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    1 You may get this error in a modern GNU system.
    2 Check out the preprocessed source (-ncspp option), and search
    3 for `int8_t'.  If you see a line like
    5 	typedef int int8_t __attribute__ ((__mode__ (QI)));
    7 You've got it. This is serious braindamage from glibc (again).
    8 Please edit the file /usr/include/sys/types.h.  It sais:
   10 	#if !__GNU_PREREQ (2,7)
   11 	... good typedefs
   12 	#else
   13 	... braindamaged typedefs
   14 	#endif
   16 Change the if to
   18 	#if !__GNU_PREREQ (2,7) || defined __NCC__
   20 That's perfectly safe.