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    1 Textdraw (td) is a small utility that allows do draw (ascii-based) line-,
    2 rectangle-, ellipse- and text-objects with copy/paste/move features.
    4 For me it completes existing console-based software to a 'textbased only
    5 office' and offers a simple and easy way to draw ascii graphics for
    6 documentations, presentations, mails and much more.
    8 Read the attached file 'help.txt' to see what's possible and how textdraw
    9 works. See also the help page of the program (key: 'h').
   11 For compiling from source (td.c) you have to link ncurses and math - do it
   12 with the command: gcc td.c -lncurses -lm
   14 There are a lot of ideas for a newer version (i.e. colors, patterns,
   15 group/rotate/mirror objects, polygons, ascii-art-import) and the actual
   16 version seems to be stable (under 'normal use'). But as it fullfills all
   17 I need I don't intend to program a newer version.
   19 Feel free to improve this program under the conditions of the general
   20 GNU-license-agreement.
   22 Homepage of Textdraw: http://web.uta4you.at/shop/td/index.htm
   23 Send me comments, suggestions and bugs under: shop@uta4you.at
   25 Dieter Schoppitsch, July/2002
   26 "an image says more than thousand words"
   30 11/2002 (Version 0.2) Thanks to Rene Engelhard (and other guys from Debian) for fixing some
   31 bugs (unused variables, error handling, improved load-procedure).