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    1 This file contains a mostly order-less list of people I have to thank for
    2 help with the Sendpage project.  When I can remember what they did in
    3 particular, I've noted it.
    4 	-Kees Cook <kees@outflux.net>, http://outflux.net/
    7 Mark Fullmer
    8         For creating the original Sendpage and making it open source.  :)
   11 Jerry Paul Taft
   12 	Born Israel Kotchka 8/10/45 in Russia
   13 	Died 6/21/00 in Chicago
   15 	He was a camper and counselor for many years at Camp Chi in
   16 	Wisconsin.  He was offered a graduate fellowship in philosophy
   17 	at Stanford University. He opposed the war in Vietnam.  He was
   18 	a co-founder of the Revolutionary Automobile Cooperative in
   19 	Chicago and worked as a mechanic there.  He drove a cab.  He
   20 	lived and worked on Kibbutz Be'eri in Israel. He struggled for
   21 	almost 30 years with manic-depressive illness, struggling also
   22 	to remain as independent as possible.  He loved coffee and
   23 	cigarettes.  He helped care for his parents when they became
   24 	ill.  He was a faithful friend.  He remained opposed to
   25 	injustice and nonsense his entire life, never lost his ideals,
   26 	and lived his life with integrity and without pretension.  He
   27 	will be missed.
   30 Karsten Hilbert
   31 	Notified me of a subtle formatting problem in the modem lock files.
   33 Mark Frey
   34 	Found a strange bug (in Perl?) where Modem.pm wasn't closing
   35 	the device on a DESTROY.  Also found where lockfiles made by minicom
   36 	weren't be handled correctly, and found a bug with the -f option.
   37         Found a bug in the 8-bit to 7-bit conversion routine.
   39 Steve Szabo
   40 	Let me use and abuse his Sun Blade running Solaris 8.  Nailed
   41 	down the DTR/Termios bug that has plagued me for a year.
   43 Randy Emler
   44 	Showed me a bug in my select loop.  Turned out to be a few silly
   45 	typos, but finding them resulted in further debugging additions.
   46 	Also, donated his postfix configuration documentation.
   48 Noah Meyerhans
   49 	Helped me notice a typo in sendpage configuration defaults.
   51 Jason Ernst
   52 	For totally redesigning the sendpage website to make it look great,
   53 	and for making adorable little raccoon images to go with it.  :)
   55 Steve Brazill
   56 	Found a bug with PC logon timeouts not failing correctly.
   58 Aaron Moore
   59 	Found a bug with "nobody" slipping into split pages.
   61 Jonathan C. Detert
   62 	Found a bug with the "dialout" modem setting.
   64 Todd M. Lewis
   65 	Suggested a change to comment parsing to allow for leading whitespace.
   66 	Corrected a parsing bug in email2page.
   68 Jon Scarbrough
   69 	Found a bug where modem settings were not being passed through
   70 	correctly (PC default were set instead).
   72 Kendall P. Bullen
   73 	Always finds my bugs as soon as I release a version.
   75 Philip Moors
   76 	Found a bug in the Modem disconnect function.  I wasn't actually
   77 	letting go of the modem on a chat failure.
   79 John Furman
   80 	Found a setgid taint bug in Modem.pm for me.
   82 Drew Smith
   83 	Reported and helped me track down a numeric-only paging problem.
   85 Andy Wardley
   86 	for giving me an API that I liked and adapted for my own use, even
   87 	if I didn't use any of the code (AppConfig).
   89 Eric Schenk
   90 	for giving me a clear example of how to create a uucp-style lock file
   91 	for a serial device.   (And for teaching me about "kill(0, pid)"!)
   93 tomiii
   94 	for a huge list of PC information.
   96 Kurt Boyack
   97 	for paging central information.
   99 Aaron Botsis
  100 	for making me realize that other people besides me, do, in fact,
  101 	use sendpage.
  103 Paul Holcomb
  104 	for endless support and encouragement.
  106 Steve Kennedy
  107 	for always having a patch ready to help me out.
  109 Jason Winget
  110 	for letting me spam his pager while doing TAP testing.
  112 Steven Bishop
  113 	for reporting to me that Sendpage works with AIX 4.3.2.
  115 Adrian Steiner
  116         for writing UCP support!
  118 Pat Gunn
  119         <pgunn@mcleodltd.com>
  120         For sending me detailed SCO7 installation notes.
  122 David St. John
  123 	For hunting down and testing my fix for block-spanning pages.
  124 	And for donating $100 to the project!  Thanks!
  125 	David also funded some bug fixing work for weird SNPP hangs.
  126 	Terrific!
  128 Todd T. Fries
  129 	Wrote a full DBI-based pager lookup mechanism.  Great!
  131 $Id: THANKS 183 2005-02-24 01:21:07Z nemies $