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Member "scm/patchlvl.h" (16 Feb 2020, 520 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/scm-5f3.zip:

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    2 #if 0 /* SCMVERSION is a string for the version specifier.  The leading
    3  #  number is the major version number, the letter is the revision ("a"
    4  #  for alpha release, "b" for beta release, "c", and so on), and the
    5  #  trailing number is the patchlevel. */
    6  #  /* This next line sets VERSION when included from the Makefile */
    7 VERSION=5f3
    8 #endif
   10 #ifndef SCMVERSION
   11 # define SCMVERSION "5f3"
   12 #endif
   13 #ifdef nosve
   14 # define INIT_FILE_NAME "Init"SCMVERSION"_scm";
   15 #else
   16 # define INIT_FILE_NAME "Init"SCMVERSION".scm"
   17 #endif