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    1 BW Whois HISTORY
    3 wew: William E. Weinman -- original author of BW Whois
    7 Work has stalled on BW Whois version 6.0. I hope to get back to it soon.
    8 I will likely write it in Python. Plans are for it to include a number of
    9 new features including: 
   11     - Online whois server discovery
   12         The archaic tld.conf file will go away in favor of an online
   13         discovery method, like whois.iana.org (although I may decide to
   14         run my own)
   16     - DNS and services discovery
   17         Support for returning DNS records, and possibly other services, 
   18         like HTTP and/or MX servers
   20     Other features are not yet locked down and I am still open to
   21     suggestions.
   25 version 5.5.2 -- wew 8 August 2012
   26   Bug fix release. 
   27   Fixed a problem where SQLite databases weren't expiring old records. 
   28     This was caused by a misfeature in the DBD::SQLite perl module. 
   32 version 5.5.1 -- wew 17 September 2010
   33   Minor documentation updates. Thanks to Paul Howarth for finding 
   34     these. 
   35   Removed all email addresses from this file. That used to be a 
   36     good idea. It's not anymore. 
   38 version 5.5 -- wew 16 September 2010
   39   Intermediate release - I expect to do a complete rewrite in 2011
   40   General source code cleanup
   41     (used perltidy to reformat to more current conventions)
   42   Bugfix - Calls to error() from loggit() could cause race condition
   43     if log file is not writable. This is fixed. 
   44   Added support for SQLite3
   45     SQLite3 is much faster than client/server (MySQL or PostgreSQL)
   46     databases for small- to medium-sized installations. I'm using this
   47     on my system.
   48   Minor updates to support changes in whois.arin.net and
   49     whois.denic.de
   51 version 5.0 -- wew 8 August 2006
   52   Support for special case whois servers that need switches before
   53     the domain name (e.g., .de requires "-T dn" now)
   54   Support for multiple outgoing IP addresses
   55     address selected at random for each connection
   56   Code cleanup to work with mod_perl
   57   Now supports both MySQL and PostgreSQL databases through DBI
   58   Changed init_mysql to init_dbi 
   59   Fixed problem with finding 'not found' results in .at registry
   60     thanks to Martin Fischer for pointing out the problem.
   62 version 3.4 -- wew 27 January 2003
   63   Fixed timeout function to not hang on Win32 machines. 
   64     thanks to Rob Macleod for his help with this
   65     and for making a Win32 server available to me for testing. 
   66   Fixed referral detection to work with new .org registry
   67     at whois.publicinterestregistry.net. They terminate lines 
   68     with a bare CR. 
   69   Cleaned up .html files in distribution. Added more samples. 
   70   Added a condition for 'allow_referer *' to turn off referer checking
   72 version 3.3 -- wew 11 December 2002
   73   Added logging: config parameters logfile, log_level, and log_name
   74   Added $SELF$ support to errordoc when used with bwInclude
   75   Fixed up the man page so it prints better from groff
   77 version 3.2 -- wew 28 July 2002
   78   Added support for a separate "not found" response
   79   Fixed some syntax for perl 5.8 
   80     -- thanks to Todd R. Eigenschink 
   81   Fixed whois.conf -- it still said "stripheader"
   82     -- thanks to Dave Lugo 
   83   Several updates to sd.conf (for stripdisclaimer)
   85 version 3.1 -- wew 27 July 2002
   86   Moved all the configuration files to [/etc/whois/] they were 
   87     creating too much clutter in [/etc/].
   88   Rewrote stripheader (now stripdisclaimer)
   89     The old stripheader was broken by the servers (like whois.opensrs.net) 
   90     that put their disclaimers at the end of their responses. I decided to 
   91     rewrite it. It is now called "stripdisclaimer" and it uses 
   92     /etc/whois/sd.conf as a configuration file to provide regular 
   93     expressions specifying the beginings and endings of the disclaimers. 
   94   Fixed _print so that it escapes for HTML in CGI mode
   95     Some dufuses (dufasim? dufi?) put HTML in their registration 
   96     records to make their names big or link to thier web sites. It's 
   97     only a matter of time before they start making javascript popups with 
   98     porno ads. Sheeesh! This is a preemptive strike. 
  100 version 3.0 -- wew 5 March 2002
  101   This major new release has important improvements for 
  102     reliabiltiy and security -- especially in CGI mode to prevent 
  103     harvesting and hijacking. Caching is also available to prevent 
  104     overloading downstream whois servers if you are running a busy or 
  105     publically-available web server. 
  106   cleaned up a lot of the code
  107     using a hashref for globals instead of separate variables
  108   new feature : configuration file
  109     The default path is </etc/whois.conf>. 
  110     --config <path>  Can be used to specify an alternate path.
  111     The environment variable WHOIS_CONFIG can also be used to point to 
  112     the config file. 
  113     NOTE: The environment variable BW_WHOIS is no longer used. Please 
  114     use the config file instead.
  115   new feature : Referer limits
  116     In CGI mode, responses are limited to requests that include your domain 
  117     in the Referer header. This will help prevent abuse of the whois system. 
  118     The default is to only allow requests from referers in the same domain. 
  119     Use 'allow_referer' in the config file to broaden the limit. 
  120     (The traditional erroneous spelling of Referer is used throughout.)
  121     See the SECURITY section in the man page for more instructions. 
  122   new feature : caching 
  123     A MySQL database can be used to cache results in order to reduce 
  124     traffic to downstream whois servers. Significant performance 
  125     gains are common for requests that would otherwise go to slow or 
  126     overloaded whois servers. Requires MySQL and DBI. See man page 
  127     for instructions. 
  128   new --refresh flag
  129     Flushes any matching record from the cache before the request. The 
  130     new result is stored in the cache. 
  131   new feature : IP limits
  132     In CGI mode, limits the number of requests from a given IP address 
  133     in a particular period. Requires MySQL and DBI. 
  134     See the SECURITY section in the man page for more instructions. 
  135   new feature : cookie limits
  136     Restrict results to those who have made valid requests, identified 
  137     by a pseudo-random cookie. Each cookie is used only once. A new cookie 
  138     is given with each page. Requires MySQL and DBI. 
  139     See the SECURITY section in the man page for more instructions. 
  140   new feature : SSI in CGI mode
  141     Apache-style Server-Side Includes can now be parsed in CGI mode. 
  142     This allows you to better integrate the HTML into your web site. 
  143     Requires the bwInclude.pm module (included with the program). 
  144   new feature : timeout
  145     --timeout <secs>
  146     Defaults to 60 seconds. Prevents the client from waiting for a server 
  147     that keeps the socket open but never returns a result. 
  148   new feature: configurable GTLD server
  149     you can now override the default GTLD server (only used for domains 
  150     not included in tld.conf). The default used to be whois.internic.net; 
  151     it is now whois.crsnic.net.
  152     use 'default_host' in the config file. 
  153   new feature: different initial page
  154     you can now have a different HTML file for the first page a visitor 
  155     sees when they arrive without a query. 
  156     use 'htmlfirst' in the config file. 
  157   verbose mode now shows intermediate results (e.g. the result that 
  158     refers to the final result). 
  159   added support for pseudo-TLDs, like centralnic's uk.com domains
  160     now /etc/tld.conf is always checked if it exists. 
  161     Thanks to Neil Kemp and many others for pointing this out to me
  162     over the past year or so. 
  163   lots of updates and changes in the tld.conf file
  164   added in-addr.arpa zones to tld.conf
  165     Thanks to Christian Felsing for the idea.
  167 version 2.9 -- wew 19 February 2001
  168   bugfix: IIS/5.0 is incompatible with <STDIN> method of reading POST 
  169     results. Thanks to Dean Rath for the fix. 
  170   changed "connecting ... " message to print when not verbose
  171   test for name-server requests and return the root-server record. 
  172     thanks to Marcel for the suggestion
  173   updated tld.conf for APNIC region. APNIC no longer supports domain 
  174     whois. Added individual registrars for .cn, .tw, .kr, and .hk. 
  175   bugfix: unpacking of packed IP addresses only valid for values 
  176     greater than 2^24 (16,777,216)
  177   bugfix: -h didn't work with IP numbers
  179 version 2.8 -- wew 15 December 2000
  180   added links for domains in HTML mode
  181   added links for IP addresses in HTML mode
  182   added --verbose switch
  183     three progressive modes now: --quiet, normal, and --verbose
  184   added --nocgi switch to override CGI environment
  185     useful for CGI programs that used to wrap around a legacy whois 
  186     thanks to Mark L. DeFoyd for the idea    
  187   new feature: automatically unpacks 32-bit packed IP addresses
  188     e.g. 3231054869 ==
  189     great for spam reports
  190   tolerate trailing '.' on domain
  191   tolerate missing Errno.pm
  193 version 2.7 -- wew 26 November 2000
  194   changed the way the tld.conf file works so that lower-level 
  195     domains can have different whois servers. This was necessary 
  196     for the .net.au domain. Thanks to Steve Head 
  197   changed the format of the tld.conf file for the above change. The 
  198     leading '.' is now required. Please use the new tld.conf file with 
  199     this code. 
  201 version 2.6 -- wew 24 November 2000
  202   rewrote all the ARIN stuff -- this works a whole lot better. 
  203   NETBLK delegation is now handled more intelligently
  204   rwhois servers now default to port 4321
  205   fixed case-sensitivity in TLDs. 
  206     thanks Nicolas St-Pierre 
  207   moved HTMLization of results to _print 
  208     to prevent mis-interpretation of results in CGI mode
  209     thanks to Christian von Roques for pointing this out
  210   added quiet option to CGI mode. 
  211   fixed problems passing optiions in CGI mode
  212   in CGI mode, handles are only recognized if they are longer than 3 
  213     characters -- fixes problem with (FAX)
  214     thanks to Dave Holle for help identifying CGI problems
  215   added code to send "/e" to whois.nic.ad.jp
  216     turn this off with --jpokay (see man page for more info)
  218 version 2.5a -- wew
  219   fixed some regex character classes for perl 5.6 
  220      thanks Todd Eigenschink for pointing this out
  222 version 2.5 -- wew 11 April 2000
  223   split out the documentation into a man page and this HISTORY file
  224   bugfix -- another NETBLK referrals bugfix, the last one broke
  225     the referral mechanism entirely. This one works right again. 
  226   improved the error reporting for the connection to the whois server
  227   added support for ports other than whois(43). Use --port or 
  228     request@host:port. Port names (via /etc/services) or numbers 
  229     are supported. 
  230   added support for alternate location of tld.conf via --tld or 
  231     BW_WHOIS="tld=/other/location/tld.conf"
  233 version 2.4 -- never released
  235 version 2.3 -- wew 16 March 2000
  236   bugfix -- ARIN changed their whois display in a manner 
  237     broke my referral-detection. I've added a new exception 
  238     for whois.nic.mil. 
  239   add environment variable support. 
  240     BW_WHOIS="stripheader" to default to strip headers
  241     BW_WHOIS="quiet" to default to quiet mode
  242     BW_WHOIS="stripheader:quiet" for both
  243   CGI mode: attempt to build a reasonable link to 
  244     related records (e.g. NIC handles)
  245     Note: this feature uses the RFC-954 "!" syntax to 
  246     look up the handle. Not all registrars support this. 
  248 version 2.21 -- wew 11 March 2000
  249   bugfix -- uninitialized variable bug
  251 version 2.2 -- wew 10 March 2000
  252   bugfix: all-numeric addresses were still tested for TLD
  253   add support for multiple domain names on the command line. 
  254     thanks to Paul Vincent for suggesting this feature
  255   generalized the stripheader option
  256   added support for netblock references (e.g. RIPE, APNIC)
  258 version 2.1 -- wew 6 Jan 2000
  259   added support for optional TLD table at /etc/tld.conf
  261 version 2.0 -- wew 6 Jan 2000
  262   first public release of the 2.0 version
  263   rewrote and cleaned up a whole bunch of stuff
  264   added CGI support
  266 version 1.4a -- wew 8 Dec 1999 
  267   whois.corenic.net doesn't undderstand the domain command
  268     -- I guess the concept of standardization is lost on 
  269     these folks. Anyway, now I only send the domain command 
  270     to whois.internic.net. 
  271     thanks to Cooper Vertz for pointing this out. 
  273 version 1.4 -- wew 8 Dec 1999 
  274   a hack for a mis-feature in the root whois server 
  275     at whois.internic.net. it seems to have a small number 
  276     of records that are not 2nd-level domains but are named 
  277     the same as existing 2nd-level domains. I added a test 
  278     for a valid 2nd-level domain in whois_fetch() and have it 
  279     request the record as a domain. 
  280     thanks to Rick Macdougall 
  282 version 1.3 -- wew 5 Dec 1999 
  283   added check for IP numbers or 'NETBLK' and set default to ARIN
  284     thanks to "Todd R. Eigenschink" 
  285   fixed an "uninitialized variable" problem. 
  286     thanks again to "Todd R. Eigenschink" 
  288 version 1.2 -- wew 3 Dec 1999
  289   added new syntax for specifying a host. can now say:
  290   whois <request>@<host>   as a synonym for: 
  291   whois -h <host> <request>
  292     thanks to Rob Friedman for suggesting this feature. 
  294 version 1.1 -- wew 3 Dec 1999 
  295   added --stripheader (by popular demand)
  296     thanks to Bill Shupp for the concept.
  297   also -- now prints "Registrar: <host>" line (unless quiet)
  299 version 1.0 -- wew 2 Dec 1999  -- first release