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    1 /*
    2  * Copyright (C) 2013-2021 Canonical, Ltd.
    3  *
    4  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    5  * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
    6  * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
    7  * of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
    8  *
    9  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   10  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   12  * GNU General Public License for more details.
   13  *
   14  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   15  * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
   16  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
   17  *
   18  * This code is a complete clean re-write of the stress tool by
   19  * Colin Ian King <colin.king@canonical.com> and attempts to be
   20  * backwardly compatible with the stress tool by Amos Waterland
   21  * <apw@rossby.metr.ou.edu> but has more stress tests and more
   22  * functionality.
   23  *
   24  */
   25 #include "stress-ng.h"
   27 static const stress_help_t help[] = {
   28     { NULL, "branch N", "start N workers that force branch misprediction" },
   29     { NULL, "branch-ops N", "stop after N branch misprediction branches" },
   30     { NULL, NULL,       NULL }
   31 };
   33 #if defined(HAVE_LABEL_AS_VALUE)
   34 /*
   35  *  jmp_stress_mwc8()
   36  *  special non-overly optimized stress_mwc8 that gets inlined
   37  *  to remove a jmp and hence boost branch miss rates.
   38  *  Do not optimize this any further as this will lower
   39  *  the branch miss rate.
   40  */
   41 static inline uint16_t OPTIMIZE3 jmp_stress_mwc8(void)
   42 {
   43     static uint32_t w = STRESS_MWC_SEED_W;
   44     static uint32_t z = STRESS_MWC_SEED_Z;
   46     z = 36969 * (z & 65535) + (z >> 16);
   47     w = 18000 * (w & 65535) + (w >> 16);
   48     return (w >> 3) & 0x1ff;
   49 }
   51 /*
   52  *  The following jumps to a random label. If do_more is false
   53  *  then we jump to label ret and abort. This has been carefully
   54  *  hand crafted to make each JMP() macro expand to code with
   55  *  just one jmp statement
   56  */
   57 #undef J
   58 #define J(a)                        \
   59 a:  idx = jmp_stress_mwc8();            \
   60     flag = keep_stressing_flag();           \
   61                             \
   62     inc_counter(args);              \
   63     do_more = LIKELY(flag) &            \
   64         (((int)!args->max_ops) |        \
   65          (get_counter(args) < args->max_ops));  \
   66     idx |= (do_more << 9);              \
   67     goto *labels[idx];              \
   69 /*
   70  *  stress_branch()
   71  *  stress instruction branch prediction
   72  */
   73 static int OPTIMIZE3 stress_branch(const stress_args_t *args)
   74 {
   75     static const void ALIGN64 *labels[] = {
   76         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   77         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   78         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   79         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   80         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   81         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   82         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   83         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   85         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   86         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   87         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   88         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   89         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   90         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   91         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   92         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   94         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   95         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   96         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   97         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   98         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
   99         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  100         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  101         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  103         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  104         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  105         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  106         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  107         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  108         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  109         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  110         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  112         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  113         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  114         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  115         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  116         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  117         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  118         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  119         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  121         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  122         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  123         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  124         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  125         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  126         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  127         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  128         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  130         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  131         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  132         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  133         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  134         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  135         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  136         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  137         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  139         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  140         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  141         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  142         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  143         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  144         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  145         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  146         &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret, &&ret,
  148         &&L000, &&L001, &&L002, &&L003, &&L004, &&L005, &&L006, &&L007,
  149         &&L008, &&L009, &&L00a, &&L00b, &&L00c, &&L00d, &&L00e, &&L00f,
  150         &&L010, &&L011, &&L012, &&L013, &&L014, &&L015, &&L016, &&L017,
  151         &&L018, &&L019, &&L01a, &&L01b, &&L01c, &&L01d, &&L01e, &&L01f,
  152         &&L020, &&L021, &&L022, &&L023, &&L024, &&L025, &&L026, &&L027,
  153         &&L028, &&L029, &&L02a, &&L02b, &&L02c, &&L02d, &&L02e, &&L02f,
  154         &&L030, &&L031, &&L032, &&L033, &&L034, &&L035, &&L036, &&L037,
  155         &&L038, &&L039, &&L03a, &&L03b, &&L03c, &&L03d, &&L03e, &&L03f,
  157         &&L040, &&L041, &&L042, &&L043, &&L044, &&L045, &&L046, &&L047,
  158         &&L048, &&L049, &&L04a, &&L04b, &&L04c, &&L04d, &&L04e, &&L04f,
  159         &&L050, &&L051, &&L052, &&L053, &&L054, &&L055, &&L056, &&L057,
  160         &&L058, &&L059, &&L05a, &&L05b, &&L05c, &&L05d, &&L05e, &&L05f,
  161         &&L060, &&L061, &&L062, &&L063, &&L064, &&L065, &&L066, &&L067,
  162         &&L068, &&L069, &&L06a, &&L06b, &&L06c, &&L06d, &&L06e, &&L06f,
  163         &&L070, &&L071, &&L072, &&L073, &&L074, &&L075, &&L076, &&L077,
  164         &&L078, &&L079, &&L07a, &&L07b, &&L07c, &&L07d, &&L07e, &&L07f,
  166         &&L080, &&L081, &&L082, &&L083, &&L084, &&L085, &&L086, &&L087,
  167         &&L088, &&L089, &&L08a, &&L08b, &&L08c, &&L08d, &&L08e, &&L08f,
  168         &&L090, &&L091, &&L092, &&L093, &&L094, &&L095, &&L096, &&L097,
  169         &&L098, &&L099, &&L09a, &&L09b, &&L09c, &&L09d, &&L09e, &&L09f,
  170         &&L0a0, &&L0a1, &&L0a2, &&L0a3, &&L0a4, &&L0a5, &&L0a6, &&L0a7,
  171         &&L0a8, &&L0a9, &&L0aa, &&L0ab, &&L0ac, &&L0ad, &&L0ae, &&L0af,
  172         &&L0b0, &&L0b1, &&L0b2, &&L0b3, &&L0b4, &&L0b5, &&L0b6, &&L0b7,
  173         &&L0b8, &&L0b9, &&L0ba, &&L0bb, &&L0bc, &&L0bd, &&L0be, &&L0bf,
  175         &&L0c0, &&L0c1, &&L0c2, &&L0c3, &&L0c4, &&L0c5, &&L0c6, &&L0c7,
  176         &&L0c8, &&L0c9, &&L0ca, &&L0cb, &&L0cc, &&L0cd, &&L0ce, &&L0cf,
  177         &&L0d0, &&L0d1, &&L0d2, &&L0d3, &&L0d4, &&L0d5, &&L0d6, &&L0d7,
  178         &&L0d8, &&L0d9, &&L0da, &&L0db, &&L0dc, &&L0dd, &&L0de, &&L0df,
  179         &&L0e0, &&L0e1, &&L0e2, &&L0e3, &&L0e4, &&L0e5, &&L0e6, &&L0e7,
  180         &&L0e8, &&L0e9, &&L0ea, &&L0eb, &&L0ec, &&L0ed, &&L0ee, &&L0ef,
  181         &&L0f0, &&L0f1, &&L0f2, &&L0f3, &&L0f4, &&L0f5, &&L0f6, &&L0f7,
  182         &&L0f8, &&L0f9, &&L0fa, &&L0fb, &&L0fc, &&L0fd, &&L0fe, &&L0ff,
  184         &&L100, &&L101, &&L102, &&L103, &&L104, &&L105, &&L106, &&L107,
  185         &&L108, &&L109, &&L10a, &&L10b, &&L10c, &&L10d, &&L10e, &&L10f,
  186         &&L110, &&L111, &&L112, &&L113, &&L114, &&L115, &&L116, &&L117,
  187         &&L118, &&L119, &&L11a, &&L11b, &&L11c, &&L11d, &&L11e, &&L11f,
  188         &&L120, &&L121, &&L122, &&L123, &&L124, &&L125, &&L126, &&L127,
  189         &&L128, &&L129, &&L12a, &&L12b, &&L12c, &&L12d, &&L12e, &&L12f,
  190         &&L130, &&L131, &&L132, &&L133, &&L134, &&L135, &&L136, &&L137,
  191         &&L138, &&L139, &&L13a, &&L13b, &&L13c, &&L13d, &&L13e, &&L13f,
  193         &&L140, &&L141, &&L142, &&L143, &&L144, &&L145, &&L146, &&L147,
  194         &&L148, &&L149, &&L14a, &&L14b, &&L14c, &&L14d, &&L14e, &&L14f,
  195         &&L150, &&L151, &&L152, &&L153, &&L154, &&L155, &&L156, &&L157,
  196         &&L158, &&L159, &&L15a, &&L15b, &&L15c, &&L15d, &&L15e, &&L15f,
  197         &&L160, &&L161, &&L162, &&L163, &&L164, &&L165, &&L166, &&L167,
  198         &&L168, &&L169, &&L16a, &&L16b, &&L16c, &&L16d, &&L16e, &&L16f,
  199         &&L170, &&L171, &&L172, &&L173, &&L174, &&L175, &&L176, &&L177,
  200         &&L178, &&L179, &&L17a, &&L17b, &&L17c, &&L17d, &&L17e, &&L17f,
  202         &&L180, &&L181, &&L182, &&L183, &&L184, &&L185, &&L186, &&L187,
  203         &&L188, &&L189, &&L18a, &&L18b, &&L18c, &&L18d, &&L18e, &&L18f,
  204         &&L190, &&L191, &&L192, &&L193, &&L194, &&L195, &&L196, &&L197,
  205         &&L198, &&L199, &&L19a, &&L19b, &&L19c, &&L19d, &&L19e, &&L19f,
  206         &&L1a0, &&L1a1, &&L1a2, &&L1a3, &&L1a4, &&L1a5, &&L1a6, &&L1a7,
  207         &&L1a8, &&L1a9, &&L1aa, &&L1ab, &&L1ac, &&L1ad, &&L1ae, &&L1af,
  208         &&L1b0, &&L1b1, &&L1b2, &&L1b3, &&L1b4, &&L1b5, &&L1b6, &&L1b7,
  209         &&L1b8, &&L1b9, &&L1ba, &&L1bb, &&L1bc, &&L1bd, &&L1be, &&L1bf,
  211         &&L1c0, &&L1c1, &&L1c2, &&L1c3, &&L1c4, &&L1c5, &&L1c6, &&L1c7,
  212         &&L1c8, &&L1c9, &&L1ca, &&L1cb, &&L1cc, &&L1cd, &&L1ce, &&L1cf,
  213         &&L1d0, &&L1d1, &&L1d2, &&L1d3, &&L1d4, &&L1d5, &&L1d6, &&L1d7,
  214         &&L1d8, &&L1d9, &&L1da, &&L1db, &&L1dc, &&L1dd, &&L1de, &&L1df,
  215         &&L1e0, &&L1e1, &&L1e2, &&L1e3, &&L1e4, &&L1e5, &&L1e6, &&L1e7,
  216         &&L1e8, &&L1e9, &&L1ea, &&L1eb, &&L1ec, &&L1ed, &&L1ee, &&L1ef,
  217         &&L1f0, &&L1f1, &&L1f2, &&L1f3, &&L1f4, &&L1f5, &&L1f6, &&L1f7,
  218         &&L1f8, &&L1f9, &&L1fa, &&L1fb, &&L1fc, &&L1fd, &&L1fe, &&L1ff,
  219     };
  221     stress_set_proc_state(args->name, STRESS_STATE_RUN);
  223     for (;;) {
  224         register bool do_more;  
  225         register uint16_t idx;
  226         register bool flag;
  228         J(L000) J(L001) J(L002) J(L003) J(L004) J(L005) J(L006) J(L007)
  229         J(L008) J(L009) J(L00a) J(L00b) J(L00c) J(L00d) J(L00e) J(L00f)
  230         J(L010) J(L011) J(L012) J(L013) J(L014) J(L015) J(L016) J(L017)
  231         J(L018) J(L019) J(L01a) J(L01b) J(L01c) J(L01d) J(L01e) J(L01f)
  232         J(L020) J(L021) J(L022) J(L023) J(L024) J(L025) J(L026) J(L027)
  233         J(L028) J(L029) J(L02a) J(L02b) J(L02c) J(L02d) J(L02e) J(L02f)
  234         J(L030) J(L031) J(L032) J(L033) J(L034) J(L035) J(L036) J(L037)
  235         J(L038) J(L039) J(L03a) J(L03b) J(L03c) J(L03d) J(L03e) J(L03f)
  237         J(L040) J(L041) J(L042) J(L043) J(L044) J(L045) J(L046) J(L047)
  238         J(L048) J(L049) J(L04a) J(L04b) J(L04c) J(L04d) J(L04e) J(L04f)
  239         J(L050) J(L051) J(L052) J(L053) J(L054) J(L055) J(L056) J(L057)
  240         J(L058) J(L059) J(L05a) J(L05b) J(L05c) J(L05d) J(L05e) J(L05f)
  241         J(L060) J(L061) J(L062) J(L063) J(L064) J(L065) J(L066) J(L067)
  242         J(L068) J(L069) J(L06a) J(L06b) J(L06c) J(L06d) J(L06e) J(L06f)
  243         J(L070) J(L071) J(L072) J(L073) J(L074) J(L075) J(L076) J(L077)
  244         J(L078) J(L079) J(L07a) J(L07b) J(L07c) J(L07d) J(L07e) J(L07f)
  246         J(L080) J(L081) J(L082) J(L083) J(L084) J(L085) J(L086) J(L087)
  247         J(L088) J(L089) J(L08a) J(L08b) J(L08c) J(L08d) J(L08e) J(L08f)
  248         J(L090) J(L091) J(L092) J(L093) J(L094) J(L095) J(L096) J(L097)
  249         J(L098) J(L099) J(L09a) J(L09b) J(L09c) J(L09d) J(L09e) J(L09f)
  250         J(L0a0) J(L0a1) J(L0a2) J(L0a3) J(L0a4) J(L0a5) J(L0a6) J(L0a7)
  251         J(L0a8) J(L0a9) J(L0aa) J(L0ab) J(L0ac) J(L0ad) J(L0ae) J(L0af)
  252         J(L0b0) J(L0b1) J(L0b2) J(L0b3) J(L0b4) J(L0b5) J(L0b6) J(L0b7)
  253         J(L0b8) J(L0b9) J(L0ba) J(L0bb) J(L0bc) J(L0bd) J(L0be) J(L0bf)
  255         J(L0c0) J(L0c1) J(L0c2) J(L0c3) J(L0c4) J(L0c5) J(L0c6) J(L0c7)
  256         J(L0c8) J(L0c9) J(L0ca) J(L0cb) J(L0cc) J(L0cd) J(L0ce) J(L0cf)
  257         J(L0d0) J(L0d1) J(L0d2) J(L0d3) J(L0d4) J(L0d5) J(L0d6) J(L0d7)
  258         J(L0d8) J(L0d9) J(L0da) J(L0db) J(L0dc) J(L0dd) J(L0de) J(L0df)
  259         J(L0e0) J(L0e1) J(L0e2) J(L0e3) J(L0e4) J(L0e5) J(L0e6) J(L0e7)
  260         J(L0e8) J(L0e9) J(L0ea) J(L0eb) J(L0ec) J(L0ed) J(L0ee) J(L0ef)
  261         J(L0f0) J(L0f1) J(L0f2) J(L0f3) J(L0f4) J(L0f5) J(L0f6) J(L0f7)
  262         J(L0f8) J(L0f9) J(L0fa) J(L0fb) J(L0fc) J(L0fd) J(L0fe) J(L0ff)
  264         J(L100) J(L101) J(L102) J(L103) J(L104) J(L105) J(L106) J(L107)
  265         J(L108) J(L109) J(L10a) J(L10b) J(L10c) J(L10d) J(L10e) J(L10f)
  266         J(L110) J(L111) J(L112) J(L113) J(L114) J(L115) J(L116) J(L117)
  267         J(L118) J(L119) J(L11a) J(L11b) J(L11c) J(L11d) J(L11e) J(L11f)
  268         J(L120) J(L121) J(L122) J(L123) J(L124) J(L125) J(L126) J(L127)
  269         J(L128) J(L129) J(L12a) J(L12b) J(L12c) J(L12d) J(L12e) J(L12f)
  270         J(L130) J(L131) J(L132) J(L133) J(L134) J(L135) J(L136) J(L137)
  271         J(L138) J(L139) J(L13a) J(L13b) J(L13c) J(L13d) J(L13e) J(L13f)
  273         J(L140) J(L141) J(L142) J(L143) J(L144) J(L145) J(L146) J(L147)
  274         J(L148) J(L149) J(L14a) J(L14b) J(L14c) J(L14d) J(L14e) J(L14f)
  275         J(L150) J(L151) J(L152) J(L153) J(L154) J(L155) J(L156) J(L157)
  276         J(L158) J(L159) J(L15a) J(L15b) J(L15c) J(L15d) J(L15e) J(L15f)
  277         J(L160) J(L161) J(L162) J(L163) J(L164) J(L165) J(L166) J(L167)
  278         J(L168) J(L169) J(L16a) J(L16b) J(L16c) J(L16d) J(L16e) J(L16f)
  279         J(L170) J(L171) J(L172) J(L173) J(L174) J(L175) J(L176) J(L177)
  280         J(L178) J(L179) J(L17a) J(L17b) J(L17c) J(L17d) J(L17e) J(L17f)
  282         J(L180) J(L181) J(L182) J(L183) J(L184) J(L185) J(L186) J(L187)
  283         J(L188) J(L189) J(L18a) J(L18b) J(L18c) J(L18d) J(L18e) J(L18f)
  284         J(L190) J(L191) J(L192) J(L193) J(L194) J(L195) J(L196) J(L197)
  285         J(L198) J(L199) J(L19a) J(L19b) J(L19c) J(L19d) J(L19e) J(L19f)
  286         J(L1a0) J(L1a1) J(L1a2) J(L1a3) J(L1a4) J(L1a5) J(L1a6) J(L1a7)
  287         J(L1a8) J(L1a9) J(L1aa) J(L1ab) J(L1ac) J(L1ad) J(L1ae) J(L1af)
  288         J(L1b0) J(L1b1) J(L1b2) J(L1b3) J(L1b4) J(L1b5) J(L1b6) J(L1b7)
  289         J(L1b8) J(L1b9) J(L1ba) J(L1bb) J(L1bc) J(L1bd) J(L1be) J(L1bf)
  291         J(L1c0) J(L1c1) J(L1c2) J(L1c3) J(L1c4) J(L1c5) J(L1c6) J(L1c7)
  292         J(L1c8) J(L1c9) J(L1ca) J(L1cb) J(L1cc) J(L1cd) J(L1ce) J(L1cf)
  293         J(L1d0) J(L1d1) J(L1d2) J(L1d3) J(L1d4) J(L1d5) J(L1d6) J(L1d7)
  294         J(L1d8) J(L1d9) J(L1da) J(L1db) J(L1dc) J(L1dd) J(L1de) J(L1df)
  295         J(L1e0) J(L1e1) J(L1e2) J(L1e3) J(L1e4) J(L1e5) J(L1e6) J(L1e7)
  296         J(L1e8) J(L1e9) J(L1ea) J(L1eb) J(L1ec) J(L1ed) J(L1ee) J(L1ef)
  297         J(L1f0) J(L1f1) J(L1f2) J(L1f3) J(L1f4) J(L1f5) J(L1f6) J(L1f7)
  298         J(L1f8) J(L1f9) J(L1fa) J(L1fb) J(L1fc) J(L1fd) J(L1fe) J(L1ff)
  299     }
  300 ret:
  301     stress_set_proc_state(args->name, STRESS_STATE_DEINIT);
  303     return EXIT_SUCCESS;
  304 }
  306 stressor_info_t stress_branch_info = {
  307     .stressor = stress_branch,
  308     .class = CLASS_CPU,
  309     .help = help
  310 };
  311 #else
  312 stressor_info_t stress_branch_info = {
  313     .stressor = stress_not_implemented,
  314     .class = CLASS_CPU,
  315     .help = help
  316 };
  317 #endif