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    1 $Id: INSTALL,v 1.7 2004/06/12 21:25:08 mardan Exp $
    4 Install:
    5 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    7 First off all, compile sendmail with libmilter if you haven't allready done 
    8 that. (http://tweegy.demon.nl/projects/spammilt/Installation and 
    9 Configuration.html) Read the html-page it is very usefull.
   12 Add a user and group 'smmsp' to your system if it doen't excists allready, 
   13 with a uid and gid of 90 or whatever uid/gid number you like.
   15 Now untar the source by typing tar -xvzf spammilt-x.y.tar.gz wherever you 
   16 stored the source file, by typing 'tar -xvzf spammilt-x.y.tar.gz'
   17 cd into spammilt-x.y
   18 In normal mode you have to do a ./configure  and after that a ./make.
   19 If you want to use Bayesian Annoyance or enable the debug, do a 
   20 ./configure --help to see what options you should use. 
   22 If all goes well you got a binary called 'spammiltd'.
   23 Now do a 'make install' This will install the binary and some documenation and
   24 example files.
   25 The example files are the black.list, white.list, dnsbl-hosts.list and 
   26 dnsbl-ignore.list lists. You wil have to install/configure them manually in the 
   27 following direcotry: '/etc/mail/spam'. Just rename them to without the '.example'
   28 Or create the files yourself: 'black.list', 'white.list', dnsbl-hosts.list and 
   29 'dnsbl-ignore.list'. Now you can add your own blacklisted, whitelisted domains, 
   30 words dnsbl query-hosts and ignored hosts which are positive at the dnsbl servers 
   31 or anything else for which you want to scan the email-header.
   33 Next add to your sendmail.mc the following lines, edit the parameters if you 
   34 have to. (See html-page)
   36 "define(`_FFR_MILTER', `1')dnl"
   37 "INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`spammilt', `S=local:/var/spool/spammilt/spammilt.sock, F=T, T=S:1m;R:1m;E:2m')dnl"
   39 For details about these paramters go http://tweegy.demon.nl/projects/spammilt/libmilter/index.html
   41 After this make your sendmail.cf
   42 (spammiltd will scan the sendmail.cf automatic at startup to detect the socket 
   43 location.)
   46 Now, add some startup lines to your sendmail startup script.(see 
   47 example below) Make sure spammiltd is started BEFORE sendmail is!
   49 (start)
   50 "/usr/sbin/spammiltd -s spamaccount@foo.bar"
   52 (stop)
   53 "killall spammiltd"
   55 Or if you use Redhat or a simular distribution you can use the files in the 
   56 RedHat subdir.
   58 Finally give sendmail a restart.
   60 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   63 Annoyance-filter:
   64 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   66 Annoyance-filter is a commandline Bayasian-way scan-utility. You can 
   67 download it overhere http://www.fourmilab.ch/annoyance-filter/. You will have 
   68 better results with the fight against spam if you use it.
   69 For installation follow the discription on the page. After you compiled you can
   70 install it in '/usr/local/annoyance-filter' , which is the default directory 
   71 where spammiltd will look for if you enable it. (with -x switch)
   73 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------