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    1 This PHP modules is under i18n. 
    2 Available languages:
    4 	English					Pedro Orso <pedro.orso@gmail.com>
    5 	Brazilian_Portuguese	Pedro Orso <pedro.orso@gmail.com>
    6 	French					Jacques GRILLOT <Jacques.Grillot@grouperdi.com>
    7 	Spanish					Jose Vicente Mondejar <jomonbre@gmail.com>
    8 	Russian             	Michael Stepanenko <mistic@ecolines.ru>
   10 Thank you, my friends.
   12 If you want to traslate, follow this steps:
   14 1. edit translation.this file
   15 2. translate every msgid sentence in msgstr tag
   16 3. send to fmarchal@users.sourceforge.net to implement
   17    * plase send your name and email address.