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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


Contributors: Luka Krajger, Philip Hughes, Daniel Gröber, Ezra Buehler, Anders Kaseorg, Jonathan Rennison, Guillaume Martres

- Swap to gzip compression (fixes #262 and #266).

- Set the encoding of .html files to UTF-8.

- Fix <input> element type.

- Issue #173: Keyboard icon on dark background.

- Another (final) fix for Firefox keycodes problems.

- Removed at sign (@) from beginning of some JS comments.

- Issues #51, #202 ... : Keycodes fixes for FireFox.

- Issue #195: A couple of bugs in vt100.jspp.

- Issue #103, #203: Child process termination (partial fix).

- Merge pull request #285 from KLuka/master.

- Issue #275: gracefully manage HTTP time-outs and connection problems.

- Set SSL options for increased security and disable compromised SSL
version 2.0 and 3.0.

- Issue #262: Page cannot be displayed.

- Issue #180: Ever growing console occurs in iPad.

- Issue #202: "-_" keys don't not work in FF > 15.

- No longer set HTTP Content-Length.

- Issue #245: Blank screen in Chrome 31.0.1650.57.

- Issue #114: popup warning on tab/window close.

- Issues 39, 43, 166 and 172 commits applied to .jspp files.

- Removed auto-generated .js files.

2012-04 Marc Singer elf@woollysoft.com

- Fixing errors reported by piuparts.

- Debian build now defaults to direct link with shared libraries.

- Removing PATH_MAX reference.

- Fixing Valgrind discovered issues.

- Issue 172: autocorrect/autocapitalize can cause problems on
mobile devices.

- Issue 167: Accept connections in subfolders.

- Issue 39: Clipboard not integrated with client operating system

- Cleanup of debian control file before 2.11.

- Issue 166: Color goes away.

- Issue 167: Accept connections in subfolders.

2012-03 Marc Singer elf@woollysoft.com

- Issue 134: How to add arguments.

- Issue 116: A shellinthebox runner / configuration file.

- Issue 93: openssl required install-time.

- Issue 50: SSH service not working on Centos/RHEL.

- Issue 49: Debian packageing uses cross-directory hardlinks.

- Issue 47: Does not build on Mac OSX.

- Issue 43: 2.10 version introduces a keyboard layout problem.

- Issue 39: clipboard not integrated with client operating system.

2012-02-02 Jay Weisskopf jay@jayschwa.net

- Use 2048-bit RSA keys for auto-generated certificates.

- Assume a private key is RSA if the header does not specify a type.

2012-01-12 Anders Kaseorg andersk@mit.edu

- sslGenerateCertificate: Don't use the shell.

- sslSNICallback: Properly disallow invalid characters.

- Fix miscellaneous strncat buffer overflows.

2012-01-04 Jay Weisskopf jay@jayschwa.net

- Fixed an error in the init script's status function.

- Check for null pointers from gethostbyname_r() to prevent seg faults.

2012-01-01 Jay Weisskopf jay@jayschwa.net

- Removed "Lucida Console" font because bold is wider than normal.

- Bold and underline SGR attributes now utilize CSS.

- Removed color pair restrictions.

- Removed config.h. It is auto-generated by the configure script.

- Changed the cursor color to match the default text color.

- Write the OSC title to the window's title instead of the status bar. …

2010-10 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fixed inefficient I/O behavior and ability to interrupt long running
output with CTRL-C.

- Fixed confusing error message when we fail to dynamically load
PAM support.

- Fall back to calling select() instead of poll() for MacOS X.

2010-09 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Implement a few work-arounds to avoid some problems with
pututxline() on MacOS X.

- Relax a check() that would trigger when using old-style
(pre-Unix 98) pseudo terminals.

- Another iteration of changes intended to deal with MacOS X
specific build.

- In an attempt to reduce build dependencies, remove the requirement
for objcopy. Instead, we are now using "od" to generate C source code.

- Added support for building with toolchains that don't support
symbol aliasing.

- Adjusted MIME types.

- Store keyboard layout in separate HTML file.

2010-09-11 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added --pidfile= option that can be used even if running in the

2010-09-04 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added an optional on-screen keyboard. Must be activated by the
user by selecting the option in the context-menu.

2010-09-03 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fix some scaling related issues. This fix is thanks to some
excellent detective work by Jan <siev...@zedat.fu-berlin.de>.

- Allow changing of font sizes in the user CSS.

2010-08-19 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Thanks to lotr44's excellent analysis of the problem, we now have
a fix for the problem with typing "!" on French keyboards.

2010-08-06 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Allow users to disable the blinking cursor from the context menu.

2010-07-08 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added support for systems that have utmpx.h, but don't implement

2010-07-02 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fixed a NULL pointer dereference that can occur when hostnames
do not resolve. Thanks to <vmagerya> for pointing out this problem.

2010-03-31 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Tweaked the build system to work better on OpenWRT. This is largely
thanks to very helpful bug reports, and lots of testing by Jan Jaeger.

2010-03-29 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Started working on support for WebSockets.

- Fixed some compiler warnings when compiling with -Wextra

- Thanks to Jan Jaeger's excellent bug report, made some changes
that should make it easier to build ShellInABox for OpenWRT.

2009-12-10 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Add .note.GNU-stack to all object files so that the generated
binary doesn't erroneously request an executable stack.

2009-12-03 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Allow retrieval of the user's default login shell from

- Allow the code to be built without support for the LOGIN
service, as calling /bin/login does not work well on Fedora.

2009-12-02 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added fallback code that dynamically computes the correct commandline
arguments for "objcopy" if building for an otherwise unknown target

2009-12-01 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added some basic sanity checks to the commit script that now makes
sure we at least attempt to keep copyright dates updated whenever we
make changes.

- Added checks that the debian/changelog file is up-to-date

- Added debian/watch file

- Updated the Standards-Version in debian/control. Still need to
review whether we are in full compliance, though.

- Fixed lintian errors.

2009-11-29 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Preparations for packaging ShellInABox in a way that makes it
easy for Debian package maintainers to pick it up.

2009-11-25 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- On browsers that support CSS transforms, enable switching between
  80 and 132 column mode.

2009-11-21 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Updated manual page documenting --user-css

- Released version 2.10

2009-11-18 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fixed some compiler warnings when using more recent versions of
gcc and glibc.

- Tweak the handling of CTRL keys, so that some of the more unusual
combinations work. For historic reasons, there is an expectation that
CTRL-3..CTRL-8 return specific control characters. Also fixed the
handling of CTRL-\ which could cause problems with some browsers.

- Rely on the browser for capitalization. This should fix Capslock
behavior. Hopefully, it won't break any other keyboard features or

2009-08-20 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added transparent printing support. The development of this
feature is sponsored by De Bortoli Wines Pty Limited and by
Eternity Technologies.

2009-08-19 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added a ${url} parameter that can be used in the service description.

2009-08-11 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added support for user selectable style sheets. Included example
style sheets that allow switching to white-on-black or to monochrome
mode from the right click context menu.

- Fixed the "|" key on Swedish keyboards.

2009-07-30 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added the --css command line option to make incremental changes
to the style sheet without having to load a full replacement with
the --static-file option. Added an example that enables white text
on a black background.

- Added Debian specific documentation to the manual page.

2009-07-29 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Allow unprivileged users to run the daemon. This requires
calling "ssh" instead of "login".

2009-07-27 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Use JavaScript redirection for attaching the missing slash to
the URL. This should make it easier to use reverse proxies. It was
already possible to run shellinaboxd behind a proxy, but a lot of
users got the configuration wrong.

2009-07-08 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Optionally compress large responses, if the browser accepts
deflate compression. This mainly improves start up time.

- More fine tuning of the regular expressions that detect URLs.
We now allow '.' and ',' in URLs, as long as they are not at the
very end of the URL, where they would probably be part of the
enclosing sentence and not actually part of the URL.

2009-07-06 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Making it easier to host the terminal on non-root URLs by always
redirecting to a URL that includes a trailing slash.

- Run-time testing for availability of libpthread functions does not
work reliably on some platforms. So, avoid doing so on anything
other than Linux/i386. For all other platforms, assume that the code
is not linked against libpthread. For ShellInABox, this is always
the correct assumption. But if the code gets embedded into other
projects, this might have to be changed.

2009-07-05 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Released version 2.9

2009-07-04 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Refined regular expressions for finding URLs.

- Show new terminal size when resizing the browser.

- Restored compatibility with IE5 and IE6.

2009-07-03 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added --linkify option. Default settings cause the terminal to
recognize fully qualified URLs and to make them clickable.

2009-06-28 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added support for keyboards that have a dedicated "<" / ">" key.

2009-06-21 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added --localhost option.

- Added support for building on ARM.

- Respect "Connection: close" for proxies that rely on pre-HTTP/1.1

2009-05-24 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added SSL support for OpenBSD

2009-05-23 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Released version 2.8

2009-05-22 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Improved support for entering non-ASCII characters.

2009-05-20 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fixed various issues with building on OpenBSD

2009-04-28 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fixed variable expansion in service descriptions.

2009-04-27 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Released version 2.7

- Improved compatibility with some PAM configurations when running
as a non-privileged user.

- Fixed a bug that required shells to output data (e.g. a prompt)
before they could read the first data.

- Fixed a potential crash.

2009-04-12 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Released version 2.6

- The demo application is still incomplete, but starting to be
somewhat functional. The BASIC interpreter supports variables, and
can parse expressions. But it is still missing all flow-control
commands, making it somewhat useless for writing real programs.

2009-03-30 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added initial revision of demo application.

- Show fatal error message even when running in "quiet" mode.

- Make it easier to override parameters needed by the system startup

2009-03-29 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added support for chained SSL certificates

2009-03-23 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added an INSTALL.Debian file with Debian-specific instructions on
how to build and install a package file.

2009-03-21 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Possible fix for IE problems with horizontal positioning of
cursor if the line ends in spaces.

- Work-around for an IE6 bug when doing HTTPS through proxies.

2009-03-21 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Released version 2.5

- More testing on older IE versions.

2009-03-19 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fixed cursor positioning. Hopefully, more browsers will be happy
with this, now.

- Explicitly added no-cache headers to our responses. This might help
with the IE6 problems.

2009-03-17 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Allow root to bind to privileged port.

2009-03-17 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fixed IE6 support.

- Fixed possible memory corruption, when sessions time out.

2009-03-16 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fixed some compiler warnings, that newer versions of GCC issue.

2009-02-27 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added fallback on old-style pty's, if /dev/pts is not mounted.

- Work-around for systems that don't define a "nogroup" group.

- Remove the dependency on fdopendir, which does not exist

2009-02-16 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Include VCS revision number in user-visible version string.

- Allow "configure" to select whether OpenSSL and PAM libraries
should be used at all, dynamically searched-for at run-time, or
linked as a regular dynamic library.

- Fixed various bugs that prevents ShellInABox from running on

2009-02-12 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Released version 2.4

2009-02-11 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Fixed fatal compiler warning if compiling without SSL support.

- Fixed cursor hiding and showing

- Fixed various rendering glitches reported by Phil Endecott of
Anyterm (http://anyterm.org) fame.

- Made code more portable. In particular, fixed sed scripts.

- Added explicit config.h file, instead of passing configuration
options on the compiler's command line.

- Fixed compilation issues on BSD systems. Code is still untested
and unsupported on non-Linux systems at this time.

2009-01-21 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Released version 2.3

- Fixed a show-stopper bug that broke the --cert option.

2009-01-21 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Released version 2.2

- Fixed a bug that could result in the font getting corrupted.

- Improved compatibility with more versions of the OpenSSL library.
Previously, the feature test for TLSEXT did not always work correctly,
resulting in compilation failures.

- Improved support for embedding shellinaboxd into existing web
services. SSL certificates can now be passed in through a file
handle, and port and pid numbers can be retrieved from the CGI header.

2009-01-08 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Released version 2.1

- Fixed build errors mostly related to x86_64.

- Added --no-beep command line option to avoid VLC plugin crashing

- Fixed multi-line selections in Firefox.

2009-01-01 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- Added CGI mode for demand-loading the shellinaboxd daemon
from a web server. This also allows for the web server to
perform authentication, instead of having shellinaboxd do so.

- Tightened setuid-root operation to no longer allow switching
to arbitrary users/groups. As before, setuid-root remains a
non-standard configuration that is not currently recommended.

- Fixed session management to deal better with torn down
connections. Closed one bug that could have resulted in
permanently orphaned connections, when the browser navigated
away from the page.

2008-12-27 Markus Gutschke markus@shellinabox.com

- First public release of the version 2.0 rewrite. This is the
first release of ShellInABox that supports an AJAX interface
instead of the original Java applet.