the screen.
 1459 - added --iconic and --maximized command line options
 1460 - progress bars are no more floating over parent
 1461 - fixed the placement of the "Execute command" dialog
 1462 - fixed a bug in XFileQuery : "MessageBox::create: trying to create window before
 1463   creating owner window."
 1464 - Directory '..' now stays on top of the file list, whatever the sort method
 1465 - added maximize button to TextWindow and CommandWindow
 1466 - now, the extraction dialog can be resized or maximized.
 1467 - fixed the bug with file association where the command name had an extra letter
 1469 Version 0.72 (Released 09-24-2004)
 1470 - Root directory is now expanded by default when launching Xfe on it.
 1471 - Fixed a bug in displaying the file size of very large files (> to 4.3 GB) and in
 1472   sorting the file sizes.
 1473 - The maximum bookmarks number is set to 20 instead of 10. A warning message
 1474   is displayed when the limit is reached.
 1475 - removed the path in the archive creation dialog, for the same reasons.
 1476 - removed the path in the "New file" and "New directory" dialogs because it was not very
 1477   practical with long path names (thanks to Millar Barrie for the suggestion).
 1478 - fixed a bug with xfq : set the filename to "untitled" instead of NULL when no filename
 1479   is specified
 1480 - fixed a crash bug when extracting archives (delete problem with DirListBox object)
 1481 - added an "Open" command to open a single or multiple selected files. This is useful
 1482   to play mp3 files with xmms for example
 1483 - added optional thumbnails preview for BMP, XPM, GIF, TIF, PNG and JPEG image formats.
 1485 Version 0.71 (pre-release)
 1486 - fixed a crash when a file name extension is only a dot.
 1487 - added Italian translation (thanks to Giorgio Moscardi <enjoy.the.silence@iol.it> and
 1488   Valerio Alliod <valerio.alliod@ieio.vda.it>)
 1489 - allow xfe to save the window position on exit and restore the window
 1490   position on start (thanks to R. Boucher <rboucher@users.sourceforge.net>)
 1492   and in DirPanel.cc to fix a bug in the refresh process (this one was hard
 1493   to find!)
 1494 - locale adjustment in the spec file (thanks to Andrzej Stypula)
 1495 - fixed a problem when unmounting a device and Xfe was not releasing the device 
 1496 - fixed a bug with .gz archives extraction. Now the extraction of tar, gz, bz2, Z, zip
 1497   archives should be correct.
 1498 - add of a <signal.h> include to CommandWindow.cc and File.cc (thanks to Andrzej Stypula)
 1499 - file permissions adjustment in the spec file (thanks to Andrzej Stypula)
 1501 Version 0.70 (Released 07-29-2004)
 1502 - fixed a bug in DirListBox with the expand/collapse tree commands 
 1503 - fixed a bug when hiding the status bar : now, the entire bar can be hidden
 1504 - fixed the date format in the Properties dialog
 1505 - Tab key now allows to cycle through the DirPanel and FilePanels
 1506 - improved the refresh in DirList that was consuming too much resources
 1507 - fixed a bug with the file dates in FileList that were no more in local format 
 1508 - added a shortcut to Shift-F10 for the right popup menu in FilePanel
 1510 Version 0.69 (pre-release)
 1511 - fixed a crash bug with Xfq, when the file to open doesn't exist
 1512 - fixed a bug in FileList when selecting a file and moving the horizontal scroll bar 
 1513 - fixed a bug with large filesystems size
 1514 - more better handle (I hope...) of NFS and SMB breakdowns
 1515 - new icons for floppy, cdrom, zip and nfs drives
 1516 - fixed a bug when deleting read-only files in read-only sub-directories and 
 1517   a parent directory with write access 
 1519 Version 0.68 (pre-release)
 1520 - port to FOX 1.2!
 1521 - adaptation of the code to the new APIs
 1522 - some bug fixes
 1523 - some cosmetic changes
 1524 - added mnemonics to all menus
 1525 - now Xfe is more responsive whith broken NFS or SMB mounts!
 1527 Version 0.67 (pre-release)
 1528 - add of the directory path to the window title (thanks to Drayke Naiobrin
 1529   for the initial patch)
 1530 - changed the way the file names are sorted. Now, upper cases are no more sorted first.
 1531   This is more consistent with other file managers.
 1533 Version 0.66 (Released)
 1534 - updated french translation
 1535 - updated help window
 1537 Version 0.65 (pre-release)
 1538 - when control + right click is pressed in the FilePanel, all items are deselected
 1539 - fixed a small regression that occured when pasting a directory in FilePanel and
 1540   no item was selected
 1541 - fixed a small regression in DirPanel that prevented to unmount a file system
 1542 - replaced everywhere the word 'directory' with 'folder' for consistency 
 1543 - when a filter patter is used, this pattern is now shown in the FilePanel label
 1544 - fixed a small bug in filter command : the filter pattern was not correctly updated
 1545 - changed the way panel views are handled. Now, there are four views and four icons in the
 1546   toolbar to switch between these views. This should be more intuitive to use and one needs
 1547   only one click to switch from any view to any new one (this was not the case before).
 1549 Version 0.64 (pre-release)
 1550 - fixed problems with panels widths to avoid too small panels
 1551 - toolbar and menus cleanup and reorganization
 1552 - add of buttons to status bars (in DirPanel and FilePanel) to show/hide files or directories.
 1553   Remove of the corresponding toolbar button.
 1554   Remove of the directory path in DirPanel (it is redundant with the active panel's path)
 1555 - changed the way the context menu is handled in DirPanel : now, right clicking on DirPanel
 1556   also changes the current directory to the selected one (contrary to Windows Explorer)
 1557 - fixed a small problem in Properties where the 'du' command displayed error messages on the
 1558   console when permission on the directory or file was denied
 1559 - fixed a bug in DirPanel : the status and directory name were not correctly updated after 
 1560   a file operation on the directory list when using the method FilePanel::onCmdFileMan
 1561 - fixed bug in DirPanel : after a file operation, the modified item was no more visible if
 1562   it was scrolled down (need to add a call to recompute() in method getitem() in DirList)
 1563 - fixed bugs in DirPanel : deleting a folder in the directory list caused an error message
 1564   to appear ('shell-init: could not get current directory...') in some cases
 1565 - fixed a crash bug in DirList that occured when successively displaying and hiding
 1566   hidden folders with subfolders 
 1567 - the cursor in the 'Add to archive' dialog was not set to the end of the text
 1568 - symbolic links (files or folders) now have a specific icon in file and directory lists
 1569 - dotdot (..) folders now have a specific icon in file and directory lists
 1570 - mount points now have a specific icon in file and directory lists
 1571 - removed the DirBox from the toolbar : it was not really useful!
 1572 - changed CreateData method in FileDict class according to FOX 1.0.48. This should fix a bug
 1573   with association icons in the file list (Thanks to Michael Baron).
 1574 - added a Text font, to be used in Terminal window (e.g. as a fixed font), and in XFileView
 1575   and XFileQuery
 1576 - font menu moved under Preferences menu and OptionsBox class renamed as PreferencesBox
 1578 Version 0.63 (pre-release)
 1579 - remember sorted column in detailed panel view
 1580 - in detailed panel view, prevent name size to be too small
 1581 - file sizes are now given everywhere in human readable form 
 1582 - hacked FXIconList to right justify the file size in the file list
 1583 - inverted file size and file type in the file list
 1584 - renamed AttributesBox class to PropertiesBox
 1585 - revisited general design to be more consistent with other KDE or GNOME or X programs
 1587 Version 0.62 (pre-release)
 1588 - changed default wheel scrolling interval : default is now 5 lines and can be changed in the
 1589   registry file by modifying the 'wheellines=5' line under the [SETTINGS] section
 1590 - clarified confirmation messages for file and folder delete operations
 1591 - fixed a bug in archive creation : it is no more possible to include the '..' directory in
 1592   an archive!
 1593 - fixed a bug where it was impossible to create new files and new directories
 1594   with spaces in their name (thanks to Bastian Kleineidam for having detected this bug) 
 1595 - add a command window object to manage executed commands, archives, rpm, etc.
 1596   The command window executes commands as child processes and get their output
 1597   asynchronously within the dialog box. 
 1598 - upgrade to gettext 0.12.1
 1600 Version 0.61 (pre-release)
 1601 - the time format used in the file list is now based on the locale platform
 1602 - added Argentinian Spanish translation (Bruno Gilberto Luciani <soporte@linuxtech.com.ar>)
 1603 - added Spanish translation (Lucas 'Basurero' Vieites <lucas@asixinformatica.com>)
 1605 Version 0.60 (Released)
 1606 - added Catalan translation (muzzol <muzzol@mail.ru>)
 1607 - updated french translation
 1608 - usage message added
 1609 - help menu added, with a help window (content of this window needs to be completed)
 1610 - modified the execute command to display the command log in a separate window (if necessary)
 1611 - modified the rpm upgrade/uninstall commands to display a log window instead of a progress dialog
 1612 - modified the extract/archive commands to display a log window instead of a progress dialog
 1613 - add error messages for file operations when the file system is full
 1615 Version 0.59 (pre-release)
 1616 - modified the "Confirm Delete" box used when deleting write-protected files. This should be
 1617   more usable now
 1618 - add of support for large files (> 2 GB) operations 
 1619 - fixed a crash bug when linking or renaming a file and the target already exists
 1621 Version 0.58 (pre-release)
 1622 - fixed a crash bug when right clicking in the directory panel in a place where there is no item 
 1624 Version 0.57 (pre-release)
 1625 - add support of PNG icons for file icons
 1626 - fixed transparency problems with most of PNG file icons
 1627 - fixed a bug in DirPanel that prevented a correct display of the directory size when the directory name
 1628   had spaces in it
 1630 Version 0.56 (pre-release)
 1631 - fixed a bug when pasting a file with ask_before_copy=0. In some cases, the input dialog was
 1632   still used.
 1633 - when trying to copy or paste a file in the same directory as the source , the target name used 
 1634   in the input dialog is now the name of the source (and not the directory name as previously).
 1635   This is to make it easier to modify the file name directly in the input dialog.
 1636 - fixed i18n of some message boxes by adding a specific MessageBox class
 1638 Version 0.55 (pre-release)
 1639 - fixed a bug in the file delete progress dialog : the directory path was omitted
 1640 - fixed a bug in the extract archive progress dialog : the destination directory was omitted
 1641 - improvement of the file delete operation. Now, it is allowed to delete a write-protected file
 1642   if the user is owner of it. In addition, a dialog asks the user what he wants to do. 
 1644 Version 0.54.5 (pre-release)
 1645 - fixed a bug where the right panel size was not correct when clicking on the "show two panels"
 1646   toolbar icon 
 1647 - some changes in Desktop file associations
 1648 - fixed a bug with file operations when the file names have a space in it
 1649 - fixed a bug with the move command between separate hard disks
 1650 - fixed a bug where the progress dialogs didn't display the source and target file names when the
 1651   overwrite box was open
 1653 Version 0.54.4 (pre-release)
 1654 - changed the way the panel sizes are handled. Now, the left panel size is retained and fixed when
 1655   resizing the Xfe window. This is a more usual way to do.
 1656 - fixed the icon in the overwrite box widget
 1657 - added an overwrite box to the "Add to archive" operation
 1658 - fixed a bug where the "Show hidden folders" option was not retained after leaving Xfe
 1659 - the file names in the progress dialogs were slightly truncated. This is fixed now.
 1660 - add Turkish translation (erkaN <erkaN@linux-sevenler.de>)
 1661 - add a wait cursor to a number of file operations (attributes,copy, delete, mount/unmount...)  
 1663 Version 0.54.3 (pre-release)
 1664 - french translation update
 1665 - keyboard accelerators in dialog boxes now work as expected
 1666 - in two panels mode, pressing the tab key cycles through the panels. No effect in one panel mode
 1667 - fixed a small regression that prevented the unmount command to work
 1668 - fixed a bug with the Edit/View command : when an Edit or View association is not defined, the 
 1669   correct mechanism is to call the default viewer or editor  
 1670 - fixed a bug in the Attributes menu where the size of a directory was not correctly displayed
 1671   if its name had escape characters 
 1672 - fixed the permissions in the attributes tab when multiple files are selected
 1674 Version 0.54.2 (released)
 1675 - fixed a small bug in DirPanel.cc that prevented compilation of Xfe on a non Linux system
 1676 - fixed the text alignment problem in the properties window
 1677 - replaced builtin GIF icons with PNG icons
 1678 - added Polish translation (Jacek Dziura <stary@cad.pl>)
 1679 - when renaming a file in two panels mode, the destination directory was not selected from the
 1680   current panel  
 1682 Version 0.54.1 (released)
 1683 - added Brazilian Portuguese translation (Eduardo R.B.S. <edurbs@varginha.com.br>)
 1684 - added German translation (Bastian Kleineidam <calvin@users.sf.net>)
 1685 - fixed a bug with files names like '~test' that were not correctly handled. Rename of the helper
 1686   function getPath() to filePath() to avoid confusions with some other helper functions in FOX
 1687 - fixed a bug in DirPanel.cc that prevented compilation of Xfe with gcc 3.2.3
 1689 Version 0.54 (released)
 1690 - fixed a bug with the rename command in the directory panel : the target name was not correct in
 1691   some situations
 1692 - fixed a bug in the new file and new directory operations : it was not possible to create
 1693   file names with escape characters
 1694 - fixed a bug in the directory panel : the directory size was not correctly shown when
 1695   the path name had escape characters
 1696 - fixed a bug in the progress bar with long path names
 1697 - fixed a bug in the file delete operation : sometimes, the current directory was not
 1698   the correct one
 1699 - add a lot of mini-icons to the general and context menus in Xfe, Xfv and Xfq
 1700 - add shortcuts (Del, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-N, Ctrl-S) to file operations for the tree panel
 1701 - add a button to the toolbar for the show tree operation
 1702 - change the way icons are displayed for the hide hidden, hide tree and two panels button icons
 1704 Version 0.53 (pre-release)
 1705 - new function getNumSelectedItems() in FileList class, that returns the number of selected
 1706   items in the file list (used to replace recurrent code in FilePanel.cc and XFileExplorer.cc)
 1707 - new keyboard shortcuts : this should help users familiar with both Windows Explorer and
 1708   Midnight Commander. Some operations have two shortcuts (e.g. Delete has Del and F8).
 1709 - new FileDialog class, used to get full consistency with the application look and feel.
 1710   It is derived from the standard Fox FXFileDialog, but with some simplifications.
 1711 - fixed a bug in archive creation : escape characters were not preserved in the archive name
 1712 - fixed a segfault when dragging a directory in the directory panel
 1713 - fixed a small regression where the zip files were no more seen as archives!
 1714 - the file operations menu items and buttons are now grayed out when no file are selected
 1716 Version 0.52 (pre-release)
 1717 - in X File View, the last opened file name is not saved anymore
 1718 - changed the file delete shortcut from Ctrl-Del to Del because the bug in the Fox Library
 1719   was at last fixed! This is more consistent with other file managers... Thus Xfe now
 1720   requires Fox version 1.0.36 or higher.
 1721 - add of French translation (by me, of course)
 1722 - fixed the Xfe icon destination in Makefile.am 
 1724 Version 0.51 (pre-release)
 1725 - upgrade of the configure scripts to automake-1.5 and autoconf-2.53
 1726 - add of i18n support
 1728 Version 0.50 (pre-release)
 1729 - remove of the 'Hidden folder' check box in the directory panel and add
 1730   of the name of the directory path instead
 1731 - add of some icons
 1732 - add of a 'Console File Manager' button and menu item to allow to call Midnight Commander
 1733  (or another console file manager) with a simple click
 1734 - add of the 'Rpm query' menu item in the file panels. This gives the name of
 1735   the RPM package that the selected file is belonging to.
 1736 - fixed a bug in the rename function of the Attributes window
 1737 - code cleanup of the 'DirPanel' class
 1738 - in two panels mode, each panel now can be resized individually and their size
 1739   is retained for the next session
 1740 - the size of the files in a directory is indicated in the directory
 1741   tree status bar (but not recursively)
 1742 - rename of class 'Panel' to 'FilePanel' for consistency
 1743 - rename of class 'XFileExp' to 'XFileExplorer' for consistency
 1745 Version 0.49 (pre-release)
 1746 - add a location bar with an history of visited directories
 1747 - add a 'New file' item to the menu, panel context menu and toolbar
 1748 - add a 'Terminal here' item to the context menus
 1749 - fixed a memory leak in Attributes.cc
 1751 Version 0.48 (pre-release)
 1752 - add of more icons to the context menus
 1753 - add of copy/paste/rename/delete/extract menus to the directory list
 1754 - don't allow anymore multiple selection in the directory list
 1755 - fixed a bug in the Attributes window : the rename function was not the correct one
 1756 - add of an attribute menu to the directory list
 1758 Version 0.47 (pre-release)
 1759 - add of a context menu with expand tree / collapse tree functions to the directory list
 1760 - add of the 'DirPanel' class for the directory tree list 
 1762 Version 0.46 (pre-release)
 1763 - hovering over a folder in the directory list now expands the directory in the tree
 1764 - hovering over a folder in the file list now expands the directory in the list
 1765 - panel focus now can be obtain when clicking anywhere in the window
 1766 - shift or control key + right mouse button doesn't select any file. This allows a direct access to
 1767   the global popup menu instead of the selection related popup menu (useful when items fill
 1768   the file list)
 1770 Version 0.45 (pre-release)
 1771 - fixed a small bug when giving a starting directory name
 1772 - completely rewrite the file management routines to be more consistent with the file 
 1773   move/copy/symlink/rename routines  
 1774 - add some error messages to the file operations routines
 1776 Version 0.44 (pre-release)
 1777 - add progress dialog and progress bar for drag and drop file operations
 1778 - add of keyboard shortcuts for rename, move, symlink operations
 1779 - add of an option '--with-static=yes/no' to the configure script,
 1780   to be able to link a static version of Xfe. This is useful for
 1781   computers that don't have the required libraries.
 1782 - modification of the spec file to deal with the '--with-static' option.
 1784 Version 0.43 (pre-release)
 1785 - symlink command with multiple files selection cannot be used anymore
 1786 - add of a progress bar for lengthy file move/rename operations
 1787 - fixed a number of bugs in the rename and move functions. Add of error messages for some
 1788   error conditions
 1789 - reorganisation of the code : now, each custom widget has its own class
 1790 - remove of the xincs.h include (to be more portable)
 1792 Version 0.42 (released)
 1793 - the hard disk icon was not displayed in the tree list. This caused some crashes.
 1794 - fixed a bug that caused Xfe to crash when extracting an archive
 1795 - fixed bugs where the show_hidden_files, show_hidden_dir and auto_save_layout commands were not saved
 1796   when leaving Xfe
 1797 - add of errors messages when trying to copy/paste/move/rename to an inexisting directory or when the
 1798   target directory is not writable
 1799 - add of error messages when creating a new directory and the parent directory doesn't exist or is not
 1800   writable
 1802 Version 0.41 (pre-release)
 1803 - use switch/case instead of if/else if in File.cc
 1804 - use the installation prefix to define the global icons path. Thus, if prefix=/usr/local,
 1805   then iconpath=/usr/local/lib/foxicons, and if prefix=/usr, iconpath=/urs/lib/foxicons.
 1806 - fixed a little bug with the browse icon path button
 1808 Version 0.40 (released)
 1809 - new icons for locked folders
 1810 - use reswrap to construct the files icons.h and icons.cc at compile time, for Xfe, Xfv and Xfq
 1811 - fixed a bug to let Xfq work with rpm version 3.x
 1813 Version 0.39 (released)
 1814 - fixed a bug where the locked folder icons where not displayed in file list
 1815 - fixed a bug with copy/paste in two panels mode 
 1817 Version 0.38 (pre-release)
 1818 - add of X File Query (Xfq), a simple RPM package viewer and installer, with the same look and feel
 1819 as Xfe.
 1821 Version 0.37 (pre-release)
 1822 - the color theme of Xfv is now the same as Xfe. Removed the color option box.
 1824 Version 0.36 (pre-release)
 1825 - fixed some bugs relative to the move, rename and copy operations when the destination is a directory. Seems
 1826 to work correctly now!
 1828 Version 0.35 (released)
 1829 - add of X File View (Xfv), a simple text viewer with the same look and feel as Xfe.
 1831 Version 0.34 (pre-release)
 1832 - add of a progress dialog for mount / unmount file system operations.
 1834 Version 0.33 (pre-release)
 1835 - add of a progress dialog for archive (extraction and creation) operations.
 1837 Version 0.32 (pre-release)
 1838 - add of a progress dialog for chmod and chown operations.
 1839 - now dead links are seen! (was not the case even in Xwc!)
 1840 - fixed a number of bugs related to the chown and chmod operations.
 1842 Version 0.31 (pre-release)
 1843 - add of a GNOME color theme.
 1845 Version 0.30 (pre-release)
 1846 - add of a progress dialog for file move operations.
 1848 Version 0.29 (pre-release)
 1849 - add of a progress dialog for file delete operations.
 1851 Version 0.28 (pre-release)
 1852 - add of a progress bar for file copy operations.
 1854 Version 0.27.1 (released)
 1855 - Correct a bug introduced in the previous release. Sorry for the inconvenience.
 1857 Version 0.27 (released)
 1858 - Add Overwrite Box for file copy / move /symlink operations.
 1860 Version 0.26 (released)
 1861 - correct a compilation problem with gcc 3.2.
 1862 - add a toolbar button for switching between one / two panels.
 1864 Version 0.25 (released)
 1865 - correct an important bug in the file deletion process.
 1866 - add a toolbar button for showing / hiding hidden files. 
 1868 Version 0.24 (released)
 1869 - initial release of X File Explorer
 1870 - fully functional with a lot of bugs, I suppose.