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    2                       ANNOUNCING NSS_LDAP
    3                       ===================
    5 1. What is nss_ldap?
    6 --------------------
    8 nss_ldap is a set of C library extensions which allows X.500 and LDAP
    9 directory servers to be used as a primary source of aliases, ethers,
   10 groups, hosts, networks, protocol, users, RPCs, services and shadow
   11 passwords (instead of or in addition to using flat files or NIS).
   13 nss_ldap nominally supports the following operating system libraries:
   15 	o the Nameservice Switch in Solaris 2.4 to 9
   16 	o the Nameservice Switch in HP-UX 11
   17 	o the Nameservice Switch in the GNU C Library 2.1 (as
   18           in libc.so.6 under Linux)
   19 	o the Nameservice Switch in FreeBSD 5.x
   20 	o the Information Retrieval Service (IRS) in BIND 
   21 	o the Information Retrieval Service (IRS) and proprietary
   22 	  authentication and identity interface in AIX 4.3.3
   24 nss_ldap is an implementation of the schema specified in RFC 2307
   25 and is compatible with that used in PADL Software Pty Ltd's
   26 NIS/LDAP gateway (ypldapd), and current versions of Solaris,
   27 HP-UX and MacOS X.
   29 2. What can it do for me?
   30 -------------------------
   32 nss_ldap lets you use LDAP servers, like Netscape's Directory Server,
   33 to distribute users, hosts, groups and other like information throughout
   34 an organization. Because LDAP is a hierarchical directory service,
   35 you can distribute the information in a manner which reflects an
   36 organizational structure. This contrasts with the flat, single domain
   37 policy of NIS. LDAP has many of the advantages of NIS+ (security and
   38 scalability) without the complexity.
   40 nss_ldap will work alongside your existing NIS, NIS+, DNS and flat file
   41 name services. More importantly, because it builds as a shared library,
   42 you don't have to recompile any of your applications to take advantage
   43 of LDAP. When used with a directory server under NT, it may be helpful
   44 in synchronizing Unix and NT accounts.
   46 3. What are its limitations?
   47 ----------------------------
   49 Currently, some "maps" (like bootparams) are not supported. It's also
   50 alpha software, so use it at your own risk. This should be considered
   51 with respect to the fact the nss_ldap is loaded into the address space
   52 of *every* process which uses the C library's resolver functions and
   53 has LDAP in its search order. (This isn't entirely true under Solaris,
   54 but the implications are similar.)
   56 Finally, it only supports Linux and Solaris (and some versions of
   57 BSD). You might want to look at ypldapd (see below) if you need to
   58 support NIS clients.
   60 4. How much does it cost?
   61 -------------------------
   63 It's free, and distributed under the GNU General Library Public
   64 Licence (LGPL). Please read the file COPYING.LIB For more information.
   66 5. Where do I get it?
   67 ---------------------
   69 nss_ldap is available from:
   71 	<URL:http://www.padl.com/download/nss_ldap.tgz>
   72 	<URL:ftp://ftp.padl.com/pub/nss_ldap.tgz>
   74 We have also made available some Perl scripts for populating LDAP
   75 databases from existing flat files, NIS and/or NetInfo data.
   77 	<URL:http://www.padl.com/download/MigrationTools.tgz>
   78 	<URL:ftp://www.padl.com/pub/MigrationTools.tgz>
   80 You'll need to compile a position-independent LDAP client library
   81 (libldap). You can either get the entire LDAP package from the University
   82 of Michigan (see below) and add "-fPIC" (if you're using gcc) to the
   83 C compiler flags; download the Mozilla SDK from www.mozilla.org;
   84 download the prebuilt Netscape LDAP SDK from developer.netscape.com;
   85 or download OpenLDAP from www.openldap.org.
   87 6. Where can I get more information?
   88 ------------------------------------
   90 To discuss nss_ldap, ypldapd, and related technologies, you may subscribe
   91 to the following mailing list:
   93 	<URL:mailto:ldap-nis-request@padl.com>
   95 Send an electronic mail message with "subscribe" in the message body to
   96 join the list.
   98 To contact the developers, email:
  100 	<URL:mailto:dev@padl.com>
  102 Note that PADL offer commercial support on a per-incident basis. The
  103 support@padl.com is for commercial support customers only.
  105 For more information on using LDAP for name resolution, and related software,
  106 see:
  108 	<URL:http://www.padl.com>
  110 And if you need an LDAP server, or some general information on LDAP,
  111 see:
  113 	<URL:http://www.openldap.org>
  115 7. Who wrote it?
  116 ----------------
  118 nss_ldap was written by PADL Software Pty Ltd <dev@padl.com>. Many
  119 others have contributed, see the file AUTHORS in this directory.
  121 Please read the following document before submitting any
  122 contributions:
  124 	<URL:http://www.padl.com/Articles/GuidelinesforContributing.html>