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    1 This is a summary of user visible changes in srm.
    3 release 1.2.15
    4 	fix handling of files > 2GB on Windows.
    5 	fix handling of symlinks to files owned by root.
    7 release 1.2.14
    8 	fix fill() function, this fixes DoE and Gutmann modes.
    9 	new --rcmp mode.
   10 	use simple mode by default and not Gutmann 35 pass.
   12 release 1.2.13
   13 	fix handling of OsX resource forks.
   15 release-1_2_12
   16 	now using SVN on SourceForge.
   17 	small updates to autotools build files.
   18 	support Haiku operating system.
   19 	overwrite POSIX extended attributes.
   20 	srm has exit code != 0 if removing any file or directory failed.
   21 	handle alternate data streams on Windows and NTFS.
   22 	handle hard links on Windows and NTFS.
   24 release-1_2_11
   25 	Win32 command line wildcard expansion
   26 	-v -v displays current write position
   27 	SIGINFO, SIGUSR2 display current write position
   28 	-x does not cross file system boundaries
   29 	overwrite block devices
   31 release-1_2_10
   32 	Mac OsX compiles and works again
   33 	add DoE wipe mode
   34 	fix deletion of named pipes/fifos
   35 	Debian fixes
   36 	Win32 fixes
   38 release-1_2_9
   39 	fix deletion of 0 byte files
   40 	fix handling of files <4096 bytes
   41 	fix handling of files >2GiB on 32bit
   42 	OpenBSD compat switch
   43 	handle OsX ressource fork
   44 	added some code from OsX port
   45 	Win32 version
   47 release-1_2_8
   48 	Documentation updates.
   50 release-1_2_7
   51 	Minor bugfixes. Correctly handle symlinks. Build with most
   52 	recent versions of automake.
   54 release-1_2_6
   55 	BSD variant fixes. Display verbose messages when -f and -v are
   56 	both specified.
   58 release-1_2_5
   59 	Updated README coverage. Fixed a rare deadlock.
   61 release-1_2_4
   62 	Build on tru64 and Solaris.
   64 release-1_2_3
   65 	None. However, a file descriptor leak is plugged.
   67 release-1_2_2
   68 	-f now really does ignore nonexistant files.
   70 release-1_2_1
   71 	srm will now try and chmod() files without write permission if
   72 	the user answers yes at the "Remove write-protected file?"
   73 	prompt or when -f is specified. Note that chmod() will fail
   74 	unless you own the file, however.
   76 release-1_2_0
   77 	Fixed .spec for rpm 4.
   79 release-1_1_0
   80 	A massive restructuring to allow automake support (no more bad
   81 	dependancies), cleaner integration of third-party modules (no
   82 	more phony snprintf on Irix, a cleaner tree_walker coming
   83 	soon), and an rpm distribution due to popular demand.
   85 release-1_0_0
   86 	Use sprintf()/vsprintf() when snprintf()/vsnprintf() are
   87 	absent. This allows building on Irix 3.5.
   89 release-0_9_2
   90 	Dynamically search for /dev/urandom rather than at build time,
   91 	to allow cross-compiling. Generic random module should allow
   92 	use on systems without kernel entropy devices.
   94 release-0_9_1
   95 	Misc build patches for Solaris 2.7 from Gael Roualland.
   97 release-0_9_0
   98 	Added a new option, -s --simple, which only overwrites the
   99 	file once, which is much faster than the default behavior.
  100 	On BSD, check for immutable, append, and nounlink flags before
  101 	overwriting data. Use nftw and a simple psuedo-random stream instead
  102 	of fts and /dev/urandom when they are missing, this should allow
  103 	building on more platforms.
  105 release-0_8_3
  106 	Added a missing overwrite pass. (Thanks to Gael Roualland for
  107 	sharp proofreading)
  109 release-0_8_2
  110 	Fixed a bug which was truncating some error messages. Special
  111 	files, and links are now renamed before removal. Fixed a bug
  112 	which made it unable to remove files from filesystems other
  113 	than ext2 under linux. (Thanks to Gael Roualland for reporting
  114 	these three bugs) Added a Credits file.
  116 release-0_8_1
  117 	Fixed a bug where some writes were cached and not sent to
  118 	disk.
  120 release-0_8_0
  121 	Use random, 14 character alphanumeric sequence to mask the
  122 	file name rather than a name based on the original. Fixed some
  123 	minor resource leaks which may have been apparant over
  124 	extremly long runs. Removed the empty BUGS and TODO lists, and
  125 	added this list of changes.
  127 release-0_7_0
  128 	Improved ext2 support, srm will not attempt to shred files
  129 	which have the undeletable, immutable, or append-only
  130 	attributes set. Ext2 support is always enabled on Linux now,
  131 	even if the ext2 development libraries are not installed.
  133 release-0_6_0
  134 	Improved file locking, srm now tries to lock the file before
  135 	overwriting, avoiding trashing locked files.
  137 release-0_5_0
  138 	Improved hard link handling, srm will now only overwrite files
  139 	when removing the last link.
  141 release-0_4_0
  142 	Improved error handling. Removed a bug where some recursive
  143 	runs would fail.
  145 release-0_3_0
  146 	Added a configure script and ported to BSD.
  148 release-0_2_0
  149 	Added man page.
  151 release-0_1_1
  152 	Fixed bug which caused srm to fail when removing files on
  153 	different file systems.
  155 release-0_1_0
  156 	First working version.