Welcome to Entrance!   This note will help you get started.

Sample Data
It helps to have some data to play with. Click this link to import the Consumer Price Index data for the years 1913-2009:   Import CPI Data   (When the import dialog appears, click "OK" and the new table will appear. Click the "Welcome" tab when you are ready to come back to this screen)

Run a Query
To run a query: click the New button, type in the SQL you want to run, and click the "Run" button. For example, try copying and pasting this query:
    SELECT Jan 
      FROM cpi_orig;
Make a Chart
To make a chart: add a PLOT keyword, like this:
    SELECT Year, Jan 
      FROM cpi_orig;

There are many more examples in the Entrance blog and on our home page. Complete PLOT syntax is in the Help menu.