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    1 The format structure should include a flag saying whether the data's
    2 been dithered. We could thus have input-mad output undithered 24-bit
    3 data, and the conversion stuff could dither it; likewise for other
    4 inputs that don't dither (I haven't yet looked to see which do).
    6 That'd let us avoid dithering when doing JACK output as well.
    8 "Headphone crossfeed" should be a processing option.
    9 http://bs2b.sourceforge.net/
   11 While the current triangular dithering code sounds fine to me (it's
   12 audibly better than no dithering at all), there are better approaches
   13 available these days. I also need to check whether it should be applied
   14 to any of the other codecs.
   16 Add a "potaplay" command-line mode.
   18 Add sensible keyboard shortcuts for all the buttons.
   20 For testing, it would be useful to have a "skip to 5s before the end of this
   21 track" button.
   23 MIDI control (perhaps only in JACK mode). This would be useful for
   24 transcription, because then any MIDI pedal could be used for things like
   25 "pause" and "skip back 5s" -- or you could use a MIDI shuttle wheel.
   27 Sandbox the decoders by running them in their own syscall-filtered process,
   28 writing output to a pipe -- then the worst a malicious file could do would be
   29 to play horrible-sounding audio.
   31 Use libebur128 (or similar) for automatic gain adjustment.