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For libvips 8.12.1. The latest version of this documentation can be found on the libvips website.

libvips Overview
VIPS from the command-line — How to use the VIPS library from the command-line
VIPS from C — How to use the VIPS library from C
libvips from C++
How to write bindings
Extending VIPS — How to add operations to VIPS
VIPS function list — List of VIPS functions and operators
The VIPS file format — The VIPS file format
VIPS and threads — VIPS and threading
How libvips works
Opening files
Image pyramids
Using vipsthumbnail
Core libvips API
vips — startup, shutdown, version
VipsImage — the VIPS image class
header — get, set and walk image headers
generate — calculate pixels and pixel buffers
VipsOperation — the VIPS operation base object class
memory — memory utilities
VipsRegion — small, rectangular parts of images
type — basic types
VipsObject — the VIPS base object class
VipsThreadpool — pools of worker threads
buf — a string you can append to
VipsConnection — a source/sink of bytes, perhaps a network socket
VipsSbuf — buffered read from a source
basic — a few typedefs used everywhere
libvips operation API by section
arithmetic — operations which perform pixel arithmetic, trig, log, statistics
colour — colour operators
conversion — convert images in some way: change band format, change header, insert, extract, join
convolution — convolve and correlate images
VipsForeign — load and save images in a variety of formats
freqfilt — fourier transforms and frequency-domin filters
histogram — find, manipulate and apply histograms and lookup tables
draw — drawing operations: flood, paste, line, circle
morphology — morphological operators, rank filters and related image analysis
mosaicing — build image mosaics
create — create images in various ways
resample — resample images in various ways
Other API (no gtkdoc comments yet)
Object Hierarchy
API Index
Annotation Glossary