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    1 Frequently Asked Questions on the using of stat4proftpd.
    2 (last modified: 05.04.2004)
    4 Q: How can I work with this script?
    5 A: Just `perl stat4proftpd-x.x.x.pl` in any console.
    7 Q: What the hell is "default TransferLog file(s) created by ProFTPD"?
    8 A: You can find it at the path defined in your ProFTPD config. An example of a line from the default TransferLog file created by ProFTPD:
    9 Thu Feb 12 21:55:38 2004 0 541 /var/ftp/readme.txt b _ o a yourname@yourcompany.com ftp 0 * c
   11 Q: How can I input some TransferLog files to stat4proftpd?
   12 A: Change this line:
   13 my @files=("/var/log/proftpd.log");
   14 To something like this:
   15 my @files=("/var/log/proftpd.log","/var/log/proftpd2.log","/home/user/ftp.log");
   17 Q: How can I contribute?
   18 A: Contact me by e-mail: root (at) nixp (dot) ru