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About: The Arusha Project (ARK) provides a framework for collaborative system administration of multi-platform Unix sites

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-rw-r--r-- 2031 2004-05-26 20:20 arksf1/team.xml

   MD5 (ark-arksf1-20050419.tar.gz): e4e7d3e6192b67a58e7007867c5dcc36
  SHA1 (ark-arksf1-20050419.tar.gz): fa1d7fe28a207bb15fc2e36ee56060f25e73a69d
SHA256 (ark-arksf1-20050419.tar.gz): 9e592ea7ef2457e1abf326786128433693e779bec2381e63d7bbe1423ad91379

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