DTDURI of DTD relative to directory of dtd2xs.
Map DTD entitiesMap DTD entity <!ENTITY name ... > onto XML Schema <group name="name">, <attributeGroup name="name"> and <simpleType name="name"> where appropriate.
Map DTD commentsMap DTD comment <!-- description --> onto XML Schema <annotation><documentation>description</annotation></documentation>. The subsequent parameters control the mapping.
Max. length commentDTD comments with more characters are not considered for mapping.
Comment languageSpecify the comment language in the "xml:lang" attribute: <annotation><documentation xml:lang="en"> ...
Annotation ofWhich XML Schema constructs do you want to annotate? E.g., <element><annotation> ...
Concept highlightA model concept (name, value) must be highlighted in a DTD comment. We distinguish three levels of highlighting: no highlighting, highlighting by space/punctuation, highlighting by quotes/parentheses.
Min. concept occurrenceIf a model concept occurs less times in a DTD comment it is not considered for XML Schema <annotation>.
XML schemaThe right frame logs the mapping process and the mapping result (XML schema).