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    1 <?xml version='1.0'?>
    2 <article xmlns="http://docbook.org/ns/docbook" version="5.0" xml:lang="en">
    3   <title>vfplot credits</title>
    5   <para>
    6   The code in this package is copyright © 2007, 2016,  J.J. Green
    7   <email>j.j.green@gmx.com</email> with the following exceptions.
    8   </para>
   10   <section>
   11   <title>Graphics Gems</title>
   13   <para>
   14   The file <filename>src/libvfplot/cubic.c</filename>
   15   contains code derived from that in the Graphics Gems collection.
   16   The latter comes with the following mellow licence
   17   </para>
   19   <blockquote>
   20   <attribution>Graphics Gems Licence</attribution>
   21   <para>
   22   EULA: The Graphics Gems code is copyright-protected. In other words, you cannot
   23   claim the text of the code as your own and resell it. Using the code is permitted
   24   in any program, product, or library, non-commercial or commercial. Giving credit
   25   is not required, though is a nice gesture. The code comes as-is, and if there
   26   are any flaws or problems with any Gems code, nobody involved with Gems - authors,
   27   editors, publishers, or webmasters - are to be held responsible. Basically, don't
   28   be a jerk, and remember that anything free comes with no guarantee.
   29   </para>
   30   </blockquote>
   32   </section>
   34   <section>
   35     <title>Aleksey Demakov's pthread barrier</title>
   36     <para>
   37       The files <filename>src/libvfplot/pthreadextra.*</filename> implement a
   38       simple barrier mechanism for POSIX threads (pthread) which is not implemented
   39       in the pthread library shipped with some versions of OSX. The code there is a
   40       cosmetically modified version of that by Aleksey Demakov
   41       (<ulink url="https://github.com/ademakov/DarwinPthreadBarrier" />)
   42       released under the BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License.
   43     </para>
   44   </section>
   46   <section>
   47   <title>John Tsiombikas's kd-tree</title>
   49   <para>
   50   The files <filename>src/libkdtree/kdtree.*</filename>
   51   are from John Tsiombikas's kd-tree library
   52   (<ulink url="http://code.google.com/p/kdtree/" />)
   53   which were released under a BSD license — see the files for
   54   details of the attribution required by the license.
   55   </para>
   57   </section>
   59   <section>
   60   <title>MIT configuration files</title>
   62   <para>
   63   The file <filename>install-sh</filename> is copyright 1991, Massachusetts
   64   Institute of Technology, also under a BSD license.
   65   </para>
   67   </section>
   69 </article>