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    2 How many games must have been written since 1987 ?
    4 I'd say at least > 50,000
    6 Who can forget the awesome "Solomon's Key" which enlightened us ?
    8 Well, back then I did something really interesting.
    9 I connected my Amiga with a tape recorder and recorded the music of some of
   10 my favorite games. Now I came across the same tape again and with nostalgy
   11 listened to the great music of Lotus Turbo Esprit, Captive and Turrican I.
   13 Any game that was written 10 years ago for a 8/16-bit architecture with
   14 256kB of memory at 1MHz has no practical value today.
   16 But don't throw it away!
   18 Programming is an art and all these games will always have a value for those
   19 who like the code (the collector code-ants).
   21 If you have any source code of old games or know any author who wrote a game
   22 back then or have any links, please, please send me a mail.
   24 I'm thinking about making a database of abandonware games. The dream is,
   25 that one day ALL the games ever written will be in the database and not a
   26 single bit will be lost in oblivion.
   28 Save the abandonware games!