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    1 WHAT IS IT?
    2 -----------
    3 Userinfo is a console utility to display a variety of information about a
    4 local user. It uses loadable modules to perform different tasks which
    5 separate the output with a field deliminator. Some may find it useful in shell
    6 scripts to gather and process information which might be tedious by other
    7 methods. It has been tested to run on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Solaris. See
    8 doc/README.modules for how to write your own modules and doc/uirc for an
    9 example configuration file.
   12 ------------
   13 Detailed information about 'configure' can be found in INSTALL otherwise just
   14 type './configure' then edit 'config.h' to set some custom defaults and
   15 non-standard file paths. Then type 'make' to build and 'make install' to
   16 install. Read the manual page or see 'ui -h' for command summary.
   18 BUGS
   19 ----
   20 Use the Sourceforge ticking system to report bugs, submit patches or feature
   21 requests at http://sourceforge.net/p/userinfo/tickets.
   23 Ben Kibbey <bjk@luxsci.net>
   24 http://userinfo.sourceforge.net/