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    1 vfplot credits
    2      __________________________________________________________________
    4    Table of Contents
    6    Graphics Gems
    7    Aleksey Demakov's pthread barrier
    8    John Tsiombikas's kd-tree
    9    MIT configuration files
   11    The code in this package is copyright © 2007, 2016, J.J. Green
   12    <j.j.green@gmx.com> with the following exceptions.
   14 Graphics Gems
   16    The file src/libvfplot/cubic.c contains code derived from that in the
   17    Graphics Gems collection. The latter comes with the following mellow
   18    licence
   21    EULA: The Graphics Gems code is copyright-protected. In other words,
   22    you cannot claim the text of the code as your own and resell it. Using
   23    the code is permitted in any program, product, or library,
   24    non-commercial or commercial. Giving credit is not required, though is
   25    a nice gesture. The code comes as-is, and if there are any flaws or
   26    problems with any Gems code, nobody involved with Gems - authors,
   27    editors, publishers, or webmasters - are to be held responsible.
   28    Basically, don't be a jerk, and remember that anything free comes with
   29    no guarantee.
   31      --Graphics Gems Licence
   33 Aleksey Demakov's pthread barrier
   35    The files src/libvfplot/pthreadextra.* implement a simple barrier
   36    mechanism for POSIX threads (pthread) which is not implemented in the
   37    pthread library shipped with some versions of OSX. The code there is a
   38    cosmetically modified version of that by Aleksey Demakov
   39    (https://github.com/ademakov/DarwinPthreadBarrier) released under the
   40    BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License.
   42 John Tsiombikas's kd-tree
   44    The files src/libkdtree/kdtree.* are from John Tsiombikas's kd-tree
   45    library (http://code.google.com/p/kdtree/) which were released under a
   46    BSD license — see the files for details of the attribution required by
   47    the license.
   49 MIT configuration files
   51    The file install-sh is copyright 1991, Massachusetts Institute of
   52    Technology, also under a BSD license.