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lfdiff − compare local files with copies on radmind server


lfdiff [ −IrvV ] [ −T transcript | −S ] [ −h host ] [ −p port ] [ −P ca-pem-directory ] [ −u umask ] [ −w auth-level ] [ −x ca-pem-file ] [ −y cert-pem-file ] [ −z private-key-file ] [ −Z compression-level ] [ supported diff options ] [ −X unsupported diff options ] file


lfdiff retrieves file, given as an unencoded path, from the radmind server host and writes it to /tmp. file is then compared to the local copy of file using diff(1). The server copy and the local copy of file are passed to diff(1) as file1 and file2 arguments respectively. file is removed from /tmp on exit. lfdiff supports all single letter diff(1) options not duplicated in lfdiff. All other diff(1) options are given using the −X option.



compare paths case-insensitively

−h host

specifies the radmind server, by default _RADMIND_HOST.

−p port

specifies the port of the radmind server, by default 6222.

−P ca-pem-directory

specifies a directory that contains certificates to be used when verifying the server. Certificates must be in PEM format and the directory must have been processed with the openssl c_rehash utility.


use random seed file $RANDFILE if that environment variable is set, $HOME/.rnd otherwise. See RAND_load_file(3o).


file is a special file.

−T transcript

transcript that file is listed in.

−u umask

specifies the umask for temporary files, by default 0077


displays the version of lfdiff and exits.


display communication with the radmind server.

−X unsupported diff options

passes options directly to diff(1).

−w auth-level

TLS authorization level, by default _RADMIND_AUTHLEVEL. 0 = no TLS, 1 = server verification, 2 = server and client verification.

−x ca-pem-file

Certificate authority’s public certificate, by default _RADMIND_TLS_CA.

−y cert-pem-file

Client’s public certificate, by default _RADMIND_TLS_CERT. The default is not used when -P is specified.

−z private-key-file

Client’s private key, by default _RADMIND_TLS_CERT.

−Z compression-level

Compress all outbound data. compression-level can be between 0 and 9: 1 gives best speed, 9 gives best compression, 0 gives no compression at all (the input data is simply copied a block at a time).


The following exit values are returned:


No differences were found.


Differences were found.


An error occurred.


diff(1), fsdiff(1), ktcheck(1), lapply(1), lcksum(1), lcreate(1), lmerge(1), lsort(1), twhich(1), radmind(8), RAND_load_file(3o).