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    3    3.0.2   July 2020
    5 Enhancements
    6 ============
    8    Added the option to kill running DBMS_SCHEDULER jobs
    9    Enhanced the space allocation summaries under the datafile section
   10    Added Dataguard related initialization parameters to Dataguard section
   11    Modified the security section to show data regarding >= 12c SPU patches
   12    Enhanced directory section to include grants
   13    Added section to DBA reports for inventory (patches) display. >= 12c
   15    ***************
   16    * IMPORTANT!! *
   17    ***************
   19    There are a couple of columns that you need to manually add if you use the MyOracletool functionality
   21    Alter table ot_notes add (modified date);
   22    Alter table_ot_scripts add (modified date);
   25 Bug fixes
   26 =========
   28    Fixed a bug where tables did not show up in the table listing if they didn't have extents allocated
   30    3.0.1   June 2014
   32 Enhancements
   33 ============
   35    Added temporary segment report. This shows queries which used temp segments and are still 
   36    in the SQL cache. This is handy for figuring out what maxed out a temporary tablespace 
   37    after the fact. 
   39    Added temp segment usage to individual session display.
   41    Changed "Init parameters" menu item to ""Params / Registry". Displaying registry information 
   42    now, as well as params.
   44    Enhanced space allocation summary under the "Datafiles" section.
   46    Re-wrote the lock contention section to be more efficient. 
   48    Added a parameter comparison section under "Params / Registry". This allows you to connect
   49    to another instance and will highlight the parameters that have values that are not equal. 
   51    Added display for "TYPE" objects
   53    Added display for "DIRECTORY" objects
   55    Added Access Control Lists to the security section.
   57    Added "Compile all invalid" button to invalid object admin page
   59    Added a section in security to display information regarding the latest CPU / PSU patches applied.
   61    Added a report to the multi-instance report page that shows CPU/PSU patch info. 
   63    Added display for individual Java object grants in the user grants section
   65    Added auto refresh to individual session display
   67    Enhanced flashback information display
   69    Added undo_retention info to Undo segments section
   71    Added status detail about Oracle delivered performance jobs to DBMS_SCHEDULER section
   73    Added AWR report section under Database Administration to generate a very badly formatted report. :/
   75    Began work on ADDM advisory reports under Database Administration
   77 Bug fixes
   78 =========
   80    Fixed bug where if you were viewing a particular users sessions with auto-refresh enabled, after the
   81    first refresh it would show all sessions again, not just the single users sessions. Annoying..
   82    Fixed bug where objects with a "#" sign would not be displayed when clicked on. 
   84    3.0.0   Apr 2012
   86  News
   87 =====
   89    All of the legacy HTML tags have been changed to use CSS rather than specifying style data
   90    using the old format. The size of the oracletool.pl executable has decreased dramatically, 
   91    and it looks better. Let me know if there are any pages that are formatted incorrectly, it's
   92    entirely possible that I've missed something. 
   94    ***************
   95    * IMPORTANT!! *
   96    ***************
   98    There are changes to the themes variables in the oracletool.sam file that need
   99    to be copied into your oracletool.ini file, or you can create a new one from the supplied
  100    oracletool.ini. If you don't do this, your fonts may look very small. 
  102    If you have a problem with font rendering, such as your fonts look very small, you may need
  103    to remove a browser cookie called "OracletoolProps". Also, make sure you've made the changes
  104    to the themes in the oracletool.ini file. 
  106 Enhancements
  107 ============
  109    Added a mechanism to search for the oracletool.ini config file on IIS web servers if it's not
  110    in the same directory as Oracletool itself. Thanks to Praveen Hombaiah for the code change.
  112    Added an interface for viewing the alert log, under the DB Admin section (Finally!).
  113    This requires the creation of a procedure under the "SYS" schema. Please see the
  114    file get_alertlog_lines.sql under /sql for more information.  This also checks for
  115    "ORA-" messages in the lines displayed, and highlights them in a separate display.
  117    Added a preference setting for the number of lines of the alert log to display.
  119    Changed the displays of generated DDL to use textareas with scroll bars rather than
  120    just displaying the code. Much better for cutting and pasting. 
  122 Bug fixes
  123 =========
  125    Fixed a bug where when you select Session Info / Active and hit the refresh button, it would
  126    show all of the sessions. Thanks to Bryce Tutt for pointing it out. 
  129    2.3.3   24 Feb 2012
  131    Not a lot added to this version. Much cleanup was done in terms of checking for older 
  132    versions of Oracle, all the way back to version 7. Oracletool is showing her age..
  134    No longer testing with Oracle 7 / 8 / 9 / 10, and queries no longer tailored for these versions.
  136 Enhancements
  137 ============
  139    Added search for constraints to search box.
  140    Added additional info when displaying user account info
  142 Bug fixes
  143 =========
  145    Fixed bug where passwords were being truncated to 20 characters in password entry box. 
  146    Thanks to Jim Bouma for pointing it out.
  149    2.3.2   24 Feb 2010
  151 Enhancements
  152 ============
  154    Added section for flashback information. "Redo / Archives" menu item changed to "Redo / Flashback".
  155    Under locks / contends, if a session is locking another session, you can click on that SID, and it will
  156    take you directly to the detailed session info for that problem session.
  158 Bug Fixes
  159 =========
  161    Deleting scripts within MyOracletool not working, fixed. Thanks to Bryce Tutt for pointing it out.
  163    2.3.0   Not released to public 
  165    No longer testing with Oracle 7 / 8 / 9 
  167 Enhancements
  168 ============
  170    Added section for ASM disk groups / disks
  171    Added Bind variable information for SQL in the shared SQL area. (10g)
  172    Added datapump job monitor under "Sessions" section (10g).
  173    Added more undo / rollback info (Synopsis)
  174    Added more temp segment information
  175    Enhanced session summary w/refresh
  176    Enhanced individual session display, many changes
  178 Bug Fixes
  179 =========
  181    Fixed Redo / Archives section to show archiving info for 10g databases if archiving 
  182    is enabled.
  184    Fixed bug in 10G databases, connected users not highlighted in Schema list area.
  187    2.2   18 Jan 2005
  189 Enhancements
  190 ============
  192    Added "seconds waiting" column to session summary w/refresh to show how
  193    long each session has been waiting on an event.
  195    Now showing the amount of time the current query has been running in the
  196    session summery w/refresh. If the session is active, the time displayed
  197    is elapsed since the current statement started. If the session is inactive, 
  198    it's the amount of time elapsed since it became inactive.
  200    Started adding DDL generation back in, now using the Oracle provided
  201    DBMS_METADATA package, this will require much less maintenance, and should
  202    be less buggy. This is available in 9i only, however..
  204    Show background session summary on main session page, and the active session
  205    count now excludes these processes.
  207    Added information pertaining to Peoplesoft, if the database contains a Peoplesoft
  208    schema. 
  210    Added latch wait history to Locks / Contends section. Removed session wait info, 
  211    that's easy enough to get from the session summary section.
  213    2.1.1   18 Aug 2003
  215  Bug fixes
  216 ==========
  218    Fixed alignment for numeric columns in databse reports.
  220    Fixed parameter admiistration so it knows whether to quote the value or not.
  221    Thanks to William Bourgeois for pointing it out.
  223    Fixed "describe" command in SQL worksheet to resolve public synonyms and find
  224    the object to be described. Thanks to Shyamal Thatte for pointing it out.
  226    Check for Index Organized tables in all Oracle versions > 7, not just 8.0. Thanks
  227    to Karen Schroeder for code contribution.
  229    Fixed bug in tablespace / datafile fragmentation output in individual tablespace 
  230    screen. Thanks to Josian Larcheveque for code contribution.
  232    Fixed bug when displaying V$SESSION_LONGOPS info in session detailed info screen.
  233    It was possible to display info from prior sessions with the same SID.
  235    OS PID resolving correctly now via topsessions screen.
  237  Enhancements
  238 =============
  240    Finally changed the hideous default theme to a more tolerable one. Hopefully you
  241    will like it. It's hard to come up with themes that look nice, and I'm always open
  242    for contributions.
  244    Not exactly an enhancement, but monitoring and DDL generation has been removed, I
  245    don't have the time to maintain it.
  247    Added several parameters to the oracletool.ini file, you might want to update yours.
  249    Enhanced the search facility slightly, and added a "?" beside the search box will leads
  250    to a help screen.
  252    Added multi-instance reports to database admin section. These reports
  253    will be run on each instance that Oracletool has valid connection info
  254    for. For example, if you have previously connected to "testdb" and "proddb"
  255    then Oracletool can query the connection info from the stored cookie. The
  256    report will then show various realtime reports for both databases. It's a 
  257    quick way to see common information across instances that you are responsible
  258    for.
  260    Updates to documentation.
  262    Added hostname to initial screen, > Oracle7.
  264    OPS-enabled the RMAN monitoring, so all instances will be shown.
  266    Added logon time to topsessions screen.
  268    Added additional session_event info to detailed individual session screen.
  270    Added checks for ORA-1555 errors and tablespace full conditions as pertains
  271    to undo segments when using automatic undo management. Oracle9i only.
  273    When displaying a view, the objects that it depends on will be listed, as well 
  274    as the ojects that depend on the view.
  276    Many changes to MyOracletool. File uploads now possible, search feature, attach
  277    files to notes etc. No, there's not an upgrade facility, and the underlying tables
  278    have changed. Sorry..
  280    Probably some other stuff I've forgotten about. It's been a long time since a release,
  281    but I'm gonna try to get busy again.
  283    2.0   Feb 26, 2002
  285  News
  286 =====
  288    This release of Oracletool includes my first crack at
  289 a database monitoring solution via Oracletool. The Oracletool
  290 database monitoring framework should be considered BETA in
  291 this release, and I REALLY need some feedback. I'm not 
  292 really looking for suggestions as to what to monitor yet, 
  293 that's the easy part. I need to know what types of problems 
  294 you ran into when you tried the monitoring so I can update 
  295 the docs, and make enhancements to the installation. If you
  296 try the monitoring at all, please let me know. I need to know
  297 if there is sufficient interest in this to warrant maintaining it.
  299    Thanks,
  301      -Adam
  303  Bug fixes
  304 ==========
  306    Fixed date format error on RMAN backup listing (SCN's). 
  308    Fixed bug, looking for MD5 module for encryption, should 
  309    be looking for Digest::MD5. Thanks to Rainer Herbst, Marc 
  310    Beasley, and the rest of the world for pointing it out.
  312    Fixed bug with Oracle "i" databases where invalid objects
  313    by list would not compile due to missing OBJECT_ID is SQL. 
  314    Thanks to Thomas Lowery and Marc Beasley for pointing it out.
  316    Put the ENCRYPTION_METHOD parameter back into the oracletool.sam.
  317    Thanks to Sue Corwin, Matt Brin.
  319    Fixed bug where Oracletool would loop when it could not 
  320    write to the debug / log file. Thanks to Richard Chen. 
  322    Fixed "Controlfiles" display for Oracle9i. Missing info.
  324    Fixed "Recent events" display for Oracle9i. Missing info.
  326    Several changes where 9i databases were not taken into consideration,
  327    and information would not be displayed.
  329  Enhancements
  330 =============
  332    Documentation is now in HTML format, and included under the
  333    "docs" dirdctory.
  335    Oracletool database monitoring, BETA release. See docs for
  336    more information. 
  338    Added interface to DBMS_JOB, the Oracle scheduler, under DB admin.
  340    Database list on connection screen will now show the last database you
  341    connected to as the default. Thanks to David Stivers for suggestion.
  343    Now check for global temporary tables on table listing.
  344    Oracle "i" databases only.  Thanks to Sue Corwin for suggestion.
  346    In table row display, if the number of rows returned is less
  347    than the number requested, the heading will print the actual
  348    number of rows returned, instead of the number requested. Thanks
  349    to Ton 't Lam for suggestion.
  351    Oracletool will now display a more friendly message when a user
  352    without the required privileges logs in. It would error out before.
  353    Thanks to Jim Gallagher for the suggestion and code contribution.
  355    Added option to remove the MyOracletool connection cookie so that
  356    you may connect to a different repository or create a new one. Thanks
  357    to Attila Szabó for the suggestion.
  359    Added note repository to MyOracletool section. I use this area to store 
  360    Oracle TAR's, config notes, how to cook a baked potato etc.
  362    Added option to remove the MyOracletool repository completely.
  364 ==============================================================================
  366    1.3.0   Sep 10. 2001
  368  News
  369 ====
  371   Oracletool is published! Oracletool was chosen as one of
  372 the many tools covered in the Oreilly & Assoc. book 
  373 "Oracle and Open Source" written by Andy Duncan and Sean
  374 Hull, both of which have open source projects of their own.
  375 There are links to these projects from the oracletool.com 
  376 website. Support your Open Source developers and buy this book!
  377 No, I don't get any money from it, but I got a free book.. :)
  379  Bug Fixes
  380 ==========
  382    Fixed bug where list of usernames with active sessions
  383 was not displaying at all under Netscape when "Session info" 
  384 menu item selected. 
  386    Fixed bug within session summary with refresh. It was not 
  387 displaying sessions which did not have SQL in the V$SQLTEXT
  388 dynamic performance view associated with them.
  390    Added comment end tag to javascript code, submitted by many
  391 people.. Thanks!
  393    Removed references to ORDER_OBJECT_BY_DEPENDENCY view for 
  394 Oracle "i" databases, as it does not exist by default anymore.
  395 Thanks to Svante Sormark for suggestion.
  397    Several bug fixes to the explain plan section. Not in the way it
  398 is displayed, but the way it creates the correct PLAN_TABLE based
  399 on the version of the database.
  401  Enhancements
  402 =============
  404    StatsPack:
  405       Added rollback stats to display.
  406       Snapshots can be selected via a range of snapshot ID's.
  408    Table / View / Column comments are now displayed thanks to 
  409 a code contribution from Praveen Hombaiah.
  411    Added fragmentation / extent list link to individual tablespace
  412  screen.
  414    Began work on "My Oracletool". This will allow you to store scripts
  415 and information in a centralized repository for easy access. Suggestions
  416 please? Constructive criticism? Let me know!
  418    Many updates to screens pertaining to datafiles, to take TEMPFILES
  419 into consideration. Also, updates pertaining to temporary tablespaces
  420 which use TEMPFILES and are managed locally. Most of these changes are 
  421 transparent unless you have been using these features.
  423    Added Multi Threaded Server info screen under Perf / Memory section. 
  424 Thanks to Ernesto Hernandez-Novich for the code contribution.
  426    Added DB buffer cache info to the memory stats page.
  428    Added modifiable system parameter admin to the DB admin page. This is
  429 also a handy way to display which system parameters are modifiable "on the fly".
  431    Removed ability to select a temporary or undo tablespace as your default
  432 on the user creation screen. Thanks to Wim Slangewal for suggestion.
  434    Added state information to index display.
  436    The following from code contributions from Thomas Lowery. 
  437    Thanks Thomas, sorry it took me so long!
  438       Added state information to individual index display.
  439       Ordered tablespace quotas by tablespace.
  440       Ordered table partitions.
  441       Check for UNUSABLE objects as well as INVALID objects in areas that pertain.
  443    Added CPU usage stat from v$sesstat to Session summary area. This pertains to 
  444 Oracle "i" databases only. Thanks to Sergey Rusakov.
  446    You may now choose to display detailed session info for all sessions, only active,
  447 or only not active. Thanks to Sergey Rusakov for suggestion.
  449    Added display for audit trail counts from individual objects. Shows how many times
  450 an object has been selected from, inserted to etc.
  452    More refresh buttons. I like refresh buttons.. :)
  454 Oracle 9.0 specific additions.
  456    Oracletool will run against Oracle9i databases with no 
  457 problem. Several enhancements have been made to take advantage
  458 of new 9i features. Surely many more will come. Suggestions?
  460    Segment management type added to tablespace listing.
  462    Updates to Rollback segment areas to take into account "TYPE2 UNDO" objects.
  464 ==============================================================================
  466    1.2.2 Dec 10, 2000
  468  News
  469 =====
  471    Oracletool no longer requires the explicit 
  472 "SELECT ANY TABLE" privilege to be granted to
  473 connecting users.
  474    Oracletool is written more from a DBA standpoint than 
  475 developer. In the past, the tool checked for the explicit 
  476 "SELECT ANY TABLE" privilege upon a user logging in. This 
  477 is no longer true. But, because Oracletool depends on so 
  478 many 'DBA%', 'V$%' views, and system level tables, a user 
  479 needs some degree of authority, albeit select only, on these 
  480 data dictionary objects.  In order to make the tool available 
  481 to both DBA and developer, you may want to run the included 
  482 'create_role.sql' script, which will prompt you for a role 
  483 name, which will be created, and may be granted to users who 
  484 are allowed to access data dictionary views, but not rows from 
  485 all tables in the database (SELECT ANY TABLE). The exception is 
  486 that it will not grant privileges to any '%LINK%' views or tables, 
  487 thus preventing said user from obtaining passwords for existing 
  488 database links. This addition is added based on a suggestion
  489 and code submission from Sue Corwin. Thanks, Sue.
  491  Bug fixes
  492 ==========
  494    mod_perl related change to prevent warnings going to web 
  495 server error log, thanks to Philipp Jocham.
  497    Fixed StatsPack display for tablespace I/O stats. Bug appeared
  498 for tablespaces with multiple datafiles.
  500  Enhancements
  501 =============
  503    The Blowfish method of encryption is now supported. If you
  504 choose to install the Crypt::Blowfish module, please set the
  505 "encryption_method" parameter in the oracletool.ini to blowfish.
  506 An example can be found in the oracletool.sam file. Thanks to
  507 Troy Engel for this enhancement suggestion.
  509    Added simple javascript goodie to omit lines from
  510 hyperlinks. Thanks to Stanley Martin. I'll be curious
  511 to see if this affects anyone's use. Please let me know
  512 if it does, as this is the first javascript addition.
  514    StatsPack: Snapshot range delete now works.
  515               Added datafile I/O stats.
  517    Added session wait information button to session menu
  518 and performance menu. Both buttons do the same thing. A
  519 display of wait events and wait times for active sessions 
  520 is shown.
  522    Added drop down list of users with sessions in the instance to
  523 the session menu, for a quick jump to that user's session info.
  525    Made some changes/additions to the OPS section.
  527    Added a section for unlocking locked / expired user
  528 accounts to the user admin section.
  530    Enhanced session wait information.
  532    DDL generation for tables is now more flexible. You may
  533 select whether or not you want constraints, grants, indexes
  534 etc. generated for given tables.
  536    Tablespace allocation screen is now sortable by column. 
  538    Individual tablespace screen will not display all objects
  539 within the tablespace by default anymore. A button will give
  540 you the option to display these objects if any exist.
  542    Added used extent sizes / counts to individual tablespace screen.
  544    RMAN active backup channels can now be monitored. You may
  545 do this connected as a normally privileged user such as sys
  546 or system for an online backup, but for an offline backup
  547 you must connect via a user identified in an oracle password 
  548 file created via the "orapwd" command, as the database will
  549 be in mounted mode during this operation. See Oracle documentation
  550 for more information on "orapwd".
  552    Added RedBrick theme, thanks to Rey Hernandez.
  554 ==============================================================================
  556    1.2.0 Jul 05, 2000
  558    The change list for 1.2.0 is quite lengthy, but there
  559 are several important points throughout, so please take
  560 a moment to read through.
  562  News
  563 =====
  565    Sorry folks, but a new oracletool.ini file needs to 
  566 be installed for this version. I've added a few fields
  567 to it.
  569    As of 1.2.0, I believe I need to set a firm line on
  570 the lowest Oracle version that will be "supported" by
  571 Oracletool. This version will be 7.3.3. Why? There are
  572 some changes in the Oracle data dictionary between 7.1
  573 and 7.3 that have been causing problems for some users, 
  574 although they have been slight. I just don't have access
  575 to Oracle versions < 7.3 anymore, which means I can't 
  576 test on them.
  578    Encryption is here! As of 1.2.0 cookies can be encrypted
  579 before they are saved to your PC. I'd like to thank Richard
  580 Chen for pushing me to do this, and for providing some
  581 code to make it easier. Please read the SECURITY file
  582 for more information, and a security advisory which was 
  583 also provided by Richard Chen.
  586  Bug fixes
  587 ==========
  589 In recent events section, log switch count was inaccurate,
  590 and is now fixed. Thanks to Alan Sparks for the fix.
  592 Rollback segment screen now checks for rollbacks which are
  593 not online. Previously these were not shown. Thanks to 
  594 Pascal Lengard for the info.
  596 Now check DBA_CONS_COLUMNS for primary key constraint
  597 column names rather than DBA_IND_COLS, as Oracle8 does
  598 not require a primary key to be created with an index. 
  599 If a suitable index exists, it will be used. Thanks to
  600 Klaus-Martin Hansche for the fix. Hope I got your name
  601 right.. ;)
  603 Fixed a couple of bugs pertaining to foreign keys in table
  604 DDL generation. Thanks to Hirose Masaaki for the info.
  607  Enhancements: Encryption - Thanks again to Richard Chen
  608 ========================================================
  610    Usernames and passwords for the database instances you
  611 access can now be encrypted before they are sent to your
  612 PC as a cookie. These were being written in plain text
  613 prior to 1.2.0. There are 3 different levels of security
  614 available in Oracletool now. These levels will be enabled
  615 automatically depending on which Perl modules you have 
  616 installed. To find out what level you are at, click on the
  617 "About" menu item after installing v1.2.0. Here are the 
  618 differences between the different levels, and the dependencies
  619 for each...
  621 Level 0: 
  622       This is the level that Oracletool is at prior to v1.2.0.
  623    If you are at level 0 then there is no encryption of any
  624    kind taking place. If you do not have any of the modules 
  625    discussed below installed, this will be your level. The
  626    cookie which stores the username and password for the
  627    databases you access will be stored in plain text on your PC. 
  629 Level 1: 
  630       This level uses the MIME::Base64 method of encoding. With
  631    this level, the username, password, and encryption string are
  632    encoded into a single string. The encryption string is set in
  633    the oracletool.ini, and is MD5 encoded before being added to
  634    the string. This level requires the following Perl modules... 
  635    These modules are available at
  636    CPAN (http://www.cpan.org) and 
  637    Activestate (http://www.activestate.com)
  639 1) Digest-MD5
  640 2) Mime-Base64
  642 Level 2: 
  643       This level uses the cipher block chaining mode with
  644    the IDEA block cipher, and is extremely secure. It encodes
  645    the username and password into a single encrypted string 
  646    based on a keyword stored in the oracletool.ini. This level
  647    requires the following Perl modules... These modules are 
  648    available at CPAN (http://www.cpan.org), but not all are
  649    on the Activestate site when I checked prior to this release.
  650    This is the only reason that Level 1 encryption exists at all.
  652 1) Digest-MD5
  653 2) Crypt-IDEA
  654 3) Crypt-CBC
  656    If you choose to use these security features, simply install
  657 the required Perl modules. Oracletool will see the modules and 
  658 start using them for each subsequent cookie that is created. 
  659 See your browser documentation if you want to remove the cookies 
  660 currently on your hard drive.
  662  Enhancements: General
  663 ======================
  665 On tablespace / datafile fragmentation report, an 
  666 "ALTER TABLESPACE tablespace_name COALESCE" statement
  667 will be printed out after the report for any tablespace
  668 containing at least one datafile with more than 1000
  669 fragments. This can be cut and pasted into a worksheet. I
  670 would not recommend using the Oracletool SQL worksheet for
  671 coalesces, as they can be long running. CGI scripts can 
  672 time out.
  674 On tablespace information screen, a listing of the different
  675 extent sizes, and count of each different size of extent
  676 is listed.
  678 Under the DB Admin menu item, the menu has been split into
  679 two parts, one for DB Admin type stuff, and one for reports.
  681 Changed extent report under DB Admin to check for objects
  682 approaching max extents, and also checks each tablespace 
  683 for objects which cannot allocate a next extent. Thanks to
  684 Eric Indiogine for idea.
  686 Added a theme called "Printing", which is a black and white
  687 theme which is good for pages you might want to send to a
  688 printer. Thanks to David Polansky for the theme. I added a
  689 few of my own as well, although I don't recommend them.. :).
  690 Anybody else? Let's see some nice themes!
  692 Added four keywords to each theme definition. You can now
  693 set a background image for the main page, and a different 
  694 one for the menu bar, and you can make the table heading
  695 a different font and color than the cell font.
  697 Explain plan is formatted a bit nicer now, and with more 
  698 information. Thanks to Lefty Kreouzis for suggestion and
  699 code change.
  701 Added global object lock information to OPS section.
  703 Added open cursor information to session statistics screen.
  704 An alert will be shown if the session you are displaying
  705 has the maximum allowed cursors open (OPEN_CURSORS parameter).
  707 Added additional menu under Performance / memory menu item. This
  708 has an entry for the display that already existed, and an additional 
  709 display to show information from the shared SQL area in the SGA. More
  710 to come later, I think.
  712 Added enhancements to the RMAN section, particularly information
  713 obtained from the controlfiles pertaining to backups. RMAN menu
  714 item will show up if your database has been backed up using RMAN,
  715 or contains one or more RMAN catalogs. The most recent backup info
  716 can be displayed, and any datafiles added but not yet backed up 
  717 can be displayed. This section still needs much work. Oracle8 only, 
  718 More to come later.
  720 Added rollback segment administration to the DB admin menu, for 
  721 taking segments online, offline, or shrinking.
  723 The Oracle Statistics Package is a new addition to Oracle with 8.1.6
  724 which is much more powerful than the utlbstat and utlestat scripts.
  725 I will be adding screens to analyze statspack data in the future. For
  726 now, I'm checking for the existence of the PERFSTAT.STATSPACK package
  727 for Oracle 8i databases. A menu item will appear if found. A statspack
  728 snapshot can be taken via point and click. Like the RMAN section, this
  729 section still needs much work. More to come later.
  731 Added datafile autoextend info on full datafile listing and listing
  732 within the individual tablespace screen for Oracle8/8i.
  734 Any object which matches your search via the search box can now be
  735 marked to display the objects which it depends on and the objects 
  736 which depend on it. Quite handy, I've found.
  738 Added menu under rollback segment section. One item for showing RBS info,
  739 one for active or rolling back transaction info. Also enhanced the querys
  740 which display active and rolling back transactions.
  743    1.04 Apr 26, 2000
  745  Bug fixes
  746 ==========
  748 Fixed bug where Oracletool selects an invalid column from
  749 V$INSTANCE on Oracle7 databases.
  751    1.03 Apr 25, 2000
  753  Bug fixes
  754 ==========
  756 Fixed bug (again) in Top sessions screen which I had not quite
  757 fixed in 1.02. oops.
  759 Fixed text contained in tables to show HTML characters correctly
  760 instead of interpreting them. <FOO> will show correctly now, for
  761 example, instead of being interpreted as a tag. Thanks to Tommy
  762 Wareing.
  764 Fixed a couple of bugs pertaining to partitioned table / index
  765 displays.
  767  Enhancements
  768 =============
  770 Added variable for config file, in case you don't want to name it 
  771 "oracletool.ini", requested by Adrian Blakey. Several mod_perl
  772 fixes from Adrian as well.
  774 Added sort area info to performance section. Thanks _again_ to
  775 Tommy Wareing.
  777 OPS page now sorts global sessions by username, and instance names
  778 are hyperlinks which will connect you to that instance.
  780 Added sortable space report by user option to DBA tasks menu.
  782 Added sortable space report by tablespace / user option to DBA 
  783 tasks menu.
  785 Added sortable datafile fragmentation report to DBA tasks menu.
  786 Shows which tablespaces need to be coalesced / reorged.
  788 Added object extent report to DBA tasks menu. You can check for
  789 objects with a number of extents >= the value you enter.
  791 Added screen for object type "CLUSTER".
  793 On table, view, and source object displays, now check for synonyms 
  794 pointing to the object.
  796 Started adding screens for databases which have a RMAN recovery
  797 catalog in them. RMAN button will show up if true. More to come
  798 later on this. Not much to look at now.
  800 On schema table listing, table types are now split up into sections
  801 for partitioned , Index Organized, and standard.
  803 On schema index listing, index types are now split up into sections
  804 for bitmapped, partitioned, Index Organized, and standard.
  806 When you select a role name under the security section, it now also
  807 shows the users which are granted the role, and the roles which are 
  808 granted the role.
  810 Added a button for validating an index after one is selected, which 
  811 will display detailed statistics after the validation. This button
  812 will only show up if you have the "ANALYZE ANY" privilege. This 
  813 utilizes the "VALIDATE INDEX" command.
  815 When a table is selected for display, an "Extent mapping" button will 
  816 show up beside the "Generate DDL" button. This will generate a 
  817 fragmentation map similar to the tablespace / datafile frag maps,
  818 but it will only highlight the extents which belong to the table
  819 you have selected. This is a nice way to get a visual idea of how badly
  820 a table is fragmented. The extents are shown in alternating blue /
  821 white, so you can see where each starts and finishes. If the schema
  822 that you are running the tool as has permission, it will also run
  823 DBMS_SPACE.UNUSED_SPACE to gather real-time space statistics. Extent
  824 mapping is not yet supported for partitioned or Index Organized Tables.
  826 Added optional LIMIT_SEARCH parameter to config file, as suggested
  827 by Mark J. Scheller. Setting this parameter will make the search 
  828 function skip the part where it checks to see if the matched objects
  829 are being accessed by any connected sessions. This part of the search
  830 can be very intensive on instances with many (thousands) of 
  831 simultaneous connections.
  833 On the main page after you select a schema, the object type 
  834 "PUBLIC SYNONYMS" will be displayed with the object types owned by the 
  835 schema. This link will display all public synonyms which point to objects
  836 owned by the schema you have selected. This will only show up if there 
  837 are PUBLIC synonyms pointing to the schema. As suggested by Richard
  838 Chen.
  840    1.02 Apr 03, 2000   Released without announcement.
  842 Fixed rows which return zeros to show zeros instead of blanks.
  843 Nulls will still show as blank values. Thanks to Hirosi Taguti 
  844 for suggestion.
  846 Top sessions screen had a bug in 1.01 which was giving Netscape
  847 users problems. Fixed, thanks to Tommy Wareing for patch.
  849 On redo log screen, log switch graph now sorts in a way that 
  850 makes sense. This one had me stumped for a long time. Thanks
  851 again to Tommy Wareing for the patch.
  853    1.01 Mar 31, 2000
  855 ** Important ** 
  856 As of 1.00, a config file is required! See entry for v1.00.
  858 Any environmental variable you need to set can now be put in
  859 the oracletool.ini file, not just the ones that are there by default.
  860 Some of you (Thanks, Christoph Karl) may need to set additional
  861 variables like ORA_NLS33, or NLS_LANG, for example. These 
  862 variables can be placed anywhere in the config file, and should
  863 follow the same standard as the other parameters.
  864 ...
  866 Would set $ENV{'NLS_LANG'} = 'AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1';
  867 Simple as that. No quotes, no $'s, just "PARAMETER = VALUE"
  869 Fixed bug in user DDL generation when setting default roles.
  871 Fixed bug in table DDL for foreign key constraint generation.
  872 Thanks to Stefan Sautter.
  874 Rollback segment screen now shows all transactions on all
  875 segments. Before you had to choose a segment.
  877 Table display now shows the columns that each index spans.
  879 Enhanced constraint displays on table page to include status, 
  880 columns, referenced table, owner, and constraint name.
  882 Enhanced sequence display page. No longer have to click on a 
  883 sequence to get all information.
  885 On table row display, Rows which return space characters will 
  886 display properly now.
  888 Added global session summary to OPS specific page. Note that
  889 the OPS menu item does not show up for non OPS instances.
  891 Added session menu, with "Top sessions" selection. Top sessions
  892 shows all sessions in an instance and has an " auto-refresh"
  893 button. You can sort on any column by clicking on the column
  894 heading. You can display all sessions for a given user by clicking
  895 on the username. You can display an individual session in more 
  896 detail by clicking on the SID.  You may set AUTO_REFRESH in the 
  897 oracletool.ini to a value, in seconds, to override the default of 10.
  898 Note: Sorting on the "SID" column does not work in Oracle 8.1.5
  899 databases. This is an Oracle bug, not an Oracletool bug.
  901 Oracle8 only: Schema list will highlight in red any accounts 
  902 which do not have a status of "OPEN".
  904 User info screen will now show account status in Oracle8.
  906 Added tablespace name column to objects shown in "Recent events"
  907 section.
  909 Working on cleaning up any warnings that should occur for you
  910 diehard "perl -w" users. Many, but not all are gone. Sorry, I 
  911 should have done this from the beginning... :(
  913    1.00 Feb 10, 2000
  915 ** Important ** This config file is required now!
  917 Oracletool now comes with a config file. The reason for this
  918 is so you don't have to set variables at the top of the script
  919 each time you install a new version. The config file is called
  920 "oracletool.sam", and should be renamed to oracletool.ini. The
  921 parameters you need to set have not changed.
  923 Fixed bug in DDL generation from 0.98 which prevented proper 
  924 display with Netscape.
  926 DDL can now be saved to your local disk, and can no longer be
  927 saved to the web server disk. Removed safemode ($safemode).
  929 In individual tablespace display page, tablespace_name is now
  930 a hyperlink which will display DDL for recreating tablespace.
  932 In individual rollback segment display page, segment is now
  933 a hyperlink which will display DDL for recreating segment.
  935 Added rather extensive facility for setting database auditing
  936 options. This facility is under "DB Admin", and will not display
  937 if you do not have auditing enabled. (parameter audit_trail = 'FALSE")
  938 This facility is not perfect yet, so if any of you are auditing, 
  939 please give me some feedback.
  941 You may now browse audit trail records. You can get to this under 
  942 "Security", or under the main auditing menu.
  944 When compiling an invalid object, if the compile is unsuccessful, 
  945 the errors will now be shown. 
  947 Search box will search for usernames and tablespaces that match
  948 your entry, as well as object names, "like" object_names, and 
  949 numeric object ID's.
  951 Removed "Explanation" box at top right of every screen. I don't
  952 think anyone used it, and it's a pain to maintain. I don't expect
  953 that anyone will miss it.
  955 Fixed a couple of partitioned table/index display bugs.
  957    0.99   Skipped
  959    0.98   Jan 16, 2000
  961 Fixed bug in explain plan query. Thanks to Mark J. Scheller.
  962 Mark, you're an excellent exterminator, thank you.
  964 Fixed shading problem when displaying some HTML tables with
  965 multiple columns.
  967 Added "Recent events" section. This shows all users, roles 
  968 and datafiles added within the last 30 days. Shows objects
  969 that have been created or altered within the last 24 hours.
  970 Shows # of redo log switches in the last 24 hours.
  972 Rollback segments section now checks for any transactions in
  973 the instance that are in an active rollback. Also shows information
  974 about all transactions occupying the rollbacks of the instance you
  975 are connected to.
  977 DDL generation will now generate "alter table" statements for tables
  978 which have foreign keys referencing the table(s) you are generating
  979 DDL for. So, if you do a "Drop table foobar cascade constraints", this
  980 will ensure that all referential integrity constraints for that table
  981 are put in place when it is recreated, including those that reference
  982 that table.
  984 DDL generation will now extract table and column comments.
  986 DDL generation now checks for CACHE attribute on Oracle8 tables. Thanks
  987 to Duc Nguyen. Cache attribute is now shown under table info screen as
  988 well.
  990 Added "$safemode" variable, which disables writing files to the OS for
  991 DDL generation. Output still goes to screen.
  993 When a shema is selected, if the schema has invalid objects, a button
  994 will show up at the bottom of the screen showing the number of invalid
  995 objects. Pressing the button will take you to a display of the objects
  996 where they can be marked for recompile.
  998 Hyperlinks will now only show up on the entity name they pertain to, 
  999 not across the whole row of values. Suggested by Hirosi Taguti.
 1001 Added "DB Admin" menu item. This is a work in progress, and more will
 1002 be added in the future.. Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming.
 1004    These menus will activate only if the user logged into the tool has
 1005    the proper privileges to perform the actions.
 1007    User administration:
 1008       Reset user passwords.
 1009       Create users.
 1010       Create users "like" other user. New user will inherit quotas, 
 1011           profile, default TS, temp TS, roles, and system privileges 
 1012           as selected user.
 1013       Drop users.
 1014    Session Administration: 
 1015       Sessions may be marked for kill and killed in batch. Yeah! :) 
 1016    Object administration
 1017       Displays a list of invalid objects, which can be marked for recompile.
 1018    Reverse engineer tables:
 1019       Multiple table names may be entered for reverse engineering of
 1020       DDL. An output filename may be entered to send commands to hardcopy.
 1021       Output will still go to screen as well. Separate section for selecting
 1022       a particular schema. All tables for the schema will be displayed, and
 1023       can be marked for erverse engineering.
 1025    0.97   Dec 08, 1999
 1027 Many changes in version 0.97, so let me know if you have
 1028 problems, and I'll get to them as quick as possible. In
 1029 particular, I did some work with the cookies, so let me know 
 1030 if you see anything strange with that.
 1032 Nifty new look to Oracletool thanks to a suggestion and code 
 1033 example from David P. Fannin. Thanks David, looks great! I
 1034 think it is safe to say that I took your idea and ran with it!
 1036 Oracletool now has color themes which can be chosen interactively,
 1037 and the theme you choose will be used each time you use the tool.
 1038 Because your theme is stored as a cookie on your browser, each
 1039 user of the tool can choose their own theme. Themes can be created
 1040 very easily, and there is an explanation in the "doTheme" subroutine,
 1041 so if you create a cool theme please send me the values, and I'll
 1042 add it to the public version. Most of mine are pretty lame... :(
 1043 The themes can be displayed via a button at the bottom of the 
 1044 "properties" screen.
 1046 A "properties" button has been added. This allows you to set 
 1047 defaults that will override the themes. For instance, if you 
 1048 like the "Default1" theme, but the font is too small, you can
 1049 select a larger font in the properties area. If you have a 
 1050 suggestion for something that should be added to the properties
 1051 area, let me know. 
 1053 Font is much more consistent throughout the tool.
 1055 Continuing down the non read-only path, the session listings
 1056 will now show a button to kill the session if it is active.
 1057 This button will only appear if the user running the tool 
 1058 has "ALTER SYSTEM" privilege.  Also, explain plan button 
 1059 will show up only if there is SQL to run against.
 1061 Session listing layout has changed to save browser space.
 1063 Changed the datafile fragmentation display again. Took away the 
 1064 hyperlinks. It was too slow, too much bandwidth etc. It's now 
 1065 just a display again, and still without GD.pm.
 1067 Fixed a bug where a tablespace would not show up in the allocation 
 1068 graph if it was 100% full. Thanks to Mark J. Scheller for fix.
 1070 Now use more updated DBD::Oracle way to fetch LONGS. Thanks to 
 1071 John Williams for fix.
 1073 Changed tablespace information listings slightly for Oracle8 and 8i.
 1075 Added more detailed tablespace listing to rollback segment area 
 1076 showing info about all tablespaces containing rollback segments.
 1077 Also added optimal size to display.
 1079 Added hyperlink on individual user toplevel page. Username is now
 1080 a hyperlink which will generate SQL for recreating the user, setting
 1081 defaults, adding grants etc.
 1083 If a package / procedure / view etc. is invalid, when selected an error
 1084 report will display.
 1086 Added "Refresh" button to several screens. This can be added to other
 1087 screens very easily as well. Let me know if you want it in other areas.
 1089 Many future additions to Oracletool will be non read-only, but the 
 1090 options will show up for use only if the user connected has the authority 
 1091 to do the action, if possible. Having said this, I'm looking for enhancement
 1092 suggestions. What do you want it to do?
 1094 Thanks to Alexey Vekshin and Stephane Faroult for suggestions 
 1095 pertaining to this release, and several releases before.
 1097    0.96   Nov 15, 1999
 1099 The GD.pm module for creating images is no longer used or required.
 1100 Because of the copyright problems with the GIF format, there are
 1101 two GD.pm versions; One that outputs GIF, and one that outputs PNG.
 1102 The one that outputs PNG can be a hassle to install, so I decided
 1103 to let it go for the time being. I may look at it again in the future. 
 1105 Added (rewrote) EXPLAIN PLAN functionality. Now you can run an
 1106 explain plan on any sql shown in the sessions lists, or run
 1107 an explain plan from scratch. The main tool window will connect
 1108 as the owner of the SQL (password is required), while the menu
 1109 will remember who the actual user of the tool is. The username
 1110 and password of the explain plan user will not be stored as a cookie
 1111 on the client side, as the user running the tool is. This means you
 1112 will need to enter a password for each explain plan that you run.
 1113 For those of you that found the hidden explain plan facility before,
 1114 hopefully you will like this one better. Please let me know of any 
 1115 improvements that should be made to this facility.
 1117 NOTE: I cannot claim that Oracletool is a 100% READ-ONLY application
 1118 any longer, because during an explain plan..
 1120 1) If a PLAN_TABLE does not exist for the user executing the SQL,
 1121    Oracletool will create it on the fly (and display a message to
 1122    that effect).
 1123 2) During an explain plan, records will (obviously) be added to the
 1124    PLAN_TABLE. These records will have a unique identifier, and will
 1125    be deleted immediately following the explain plan. The PLAN_TABLE
 1126    will not be removed. 
 1128 Changed tablespace / datafile fragmentation displays. No longer is 
 1129 an image created using GD. Instead, an HTML display is generated, and
 1130 each occupied block can be clicked on to display the object which
 1131 resides in that block. This may not look as good as it did with the
 1132 GD image, but is more functional.
 1134 Added top CPU users to Perf / memory section. Requires 
 1135 TIMED_STATISTICS = true (which does not produce nearly as much overhead
 1136 as many DBA's would have you think).
 1138 Fixed SQL worksheet describe command. Was showing columns for
 1139 all table names that matched, not just one schema.
 1141 Updated / added help screens. I doubt anyone ever looks at them 
 1142 anyway.
 1144    0.95   Nov 2, 1999
 1146 Oracletool now produces DDL! There is now a "Generate DDL" button 
 1147 which will display when you are viewing table information. When
 1148 you press the button, Oracletool will reverse engineer the create
 1149 table statement, the create index statements, the primary key constraint,
 1150 the check constraints, the unique constraints, the foreign key 
 1151 constraints, and the grants for that table. All of the DDL is produced
 1152 in an easy to read format. This is still Beta, so let me know if you 
 1153 see any inaccuracies.
 1155 Fixed session statistics screen to show Oracle8i long operation
 1156 information correctly.
 1158 Split object source display into two columns, one with line numbers
 1159 for debug purposes, and one without, for cutting to recreate.
 1160 Thanks to Dianne Scott.
 1162 Updated partitioned table screens to support Oracle8i.
 1164 Added OS port info to banner. This shows the hardware and Operating
 1165 System the engine is running on. Pretty neat, although not always 
 1166 completely accurate.
 1168 Began support for advanced replication (Oracle8 only).
 1170 Oracletool will not attempt a connect to the instance unless a valid
 1171 cookie is found. It will prompt for the username/password, and cut
 1172 down on messages in the sqlnet.trc file
 1174 Sessions now sorted by status.
 1176    0.94    Oct 10, 1999
 1178 Fixed table column display to show proper length and decimal
 1179 precision. Thanks to Phillip Chin.
 1181 Added global variable "$gd" to user variables at top of script. 
 1182 Oracletool will only look for the GD.pm module if this is set.
 1183 This is because of the copyright problems going on with libgd.
 1184 GD.pm versions 1.19 and below produce gif images, GD.pm versions
 1185 > 1.19 produce png images.
 1187 Changed Oracletool to work with both gif and png versions of GD.pm,
 1188 (hopefully). Please let me know of bugs.
 1189 Thanks to Marcos Colpaert for patch.
 1191 Added simple displays for the following object types. INDEXTYPE, 
 1194 Added session I/O display to sesion stats section.
 1196 Fixed fragmentation image generation caching problem. Thanks to
 1197 Mark J. Scheller.
 1199    0.93   Sep 09, 1999
 1201 Emergency release. 0.92 had a bug which prevented proper menu
 1202 display. 
 1204 Added V$SESSION_WAIT info to session statistics.
 1206    0.92   Sep 08, 1999
 1208 Added controlfile section. Detailed information concerning record
 1209 storage for Oracl8 databases. Quite boring for oracle7 databases.
 1211 Added object access list to session statistics page under the 
 1212 "sessions" section.
 1214 Added replication section. Buttons will show up only if you are 
 1215 using replication. Separate buttons for master (M) and snapshot (S)
 1216 sections. Those of you using replication, please let me know what 
 1217 needs to be added / enhanced / fixed here. Oracle8 only
 1219 All date / time fields now displayed in HH24 format for consistency.
 1221 Added enhancement to DisplayTable etc. subroutines to align number
 1222 fields to the right. Looks much nicer. Thanks to Peter Speck.
 1224 Fixed bug in Session info for Oracle8i. Looks like we are cool for
 1225 Oracle8i now. Thanks to Marc Beasley
 1227 Added additional information to table and index listing. Thanks 
 1228 to Stephane Faroult (http://www.oriolecorp.com)
 1230 Added trigger check on detailed table information page. Thanks
 1231 to Stephane Faroult
 1233    0.91   Aug 09, 1999
 1235 Added security section - Roles, Profiles, Auditing. Auditing info
 1236 is beta, and unfinished.
 1238 Fixed tablespace allocation query. Tablespace information screen
 1239 and allocation graph are both VERY MUCH faster now. This is a very
 1240 positive change for those of you who have many tablespaces, as the
 1241 query is now very quick.
 1243 Added archived redo log information section.
 1245 SQL-Worksheet now supports DESCRIBE / DESC, but it does not follow
 1246 synonyms as SQL*Plus describe does, or describe packages, procedures
 1247 etc. Does anyone even use the SQL-Worksheet?
 1249 Added instance startup date/time to banner. Thanks to Virgil Aviles.
 1251 Changed the way SELECT ANY TABLE privileges are checked for.
 1253    0.90   Jul 05, 1999
 1255 NOTE: Oracletool.pl now requires the GD.pm module for creating GIF
 1256 images. This is the first release to require this module. GD.pm is 
 1257 a very reliable and easy to install module. It won't take you but
 1258 a few minutes to install it if you don't already have it.
 1260 Added datafile fragmentation image generator. When you select a 
 1261 datafile, an image will be generated in addition to all of the 
 1262 information previously displayed. The image will NOT be written to
 1263 disk on your web server. If you want to have a similar map generated 
 1264 when you select a tablespace, uncomment line 1981. I have this commented
 1265 out by default because some databases have such large tablespaces that
 1266 it is just not practical to generate that type of image for them. I'll
 1267 let you make the call on this one. Thanks to Mark J. Scheller for the 
 1268 idea.
 1270 You may enter an OBJECT_ID number in the search box instead of a name
 1271 if you need to do such a search.
 1273 Added sort information to performance section.
 1275 Improved process number resolution in session information area.
 1276 Thanks to Michael Roever.
 1278 Fixed TO_CHAR format error in tablespace information area.
 1280 Made users profile name a hyperlink for a display of parameters / values.
 1282 Added "$dbh->{LongReadLen} = 2048;" to DisplayTable subroutine to correct
 1283 error on tables with LONG columns. Thanks to Mark J. Scheller.
 1285    0.89   May 18, 1999
 1287 Added "where clause" text box for when you display 25 rows of a table or view.
 1289 Added a checkbox on the database selector for deleting password cookies.
 1291 Added an additional text area on the database selector for those who
 1292 are running Oracle Names to type in a connection and let it be resolved 
 1293 by names.
 1295 Changes GetTNS subroutine to not truncate domain names from connection
 1296 strings. Many thanks to Dima Dorofeev for the code contribution.
 1298    0.88   May 12, 1999
 1300 Added SQL Worksheet. Can be used for both selects, and DML statements.
 1302 Added support for partitioned tables and indexes. Oracle8 only, obviously.
 1304 Changed the way the script checks for "SELECT ANY TABLE" privilege. This way
 1305 should work better.
 1307 Added (somewhat poor) POD documentation.
 1309 Took out the hardcoded database name from the search function. Oops. Fixed a couple of 
 1310 other bugs too.
 1312 Added "EXPLAIN PLAN" subroutine. This is beta and commented out by default. Eventually, 
 1313 this tool will have a sister tool for users without "SELECT ANY TABLE" privilege. I
 1314 will probably leave explain plan out of this one and add it to that. If you would like to
 1315 try the explain plan, uncomment out line 3663. I'll listen to any suggestions you have, 
 1316 but I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with this one yet.
 1318     0.87   May 05, 1999
 1320 Public release to freshmeat.
 1322 Made the object list for tablespaces, datafiles, and object search hyperlinks to info screens.
 1324    0.86   May 04, 1999
 1326 I've changed the basic look of the tool quite a bit. There's now a persistent menu on the
 1327 left side of the screen for all of the major areas (Tablespaces, Users, Rollbacks etc.).
 1329 Added button to show all privileges granted to the selected object.
 1331 Added "Performance / memory" area with some of the stuff that was previously under
 1332 the initialization parameters section, and some new stuff including info from the
 1333 V$LIBRARY_CACHE dynamic performance table. If anyone has a performance
 1334 or memory related query that they want to share, please do.
 1336 Added query to user info section to show the number of objects the user own of each of
 1337 the different object types.
 1339 Made object list entries for tablespaces and datafiles clickable links to additional information
 1340 screens.
 1342 Still working on the daemon....
 1344    0.85    April  28, 1999
 1346 OK, OK, I heard you! Cookies are here!! No more password file. I just put this in today,
 1347 and have not tested extensively, but it seems to work fine for me. Let me know if any
 1348 of you run into problems using the new password system. I'll add a variable for setting
 1349 the expiration date later.
 1351 Updated session info to display sessions whether they are active or inactive. Previously
 1352 displayed only active sessions. Also added "command" column. Handy for seeing if a
 1353 transaction is rolling back, cause that's kinda tricky in Oracle.
 1355 Not much else this time because I'm spending alot of time writing a daemon to accompany
 1356 the tool, which will store historical data in the database (disk I/O, growth, session count info
 1357 etc.). I'll probably release that (beta) in about a month or so. It will include some nifty line graphs
 1358 created using GIFgraph (GD). This daemon will be optional, and the tool will work with or
 1359 without it. The added functionality will display automagically if you are running the daemon.
 1360 I will also be looking for help porting it to NT. The tool itsself will remain read-only.
 1362    0.84   March 31,1999
 1364 Started adding Oracle Parallel Server specific stuff. Very basic yet. These features will
 1365 display only if you are running OPS.
 1367 Added help for every screen. Also quite basic. The help button shows up in the footer of
 1368 each screen.
 1370 Fixed ORA-1476 (Divisor is equal to 0) and inaccurate table analyzation information when
 1371 a table that has been analyzed but has no rows is selected.
 1373 Changed connection to use 'dbi:DriverName:$database_name' instead of 'old-style'. I guess
 1374 this makes me an old timer..
 1376 Added object search capability. Searches database for "like" objects, displays them, and
 1377 sessions currently accessing them. Search box is at the bottom of every page.
 1379 Probably a couple of other little things I've forgotten about.
 1381    0.83   March 23,1999
 1383 I decided to change the initial screen to use a "submit" button because
 1384 someone reminded me that all browsers do not support Javascript. KDE's 
 1385 file manager, for example. I doubt it would have worked with BeOS's 
 1386 NetPositive browser either.
 1388 I also took away the "Back to the page you came from" link on every page. I 
 1389 find I use the "Back" button if I want to go back. Instead, I replaced it with
 1390 two buttons. One to go to the "toplevel", where the users are listed, and on
 1391 to go to the connections screen. (The first page).
 1393 Added a report to show all of a users objects split up by the tablespace's
 1394 they reside in. It's a button after a users object types list.
 1396 Tested under WinNT4, service pack 4, with IIS4. Worked fine. Added some comments
 1397 in the script pertaining to Win32 users. Stuff they probably already know anyway.
 1399     0.82   March 22,1999
 1401 Fixed initial database list to accept entries with dashes.
 1403 Added object lock info for non-contending object locks.
 1405 Fixed bug for OCI that crashed on an ORA-01005 (null password). Thanks 
 1406 to Kenny Klatt.
 1408 Added hyperlink back to the toplevel page for each page.
 1410    0.78 - 0.81   March 20,1999
 1412 Fixed tablespace fragmentation query.
 1414 Added LAST_DDL_TIME to tablespace object list.
 1416 Only display "show active sessions" button if user has active sessions.
 1418 User list table now highlights users that are currently connected, and
 1419    puts users with DBA authority in bold and parenthesis.
 1421 Fixed password file update to not use `cp`. Still thinking about whether the
 1422 password file is a good idea or not.
 1424 Fixed primary key and column constraint queries to check for object ownership.
 1426 Fixed initial database list to take off  '.world'  and weed out duplicates from
 1427 tnsnames.ora and oratab. Thanks to Dmitry Dorofeev.
 1429 Added several additional graphs.
 1431 Now use well known (except to me) variable ENV{'SCRIPT_NAME'} to get script name
 1432 instead of the stupid way I was doing it before. :-)
 1434    0.78   March 17,1999     Public release to DBI mailing list