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    1 Purpose
    2 -------
    4 These  amendments  cause  all "getXXent"   calls  implemented  by
    5 NSS_LDAP  to  request paging of results in  accordance  with  RFC
    6 2696. 
    8 If  you  are  using  LDAP searches  against  a  Microsoft  Active
    9 Directory  database,  you  will  find  that  search  results  are
   10 divided  into  "chunks".  A standard  "ldap_search"   against  an
   11 untweaked AD returns a maximum of 1000 entries. To get more  than
   12 that,  you have to either use an extended search with paging,  or
   13 increase  the  query  policy limits on your AD.  If  you  have  a
   14 large  number  of  users (we have over 30K)  raising  the  policy
   15 limits that high is worrying.  
   17 The  page  size requested is 1000 entries, and is  not  a  config
   18 file item. However, it should be OK with any Active Directory.
   20 Because  of the way the page control is used, any  LDAPv3  server
   21 that  does  not  implement paging should  simply  ignore  it  and
   22 return  entries as normal; however, I haven't been able  to  test
   23 this.
   25 Installing
   26 ----------
   28 The  TAR file contains 3 context diff files and one extra C  file
   29 (pagectrl. c)  that implements the standard API calls  for  paged
   30 results  controls.  If your LDAP library supports  these  anyway,
   31 you  shouldn't  need it, but I don't know of one that  does.  The
   32 Sun  library  has the entry points, but I couldn't  get  them  to
   33 work. 
   35 1. Unpack the TAR file in your NSS LDAP directory.
   37 2. Run "patch" to apply the 3 diff files. On my system that is:
   39 	patch ldap-nss.c < ldap-nss.c.diff
   40 	patch ldap-nss.h < ldap-nss.h.diff
   41 	patch Makefile.in < Makefile.in.diff
   43 3. Run  "configure" as specified in the  NSS  LDAP  installation
   44 instructions, to recreate the Makefile.
   46 4. Run "make clean"
   48 5. Run "make"
   50 You should now have a new nss_ldap.so ready to copy to /lib.
   52 Max Caines (max.caines@wlv.ac.uk)
   53 16 April 2002