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    1 Dirk Melcher originally wrote statist. 
    2 He still occasionally contributes bug fixes.
    4 Bernhard Reiter picked up the torch from him around version v0.11,
    5 and mainly coordinates releases since.
    7 Andreas Beyer translated statist v0.15 to English.
    8 He also fixed bugs, because he is the author of StatistX, 
    9 a GUI-frontend for statist.
   11 Masao KAWAMURA found and fixed a couple of bugs in the memory handling 
   12 of v1.0.0.
   14 Carsten Schulze contributed a bug fix.
   15 Martin GŁth did some testing.
   16 Stefan Fronzek found a bug.
   18 Michael Gebhard helped translating some comments that were in German.
   20 Jakson Alves de Aquino added some new features (see the file CHANGES for
   21 details), wrote the English manual, and translated the manual into Portuguese.
   23 Translations:
   24   English (original German strings): Andreas Beyer
   25   German (new strings): Bernhard Reiter
   26   Italian: Nicola Intini and Sandro Tosi
   27   Portuguese: Jakson Alves de Aquino
   28   Spanish: Carlos Enrique Carleos Artime