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    2   The two sed programs "DE_delAccents.sed" and "delAccents.sed"
    3   are useful if you are running statist in a language other than
    4   English and can't put the accents to be correctly displayed on
    5   the screen. I had this problem while testing statist in CygWin
    6   on Windows 98. You can use one of the two programs to strip
    7   all accents from a text file. The script DE_delAccents.sed is
    8   good for German texts; for example, it converts the letter `'
    9   into `ue'.  The script delAccents.sed is good for many other
   10   European languages; when it finds a letter with accent, it
   11   outputs the same letter without the accent.
   13      Example of usage:
   15        sed -f delAccents.sed pt_BR.po > new_pt_BR.po
   18 -----------
   19   Jakson