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Optimizing and Example Programs


In this section, the programs lastest, vectopt, matropt, and msltest are described.

The first three programs have been developed in order to test and optimize selected operations in the LASPack library. Their syntax

  lastest [-d<dim>] [-c<cycles>] [-h]
  vectopt [-d<dim>] [-c<cycles>] [-h]
  matropt [-d<dim>] [-c<cycles>] [-h]
and options
  -d  set vector and matrix dimensions to <dim>, default is 10000
  -c  set number of cycles to <cycles>, default is 10
  -h  print the help
are the same. The dimensions as well as the number of cycles should be chosen high enough in order to avoid undesired caching effects and inaccuracy of time determination.

Tomas Skalicky (skalicky@msmfs1.mw.tu-dresden.de)