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    1 All files under this contrib directory are UNSUPPORTED. There were
    2 provided by users of zlib and were not tested by the authors of zlib.
    3 Use at your own risk. Please contact the authors of the contributions
    4 for help about these, not the zlib authors. Thanks.
    7 ada/        by Dmitriy Anisimkov <anisimkov@yahoo.com>
    8         Support for Ada
    9         See http://zlib-ada.sourceforge.net/
   11 amd64/      by Mikhail Teterin <mi@ALDAN.algebra.com>
   12         asm code for AMD64
   13         See patch at http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=bin/96393
   15 asm686/     by Brian Raiter <breadbox@muppetlabs.com>
   16         asm code for Pentium and PPro/PII, using the AT&T (GNU as) syntax
   17         See http://www.muppetlabs.com/~breadbox/software/assembly.html
   19 blast/      by Mark Adler <madler@alumni.caltech.edu>
   20         Decompressor for output of PKWare Data Compression Library (DCL)
   22 delphi/     by Cosmin Truta <cosmint@cs.ubbcluj.ro>
   23         Support for Delphi and C++ Builder
   25 dotzlib/    by Henrik Ravn <henrik@ravn.com>
   26         Support for Microsoft .Net and Visual C++ .Net
   28 gcc_gvmat64/by Gilles Vollant <info@winimage.com>
   29         GCC Version of x86 64-bit (AMD64 and Intel EM64t) code for x64
   30         assembler to replace longest_match() and inflate_fast()
   32 infback9/   by Mark Adler <madler@alumni.caltech.edu>
   33         Unsupported diffs to infback to decode the deflate64 format
   35 inflate86/  by Chris Anderson <christop@charm.net>
   36         Tuned x86 gcc asm code to replace inflate_fast()
   38 iostream/   by Kevin Ruland <kevin@rodin.wustl.edu>
   39         A C++ I/O streams interface to the zlib gz* functions
   41 iostream2/  by Tyge Løvset <Tyge.Lovset@cmr.no>
   42         Another C++ I/O streams interface
   44 iostream3/  by Ludwig Schwardt <schwardt@sun.ac.za>
   45             and Kevin Ruland <kevin@rodin.wustl.edu>
   46         Yet another C++ I/O streams interface
   48 masmx64/    by Gilles Vollant <info@winimage.com>
   49         x86 64-bit (AMD64 and Intel EM64t) code for x64 assembler to
   50         replace longest_match() and inflate_fast(),  also masm x86
   51         64-bits translation of Chris Anderson inflate_fast()
   53 masmx86/    by Gilles Vollant <info@winimage.com>
   54         x86 asm code to replace longest_match() and inflate_fast(),
   55         for Visual C++ and MASM (32 bits).
   56         Based on Brian Raiter (asm686) and Chris Anderson (inflate86)
   58 minizip/    by Gilles Vollant <info@winimage.com>
   59         Mini zip and unzip based on zlib
   60         Includes Zip64 support by Mathias Svensson <mathias@result42.com>
   61         See http://www.winimage.com/zLibDll/minizip.html
   63 pascal/     by Bob Dellaca <bobdl@xtra.co.nz> et al.
   64         Support for Pascal
   66 puff/       by Mark Adler <madler@alumni.caltech.edu>
   67         Small, low memory usage inflate.  Also serves to provide an
   68         unambiguous description of the deflate format.
   70 testzlib/   by Gilles Vollant <info@winimage.com>
   71         Example of the use of zlib
   73 untgz/      by Pedro A. Aranda Gutierrez <paag@tid.es>
   74         A very simple tar.gz file extractor using zlib
   76 vstudio/    by Gilles Vollant <info@winimage.com>
   77         Building a minizip-enhanced zlib with Microsoft Visual Studio
   78         Includes vc11 from kreuzerkrieg and vc12 from davispuh