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    1   NGPT - Next Generation POSIX Threading
    3   THANKS
    4   ======
    6   Much credit has to be given to original creator of the GNU Pth.  Without 
    7   his quality efforts, we would not have had the opportunity to create
    8   this derivative package.
   10     o  Ralf S. Engleschall	<rse@engleschall.com>
   12   Credit has to be given to the following people who contributed ideas,
   13   bugfixes, hints, gave platform feedback, etc. (in alphabetical order):
   15     o  Nicholas Black		<dank@trellisinc.com>
   16     o  Anton Blanchard		<anton@samba.org>
   17     o  Evgenij Botov		<cloun81@mail.ru>
   18     o  Mingming Cao		<mcao@us.ibm.com>
   19     o  Neale Ferguson		<Neale.Ferguson@SoftwareAG-USA.com>
   20     o  Yusuf Goolamabbas	<yusufg@outblaze.com>
   21     o  Nick Pollitt		<npollitt@sgi.com>
   22     o  Timothy Reaves		<treaves@silverfields.com>
   23     o  Marijn Ros		<marijn@mad.scientist.com>
   24     o  Arun Sharma		<arun@sharmas.dhs.org>
   25     o  Ethan Solomita		<ethan@cs.columbia.edu>
   26     o  Arend-Jan Wijtzes	<aj@godfather.wise-guys.nl>
   28   ...and all other NGPT users who gave us feedback but we've forgot...