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    1 #------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    2 # File used to defined which client ip address, network with netmask, network
    3 # regex address, auth login and URI to exclude from the report. 
    4 #
    5 # You can define one by line exclusion by specifying first the type of the
    6 # exclusion (USER, CLIENT or URI) and a space separated list of valid regex.
    7 # You can also use the NETWORK type to define network address with netmask
    8 # using the CIDR notation: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/n
    9 #
   10 # See example below:
   11 #------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   12 #NETWORK
   13 #CLIENT		192\.168\.1\.2 
   14 #CLIENT		10\.169\.1\.\d+ 192\.168\.10\..*
   15 #USER		myloginstr
   16 #USER		guestlogin\d+ guestdemo
   17 #URI		http:\/\/myinternetdomain.dom.*
   18 #URI		.*\.webmail\.com\/.*\/login\.php.*