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Member "free-sa-2.0.0b6p7/src/work/w_log_operations.h" (8 Jun 2013, 1639 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/old/free-sa-2.0.0b6p7.tar.gz:

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    1 typedef struct BSC {
    2     double  bytes;
    3     double  seconds;
    4     int     count;
    5 } BSC;
    8 extern double ccBytes, allmBytes[5], allmSeconds[5];
    9 extern struct BSC ec[CODESSIZE], all[5];
   10 extern int ccCount;
   13 struct MailRecord *(* READ_RECORDM)(FILE *iLog);
   14 char (* READ_RECORDI)(FILE *Log, time_t *ttime, double *tSeconds, char *tip, short int *tcode, double *tBytes, char *tmethod, char *turl, char *tname, char *tstat);
   15 char (* READ_DTI)(FILE *Log, time_t *ttime);
   16 char (* READ_FULLDTI)(FILE *Log, time_t *ttime, char *tbuf);
   17 void (* READ_ALIGN)(FILE *Log);
   20 extern short int ComputeIndics(short int tcode, char tmethod, char *turl, char *tip, char *tstat, char *iname, double tbytes);
   21 extern struct SAentry *ComputeUser(char *iname, char *tip);
   22 extern void CollectLog(FILE *Log, time_t *rsdate, time_t *redate);
   23 extern char SeekLog(FILE *Log, time_t sdate);
   24 extern void ShowLogI(FILE *Log, time_t *mindate, time_t *maxdate);
   25 extern void ShowLog(FILE *Log);
   26 extern void CropLog(FILE *Log);
   27 extern FILE *InitLog(void);
   28 extern char READ_RECORD(FILE *Log, time_t *ttime, double *tSeconds, char *tip, short int *tcode, double *tBytes, char *tmethod, char *turl, char *tname, char *tstat);
   29 extern char READ_DT(FILE *Log, time_t *ttime);
   30 extern char READ_FULLDT(FILE *Log, time_t *ttime, char *tbuf);
   33 #define BSCcollect(bscstruct, tbytes, tseconds)         \
   34     bscstruct.bytes += (tbytes);                \
   35     bscstruct.seconds += (tseconds);                \
   36     bscstruct.count++;
   38 #define BCcollect(bcstruct, tbytes)             \
   39     bcstruct.bytes += (tbytes);                 \
   40     bcstruct.count++;
   42 #define BSCsetmax(cvalue, evalue)               \
   43     if ((evalue) > (cvalue)) (cvalue) = (evalue);