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    1         ZLIB version 1.2.11 for OS/400 installation instructions
    3 1) Download and unpack the zlib tarball to some IFS directory.
    4    (i.e.: /path/to/the/zlib/ifs/source/directory)
    6    If the installed IFS command suppors gzip format, this is straightforward,
    7 else you have to unpack first to some directory on a system supporting it,
    8 then move the whole directory to the IFS via the network (via SMB or FTP).
   10 2) Edit the configuration parameters in the compilation script.
   12         EDTF STMF('/path/to/the/zlib/ifs/source/directory/os400/make.sh')
   14 Tune the parameters according to your needs if not matching the defaults.
   15 Save the file and exit after edition.
   17 3) Enter qshell, then work in the zlib OS/400 specific directory.
   19         QSH
   20         cd /path/to/the/zlib/ifs/source/directory/os400
   22 4) Compile and install
   24         sh make.sh
   26 The script will:
   27 - create the libraries, objects and IFS directories for the zlib environment,
   28 - compile all modules,
   29 - create a service program,
   30 - create a static and a dynamic binding directory,
   31 - install header files for C/C++ and for ILE/RPG, both for compilation in
   32   DB2 and IFS environments.
   34 That's all. 
   37 Notes:  For OS/400 ILE RPG programmers, a /copy member defining the ZLIB
   38                 API prototypes for ILE RPG can be found in ZLIB/H(ZLIB.INC).
   39                 In the ILE environment, the same definitions are available from
   40                 file zlib.inc located in the same IFS include directory as the
   41                 C/C++ header files.
   42                 Please read comments in this member for more information.
   44         Remember that most foreign textual data are ASCII coded: this
   45                 implementation does not handle conversion from/to ASCII, so
   46                 text data code conversions must be done explicitely.
   48         Mainly for the reason above, always open zipped files in binary mode.