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Member "regcomp.ih" (25 Nov 2004, 2710 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/old/dirsync-1_11.tar.gz:

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    1 /* ========= begin header generated by ./mkh ========= */
    2 #ifdef __cplusplus
    3 extern "C" {
    4 #endif
    6 /* === regcomp.c === */
    7 static void p_ere(register struct parse *p, int stop);
    8 static void p_ere_exp(register struct parse *p);
    9 static void p_str(register struct parse *p);
   10 static void p_bre(register struct parse *p, register int end1, register int end2);
   11 static int p_simp_re(register struct parse *p, int starordinary);
   12 static int p_count(register struct parse *p);
   13 static void p_bracket(register struct parse *p);
   14 static void p_b_term(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs);
   15 static void p_b_cclass(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs);
   16 static void p_b_eclass(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs);
   17 static char p_b_symbol(register struct parse *p);
   18 static char p_b_coll_elem(register struct parse *p, int endc);
   19 static char othercase(int ch);
   20 static void bothcases(register struct parse *p, int ch);
   21 static void ordinary(register struct parse *p, register int ch);
   22 static void nonnewline(register struct parse *p);
   23 static void repeat(register struct parse *p, sopno start, int from, int to);
   24 static int seterr(register struct parse *p, int e);
   25 static cset *allocset(register struct parse *p);
   26 static void freeset(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs);
   27 static int freezeset(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs);
   28 static int firstch(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs);
   29 static int nch(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs);
   30 static void mcadd(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs, register char *cp);
   31 static void mcsub(register cset *cs, register char *cp);
   32 static int mcin(register cset *cs, register char *cp);
   33 static char *mcfind(register cset *cs, register char *cp);
   34 static void mcinvert(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs);
   35 static void mccase(register struct parse *p, register cset *cs);
   36 static int isinsets(register struct re_guts *g, int c);
   37 static int samesets(register struct re_guts *g, int c1, int c2);
   38 static void categorize(struct parse *p, register struct re_guts *g);
   39 static sopno dupl(register struct parse *p, sopno start, sopno finish);
   40 static void doemit(register struct parse *p, sop op, size_t opnd);
   41 static void doinsert(register struct parse *p, sop op, size_t opnd, sopno pos);
   42 static void dofwd(register struct parse *p, sopno pos, sop value);
   43 static void enlarge(register struct parse *p, sopno size);
   44 static void stripsnug(register struct parse *p, register struct re_guts *g);
   45 static void findmust(register struct parse *p, register struct re_guts *g);
   46 static sopno pluscount(register struct parse *p, register struct re_guts *g);
   48 #ifdef __cplusplus
   49 }
   50 #endif
   51 /* ========= end header generated by ./mkh ========= */