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    1 - potamus 17
    3 Update libav usage to support more recent versions of ffmpeg.
    5 - potamus 16
    7 Remove gnome import from potamus.glade -- it wasn't actually being used,
    8 and libglade would print a warning about it if it wasn't available.
   10 Support FLAC files with more than eight channels.
   12 Link with -lm (reported by Brett Nelson).
   14 - potamus 15
   16 Add support for reading Opus files, using the opusfile library.
   17 Internally, this is almost identical to the Vorbis code (which uses the
   18 vorbisfile library that opusfile is modelled upon). For now, it uses
   19 opusfile's internal dithering to 16-bit output; in the future, we could
   20 decode to float and dither it ourselves. Note that Opus always runs at
   21 48kHz -- if you encode a file at a different sample rate, the Opus
   22 encoder will have converted it.
   24 Tidy #includes.
   26 Suggest libjack-dev rather than libjack0.100.0-dev in README.
   28 - potamus 14
   30 Link with libavutil, to pick up av_get_bytes_per_sample (reported by Rax
   31 Garfield).
   33 Fix a long-standing bug that caused occasional "Cannot read audio"
   34 errors at the end of a track: when the new track is shorter, resizing
   35 the position bar also changed the position, and produced a seek event --
   36 to a position which wasn't valid in the new file. Now we explicitly
   37 block that event, as we already did when resetting the position.
   39 Prevent input-flac from complaining if you seek to (or past) the end of
   40 the file -- previously it would cause an error if you dragged the
   41 position slider all the way to the end.
   43 Change the numbering scheme -- I don't know when it'd reach 1.0!
   45 - potamus 0.13
   47 Release the audio device in all cases where playing is stopped, rather
   48 than just when it's paused.
   50 Rework and simplify the player thread, and the interface code that
   51 controls it.
   53 Fix some drag-and-drop oddities: update the playing icon correctly when
   54 a row is dropped on the row that's currently playing, and update the
   55 previous/next buttons when reordering rows.
   57 When shuffling, don't get confused about which row is currently playing,
   58 and make sure the row that's currently playing remains visible. (Does
   59 anyone ever use the shuffle button? I don't.)
   61 Update input-avcodec to work with recent libavcodec/libavformat
   62 (specifically, Debian's package of 0.8.3): use the new API, and assume
   63 the libav* headers are in a directory.
   65 Allow input and output modules to be disabled in the build system if the
   66 libraries needed for them can't be found, or by a --disable option
   67 (which should minimise breakage if one of the libraries changes again).
   68 The --enable-input-avcodec-only option turns off everything except
   69 avcodec.
   71 Use pkg-config to find FLAC, rather than the custom m4 macro.
   73 Add the make-test-files script, which generates test audio files in a
   74 variety of formats for testing Potamus.
   76 Make input-audiofile play floating-point files and 24-bit files
   77 correctly. Previously it was converting to 24-bit int, which produces
   78 incorrect output; now it forces conversion to 32-bit, which behaves
   79 correctly.
   81 Added a note to README about configuring libao to use plughw:0 rather
   82 than hw:0, since many modern sound devices are limited in the sample
   83 rates and formats they accept, and libao has no way to tell Potamus that
   84 the format it asked for wasn't available.
   86 - potamus 0.12
   88 Start playing automatically when files are given on the command line, as
   89 other players do (suggested by Depaz).
   91 Add -lFLAC at the end of LIBS, not the start, which should fix link
   92 errors if your linker is picky about library ordering (reported by
   93 Bo-Erik Sandholm).
   95 Initialise the "matrix" field in ao_sample_format to NULL, which stops
   96 libao printing warnings to stderr.
   98 Distinguish between fatal and non-fatal errors while playing, where
   99 non-fatal errors are things like encountering unplayable files
  100 (suggested by Paul Nasca). This means Potamus will just skip over files
  101 it can't handle, rather than stopping, which is useful if you like to
  102 store metadata along with albums.
  104 - potamus 0.11
  106 Use the medium-quality SRC resampling mode, not the best one. The
  107 best-quality mode is too slow to be useful (it can't do 48k to 44k1 on
  108 my 2.4GHz P4 in real time), and I can't hear a difference between the
  109 two.
  111 Assorted minor cleanups.
  113 - potamus 0.10
  115 Use JACK directly, rather than depending on bio2jack.
  117 Assorted minor cleanups.
  119 - potamus 0.9
  121 Initial release.