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OSPFCTL(8) BSD System Manager’s Manual OSPFCTL(8)


ospfctl — control the Open Shortest Path First daemon


ospfctl [−s socket] command [argument ...]


The ospfctl program controls the ospfd(8) daemon.

The following options are available:

−s socket

Use socket instead of the default /var/run/ospfd.sock to communicate with ospfd(8).

The following commands are available:

fib couple

Insert the learned routes into the Forwarding Information Base a.k.a. the kernel routing table.

fib decouple

Remove the learned routes from the Forwarding Information Base a.k.a. the kernel routing table. Decoupling the FIB from an OSPF router may create routing loops and could cause major routing issues in the complete OSPF cloud. Only routers with just one link to the OSPF cloud can safely decouple the FIB.


Reload the configuration file.

show database [filter]

Show the link state database. filter can be any one of the following:

area ID

Show only LSAs from the specified area ID.


Show only ASBR LSAs.


Show only AS-External LSAs.


Show only Network LSAs.


Show only Router LSAs.


Show only self-originated LSAs.


Show only Summary LSAs.

show fib [destination | filter]

Show the Forwarding Information Base. destination can be specified to show the route matching a destination IP address. filter can be any of the following:


Show only connected routes.

interface [interface]

Show only interfaces or the specified interface.


Show only OSPF routes.


Show only static routes.

connected, ospf and static may be specified together.

show interfaces [interface]

Show details for all interfaces or the specified interface.

show neighbor [detail]

Show neighbors. detail can be specified for additional detail.

show rib [detail]

Show the Routing Information Base. detail can be specified for additional detail.

show summary

Show summary information.


Unix-domain socket used for communication with ospfd(8).


ospfd.conf(5), ospfd(8)


The ospfctl program first appeared in OpenBSD 3.7.

BSD April 8, 2009 BSD