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    1 $Id: KNOWNBUGS,v 1.8 2002/04/08 19:31:49 crowland Exp crowland $
    3 Known bugs in this beta:
    5 - Port ranges cannot be defined.
    6 - Signal handler is not ignoring signals
    7 - Existing ports are not ignored on startup
    8 - Only supports ethernet network type
    9 - Does not determine local interface address automatically
   10 - BPF filter dumps core on some platforms because filter list is too long 
   11 sometimes. (OpenBSD)
   12 - libpcap sees packets even after packet filter is working. This makes the "already blocked host...ignoring" message appear after host is blocked.
   13 - Lots of warnings under BSD platforms during compile.
   14 - Higher false alarm rates. SmartVerify option is not stopping all instances of bogus 
   15 alarms.