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    1 $Id: TODO,v 1.13 2002/04/08 20:13:18 crowland Exp crowland $
    3 - Put in Jeremy Fowler's Changes
    4 - Put back in $SCAN$ token
    5 - Put in IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP header checks
    6 - Put in fragment checking/handling
    7 - Put in port freeze option
    8 - Reduce Kill* functions into single unit
    9 - Eliminate static arrays and deploy dynamic string functions
   10 - Put in attackalert script
   11 - Test against unused bit scans
   12 - Test SmartVerify and put in checks on TCP_PORTS/UDP_PORTS init section
   13 - Sees own packets on outbound despite BPF filters
   14 - SignalCatcher is hosed. Makes daemon hang on HUP
   15 - Port Parser needs to have ADVANCED_MODE added again
   16 - Determine local interface being monitored and drop into BPF filter to ignore dynamically
   17 - fork() off main reaction/response loop or convert to shared memory model to improve 
   18 performance.
   19 - format code for consistency. Indents are mixed spaces and tabs because 
   20 different editors were used.
   21 - Put back in "Classic" modes???
   22 - Get rid of the options in portsentry_config.h. They can all move into 
   23 the .conf file
   24 - Put in port to probable probe name translation for logging.