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Short description:

CK-ERP is an open source accounting / MRP / ERP / CRM system that runs on top of multiple middlewares. It provides accounting and back office functionalities to SMEs and utilizes the underlying middleware to administer accounts/groups.

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Package size, modification date, md5 checksum:

13225979 bytes,  2012-04-13 20:12,  ba7ec4d024f5a783a04922ee220a299a

Fossies contents page:

/ linux / privat / old / ck-erp-0.31.1.tar.gz/

No. of package member files:

3887 (3528 regular files in 359 directories)

Found file extensions:

Overall:  coo crt dll exe fdf gif gpl gz html lang map php png tpl txt TXT z  (+ remaining files)
Top 10:  php (2149)  tpl (717)  lang (429)  png (103)  z (68)  map (20)  TXT (5)  txt (5)  html (4)  gif (3)

License file(s):

This is an unofficial and possibly incomplete list of licenses used in the analyzed project. It is just an attempt to provide a first related overview by searching for license information in probably license-relevant member text files and trying to identify the according license type. Although detailed license conditions can be found in the linked text files and the named license information pages, the user should study the project itself and its source files for the relevant licenses.

⊳ Probably internal license files:License (assumed):Copyright (extract):
  ck-admin/doc/copyright.gpl  (GPL 2)  (---)
  ck-api/inc/ck_tcpdf/LICENSE.TXT  (LGPL-2.1)  (---)
  ck-api/inc/ck_tcpdf/fonts/dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.30/LICENSE  Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of the fonts accompanying this license ("Fonts") and associated documentation files (the "Font Software"), to reproduce and distribute the ...  2003 by Bitstream, Inc.
2006 by Tavmjong Bah.
  ck-api/inc/ck_tcpdf/fonts/freefont-20090104/COPYING  (GPL 3)  (---)

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