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    1 The BW Whois program is the work of Bill Weinman (hence the name). 
    3 More formally stated, it is: 
    5   COPYRIGHT 1999-2012 William E. Weinman
    7 That said, the following rights are granted: 
    9   This program is free software. You may modify and distribute it under 
   10   the same terms as perl itself. 
   12 No other rights are granted. This program is not "public domain". 
   14 <RANT>
   16 Personally, I think the concept of intellectual property is a VERY bad idea.
   17 "Intellect" should rightfully be the shared property of all people. No, I am
   18 not a communist. I just think that the problems associated with intellectual
   19 property are way out of proportion with the benefits.
   21 Given the fact that my opinion is not shared by most people, let alone most
   22 "authors", let alone most politicians, I must protect "my" intellectual
   23 property from the greedy hands of those who would not only take it from me,
   24 but would then deny me access to that which I have created.
   26 Therefore I must include that silly notice (see above) on all my work. Even if
   27 I want to give it away for free.
   29 Also it has become necessary that when I do consulting work I must also
   30 include that little notice, AND I must have my clients sign an agreement (that
   31 I must pay a lawyer to write!) that prevents the "work for hire" clause of
   32 U.S. Copyright Law from granting all rights on my creative work to my clients,
   33 and thereby preventng me from using that very same knowledge with any other
   34 clients (as if it were possible for me to shut off part of my brain).
   36 Why doesn't this sound crazy to anyone else?
   38 </RANT>