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    1 Sarg is a Squid Analysis Report Generator that allow you to view "where" your users
    2 are going to on the Internet.
    3 Sarg generates reports in html, with many fields, like: users, IP Addresses, bytes, sites and times.
    5 Source: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sarg/
    8 Installation
    9 ------------
   11 1. run ./configure
   13    Useful configure options:
   14      --prefix - The root directory of the installation
   15                default: /usr/local
   17      --bindir - where sarg binary will be saved
   18                default: /usr/local/bin
   20      --sysconfdir - where the configuration directory is
   21                default: /usr/local/etc
   23      --mandir - where the sarg man page will be saved
   24                default: /usr/local/share/man
   26      --enable-sargphp - where to install sarg-php (--disable-sargphp don't install sarg-php)
   27                default: /var/www/html
   29      --enable-fontdir - where to find the fonts for the reports (--diable-fontdir don't install the fonts)
   30                default: /usr/local/share/sarg/fonts
   32      --enable-imagedir - where sarg take the images to include in the reports
   33                default: /usr/local/share/sarg/images
   35      --enable-extraprotection - compile sarg with extra GCC options for increased security
   36                default: use standard compilation warnings and no protection
   38    For a complete list of all the options, run ./configure --help.
   40 3. make
   42 4. make install
   44 5. Go to /usr/local/sarg (or file entered with --sysconfdir on configure)
   45    and change sarg.conf as you need.
   47 6. Notes about sarg:
   49    Date/Time report:
   50          Every minute that a request is logged your time is incremented by the smaller
   51          of 1 minute or the total time for the requests.
   53 Usage: sarg -h
   55 Sorttable.js
   56 ------------
   58 Starting with sarg v2.3.2-pre2, a javascript is distributed along with sarg to
   59 dynamically sort the reports. It is sorttable.js written by Stuart Langridge
   60 and available at http://www.kryogenix.org/code/browser/sorttable/.  The version
   61 included with sarg contains some fixes and improvements over the original
   62 version. The patches have been reported to the author but he doesn't seem to
   63 support it any more.
   65 To use sorttable.js (or any other script including your own custom made
   66 script), simply copy it to your website and edit sarg.conf to point the
   67 sorttable option to the location of the script on your website. The path
   68 indicated in sarg.conf must be the path as seen by a client visiting your
   69 server.
   71 Translations
   72 ------------
   74 As of March 14th, 2010 (sarg 2.3), the translations have been ported to gettext. This makes it easier
   75 to translate all the messages (the number of translated messages went from 144 to 448). Therefore, the
   76 old language files are obsolete. The old translated message have been converted automatically to
   77 gettext but due to the changes made to the strings in the program after the automatic conversion,
   78 it is likely that the old messages are, at best, meaningless.
   80 Translations are handled at http://translationproject.org/domain/sarg.html. If your language is
   81 not yet supported or the current translation is obsolete, please check with the team working
   82 on your language at the Translation Project to be sure nobody is assigned to sarg. If necessary,
   83 contact the coordinator of that team to join the team and be assigned to sarg.
   85 If no po file exists for you language, download the latest sarg.pot on this page
   86 http://translationproject.org/domain/sarg.html and rename it as YourLanguageCode.po. See
   87 http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/gettext.html#Language-Codes for the list of the
   88 valid languages codes.
   90 Translate YourLanguageCode.po (see http://www.gnu.org/software/gettext/manual/gettext.html for more informations).
   92 Submit the translated po file to robot@translationproject.org. You must be a member of the team
   93 working on the language for which you are submitting the po file or the robot will reject
   94 your file. It is not necessary to fill the disclaimer to translate sarg.
   97 Special thanks to:
   98 Matteo Colombo <matteo@calcol.it> 			- Italian language
   99 Palamarchuk Eugen <eugen@cit.od.ukrtel.net> 		- Russian language
  100 Csaba Kabai <ckabai@icnpharm.com>			- Hungarian language
  101 Evren Yurtesen <yurtesen@ispro.net.tr>          	- Turkish language
  102 Andreas Piek <a.piesk@gmx.net>				- German language
  103 Fred Pacquier <fredp@dial.oleane.com>			- French language
  104 Leonardo A. D'Angelo <ldangelo@san-cayetano.com>	- Spanish language
  105 Seth Mos <stimpy@stimpy.multiweb.nl>			- Dutch language
  106 Milos Prudek <prudek@nembv.cz>                          - Czech language
  107 Dima I. Allaverdov <allav@ur.rags.ru>                   - Russian_windows1251 language
  108 V Gatut Harijiso <gatut@student.unpar.ac.id>		- Indonesian language
  109 Ivan Minchev <vanko@uni-svishtov.bg>			- Bulgarian_windows1251 language
  110 Akira Kitamura <click@anet.ne.jp>			- Japanese language
  111 Radovan Drobnjakovic <admin.rts@rts.co.yu>		- Serbian language
  112 Pieter Kooistra <pkooistra@hr.nl>			- Dutch language fix
  113 Andrew Okhmat <andy@crgu.com>			        - Russian Koi8 language fixed
  114 Nikolai V. Ivanyushin <koko@infocenter.bryansk.ru>	- Russian and Bulgarian language fix
  115 Juris Valdovskis <juris@auce.lv>			- Latvian language
  116 Jordan Kanev <dancho@globcom.net>			- Bulgarian language fix
  117 Wszebor Boksa <Wszebor_Boksa@koncept.pl>		- Polish language
  118 Adi Cretu <adi@usv.ro>					- Romanian language
  119 Roman Vynar <rvynar@icqmail.com>			- Ukrainian_windows1251 language
  120 Andreu Sanchez <tanis@lleida.com>			- Catalan language
  121 Antonis Maglaras <vegos@magla.gr>			- Greek language
  122 Dusan Woletz <Dusan.WOLETZ@orange.sk>			- Slovak Language
  123 Jose Luis Hernandez <jhdz@simbiotica.net>		- Spanish language fix
  124 Theo kastermans <t.kastermans@zandvoort.nl>		- Dutch language fix
  125 Alex Deiter <tiamat@komi.mts.ru>			- Russian UTF-8 language
  126 Josef Karliak <karliak@ajetaci.cz>			- Czech UTF-8
  127 Igor Ageikin <iageikin@lipen.elektra.ru>		- Russian UTF-8 fix
  130 Suggestions or remarks
  131 ----------------------
  133 Any suggests or comments may be posted on the forum
  134 http://sourceforge.net/projects/sarg/forums/forum/363374 or sent to Frederic Marchal
  135 (fmarchal@users.sourceforge.net)