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    2 This file contains the version history/change log for this software.
    4 key:  - new feature
    5       * bug fixed
    6       o other
    8 7.62 - Released 11/20/2020
    9    - Added a ToBinaryString() convenience-method to the BitChord class.
   10    - Updated TarFileWriter so that it can now write using non-seekable
   11      DataIO objects as well as SeekableDataIO objects (although with
   12      non-seekable you have to explicitly specify the file sizes up-front)
   13    - Updated the captive zlib implementation to the latest (v1.2.11)
   14    - Added CallFlattenHeaderAndMessage() and CallUnflattenHeaderAndMessage()
   15      convenience-methods to the MessageIOGateway class.
   16    - Added a GZDataIO class to the zlib folder, as quick way to wrap
   17      the gzread()/gzwrite() API inside a DataIO interface.
   18    o Modified CMakeList.txt to avoid policy warnings under Windows.
   19    * Fixed pointer-casting in Windows call to SetWindowLongPtr()
   20    * Fixed a bug where String::WithoutSuffix() and String::WithoutPrefix() 
   21      would spin the CPU if they were passed an empty String as an argument.
   22      Now these methods immediately return (*this) in that case, instead.
   24 7.61 Released 8/5/2020
   25    - Removed MUSCLE's requirement that indexed-child-nodes'
   26      node-names must start with the capital letter I.  Now
   27      any name is acceptable for use as an indexed-child-node.
   28    - Added a new Arg(double, uint32, uint32) overload to the
   29      String class, which can yield better floating-point-to-String
   30      formatting than the standard printf() specifiers provide.
   31    - muscleMin(), muscleMax(), and various other inline functions
   32      in MuscleSupport.h are now tagged as MUSCLE_CONSTEXPR
   33      so that they can be evaluated at compile-time when possible.
   34    o muscleArrayIndexIsValid now returns false if the passed-in
   35      array-pointer is NULL.
   36    * Fixed a warning in the CMakeLists.txt that would occur
   37      on build systems that don't have Qt installed.
   39 7.60 Released 6/25/2020
   40    - Added a "daemonsitter" program to the tests folder, to
   41      demonstrate how to use MUSCLE to babysit a litter of child
   42      processes.
   43    - Added a ChildCountQueryFilter class, for constructing
   44      QueryFilters that take the number of child nodes of
   45      a DataNode into account when deciding on a match.
   46    - Merged in Richard Spindler's addition of CMakeList.txt
   47      files so that the Qt example programs are now built
   48      via cmake when possible, and also so that MUSCLE's
   49      Qt support code is built into a separate qtsupport 
   50      library.
   51    - Added an optional (prepend) argument to the 
   52      AssembleBatchMessage() utility function.
   53    - SimulatedMulticastDataIO now tries to send a test
   54      UDP packet on its UDP socket before committing to
   55      use it.
   56    - Updated server/Makefile to conditionally build for 
   57      Catalyst based on presence of ENABLECATALYST env-var.
   58    - Added a testserverthread.cpp program to the tests
   59      folder to test/demonstrate launching a child thread
   60      that runs its own ReflectServer event loop, and how
   61      the main thread can send Messages to it
   62    - Added a GetEffectiveParameters() convenience method
   63      to the StorageReflectSession class.
   64    o Modified StorageReflectSession::SetDataNode(),
   65      RestoreNodeTreeFromMessage(), and CloneDataNodeSubree()
   66      to take a bit-chord of SETDATANODE_FLAG_* bits rather
   67      than an error-prone list of boolean arguments.
   68    o Added a dummy symbol to GlobalMemoryAllocator.cpp
   69      to avoid a "GlobalMemoryAllocator.o has no symbols" warning
   70    o Modified CMakeLists.txt to use WITH_MUSCLED option instead
   71      of BUILD_MUSCLED environment variable.
   72    o Changed MessageIOGateway's MessageFlattenedCallback's
   73      return type from void to status_t, so that the callback
   74      can affect whether the Message goes out or not.
   76 7.55 Released 5/7/2020
   77    - Rewrote DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession's Windows
   78      and Mac implementation to use a single thread for all
   79      DetectNetworkConfigChangesSessions in the process,
   80      rather than one thread per DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession.
   81    - Added a Python implementation of the BitChord class to
   82      python/bit_chord.py
   83    - Added PutFlat() and GetFlat() convenience methods to the
   84      Python Message class in message.py
   85    - Added SegmentedStringMatcher to the libmuscle.a build.
   86    - Added some experimental support for building libmuscle.a as
   87      a Catalyst-compatible library (see server/Makefile)
   88    - Added GetAndClearBit(), GetAndSetBit() and GetAndToggleBit()
   89      convenience methods to the BitChord class.
   90    - Added a SetErrno(int) function to MuscleSupport.h, to
   91      complement the existing GetErrno() function.
   92    - Added muscleproxy.cpp to the tests sub-folder, as simple
   93      demonstration of how to implement a proxy using MUSCLE.
   94    - Added a MoveIndexEntries() convenience method to the
   95      StorageReflectSession class.
   96    - Added CAddArchiveMessage() and CPrependArchiveMessage()
   97      convenience methods to the Message class.
   98    - Added an optional (maxSegments) argument to the SetPattern()
   99      method of the SegmentedStringMatcher class.
  100    - Added a "Clone Window" button to the qt_muscled_browser GUI.
  101    - Made qt_muscled_browser's stdout output prettier. 
  102    o Modified SendDataUDP() so that when it returns, errno is
  103      still set to the state that the sendto() call set it to.
  104    o Moved the NODE_DEPTH_* enum out of the StorageReflectSession
  105      class and up into muscle-namespace scope, so that it
  106      can be referenced by non-StorageReflectSession code.
  107    * Added a work-around to SimulatedMulticastDataIO for the
  108      occasional MacOS/X bug that causes SendDataUDP() to always
  109      return ENOBUFS on a Wi-Fi device's socket.  This won't fix
  110      the underlying problem in MacOS/X, but it will at least
  111      keep SimulatedMulticastDataIO from spinning a core at 100%
  112      when the fault occurs.
  114 7.54 Released 3/20/2020
  115    - Added a B_ERRNUM(e) macro that works similarly to B_ERRNO, except
  116      it calls strerror() with the passed-in integer value rather than
  117      calling strerror(errno).
  118    - Added a TryLock() method to the Mutex class.
  119    - Added a WithReplacements() method to the String class that takes
  120      a (const Hashtable<String,String> &) argument, for doing multiple
  121      simultaneous search-and-replace operations at one time.
  122    * Fixed the handling of RTM_NEWADDR and RTM_DELADDR messages in the
  123      Linux implementation of DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession.
  124    * Tweaked the Windows #ifdef's in ChildProcessDataIO.cpp per Mika
  125    * Return values of pthreads functions weren't being used correctly
  126      to set status_t results on error.  Fixed.
  128 7.53 Released 2/13/2020
  129    - Added a new FlushOutput() virtual method to the
  130      AbstractMessageIOGateway class, in case a subclass
  131      needs to hook into the gateway's flush-output functionality.
  132    - Added a ParseArgs(const Queue<String> &, Message &, bool) 
  133      convenience-method to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
  134    - hexterm now reports more details about certain network errors.
  135    - Updated the MacOSX/iOS implementation of GetNetworkInterfaceInfos()
  136      to call ioctl(SIOCGIFFUNCTIONALTYPE) to disambiguate the device-type
  137      of a network-interface device.
  138    o Added the MUSCLE_CONSTEXPR tag to the TimeUnitConversionFunctions
  139      so that they can be evaluated at compile time when possible.
  140    o Modified SharedFilterSessionFactory.cpp to treat an all-zeros
  141      shared memory region the same as a non-existent one (so that
  142      we no longer have to delete the memory region just to return the
  143      filter's behavior to its default state)
  144    o Moved the FlushOutput() calls for the gateway classes up into 
  145      AbstractMessageIOGateway::DoOutput() so that it only needs to
  146      be implemented in one place rather than separately in each subclass.
  147    o Modified the gateway classes to fail gracefully if GetDataIO()
  148      returns a NULL reference, instead of dereferencing a NULL pointer.
  149    o Updated the friend-template workaround in Hashtable.h to apply
  150      to all versions of GCC, to avoid having to update the code
  151      every time a new version of GCC comes out with the bug still unfixed.
  153 7.52 Released 11/28/2019
  154    - Enabled bitcode-generation for iOS in the CMakeLists.txt file.
  155    - Added SetSocketCorkAlgorithmEnabled() and GetSocketCorkAlgorithmEnabled()
  156      functions to the NetworkUtilityFunctions API (currently implemented
  157      for Linux, BSD, and MacOS/X)
  158    - TCPSocketDataIO::FlushOutput() now also calls also the new
  159      SetSocketCorkAlgorithmEnabled() function for better efficiency.
  160    o Moved inline code out of TCPSocketDataIO.h, UDPSocketDataIO.h,
  161      ByteBufferDataIO.h, and FileDataIO.h and into corresponding .cpp files.
  162    o Split hexterm's "file=blah" argument into "rfile=blah" and "wfile=blah"
  163      to allow hexterm to also write hex bytes into a file.
  164    o Replaced explicit type-comparisons in message.py with calls to isinstance().
  165    o message.py now tests sys.byteorder to determine the native CPU's endianness
  166    * PlainTextMessageIOGateway wasn't calling FlushOutput() on its DataIO
  167      object at the appropriate times.  Fixed.
  168    * Removed some obsolete backwards-compatibility-with-early-Python-2.x
  169      code from the python3/message.py class.
  170    * Refined the exception-handling in message_transceiver_thread.py
  172 7.51 Released 10/22/2019
  174      compile-time flag and a SetRequestRootAccessForChildProcessEnabled()
  175      method to the ChildProcessDataIO class that will be available
  176      only on MacOS/X and only if the compile-time flag was specified
  177      when compiling MUSCLE.  The new method tells the ChildProcessDataIO
  178      class to launch the child process as a privileged/root-level process
  179      (and causes the OS to prompt for the user's password before allowing that)
  180    - Moved the time-unit-conversion helper-functions into their own
  181      separate header file (util/TimeUnitConversions.h), and implemented
  182      the full matrix of possible unit-conversions within the set of 
  183      supported time-units.
  185 7.50 Released 9/25/2019
  186    - Merged in some iOS-compatibility patches supplied
  187      by Arno Gramatke.  The CMakeLists.txt now does the
  188      right thing for iOS, and several non-iOS-supported
  189      classes (i.e.  DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession
  190      and RS232DataIO) now compile under iOS as dummy/no-op
  191      classes, rather than breaking the build.
  192    - Added a B_ERRNO macro which is similar to B_ERROR, 
  193      except it automatically references the current
  194      errno-string, as returned by strerror(errno).
  195    - Added various status_t error-constants for "common" 
  196      error types, such as B_BAD_ARGUMENT, B_DATA_NOT_FOUND, 
  197      B_OUT_OF_MEMORY, B_FILE_NOT_FOUND, etc.  See 
  198      support/MuscleSupport.h for the full list.
  199    - Added IsOK(status_t &) and IsError(status_t &) methods
  200      to the status_t class, to support short-circuit logic
  201      chains that return an error-description string 
  202      (see test/teststatus.cpp for examples)
  203    - Added a RETURN_OUT_OF_MEMORY macro to formalize the
  204      common "WARN_OUT_OF_MEMORY; return B_OUT_OF_MEMORY;" couplet.
  205    - Merged in Mika Lindqvist's patch for VS2019 and ARM64.
  206    o Instead of an enum/int, the status_t class now holds a
  207      (const char *) containing a human-readable description 
  208      of the error that occurred (or a NULL pointer to indicate 
  209      that the operation succeeded).
  210    o B_ERROR now optionally takes a (const char *) argument
  211      specifying a human-readable error-string describing
  212      the error that occurred.
  213    o Updated the codebase to return more specific status_t
  214      error strings when possible (instead of only B_ERROR).
  215    o Updates the codebase so that LogTime() calls reporting
  216      an error now include the state-string of the relevant 
  217      status_t variable, when applicable.
  218    o The Mutex, SharedMemory, TarFileWriter, and ZLibCodec
  219      classes all now now inherit from NotCopyable.
  220    * Updated the friend-template work-around in Hashtable.h
  221      to include g++ 8.3.x
  222    * Fixed an output-formatting bug in test/readmessages.cpp
  223    * Fixed a bug in test/readmessage.cpp that could cause
  224      readmessage to crash when reading an invalid file.
  226 7.41 Released 8/8/2019
  227    - Added a SwapContents() method to the StringMatcher class,
  228      and also a move-constructor and a move-assignment-operator.
  229    - The CMakeLists.txt file can now take an optional
  230      -DBUILD_MUSCLED=OFF argument, for use-cases where
  231      the user wants only muscle.lib to be built and not muscled.
  232    - The Cloneable interface class now includes logic to verify
  233      that the object returned by Clone() is of the correct
  234      subclass, and will trigger an assertion-failure if it isn't.
  235    - Added a test/testclone unit-test program to test Cloneable.
  236    o Moved AbstractReflectSession::GetTypeName() up into the
  237      ServerComponent superclass, and gave it a default implementation
  238      (based on RTTI) so that it no longer needs to be implemented
  239      manually by every subclass.
  241 7.40 Released 7/23/2019
  242    - Added an AndQueryFilter class, for better ease-of-use.
  243    - Added an  OrQueryFilter class, for better ease-of-use.
  244    - Added a NandQueryFilter class, for better ease-of-use.
  245    - Added a  NorQueryFilter class, for better ease-of-use.
  246    - Added IsKeyLocatedInThisContainer() and
  247      IsValueLocatedInThisContainer() methods to the
  248      Hashtable class (to match the IsItemLocatedInThisContainer()
  249      method already present in the Queue class)
  250    o Renamed the existing AndOrQueryFilter class to 
  251      MinimumThresholdQueryFilter.  This class now serves as the
  252      superclass of the AndQueryFilter and OrQueryFilter classes.
  253    o Renamed the NandNotQueryFilter class to 
  254      MaximumThresholdQueryFilter.  This class now serves as the
  255      superclass of the NandQueryFilter and NorQueryFilter classes.
  256    o Tweaked some #ifdefs so that MUSCLE code can be compiled
  257      to WebAssembly using Emscripten.
  259      build-flag, for easier test-building on systems that aren't
  260      currently supported by the DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession
  261    * Rewrote testqueryfilter.cpp to unit-test the new classes.
  262    * Fixed some compiler-warnings in the included Qt-examples.
  263    * Various style tweakages in response to suggestions generated
  264      by GitHub CodeFactor
  265    * Added the 'class' keyword to a couple of friend-declarations
  266      in SSLSocketDataIO.h, since pre-C++11 compilers require it.
  267    * Fixed a use-after-free bug that could occur when the
  268      Hashtable class's Put() methods needed to allocate a
  269      larger internal array to hold the new item, AND the
  270      passed-in value-argument was a reference to an object
  271      that was located within the Hashtable's old data-array.
  272    * Fixed a bug similar to the above in the Queue class's
  273      AddHead*() and AddTail*() methods.
  275 7.31 Released 7/11/2019
  276    - Updated muscled.cpp and portablereflectclient.cpp so that
  277      either one can specify public or private keys to load.
  278    - Added tests/testhashcodes.cpp, to check the consistency
  279      of CalculateHashCode() and CalculateHashCode64() across
  280      CPU architectures.
  281    o ChildProcessDataIO::ChildProcessReadyToRun() now returns
  282      B_NO_ERROR if the child process should run, or B_ERROR
  283      if the child process should be aborted.
  284    o Modified the Hashtable-templatized-friend workaround to
  285      be active on g++ up to v8.2.0.
  286    * Fixed a bug that could cause the Message class's equality
  287      operator to incorrectly return true in the case where both 
  288      Message objects are semantically the same, but are pointing 
  289      to different (yet identical) binary data-buffers.
  290    * Fixed some errors and omissions in the README.html file.
  292 7.30 Released 6/7/2019
  293    - Added a GetErrno() function to MuscleSupport.h, as a portable 
  294      front-end to either errno or WSAGetLastError(), depending on OS.
  295    - The tests/readmessage.cpp program now inflates zlib-compressed
  296      files, and takes a new optional "sizes" keyword, which, if
  297      specified, will cause the program to print a report of how
  298      many bytes each sub-Message in the file takes up, sorted by
  299      increasing size.
  300    - Added a SetPreSharedKeyLoginInfo() method to the SSLSocketDataIO
  301      class so that it can now support PSK-based authentication.
  302    - Added GetPreSharedKeyUserName() and GetPreSharedKeyPassword()
  303      methods to the SSLSocketDataIO class.
  304    - Added a SetSSLPreSharedKeyLoginInfo() method (and corresponding
  305      GetSSLPreSharedUserName() and GetSSLPreSharedPassword() methods)
  306      to the ReflectServer class.
  307    - Added a SetSSLPreSharedKeyLoginInfo() method to the 
  308      MessageTransceiverThread class.
  309    - Added a SetPrivateKey(const ConstMessageRef &) convenience
  310      method to the SSLSocketDataIO class.
  311    - Modified the ReflectServer class so that any combination
  312      of public, private, and pre-shared keys can be applied to
  313      newly created sessions.
  314    o Hashtable.h was using some C++11-specific syntax that would
  315      cause a warning to be generated when compiling in C++03 mode.  Fixed.
  316    o Added an "if(TARGET muscle) return()" idempotency test to
  317      the CMakeLists.txt file, to avoid potential cmake errors.
  318    o Dropped support for old (pre-1.1.x) versions of OpenSSL
  319      from the SSLSocketDataIO class.
  320    * The CMakeLists.txt now links in the IOKit framework under MacOS/X.
  322 7.21 Released 5/7/2019
  323    - ChildProcessDataIO::LaunchChildProcess() and friends now
  324      take an optional Hashtable<String,String> that, if specified,
  325      will be passed to the child process as environment-variables.
  326    o Reduced sizeof(Hashtable) by 8 bytes, from 64 to 56.
  327    o Queues of very small Item-types (e.g. 1 or 2 bytes per
  328      Item) now automatically get larger ACTUAL_SMALL_QUEUE_SIZE 
  329      values, to take advantage of space that would otherwise be
  330      wasted as padding anyway.
  331    o Added some indentation-style fixes for member-initializers
  333 7.20 Released 4/23/2019
  334    - Added new convenience methods to the Hashtable class:
  335      PutAtFront(), PutAtBack(), PutBefore(), PutBehind(), and
  336      PutAtPosition().  (These are variations of Put() that
  337      allow the caller to simultaneously specify the desired
  338      position of the object in the table's iteration-sequence)
  339    - Added a ParseNumericSuffix() method to the String class.
  340    - The StringTokenizer class no longer performs a heap 
  341      allocation when tokenizing short strings.
  342    - Added ReadFlat(), WriteFlat(), and AppendFlat() methods
  343      to the ByteBuffer class.
  344    - Added a Reposition(const KeyType &) method to the 
  345      OrderedKeysHashtable class.
  346    o Added const-qualifiers to more local variables where appropriate.
  347    o Refactored the Hashtable class's internal sorting 
  348      implementation to reduce the amount of redundant code.
  349    o Moved all of the auto-sort functionality out of the 
  350      HashtableBase class and into an OrderedHashtable subclass that 
  351      OrderedKeysHashtable and OrderedValuesHashtable now derive from.
  352    o Hashtable::SwapContents() no longer swaps the values of the
  353      auto-sort-enabled flag or the auto-sort-cookie value.
  354    o Added some private typedefs to make the Hashtable methods'
  355      implementation code less verbose.
  356    * Some private members of the HashtableBase class had been
  357      declared protected by mistake.  Fixed.
  358    * Fixed a bug in the Hashtable class that could cause a 
  359      HashtableIterator to be updated improperly, if the 
  360      Hashtable was resized during the iteration.
  361    * testhashtable's interactive test manually changed the 
  362      ordering of its OrderedKeysHashtable on startup, breaking
  363      the table's automatic-sort functionality.  Fixed.
  365 7.13 Released 4/6/2019
  366    - Added <, <=, >=, and > operators to the Queue class, to
  367      allow for easy lexicographical comparison of Queues.
  368    o Modified SharedFilterSessionFactory::IsAccessAllowedForIP()
  369      to be non-static, to avoid having to re-open the shared
  370      memory region on every call to the method.
  371    o Added const-qualifiers to local variables where appropriate.
  372    * Added a missing #include directive to DebugTimer.h
  374 7.12 Released 2/5/2019
  375    - Added a AddConstToRef() convenience-function to RefCount.h,
  376      as a counterpart to the existing CastAwayConstFromRef().
  377    - NetworkInterfaceInfo::IsCopperDetected() now returns
  378      meaningful values under Windows.
  379    o Tweaked the code to avoid a few false-positive warnings
  380      from Clang Static Analyzer.
  381    o Removed SSLSocketDataIO.{cpp,h} from the include XCode
  382      project since it is typically not necessary and breaks
  383      the build if OpenSSL isn't installed on the host Mac.
  385 7.11 Released 1/7/2019
  386    o Queue:GetWithDefault() methods that
  387      take a default-value argument (by-reference)
  388      now return their return-value by-value rather
  389      than by-reference, to avoid any possibility
  390      of returning a dangling reference if they
  391      are called with a temporary-object argument.
  392    o Hashtable:Get*WithDefault() methods that
  393      take a default-value argument (by-reference)
  394      now return their return-value by-value rather
  395      than by-reference, to avoid any possibility
  396      of returning a dangling reference if they
  397      are called with a temporary-object argument.
  398    * _MSC_VER was misspelled as MSC_VER in
  399      PseudoFlattenable.h, causing the code to
  400      fail to compile under MSVC2013.  Fixed.
  401    * Fixed a bug in Mutex.h that would prevent
  402      MUSCLE_QT_HAS_THREADS from being correctly
  403      #defined if MUSCLE_AVOID_CPLUSPLUS11 wasn't set.
  404    * Fixed FileDescriptorDataIO.h to compile 
  405      correctly under Windows in the case where it
  406      is the first muscle-include file to be parsed.
  407    * MuscleSupport.h now checks for the presence of
  408      _WIN32 (in addition to __WIN32__, etc)
  409    * Fixed an assertion failure that could be 
  410      triggered inside DeadlockFinder_ProcessEnding()
  411      if MUSCLE_ENABLE_DEADLOCK_FINDER was defined.
  412    * Fixed some warnings generated by clang++ when
  413      -Wshadow is specified on the compile line.
  415 7.10 Released 12/3/2018
  416    - Under C++11 and later, the status_t type is now a
  417      class rather than a simple typedef for int32.  It
  418      is used pretty much the same way as before, except
  419      now it provides better compile-time error-checking.
  420    - Under C++11 and later, the status_t type (and its
  421      values B_OK, B_ERROR, and B_NO_ERROR) are now part
  422      of the muscle namespace.
  423    - Added a WithoutNumericSuffix() convenience method to
  424      the String class.
  425    - The CMakeLists.txt file has been modified so that it
  426      is now usable by CMake 2.8.x and higher.
  427    o Functions in the C APIs have been modified to return
  428      type c_status_t (CB_ERROR or CB_NO_ERROR) rather than
  429      status_t, to avoid ambiguities with the new C++11
  430      version of status_t in mixed C/C++11 programs.
  431    o BitChord::GetNumBitsInBitChord() and friends are now
  432      declared as static/constexpr rather than const methods,
  433      so that they can be called at compile-time now.
  434    o Replaced the MUSCLE_ENABLE_KEEPALIVE_API compile-flag
  435      with a new MUSCLE_DISABLE_KEEPALIVE_API flag (i.e.
  436      so that the socket-keepalive API is now enabled by
  437      default if neither flag is specified)
  438    o DOxygen documentation is now generated with C++11
  439      enabled (before it was documenting the pre-C++11 API)
  440    * In the BitChord class, GetNumBytesInBitChord() and
  441      GetNumWordsInBitChord() were mis-named.  Fixed.
  442    * Fixed a bug that affected MUSCLE subscriptions that 
  443      included a QueryFilter:  If a DataNode matched a 
  444      subscription's node-path string, but its Message-payload
  445      didn't match the QueryFilter's criteria (at the time the 
  446      subscription was created), then future modifications to the 
  447      DataNode would not cause the subscriber to be notified 
  448      even if the updated Message-payload did change to match
  449      the QueryFilter's criteria.
  450    * Modified StorageReflectSession::DoSubscribeRefCallback() to
  451      take its argument via an object-pointer rather than
  452      smuggling an integer delta-value to it inside a (void *).
  454 7.03 Released 9/28/2018
  455    - WarnOutOfMemory() now calls PrintStackTrace() (but not more
  456      often than once every 5 seconds, to avoid spamming)
  457    - BitChord::ClearUnusedBits() is now O(1) when compiled with C++11.
  458    o support/BitChord.h will now fall back to its legacy implementation
  459      if MUSCLE_AVOID_CPLUSPLUS11_BITCHORD is defined.  (This define
  460      will automatically be set if MUSCLE_AVOID_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined)
  461    o Removed unnecessary call to ERR_print_errors_fp() from the
  462      SSLSocketDataIO constructor.
  463    * IPAddress's string-argument-constructor left its fields
  464      uninitialized in the case where SetFromString() failed.  Fixed.
  465    * Fixed a bug in StorageRectSession::DoTraversalAux() that would
  466      cause the node-traversal to skip first node-name specified in 
  467      the second (and later) path-strings in a Message.
  469 7.02 Released 9/7/2018
  470    - Added a function OptimizeMessageForTransmissionToMultipleGateways()
  471      that can be used to greatly reduce a server's RAM usage when it is 
  472      going to send a large Message to multiple clients simultaneously.
  473    - Added a function IsMessageOptimizedForTransmissionToMultipleGateways()
  474      that will return true iff the specified Message has been tagged already.
  475    - Added a GetDistanceTo() method to the String class that 
  476      returns the Levenshtein distance between two Strings.
  477    - Added a GetInitialMemoryUsage() method to the CompleteSystemSystem class.
  478    - Added a GetProcessMemoryUsage() function to MiscUtilityFunctions that
  479      returns the current process's approximate resident heap-size, in bytes.
  480    - Added a CreateConnectedSocketPair() convenience function
  481      to message_transceiver_thread.py.
  482    - Added AdoptRawDataArray() and ReleaseRawDataArray() methods to 
  483      the Queue class, so that a Queue can operate using an 
  484      externally-provided data-array if necessary.
  485    o Replaced some #defines in GlobalMemoryAllocator.h with inline
  486      functions instead, for more robust parsing.
  488 7.01 Released 8/22/2018
  489    - Added a EuclideanModulo() convenience function
  490      to MuscleSupport.h
  491    * Fixed some typos in the C++03 implementation of
  492      BitChord::FromWords() and BitChord::FromBytes()
  493    * Fixed a bug in Hashtable::MoveToPosition() that 
  494      would cause it not to correctly position the target
  495      item when the specified position was in the latter
  496      half of the table's iteration-sequence.
  498 7.00 Released 8/10/2018
  499    - Rewrote the BitChord class to be much more powerful and
  500      easy to use (especially in conjunction with an enum
  501      of flag-names).  The implementation now includes variadic
  502      methods (which are emulated via macros if C++11 isn't
  503      available), a PseudoFlattenable interface, and a number 
  504      of new convenience methods.
  505    - BitChord now implements HashCode() and can therefore be
  506      used as a key-type in a Hashtable.
  507    - BitChord now implements CalculateChecksum().
  508    - BitChord::ToHexString() now returns a constant-length hex
  509      string, instead of returning a string that starts only at
  510      the first non-zero byte.
  511    - Added a testbitchord.cpp test program to the tests folder.
  512    - CleanupDNSLabel() and CleanupDNSPath() now accept an optional
  513      second argument specifying additional characters that the
  514      filter should allow to remain in the returned String.
  515    - Under MacOS/X and BSD, MUSCLE sockets now have the SO_NOSIGPIPE
  516      socket-option automatically set on them, to avoid spurious
  517      SIGPIPE signals while running inside a debugger.
  518    - Updated PythonUtilityFunctions.cpp to be compatible with Python3.
  519    o Rewrote the CHILD_PROCESS_LAUNCH_BITS in the ChildProcessDataIO
  520      class to use a BitChord typedef (ChildProcessLaunchFlags)
  521      instead.  Renamed them to CHILD_PROCESS_LAUNCH_FLAG_*.
  522    o Removed the "inherit file descriptors" member variable and
  523      arguments from the ChildProcessDataIO class and added a
  524      CHILD_PROCESS_LAUNCH_FLAG_INHERIT_FDS flag to replace it.
  525    o Added a (launchFlags) arg to the LaunchIndependentChildProcess()
  526      convenience methods in the ChildProcessDataIO class.
  527    o Changed the DATA_FLAG_* bits of the ByteBuffer class to
  528      an enum, managed by the EndianFlags BitChord typedef.
  529      Renamed them to ENDIAN_FLAG_* for clarity.
  530    o Renamed ByteBuffer::SetDataFlags() to ByteBuffer::SetEndianFlags()
  531    o BitChord is now implemented using uint32 words rather than
  532      unsigned-int words.
  533    o Modified the GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() function to take
  534      a GNIIBits argument instead of a uint32 (and renamed the
  535      GNII_* enums to GNII_FLAG_*)
  536    o Renamed BitChord::GetBit() to BitChord::IsBitSet()
  537    o Removed the inclusion of CoreFoundation/CFRunLoop.h
  538      from DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession.h since having
  539      it there could cause a namespace collision with Apple's
  540      Point class.
  541    o The ARRAYITEMS() templated method (in MuscleSupport.h)
  542      is now declared constexpr under C++11 and higher.
  543    o Moved the declaration of the Void class out of
  544      util/Hashtable.h and into support/Void.h
  545    o Modified the StringMatcher class to use BitChord
  546      instead of a uint8 to hold its internal flags.
  547    o Modified the FilePathInfo class to use BitChord
  548      instead of a uint32 to hold its internal flags.
  549    o Replaced the signal(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN) call inside
  550      NetworkSetupSystem with a less problematic call to
  551      sigaction(SIGPIPE).
  552    o Added some documentation for the BitChord class to
  553      the MUSCLE-by-Example mkdocs pages.
  554    * Updated the Python3 code in the python3 folder to
  555      fix a couple of bugs (caused by code that was correct for 
  556      Python2 but needed to be written differently for Python3)
  558 6.91 Released 7/26/2018
  559    - Added Pete Goodeve's Python3 port of MUSCLE's existing Python2 
  560      files (into the new python3 sub-directory)
  561    - Added a striphextermoutput utility program to the tests folder,
  562      since I'm tired of doing stripping hexterm output by hand.
  563    - hexterm now pays attention when you enter a blank line on stdin,
  564      and takes that as a hint to break up its output into separate
  565      Write() calls (useful when piping striphextermoutput's results
  566      back into hexterm, since otherwise the data for separate UDP
  567      packets could get combined into a single giant UDP packet, which
  568      isn't helpful)
  569    - hexterm now takes an optional "delay" argument; if the argument
  570      is specified (e.g. "delay=100 milliseconds"), then hexterm will
  571      insert a delay of that duration after each call to Write().
  572    - MuscleSupport.h now uses stdint.h and inttypes.h by default as 
  573      the basis for its int8/int16/int32/int64/etc typedefs, rather
  574      than trying to hand-roll them from the built-in C/C++ int/long
  575      types.  If for some reason you can't use that, you can add the 
  576      compiler flag -DMUSCLE_AVOID_STDINT to your command line and
  577      the old approach will be used instead.
  578    - Added SFINAE logic to the CloneObject() function (in Cloneable.h)
  579      so that (on C++11 and later) it now works correctly for objects 
  580      that inherit Cloneable and also concrete objects that do not.
  581    - MuscleSupport.h now uses static_assert() to verify type sizes,
  582      if possible.
  583    - MicroMessage.c and MiniMessage.c now have pseudo-static-asserts
  584      so that they will generate compile-time errors if any of of the
  585      intN typedefs have the wrong size.
  586    - Added PutAndGetKey() convenience methods to the Hashtable class.
  587      (They work the same as PutAndGet(), except they return a pointer
  588      to the key object in the table, rather than the value object)
  589    * Fixed a bug that would cause Ref::Clone() to return a
  590      default-initialized item (rather than a clone of the existing item) 
  591      if it was called on an object being managed by an ObjectPool.
  592    * Fixed a bug that would cause MuscleSupport.h to implicitly
  593      defined MUSCLE_AVOID_CPLUSPLUS11 under MSVC2014/2017.  (I made
  594      the mistake of thinking that Microsoft would set the value of
  595      the __cplusplus macro correctly, but they do not)
  596    * The 32-bit/non-stdint typedefs for int32 and uint32 are now 
  597      based on int (and unsigned int, respectively) rather than
  598      long/unsigned long.
  600 6.90 Released 7/14/2018
  601    - Updated SSLSocketDataIO.cpp to compile against newer
  602      versions of OpenSSL.
  603    - Added GetFirstKeyWithValue() and GetLastKeyWithValue()
  604      convenience methods to the Hashtable class.
  605    - CopyFile() now takes an optional third argument.  The
  606      third argument, if set to true, allows CopyFile() to also 
  607      recursively copy a directory, if the first argument is
  608      the path of a directory.
  609    o The MicroMessage API was designed in such a way that it was
  610      easy to accidentally dereference a misaligned pointer and
  611      invoke undefined behavior.  I redesigned the API so that
  612      misaligned pointers are no longer used or exposed to the
  613      calling code, so that the MicroMessage API can now be used
  614      e.g. on ARM CPUs.
  615    * Fixed MSVC2017 compiler warning in PseudoFlattenable.h.
  616    * Fixed a buffer overflow in test/printsourcelocations.cpp
  617    * The C-based test programs in the test folder (microchatclient,
  618      minichatclient, microreflectclient, and minireflectclient)
  619      weren't handling socket-closed/EOF events correctly.  Fixed.
  620    * Added some code to MiniMessage.c so that data fields will
  621      be longword-aligned even if ((sizeof(MMessageField)%8)!=0)
  622    * MFree() in the MiniMessage API was defined to return (void *)
  623      rather than (void), due to a copy/paste error.  Fixed.
  624    * Updated the MUSCLE_ENABLE_MEMORY_TRACKING implementations of 
  625      MAlloc(), MRealloc(), and MFree() to follow strict-aliasing rules.
  626    * IPAddressAndPort::WithInterfaceIndex() and 
  627      IPAddress::WithInterfaceIndex() can now be called even
  628      when MUSCLE_AVOID_IPV6 is defined.
  630 6.85 Released 5/29/2018
  631    - Added logic to CMakeLists.txt so that if libz isn't
  632      installed on the build-system, it will automatically
  633      fall back to using the captive implementation in zlib/zlib.
  634    * Fixed a number of minor warnings that appeared when 
  635      compiling with clang++ and all warnings enabled.
  636    * Fixed various typos and grammar problems in the MkDocs files.
  637    * Added a sanity-check to Message::Unflatten() so that a
  638      serialized Message with an impossibly-large entries-count
  639      field will error out cleanly, rather than attempt to allocate 
  640      an impossibly-large Hashtable and exhaust the host's RAM.
  642 6.84 Released 5/22/2018
  643    - Added support for a -DMUSCLE_LOG_VERBOSE_SOURCE_LOCATIONS
  644      command-line switch so that the log output can contain
  645      full filename/line-number info, if desired.
  646    - ReflectServer::ServerProcessLoop() will now print warnings
  647      if it sees a session with no writeable socket and an
  648      outgoing Message queue that keeps getting longer and longer.
  649    o Added proper settings to the other build permutations in
  650      the .vcxproj files in the muscle-by-example/examples/vc++14
  651      folder.
  652    * Win32AllocateStdioConsole() no longer attempts to redirect
  653      both stdout and stderr to the same file when a filename is
  654      supplied as its argument (because Windows apparently doesn't
  655      support that).  Instead, a separate xxx_stderr.txt file is
  656      created to hold the stderr output.
  658 6.83 Released 5/3/2018
  659    - Rewrote the String::*IgnoreCase() methods to be more efficient
  660      (they no longer call ToLowerCase()).
  661    - Added Strcasestr() and StrcasestrEx() helper-functions to 
  662      String.{cpp,h}.
  663    - Added a vc++14 sub-directory to the muscle-by-example\examples
  664      folder.  It contains a .sln, .vcxproj files, and a BUILD_ALL.bat
  665      file, so that the "MUSCLE by Example" programs can be built 
  666      using Visual Studio 2015 (or higher).
  667    * Added some missing .c and .cpp files to the the Visual
  668      Studio projects in the vc++14 folder so that the 
  669      muscle-by-example example programs can all link.
  670    o Improved the DOxygen-documentation and code-formatting in
  671      String.{cpp,h} a bit.
  672    o Modified several of the muscle-by-example example programs so 
  673      that they will compile and run even when C++11 support isn't 
  674      enabled.
  675    o The Windows implementation of GetSystemPath() no longer calls
  676      PathRemoveFileSpecA(), which means programs including 
  677      GetSystemPath() will no longer need to link to Shlwapi.lib.
  678    o Added a TimeSetupSystem class (part of CompleteSetupSystem)
  679      so that GetRunTime64() doesn't have to demand-calculate
  680      clock-frequencies on its first call.
  682 6.82 Released 4/25/2018
  683    o test/Makefile-mt no longer tries to compile testreflectsession
  684      except when executing on an OS that testreflectsession supports.
  685    o Did some minor editing and re-arranging of the "MUSCLE by Example" pages.
  686    o Replaced a number of `tags` in the MkDocs with [URLs](...)
  687    o Removed private-inheritance of CountedObject from all the classes
  688      that had it -- now they include a CountedObject private member 
  689      variable instead.  This was done only because all that private 
  690      inheritance was cluttering up the DOxygen inheritance graphs.
  691    o Added a DECLARE_COUNTED_OBJECT macro to CountedObject.h so that
  692      any potential memory-overhead of CountedObjects can be eliminated 
  693      in cases where object-counting is not desired.
  694    o Removed support for the -DMUSCLE_AVOID_OBJECT_COUNTING and added
  695      a -DMUSCLE_ENABLE_OBJECT_COUNTING macro in its place.  (That is,
  696      the CountedObject class is now disabled-by-default and must be
  697      explicitly enabled in order to use it)
  698    o Added "MUSCLE by Example" documentation for MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
  699    * Changed a number of `tags` in the MUSCLE-by-Example MkDocs source
  700      into [urls] so that the methods they mention can be quickly reviewed.
  701    * server/Makefile now specifies libmuscle.a after the main() .o file.
  702    * Fixed some gcc warnings in the tests folder (per Mika's suggestions)
  703    * UnparseFile() wasn't quoting keywords with spaces properly.  Fixed.
  704    * Fixed the dependencies in the "MUSCLE by Example" examples' Makefiles.
  706 6.81 Released 4/11/2018
  707    - Added a "StorageReflectSession Message Types" section
  708      to the "MUSCLE by Example" mkdocs pages
  709    - Added a graphviz diagram to reflectserver.md
  710    - Added an "xcode" sub-directory that contains a muscle.xcodeproj
  711      project that compiles MUSCLE (contributed by Ruurd Adema)
  712    o Added an if-test to TarFileWriter::WriteOctalASCII() to
  713      avoid a spurious warning from gcc under Windows (reported by Mika)
  714    o muscled and admin now link to libmuscle.a instead of directly
  715      to the .o files.
  716    o Changed the first parameter of ConvertReturnValueToMuscleSemantics()
  717      from (int) to (long) in order to avoid compiler warnings.
  718    * Merged in a number of patches from Ruurd Adema that fix compiler
  719      warnings and errors in DOxygen comments.  (Thanks Ruurd!)
  720    * muscle/server/Makefile was inappropriately including muscled.o 
  721      in the libmuscle.a library.  Fixed.
  722    * muscle/server/Makefile was specifying certain build-flags twice.  Fixed.
  723    * Fixed a bug where the new item added by the zero-arguments
  724      versions of Queue::AddTail() and Queue::AddHead() 
  725      was not being reliably default-initialized.
  726    o Added a note to the zero-argument Queue::AddTailAndGet() 
  727      and Queue::AddHeadAndGet() methods' documentation that for
  728      POD ItemTypes, the value they return a pointer to may not 
  729      be in an initialized state.
  731 6.80 Released 4/2/2018
  732    - Added the html/muscle-by-example tour MkDocs-source sub-directory.
  733    - Added ReadFrom() and WriteTo() methods to the PacketDataIO API
  734      (as convenient alternatives to calling SetPacketDestination()
  735      and/or GetSourceOfLastReadPacket())
  736    - PlainTextMessageIOGateway now properly supports packet-based I/O.
  737    - MessageIOGateway, PlainTextMessageIOGateway, and 
  738      RawDataMessageIOGateway all now support a
  739      PR_NAME_PACKET_REMOTE_LOCATION field which can be used to 
  740      determine a UDP packet's source and/or destination when the
  741      gateway is being used in conjunction with a PacketDataIO.
  742    - Added a GetFieldTypeForName(const String &) convenience method to 
  743      the Message class.
  744    - Added an IPAddress(const String &) constructor.
  745    - Added a GetPrettyTypeCodeString() function to Message.h, that returns
  746      a String object (instead of writing into a char[] buf), because really.
  747    - Added the IHostNameResolver interface, and the PutHostNameResolver(),
  748      RemoveHostNameResolver(), and ClearHostNameResolvers() functions,
  749      so that programs can add their own custom back-end functionality 
  750      to the GetHostByName() function if they want to.
  751    - Added a GetHostByNameNative() function that does hostname lookup
  752      without any IHostNameResolver callbacks.
  753    - Added a Set() method to the IPAddressAndPort class.
  754    o Changed UDPSocketDataIO::Write()'s multi-target behavior to
  755      try to send to all targets even if some of the sends fail.
  756    o Moved SeekableDataIO and PacketDataIO subclasses into their
  757      own separate header files.
  758    o Updated test/testudp.cpp to support PlainTextMessageIOGateway also.
  759    * Fixed hexterm.vcproj to include some .cpp files that were missing.
  760    * muscled and libmuscle.a are now compiled without the 
  762      flags, so that libmuscle.a can be used as-is in more projects.
  763    * The PRINT_CALLS_PER_SECOND macro in TimeUtilityFunctions.h was 
  764      broken, and printed more often than it was supposed to.  Fixed.
  765    * Fixed a bug in SysLog.cpp's log-rotator code that could cause
  766      it to delete log-files prematurely under certain circumstances.
  767    * Fixed a bug that could cause Message::FindData(fn, B_ANY_TYPE, ...)
  768      to crash.
  769    * Added a number of additional .cpp files to the libmuscle.a 
  770      file generated in the server folder.
  771    * Fixed an out-of-date comment in StdinDataIO.h
  772    * Half-specified numeric-range clauses in StringMatcher strings
  773      weren't being matched correctly.  Fixed.
  774    * The default value of the (launchBits) argument in some of the
  775      ChildProcessDataIO::System() methods was set incorrectly.  Fixed.
  777 6.72 Released 1/5/2018
  778    - MUSCLE_AVOID_CPLUSPLUS11 will now be #defined automatically
  779      inside MuscleSupport.h if it wasn't explicitly specified AND
  780      the __cplusplus preprocessor token is defined to a value
  781      smaller than 201100.
  782    - Added a muscleClearArray() templated convenience functions to 
  783      MuscleSupport.h
  784    o Fixed a deprecation warning for kSCNetworkInterfaceTypePPTP in
  785      NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp (MacOS/X only)
  786    o AtomicCounter.h and Mutex.h will now use the corresponding 
  787      C++11 APIs in their internal implementation unless 
  788      MUSCLE_AVOID_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined.
  789    o Added logic to detect XCode versions before 8.0 and auto-enable
  791      detected, since XCode's clang++ didn't support the thread_local
  792      keyword before XCode 8.0.
  793    * Fixed compile error in AtomicCounter.h if C++11 was enabled
  794      and also MUSCLE_SINGLE_THREAD_ONLY was defined.
  796 6.71 Released 11/3/2017
  797    - Added a GetFieldType() method to the MessageFieldNameIterator
  798      class, for convenience.
  799    - Added a 'writeToStdout' argument to StdinDataIO's constructor so
  800      that StdinDataIO can optionally Write() data to stdout as well.
  801      (The argument defaults to false, for backwards compatibility)
  802    - SanitySetupSystem now verifies that sizeof(void*)'s value 
  803      corresponds correctly to the presence/absence of the 
  804      MUSCLE_64_BIT_PLATFORM macro, and panics if it doesn't.
  805    - Added constructors to MultiQueryFilter (and its subclasses)
  806      that take a std::initializer_list of child ConstQueryFilterRef's,
  807      for convenience.  (requires C++11 or later to use)
  808    o CMakeLists.txt now includes the files in the dataio subdirectory
  809      as part of muscle.lib (except for SSLSocketDataIO.cpp, to avoid
  810      creating a hard-coded OpenSSL dependency)
  811    o Removed the 32-bit-specific implementation of CalculateHashCode64();
  812      now the 64-bit is used on both 32-bit and 64-bit CPUs so that 
  813      the function will give the same results regardless of platform.
  815 6.70 Released 10/17/2017
  816    - The ReflectServer class, if a DetectNetworkConfigChanges session
  817      is attached to it, will now automatically disconnect any non-local
  818      TCP connections just before the local computer goes to sleep, in
  819      order to avoid saddling any communicating peers with a moribund
  820      TCP connection.  It will reconnect them, if possible, after the
  821      computer re-awakes.
  822    - The DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession constructor now takes
  823      an optional argument indicating whether or not its presence
  824      should enable the behavior described in the previous bullet-point.
  825      Defaults to true, but can be explicitly set false if you don't want
  826      the new behavior for some reason.
  827    - Added a back-end for the Thread class that uses C++11's std::thread
  828    - Added a back-end for the Mutex class that uses C++11's std::recursive_mutex
  829    - Added a back-end for the ThreadLocalStorage class that uses
  830      C++11's thread_local keyword.
  831    - Added a CMakeLists.txt file to the root directory, for those who
  832      prefer to compile a basic MUSCLE library and muscled using cmake
  833      (e.g. "cd muscle; mkdir _build; cd _build; cmake ..; make")
  834    - Added a IsSelfAssigned() convenience method to the IPAddress class.
  835    - Added FindFirstSessionOfType() and FindSessionsOfType() convenience
  836      methods to the ReflectServer class.
  837    o Moved the INetworkConfigChangesTarget interface out of
  838      DetectNetworkConfigChanges.h and into its own separate header file.
  839    o MUSCLE now requires a C++11 compiler by default.  If you want to 
  840      compile MUSCLE using an older (pre-C++11) compiler, you'll need to
  841      explicitly add -DMUSCLE_AVOID_CPLUSPLUS11 to your compile-flags.
  842    o MuscleSupport.h now automatically defines -DMUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11_THREADS
  844      has been defined.
  845    o Checks for -DMUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 have been removed, because
  846      C++11 is now the default compiler level.  C++11-specific code is
  847      now guarded by #ifndef MUSCLE_AVOID_CPLUSPLUS11 instead.
  848    o Removed the "borland" subdirectory since it's obsolete.
  849    o Removed the deprecated SetReflectToSelf() and GetReflectToSelf()
  850      methods from the DumbReflectSession class.
  852 6.62 Released 9/14/2017
  853    o Moved constructor-arguments in the .cpp files to separate lines,
  854      for better diff-ability when they are modified.
  855    o Removed the overrides of String::StartsWith() that took an
  856      offset parameter, since it doesn't really make sense to check
  857      for a prefix with an offset.
  858    o Fixed some warnings flagged by clang++'s -Weverything option
  859    o Lots of miscellaneous Doxygen header-comment fixes and cleanup
  860    o Added a DoxyTemplates.h header file to serve as a repository
  861      of common class-member definitions, to avoid repetitive boilerplate.
  862    o Modified String::operator==() to call memcmp() rather than strcmp()
  863    * Improved portablereflectclient's string parsing a little.
  864    * Added "const" tag to several operators in the IPAddress class 
  865      that were supposed to have it, but didn't.
  867 6.61 Released 7/21/2017
  868    - Added a WithInterfaceIndex() convenience method to the IPAddress
  869      class (for consistency with the IPAddressAndPort class's API)
  870    * Fixed a sign-casting error in ParseHumanReadableSignedTimeIntervalString()
  871      under Windows.  Thanks to Mika Lindqvist for reporting this error.
  872    * Fixed potential crash in GetSystemPath() under MacOS/X.
  873    * Fixed the MCRASH macro to explicitly specify muscle::Crash()
  874      rather than just Crash(), so that it will work when called from
  875      other namespaces. 
  877 6.60 Released 6/22/2017
  878    - Added SetPriority() and GetPriority() methods to the Thread
  879      class, to allow specification of the CPU-priority a Thread
  880      should run at.
  881    - SimulatedMulticastDataIO's unicast-ping-packets now contain
  882      location information about other members of the group, so that
  883      even if some packets get dropped, there is a good chance that
  884      all members will end up knowing about of all other members anyway.
  885    - Added define MUSCLE_CONSTEXPR that expands to constexpr iff
  886      MUSCLE_ENABLE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined, or expands to nothing otherwise.
  887    - Some static methods in IPAddress and IPAddressAndPort are now
  888      tagged with MUSCLE_CONSTEXPR so that they can be evaluated
  889      at compile-time, if necessary.
  890    - Added an optional (roundUp) argument to the 
  891      GetHumanReadableTimeIntervalString() functions.
  892    - Added SetPacketSendDestination() and GetPacketSendDestination()
  893      virtual methods to the DataIO class.
  894    - Added a ProxyDataIO class that passes through all calls
  895      verbatim to its held child DataIO object
  896    o Renamed XorDataIO to XorProxyDataIO, and made it a subclass
  897      of ProxyDataIO.
  898    o Renamed PacketizedDataIO to PacketizedProxyDataIO, and made it 
  899      a subclass of ProxyDataIO.
  900    o Modified the UDPSocketDataIO class to contain the above two
  901      virtual methods instead of SetSendDestination() and 
  902      GetSendDestination()
  903    o Renamed the GetSendDestinations() and SetSendDestinations()
  904      methods in UDPSocketDataIO to SetPacketSentDestinations() and
  905      GetPacketSendDestinations(), respectively.
  906    o Added a GetPacketSendDestination() method implementation to the
  907      SimulatedMulticastDataIO class.
  908    o Removed the GetInternalQThread() virtual method from the
  909      Thread class, since there is now a more general (non-Qt-specific)
  910      mechanism in the Thread class that can be used instead.
  911    o Rewrote SimulatedMulticastDataIO to be simpler and more robust;
  912      in particular it now only creates two UDP sockets instead of four.
  913    o Removed the FailoverDataIO class, since it didn't seem useful.
  914    o Renamed DataIO::GetPacketMaximumSize() to GetMaximuPacketSize()
  915    o Split the DataIO class into separate classes:  DataIO for
  916      basic Read()/Write()-only I/O, SeekableDataIO for file-style
  917      I/O where the current-seek-position can be Seek()'d, and
  918      PacketDataIO for UDP-style packet-based I/O with explicit
  919      source and destination IP addresses.
  920    o Modified the various DataIO subclasses as necessary so that
  921      they now subclass from the appropriate interface.
  923 6.50 Released 6/6/2017
  924    - Added SimulatedMulticastDataIO, which simulates multicast
  925      communication via directed unicast.  Useful for communicating
  926      multicast-style across a WiFi network, where real multicast
  927      communication doesn't work very well.
  928    - hexterm now supports a "wifi" keyword, which if specified along
  929      with the "udp=address:port" argument will replace the basic
  930      UDPSocketDataIO functionality with SimulatedMulticastDataIO,
  931      for testing purposes.
  932    - Added some additional Inflate() and Deflate() methods
  933      to the ZLibCodec class so that it can now write its
  934      output into an existing ByteBuffer object rather than
  935      allocating a new one from the byte-buffer-pool, if desired.
  936    - hexterm now accepts a "verifyspam" argument; if specified,
  937      hexterm will check incoming packets to see if they match
  938      the dummy-data format sent out by hexterm's "spamspersecond"
  939      feature, and if they do not, it will log an error message.
  940    - Added a GetHardwareType() method to the 
  941      NetworkInterfaceInfo class.  This method returns a
  942      NETWORK_INTERFACE_HARDWARE_TYPE_* value indicating what
  943      kind of network interface it is (e.g. Ethernet, WiFi, etc)
  944    - Added a GetNetworkHardwareTypeString() static method to
  945      the NetworkInterfaceInfo class.  This returns a human-readable
  946      string describing the given NETWORK_INTERFACE_HARDWARE_TYPE_*
  947    - Added some MacOS/X-specific utility methods to the String class:
  948      SetFromCFStringRef(), ToCFStringRef(), and a String constructor
  949      method that takes a (const CFStringRef &)
  950    - The ip_address and IPAddressAndPort classes now implement
  951      the PseudoFlattenable interface to allow for easier handling.
  952    o Renamed the ip_address type to IPAddress, and made it a real
  953      class (and not a typedef'd alias for uint32) even when
  954      MUSCLE_AVOID_IPV6 is defined.  ip_address is now a typedef'd
  955      alias to IPAddress, for backwards compatibility with old code.
  956    o The various convenience methods that could be called on an
  957      ip_address object (e.g. IsAddressIPv4(), IsAddressValid(),
  958      IsAddressMulticast(), etc) are now methods in IPAddress instead.
  959    o AtomicCounter now uses std::atomic<int32> internally,
  960      if MUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined.
  961    o PODSwapper and SwapContentsSwapper now check for the
  962      corner-case where the two objects passed in are actually
  963      the same object (and if so, they don't attempt a swap)
  964    o Added a GetSourceOfLastReadPacket() method to the DataIO interface.
  965    o UDPSocketDataIO::GetSourceOfLastReadPacket() is now virtual.
  966    o Moved the ip_address/IPAddress and IPAddressAndPort classes'
  967      declarations out of NetworkUtilityFunctions.h and into IPAddress.h
  968    o Moved the NetworkInterfaceInfo class (and its associated
  969      functions) out of NetworkUtilityFunctions.h and into
  970      NetworkInterfaceInfo.h
  971    * Fixed several places in the codebase that were inappropriately
  972      relying on CFStringGetCStringPtr() to return a non-NULL value, 
  973      when in fact it is documented to return NULL sometimes.
  974    * hexterm now exits gracefully when stdin is closed.
  976 6.42 Released 5/12/2017
  977    - Added SetPerProcessRunTime64Offset() and
  978      GetPerProcessRunTime64Offset() calls, to support
  979      adding an artificial constant to the values returned
  980      by GetRunTime64(), for testing purposes
  981    - Added ParseHumanReadableSignedTimeIntervalString()
  982      and GetHumanReadableSignedTimeIntervalString() functions
  983      to TimeUtilityFunctions.h for better parsing of
  984      time-intervals that might be negative.
  985    - Added some new convenience methods to the Hashtable
  986      class:  GetKeyAtWithDefault(), GetValueAt(), and
  987      GetValueAtWithDefault()
  988    o Modified the signatures of a few API calls (including
  989      MessageIOGateway::UnflattenHeaderAndMessage(), 
  990      DeflateByteBuffer(), InflateByteBuffer, and the
  991      RawDataQueryFilter class) to take a 
  992      (const ConstByteBufferRef &) rather than a 
  993      (const ByteBufferRef &), as they don't ever need to 
  994      modify the referenced ByteBuffer object anyway.
  996 6.41 Released 3/23/2017
  997    - Added ReadAndDeflateAndWrite() and ReadAndInflateAndWrite()
  998      functions to the ZLibUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h} API, and
  999      to the ZLibCodec class, to more easily support inflation/
 1000      deflation of large files without having to load all their
 1001      data into RAM at once.
 1002    - Added Visual Studio 2017 RTM project files, as provided by
 1003      Mika Lindqvist.
 1004    - FileDataIO::GetReadSelectSocket() and GetWriteSelectSocket()
 1005      now return valid ConstSocketRef objects on OS's that do
 1006      support select-ing on a file's file descriptor (read:
 1007      under POSIX-y OS's, but not under Windows)
 1008    - hexterm now supports a file=filename argument, in case
 1009      you want hexterm to read its input bytes from a file.
 1010    * Fixed a number of Doxygen-commenting oversights detected by 
 1011      Alvaro Lopez Ortega's "doxy-coverage" comment-checking tool.
 1012    * Tweaked some of the serialization/deserialization code to be
 1013      more careful about avoiding non-aligned word accesses.
 1014    o Changed the "OUT OF MEMORY" error message produced by
 1016      instead (since these errors can be caused by a corrupted
 1017      heap as well as by actual memory exhaustion)
 1019 6.40 Released 2/10/2017
 1020    - Added templates constructors to the Ref<> and ConstRef<>
 1021      classes so that it is now possible to do implicit 
 1022      upcasting when creating or assigning a Ref or ConstRef
 1023      object (e.g. DataIORef x = TCPSocketDataIORef(y))
 1024    - Added DECLARE_REFTYPES macros to the declarations of all
 1025      classes that are subclasses of RefCountable, for convenience.
 1026    - Integrated Mika Lindqvist's patch to qt_muscled.pro so
 1027      that qt_muscled now includes the necessary zlib files
 1028      under Windows.
 1029    o Removed explicit Ref-type-casting code from a number of 
 1030      locations where it is no longer necessary.
 1032 6.38 Released 1/11/2017
 1033    - Added an Atoxll() function; it is the same as Atoull()
 1034      except that it parses hexadecimal strings into uint64s
 1035      rather than decimal strings.
 1036    - hexterm now allows you to optionally specify a local port 
 1037      number to bind an otherwise transmit-only udp session to 
 1038      (e.g.  "./hexterm udp=" would send to 
 1039      port 5555 but listen for incoming packets on port 6666)
 1040    * Fixed a bug in MessageField::IsEqualTo() that could cause
 1041      two Message objects to be considered equivalent to each
 1042      other when in fact they are different.
 1044 6.37 Released 10/12/2016
 1046      (DataNode *) so that the code will again compile on old
 1047      (3.x) versions of g++ that don't support SFINAE properly.
 1048    - HandleStandardDaemonArgs() now prints out a list of network
 1049      interface information if the command line argument
 1050      "printnetworkinterfaces" is supplied by the user.
 1051    - ParseHexBytes() (and therefore any programs that depend on it,
 1052      such as hexterm) now understands C-style escaped-control-char
 1053      conventions, e.g. \r means carriage-return, \n means newline.
 1054    * Added a work-around for Windows' GetAdaptersAddresses() info
 1055      returning as the broadcast address for an
 1056      IPv4 interface.  GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() will now detect
 1057      when this happens and replace that address with the direct 
 1058      broadcast address for the subnet (e.g. instead.
 1060 6.36 Released 6/24/2016
 1061    - The NetworkInterfaceInfo class now has a GetMACAddress()
 1062      method that will return the 48-bit MAC address associated
 1063      with the interface.
 1064    - udpproxy will now join a UDP socket to its multicast group
 1065      if the provided IP address is a multicast IP address.
 1066    - Added a new function Crash() which does just what it says.
 1067      The MCRASH macro now calls Crash() after it prints a
 1068      stack trace.
 1069    o The POSIX implementation of PrintStackTrace() now calls
 1070      backtrace_symbols_fd() rather than backtrace_symbols(), to
 1071      avoid having to allocate memory when the heap might be corrupted.
 1073 6.35 Released 5/25/2016
 1074    o Revised MessageIOGateway::DoInputImplementation() so that if
 1075      a subclass's override of UnflattenHeaderAndMessage() has retained
 1076      a reference to its scratch-input-buffer, DoInputImplementation()
 1077      will recognize that and refrain from trying to reuse that buffer
 1078      as a place to store subsequent incoming Message data.
 1079    - Added Visual Studio 15 project files (Intel and ARM versions), 
 1080      as provided by Mika Lindqvist.
 1081    * Fixed the MuscleQThreadSocketNotifier constructor so that it 
 1082      will compile in conjunction with Qt 4.x.
 1083    * Merged in some ARM compatibility tweaks from Mika Lindqvist.
 1084    * Suppressed some MSVC type-conversion warnings in SetupSystem.cpp
 1086 6.34 Released 3/14/2016
 1087    - Added GetQThread() accessor methods to the Thread class.  These
 1088      methods are only available when MUSCLE_USE_QT_THREADS is defined.
 1089    - Added support for a new preprocessor flag,
 1091      is defined, the Thread::InternalThreadEntry() will use 
 1092      QThread::exec() as its event loop rather than a simple 
 1093      while(WaitForNextMessageFromOwner()) loop.  This allows for
 1094      better integration with QObjects living inside the thread.
 1095    - Modified the ThreadedInternalSession class in the 
 1096      qt_advanced_example to use a QTimer for its periodic messages
 1098      rather than calling WaitForNextMessageFromOwner(), just as an 
 1099      example of what can be done with better Qt integration.
 1100    o Replaced the Thread class's writable GetInternalSocketSet()
 1101      method with a more user-friendly API, including new methods
 1102      RegisterInternalThreadSocket(), UnregisterInternalThreadSocket(),
 1103      UnregisterAllInternalThreadSockets(), and IsInternalThreadSocketReady().
 1104    o Replaced the Thread class's writable GetOwnerSocketSet()
 1105      method with a more user-friendly API, including new methods
 1106      RegisterOwnerThreadSocket(), UnregisterOwnerThreadSocket(),
 1107      UnregisterAllOwnerThreadSockets(), and IsOwnerThreadSocketReady().
 1108    * Fixed a potential stack overflow in PlainTextMessageIOGateway::
 1109      DoOutputImplementation().
 1110    * Removed some unnecessary "#include <pthread.h>" directives from
 1111      the qt_advanced_example cpp files that were causing the example
 1112      program not to build under Windows.
 1113    * Added an #ifdef around IPAddressAndPort::WithInterfaceIndex()
 1114      so that code will again compile if MUSCLE_AVOID_IPV6 is defined.
 1116 6.33 Released 2/25/2016
 1117    - When MUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined, the Queue class 
 1118      no longer bothers resetting values in its internal array 
 1119      to their default state, if ItemType is a trivial type.
 1120    - When MUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined, the Hashtable class 
 1121      no longer bothers resetting values in its internal array 
 1122      to their default state, if their type (KeyType or ValueType)
 1123      is a trivial type.
 1124    - When MUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined, the SanitySetupSystem
 1125      class constructor now does some basic sanity checks on the
 1126      std::is_trivial() method to make sure it is working as expected.
 1127    - hexterm now prints time-since-previous-received-data whenever
 1128      it prints incoming data, for easier performance checking.
 1129    - Added GetBuildFlags(), PrintBuildFlags() and LogBuildFlags() 
 1130      functions to SystemInfo.h so that it's easy for a MUSCLE-based
 1131      executable to report the preprocessor flags it was built with.
 1132      This can be handy for debugging purposes.
 1133    - muscled now reports its build-flags at startup, if is launched
 1134      with log level "debug" or higher (e.g. "displaylevel=debug").
 1135    - Added a WithInterfaceIndex() convenience method to the
 1136      IPAddressAndPort class.
 1137    - Usage of the DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession class has
 1138      been simplified.  In particular, it is no longer necessary
 1139      to subclass this class in order to use it; instead you can 
 1140      now just have any of your existing session or factory subclasses
 1141      implement the new INetworkConfigChangesTarget interface, and
 1142      the DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession will call their
 1143      INetworkConfigChangesTarget methods when appropriate.
 1144    - The Windows-only "console" command line argument now can take 
 1145      an optional value; e.g. console=foo.txt will cause the program's 
 1146      stdout and stderr output to be redirected to file foo.txt.
 1147    - The Win32AllocateStdioConsole() function now takes an optional 
 1148      argument, as described above.
 1149    - hexterm now looks for a "nojoin" command line argument when a 
 1150      multicast group is specified; if found, it will deliberately
 1151      not join the multicast group (and become a send-only UDP session)
 1152    o DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession::SetEnabled(false) now also
 1153      suppresses calls to ComputerIsAboutSleep() and ComputerJustWokeUp().
 1154    o The DECLARE_REFTYPES macro now specifies the muscle namespace
 1155      explicitly, to make it easier to use from other namespaces.
 1156    * Fixed an underflow bug in LogHexBytes() and friends that would
 1157      cause 4 billion dashes to be printed if the title text was
 1158      too long.
 1159    * hexterm.vcproj now includes the necessary shlwapi.lib dependency
 1161 6.32 Released 12/3/2015
 1162    - Added support for a new compiler flag,
 1164      that makes it easier to track down the cause of
 1165      RefCountable objects not getting freed properly on
 1166      process exit.  See BUILDOPTIONS.TXT for details.
 1167    * Tweaked SetupSystem.cpp so that using it no longer
 1168      requires MiscUtilityFunctions.cpp to be compiled also.
 1169    * The _childProcessCrashed flag is now reset by 
 1170      WaitForChildProcessToExit() only when there is a child
 1171      process handle available to wait on.  That way multiple
 1172      calls to WaitForChildProcessToExit() won't obliterate 
 1173      the child-process-crashed information.
 1174    * Under Windows, the default handled-signals set now
 1175      also includes CTRL_C_EVENT and CTRL_BREAK_EVENT, so
 1176      that when running "muscled.exe catchsignals", these
 1177      keystrokes can also be used to cleanly shut down the
 1178      muscled process. 
 1180 6.31 Released 8/27/2015
 1181    - The ChildProcessDataIO class now has a DidChildProcessCrash()
 1182      method that will return true iff WaitForChildProcessToExit()
 1183      detected that the child process exited due to an unhandled
 1184      signal rather than via a normal process termination.
 1185    * In v6.30, the windows implementation of ChildProcessDataIO  
 1186      would always hide the child process's windows, even in cases 
 1187      where it was desirable for the child process's windows to be
 1188      visible.  To avoid that misbehavior, the child process's windows
 1189      are now hidden only if the CHILD_PROCESS_LAUNCH_BIT_WIN32_HIDE_GUI
 1190      bit is set in the (launchBits) argument.
 1191    * Some of the the Doxygen comments for enumerations in the 
 1192      header files were not formed correctly, so the Doxygen 
 1193      HTML pages would leave them undocumented.  Fixed.
 1194    * Fixed a compiler warning in MessageField::IsEqualTo().
 1196 6.30 Released 8/11/2015
 1197    - The Message class now uses special-case variant logic for fields
 1198      that contain only a single value, so that in the common case
 1199      the allocation of an AbstractDataArray object is avoided.
 1200    - Added a convenience overload of GetMessageFromPool() that 
 1201      takes a ByteBufferRef as its argument.
 1202    * Merged in Mika's patch to fix the _sntprintf_s() calls in
 1203      the Windows implementation of SysLog.cpp.
 1204    * DetectNetworkConfigChanges.cpp would fail to compile under Windows
 1205      under some circumstances, due to unicode-string handling issues. 
 1206      Fixed.
 1207    * Added spaces to *_FORMAT_SPEC tokens in dataio/RS232DataIO.cpp
 1208    * Added missing namespace qualifiers to MCRASH() macro, so that it
 1209      can be called from another namespace.
 1210    * Fixed a bug in the Hashtable class that could cause crashes
 1211      after a call to EnsureSize(0, true).
 1212    * Message::Unflatten() now resizes the Message's entries-Hashtable 
 1213      to be the exact size of the number of entries it will contain.
 1214    * Added some #includes to the gz*.c zlib files so "implicit
 1215      function declaration" warnings are no longer emitted when
 1216      compiling under MacOS/X.
 1217    * Fixed a static-initialization-ordering bug in the ObjectCounterBase
 1218      class that could cause it to try and lock an invalid Mutex during
 1219      process startup or shutdown.
 1220    * Under Windows, use of the ChildProcessDataIO class could cause
 1221      an empty Console window to appear.  That no longer happens.
 1223 6.23 Released 7/7/2015
 1224    - The StringMatcher class now has a IsPatternListOfUniqueValues()
 1225      method that returns true iff the held pattern is a comma-separated
 1226      list of non-wildcarded values.
 1227    o NodePathMatcher::DoTraversalAux() was using a Queue as a cache,
 1228      which could be inefficient due to O(N^2) lookups in certain cases.
 1229      Replaced it with a Hashtable for better performance.
 1230    o Optimized the NodePathMatcher algorithm to be more efficient
 1231      with node-paths that include clauses that are long lists of
 1232      comma-separated node names.
 1233    * SharedFilterSessionFactory.cpp wouldn't compile if -DMUSCLE_AVOID_IPV6
 1234      was specified on the compile line.  Fixed.
 1236 6.22 Released 6/11/2015
 1237    - Added an IsWaitingForEvents() method to ReflectServer class,
 1238      so that a (user-supplied) watchdog thread can observe when the 
 1239      ReflectServer is blocked waiting for I/O vs when it is doing 
 1240      something.
 1241    - Added Mika's vc++14 subdirectory, which contains Visual C++
 1242      project files for Visual Studio 2015.
 1243    - DataNode::GetAncestorNode() now takes an optional second argument
 1244      that tells it what to return if the ancestor node isn't found.
 1245    o Added some more Cygwin/MinGW compatibility changes contributed
 1246      by Mika Lindqvist.
 1247    o Rewrote some of the node-traversal callback methods so that they 
 1248      no longer pass an integer argument by casting it to (void *).
 1249    * Tweaked various files to fix warnings reported by cppcheck 1.69.
 1250    * The stdout-display in qt_muscled wasn't read-only.  Fixed.
 1252 6.21 Released 5/14/2015
 1253    o Merged in Mika Lindqvist's patch to make the StackWalker code
 1254      use less stack space.
 1255    o Merged in Mika Lindqvist's patches for better Cygwin compatibility.
 1256    * Made the StackWalker code a bit more robust.
 1257    * Merged in Mika Lindqvist's patch to the VC++12 projects
 1258      to link debug builds against the MultiThreadedDebug
 1259      run time library rather than the MultiThreaded library.
 1260    * Fixed a couple of const-correctness issues in the StackWalker code.
 1261    o Modified the Windows implementation of GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() 
 1262      to not specify an interface index for IPv6 network device address 
 1263      ::1, as doing so causes UDP-packet-routing problems under Windows 7.
 1265 6.20 Released 4/20/2015
 1266    - Added a new sub-folder besupport/admin_gui.  It contains 
 1267      Fredrik Modéen's GUI shell for more easily running muscled 
 1268      under BeOS or Haiku.
 1269    - Added new MUSCLE-specific versions of some potentially-insecure
 1270      (per Microsoft) C functions to MuscleSupport.h:  muscleFopen(),
 1271      muscleStrcpy(), muscleStrncpy(), muscleSprintf(), and 
 1272      muscleSnprintf().  These get expanded out to the appropriate 
 1273      system-specific equivalent, so that e.g. under Windows we can 
 1274      use the CRT-secure Windows-only equivalents, while not having 
 1275      to put #ifdefs all over the code to keep it compiling elsewhere.
 1276    - Added Visual C++ 2013 project files, courtesy of Mika Lindqvist
 1277      (in the new "vc++12" subfolder)
 1278    o Renamed the vc++ subfolder to vc++8 to make it more obvious
 1279      that the project files it contains are for Visual Studio 2008.
 1280    o MUSCLE classes that should not be subclasses are now tagged
 1281      with the MUSCLE_FINAL_CLASS keyword so that when compiled 
 1282      with -DMUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 the compiler will produce a
 1283      compile-time error if they are subclassed.
 1284    o Modified the QueueGatewayMessageReceiver and StringMatcherQueue
 1285      classes to no longer subclass from the Queue class, since
 1286      subclassing from Queue is no longer allowed.  Instead, they
 1287      now include a Queue object as a member variable and provide
 1288      accessors to that object.
 1289    o Modified the ObjectPool class to no longer subclass the 
 1290      ObjectNode internal class from the templated-type, since 
 1291      the templated-type might now be marked as "final".
 1292    o Replaced various of the aforementioned calls with their
 1293      muscle*() equivalents in the codebase.
 1294    o Merged in some patches contributed by Mika Linqvist to avoid
 1295      CRT security warnings when compiling under MSVC 2013.
 1296    o Removed all calls to strcat() and strncat(), as their string
 1297      truncation semantics are too difficult for me to reason about
 1298      reliably.  The rewritten code is also generally more efficient.
 1299    o Modified DefaultFileLogger::CloseLogFile() to reduce its 
 1300      stack usage.
 1301    o Modified GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() to not specify an interface
 1302      index for IPv6 network device address ::1, as doing so causes 
 1303      UDP-packet-routing problems under MacOS/X.
 1304    * Fixed a const-correctness problem in ConvertMessages.cpp.
 1305    * Removed a compiler warning (from SysLog.cpp) about 
 1306      GetVersionA() not working usefully under Windows 8 and higher.
 1307    * Applied Mika Lindqvist's patch to fix some potential 
 1308      memory leaks in regcomp.c
 1309    * Applied Mika Lindqvist's patch to make the Windows 
 1310      "StackWalker" stack-trace-generation routine Unicode-compliant.
 1312 6.12 Released 4/6/2015
 1313    - The Python message_transceiver_thread class will now
 1314      fall back to connecting via IPv4 if the supplied hostname
 1315      cannot be expanded to an IPv6 address (and vice versa).
 1316    o Added a NotCopyable base class to various classes 
 1317      (Socket, DataNode, AbstractReflectSession, etc) so that
 1318      the compiler will verify that they are not being copied.
 1319    o The StringMatcher class now interprets any simple wildcard
 1320      string starting with a backtick character (`) as indicating
 1321      a non-simple regex string.  That way it is possible to use
 1322      the standard regex functionality, if desired, in contexts
 1323      that otherwise provide no way to indicate that a string
 1324      is meant to be a full regex string and not a simple wildcard
 1325      string (e.g. in MUSCLE subscription strings)
 1326    o Tweaked the codebase to get rid of a number of style 
 1327      problems and minor errors that were reported by cppcheck.
 1328    * Added a patch to the captive regex library to fix a 
 1329      potential int32-overrun in regcomp().  Thanks to Mika
 1330      Lindqvist for supplying me with the patch.
 1331    * Merged in some patches from Mika Lindqvist to avoid 
 1332      some warnings when compiling in a 64-bit environment.
 1334 6.11 Released 2/2/2015
 1335    - When compiled under Windows, SetupSystem.cpp now contains
 1336      #pragma commands so that necessary Windows-libraries will
 1337      be automatically linked in.  This means the user no longer
 1338      has to spend time chasing down so many linker errors when 
 1339      setting up a new project file.
 1340    o MutexGuard's argument is now a const reference, since 
 1341      Mutex::Lock() and Mutex::Unlock() are const methods.
 1342    o Removed AbstractReflectSession::GetDefaultHostName()
 1343      and replaced it with a new method named
 1344      AbstractReflectSession::GenerateHostName().  The new
 1345      method lets the session subclass choose a custom 
 1346      hostname for the session even if the IP address 
 1347      determination didn't fail.
 1348    o Added some private/unimplemented method overloads for
 1349      MessageTransceiverThread::AddNewConnectSession() and
 1350      QMessageTransceiverHandler::SetupAsNewConnectSession()
 1351      so that if the caller tries to call these methods
 1352      with timeout-values but forgets to include the
 1353      (expandLocalhost) argument, the error will be caught
 1354      at compile-time rather than causing unexpected run-time
 1355      behavior.
 1357 6.10 Released 12/12/2014
 1358    - The DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession class now has
 1359      ComputerIsAboutToSleep() and ComputerJustWokeUp() 
 1360      callback methods that are called at the times indicated
 1361      by their names.  Currently this functionality is 
 1362      implemented only under MacOS/X and Windows.
 1363    o Added work-arounds for gcc-3.x SFINAE incompatibilities
 1364      to MuscleSupport.h
 1365    o Updated the muscle.dox file using doxygen -u so that
 1366      it is now up-to-date (as of Doxygen 1.8.8)
 1367    * If a string like "for 10 seconds" was passed to 
 1368      ParseHumanReadableTimeIntervalString(), the "for"
 1369      prefix would cause the returned value to be twice
 1370      what it was expected to be.  Fixed.
 1372 6.09 Released 11/3/2014
 1373    - Added a (preferIPv6) argument to GetHostByName().  If
 1374      left as true (the default value), GetHostByName() will 
 1375      prefer to return an IPv6 address over an IPv4 address.
 1377      compiler-flag into GlobalMemoryAllocator.cpp.  When this
 1378      flag is set to a value (in bytes), any memory allocations
 1379      greater than the value will result in a message and a stack
 1380      trace being printed to stdout.
 1381    - When MUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined, the PODHashFunctor
 1382      class will provoke a compile-time error if the program tries to
 1383      use a struct or class as a KeyType in a Hashtable and the
 1384      struct/class does not have a "uint32 HashCode const" method 
 1385      defined.  (Previously the code would compile without error, and 
 1386      then hashing errors would occur at runtime due to the object's
 1387      padding bytes being uninitialized)
 1388    * The MCRASH() macro now calls abort() rather than assert(false),
 1389      so that a crash will actually occur, even if the code was
 1390      compiled with -DNDEBUG.
 1391    o The Windows implementation of MCRASH() now calls RaiseException(),
 1392      so that the crash will behave more like an actual caused-by-a-bug
 1393      crash (in particular, a Windows Structured Exception will be raised)
 1394    o Updated SendDataUDP() to work around a "feature" in OS/X 10.10 (aka 
 1395      Yosemite) that causes setsockopt(fd, IPPROTO_IPV6, IPV6_MULTICAST_IF) 
 1396      to fail when setting the socket's interface-index value back to 0.
 1398 6.08 Released 10/10/2014
 1399    - Added a ShrinkToFit() convenience method to the Queue,
 1400      Hashtable, and String classes.  This method shrinks the
 1401      object so that the amount of memory it has allocated internally
 1402      matches the size of the data it is actually holding.
 1403    - Hashtable::EnsureSize() and Queue::EnsureSize() now take an optional 
 1404      (allowShrink) argument, that (if set to true) allows the object's
 1405      internally-allocated array to be reallocated smaller if it is larger 
 1406      than necessary.
 1407    o Tweaked the buffer-expansion behavior of the String class to 
 1408      be a bit more efficient.
 1409    * Added a guard against a potential infinite recursion that
 1410      could occur while logging an "OUT OF MEMORY" error after
 1411      a memory allocation failure, if a LogCallback tried to
 1412      allocate memory.
 1414 6.07 Released 9/18/2014
 1415    - Added a GlobalPrintRecyclersToStream() method to the 
 1416      AbstractObjectRecycler class, for better debugging and
 1417      analysis of the ObjectPool's memory usage.
 1418    - Added an abstract PrintToStream() method to the 
 1419      AbstactObjectRecycler class, and a concrete implementation
 1420      of that method to the ObjectPool and ThreadPool classes.
 1421    - Added a testobjectpool.cpp test program to the tests
 1422      folder, as a quick sanity check for the ObjectPool class.
 1423    - Java performance improvement from Bryan Varner: Switched to a 
 1424      direct byte buffer, which is allocated by the OS outside of 
 1425      the GC's managed space.
 1426    - Java performance improvement from Bryan Varner: Scoped the 
 1427      receiving byte buffer to the receiver, which cut down on a 
 1428      lot of time spent allocating short-lived buffers.
 1429    - Java performance improvement from Bryan Varner: Added a 
 1430      constructor for the MessageReceiver to allocate it's buffer 
 1431      to the same size as the sockets underlying buffer and made 
 1432      use of the call where possible.
 1433    - Added a GetObjectClassName() method to the ObjectPool class.
 1434    - The GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() function now supports a new
 1435      bit named GNII_INCLUDE_UNADDRESSED_INTERFACES, which tells
 1436      it to return even network interfaces with no IP address.
 1437    - The default value of the (includeBits) argument to 
 1438      GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() is now GNII_INCLUDE_ALL_ADDRESSED_INTERFACES
 1439      rather than GNII_INCLUDE_ALL_INTERFACES, to reflect the nuance
 1440      that was added above; the default behavior is unchanged, though.
 1441    - When -DMUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined, muscleMin() and
 1442      muscleMax() now use variadic templates so that they can
 1443      accept any number of arguments (rather than just up to five).
 1444    o Java fix from Bryan Varner:  Updated the handling code for 
 1445      NotEnoughDataExceptions to no longer rely on the position of 
 1446      the buffer (but rather look at the buffer limit, or the amount 
 1447      previously read into the buffer) -- which basically makes the 
 1448      above change unnecessary, but I'm paranoid.
 1449    o Changed the Message, Queue, Hashtable, and String classes so 
 1450      that when they are set equal to an empty/default object, they 
 1451      now free any large dynamically-allocated buffer they may be holding.  
 1452      This avoids excessive memory usage by objects that have been 
 1453      returned to an ObjectPool after being used to hold large amounts 
 1454      of data.
 1455    o Modified muscleMin(), muscleMax(), muscleSgn(), muscleClamp(),
 1456      and musclAbs() to take arguments and return by value rather 
 1457      than by const-reference.
 1458    * Java fix from Bryan Varner:  Fixed a bug causing communication 
 1459      failures in the NIO message unflattening.
 1460    * Java fix from Bryan Varner:  Prior to throwing a 
 1461      NotEnoughDataException the position of the buffer wasn't 
 1462      being updated in MessageIOGateway and JZLibMessageIOGateway.
 1464 6.06 Released 8/15/2014
 1465    - ParseHumanReadableTimeIntervalString() can now parse strings
 1466      where only the time-unit is specified.  (e.g. "second" now
 1467      returns 1000000)
 1468    - Added GetInternalThreadPulseTime(), InternalThreadPulse(),
 1469      WriteToMainThread(), and ShutdownInternalThread() methods 
 1470      to the AsyncDataIO class, so that it can be subclassed for
 1471      use in impersonating a "live" socket, using test data 
 1472      internally generated inside its I/O thread.
 1473    o Added code to testbytebuffer.cpp, so that if a filename is
 1474      passed as an argument, the contents of the specified file 
 1475      will be printed to stdout in annotated-hex format.
 1476    o Added support for a -DMUSCLE_AVOID_XENOMAI flag, to be used
 1477      when compiling with -DTARGET_PLATFORM_XENOMAI but we don't
 1478      want MUSCLE to use Xenomai anyway.
 1479    * Merged in Augustin Cavalier's patch to get MUSCLE to
 1480      compile again under Haiku.
 1481    * Modified the Queue code to avoid a static-analyizer warning.
 1482    * Fixed a valgrind hit in AbstractReflectSession::Reconnect().
 1483    * Fixed a bug in AsyncDataIO that would cause it to hang
 1484      when being shut down.
 1485    * Fixed a bug that could cause a QueryFilter's replacement
 1486      ConstMessageRef object to be ignored in certain circumstances.
 1488 6.05 Released 6/27/2014
 1489    - Upgraded the captive zlib implementation to v1.2.8.
 1490    o Moved public repository from FreeCode to GitHub, because
 1491      FreeCode no longer accepts release announcements.
 1492    o Renamed LICENSE.txt to LICENSE, since that's how GitHub
 1493      likes the license file to be named.
 1494    * Merged in Mika Lindqvist's patch to avoid some truncation
 1495      warnings for strlen() calls under 64-bit Visual C++.
 1497 6.04 Released 6/11/2014
 1498    - Added a public GetParametersConst() method to the 
 1499      StorageReflectSession, for easier debugging.
 1500    * Fixed a bug that prevented the PR_COMMAND_REMOVEPARAMETERS 
 1501      handler from removing parameters that had escaped wildcard
 1502      characters in their names.
 1504 6.03 Released 6/2/2014
 1505    - Added a convenience method muscleArrayIndexIsValid() that
 1506      returns true iff the specified numeric index is a valid index
 1507      into the specified array.
 1508    - Added a CloseCurrentLogFile() function that can be used to
 1509      force the file-logger to close any log file that it currently
 1510      has open.
 1511    - Added a SetSendDestinations() method to the UDPSocketDataIO
 1512      class, for convenience.
 1513    - The Launch*() and System*() methods in the ChildProcessDataIO
 1514      class now take an optional directory-path argument so that you 
 1515      can specify the current working directory of the child process.
 1516    - Added move-constructors and move-assignment operators to the
 1517      Ref and ConstRef classes (available only when 
 1518      MUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined, of course).
 1519    - Added a Reset() method to the PointerAndBool class.
 1520    - Added a SwapContents() method to the PointerAndBool class.
 1521    - Added RemoveHeadMulti() and RemoveTailMulti() convenience
 1522      methods to the Queue class.
 1523    o Queue::GetArrayPointer() now makes sure to set (retLength)
 1524      to 0 when it returns NULL.
 1525    * Under Windows, GetConstSocketRefFromPool() now automatically
 1526      sets the don't-inherit flag on any sockets passed to it.  This
 1527      avoids problems caused by child processes unintentionally holding
 1528      sockets connections open in the parent process.
 1529    * Fixed a bug in Queue::EnsureSizeAux() that would cause a 
 1530      bogus extra item to be added to the end of the Queue if the 
 1531      (setNumItems) argument was set to true.
 1532    * The MacOS/X implementation of DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession
 1533      would fail to notify its calling code about a changed network 
 1534      configuration if the network change did not include any
 1535      IP address changes.  Now it does provide a notification
 1536      for that scenario as well.
 1538 6.02 Released 4/2/2014
 1539    - Added optional (addHeaderBytes) and (addFooterBytes) arguments
 1540      to the DeflateByteBuffer() utility functions.
 1541    - Added an implementation of GetByteBufferFromPool() that takes
 1542      a DataIO as an argument, for easy reading in of files, etc.
 1543    - Added a NybbleizeData() implementation that takes a pointer
 1544      and length argument rather than a ByteBuffer object.
 1545    - Added an AreKeySetsEqual() convenience method to the Hashtable
 1546      class.  This method checks for equal key-sets while ignoring
 1547      the values in the two Hashtables.
 1548    - Added WithoutPrefixIgnoreCase() and WithoutSuffixIgnoreCase()
 1549      convenience methods to the String class.
 1550    - Added some missing convenience overloads for HexBytesToString().
 1551    - CanWildcardStringMatchMultipleValues() now ignores dashes in the
 1552      string, since they only have meaning when enclosed in brackets --
 1553      and if there are brackets in the string, those will be sufficient
 1554      to cause CanWildcardStringMatchMultipleValues() to return true.
 1555    o Renamed CanRegexStringMatchMultipleValues() to 
 1556      CanWildcardStringMatchMultipleValues(), as it is really examining
 1557      the simplified wild-card syntax and not the official regex 
 1558      syntax.
 1559    o Several locations that were calling HasRegexTokens() to decide
 1560      if it was worth doing pattern-matching with a key-string now
 1561      call CanWildcardStringMatchMultipleValues() instead.
 1562    o DataNode::Reset() now deletes any metadata structures the
 1563      DataNode may have accumulated, rather than simply clearing them.
 1564      This saves RAM, and also ensures that recycled DataNodes will
 1565      act exactly the same as newly created ones.
 1566    * The MemMem() function did not return correct results in all
 1567      cases.  Rewrote it to work correctly.
 1569 6.01 Released 1/7/2014
 1570    - Added a PrependWord() convenience method to the String class.
 1571    - Added WithReplacements() convenience methods to the String class.
 1572    - Added a SetExplicitDelayMicros() method to the 
 1573      DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession class.
 1574    - Added a IsCopperDetected() method to the NetworkInterfaceInfo
 1575      class, so that code can tell whether or not a Ethernet jack
 1576      has a cable plugged in to it.
 1577    - Added a "quietsend" argument to hexterm.
 1578    o The NetworkInterfacesChanged() virtual method
 1579      in the DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession class
 1580      has been changed to take an argument that calls out 
 1581      which network interfaces in particular have changed.  
 1582      This functionality is currently only implemented under 
 1583      Linux, MacOS/X and Windows.  For other OS's the 
 1584      argument will always be an empty list.
 1585    * Fixed a bug in the Linux implementation of
 1586      DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession that could cause
 1587      a segmentation fault if recvmsg() returned an error
 1588      (e.g. due to a signal being received).
 1590 6.00 Released 10/14/2013
 1591    - Rewrote the SSLSocketDataIO class to work better
 1592      with non-blocking I/O (in conjunction with the
 1593      new SSLSocketAdapterGateway class).
 1594    - Added implementations of SSLSocketDataIO::SetPrivateKey()
 1595      and SSLSocketDataIO::SetCertificate() that take a 
 1596      ByteBuffer as an argument.
 1597    - Added an SSLSocketAdapterGateway class that is used
 1598      to manage OpenSSL's internal state machine when using
 1599      an SSLSocketDataIO class with your gateway.
 1600    - Added SetSSLPrivateKey() and GetSSLPrivateKey() methods
 1601      to the ReflectServer class, for easier enabling of SSL 
 1602      authentication on all incoming TCP connections.  These 
 1603      methods are available iff MUSCLE_ENABLE_SSL is defined.
 1604    - Added SetSSLPublicKeyCertificate() and GetSSLPublicKeyCertificate()
 1605      methods to the ReflectServer class, for easier enabling
 1606      of SSL authentication on outgoing TCP connections.  These
 1607      methods are available iff MUSCLE_ENABLE_SSL is defined.
 1608    - Added SetSSLPrivateKey() and SetSSLPublicKeyCertificate()
 1609      methods to the MessageTransceiverThread class, for easier
 1610      enabling of SSL functionality when using threaded I/O. 
 1611    - Added an ssl_data folder with some info on generating
 1612      OpenSSL public/private keypairs, and an example keypair
 1613      for use in testing OpenSSL.
 1614    - When MUSCLE_ENABLE_SSL is defined, muscled now accepts
 1615      an optional 'privatekey=filename' argument.  When specified,
 1616      SSL mode will be enabled and muscled will only accept incoming
 1617      TCP connections that present public keys that match this
 1618      private key/certificate.
 1619    - When MUSCLE_ENABLE_SSL is defined, portablereflectclient
 1620      and qt_example will now accept an optional 
 1621      'publickey=filename' argument.  When specified, SSL mode
 1622      will be enabled and these clients will connect to muscled
 1623      using OpenSSL and present this file as their credentials.
 1624    - Added an "Animate" checkbox to the qt_example demo.
 1625      Checking it causes the window to move its indicator around
 1626      automatically.  This is fun and also useful if you want to
 1627      test a scenario where multiple clients are generating traffic
 1628      simultaneously.
 1629    - Made the qt_example demo prettier.
 1630    - Renamed the C++11-helper macros in Hashtable.h and Queue.h
 1631      to make them less likely to collide with other packages' macros.
 1632    * Fixed some minor errors in the SSLSocketDataIO class.
 1633    o Renamed SSLSocketDataIO::SetKey() to SetPrivateKey().
 1634    o Renamed SSLSocketDataIO::SetCertificate() to
 1635      SetPublicKeyCertificate().
 1636    o AbstractMessageIOGateway::SetDataIO() is now a virtual
 1637      method.
 1639 5.92 Released 9/20/2013
 1640    - Improved support for C++11 move-semantics in the
 1641      Queue and Hashtable classes (enabled only when
 1642      -DMUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined)
 1643    - Added some instrumentation to the String class so
 1644      I can watch how many times a String object is copied, moved,
 1645      etc (enabled only when -DMUSCLE_COUNT_STRING_COPY_OPERATIONS
 1646      is defined)
 1647    - Added a PrintAndClearStringCopyCounts() function which
 1648      will print out the String-operation data collected above.
 1649    - Added some SFINAE magic to muscleSwap() so that it will
 1650      swap by calling SwapContents() when possible, rather than
 1651      by copying to a temporary object.
 1652    - Added an initializer-list constructor and overload of
 1653      AddTailMulti() to the Queue class (available only when
 1654      -DMUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is defined, of course)
 1655    o Renamed the Queue and array overloads of Queue::AddTail() 
 1656      to AddTailMulti(), to avoid conflicts with the new C++11 
 1657      template parsing support.
 1658    o Renamed the Queue and array overloads of Queue::AddHead() 
 1659      to AddHeadMulti(), to avoid conflicts with the new C++11 
 1660      template parsing support.
 1661    o Replaced MCRASH_IMPL macro with a call to assert(false).
 1662    * A little more Android-compatibility tweakage.
 1663    * Many of the programs in the tests folder weren't compiling
 1664      under C++11.  Fixed.
 1665    * Fixed several potential bugs that were detected by clang's
 1666      static analysis tool.
 1668 5.91 Released 9/2/2013
 1669    - Added EnsureCanPut() convenience method to the Hashtable class.
 1670    - Added EnsureCanAdd() convenience method to the Queue class.
 1671    o Changed DoMutexAtomicIncrement() to be an inline function to
 1672      make calling it more efficient. 
 1673    * Changed QMessageTransceiverThread and QAcceptSocketsThread to
 1674      call QCoreApplication::postEvent() rather than 
 1675      QApplication::postEvent(), to allow for non-GUI Qt apps.
 1676    * Updated the Beginner's Guide document to reflect MUSCLE's
 1677      improved UDP support.
 1678    * Merged in some Android compatibility changes provided by
 1679      Jean-François Mullet.
 1681      flag would cause MUSCLE to crash on startup due to an
 1682      order-of-operations issue.  This has been fixed now.
 1684      was previously only used if no other implementation of
 1685      AtomicCounter was available.  Now the flag has higher
 1686      precedence, so setting the flag means that Mutexes will 
 1687      be used, even if another (more efficient) mechanism is 
 1688      available.
 1690 5.90 Released 8/6/2013
 1691    - Added a GetPacketMaximumSize() method to the DataIO class
 1692      to allow gateway code to more intelligently handle UDP-style
 1693      packetized communication.
 1694    - MessageIOGateway now works usefully in conjunction with 
 1695      UDPSocketDataIO.
 1696    - Added CreateObjectFromArchiveMessage() templated functions
 1697      to Message.h, to serve as a restoring-side counterpart to 
 1698      GetArchiveMessageFromPool(), etc.
 1699    - AtomicCounter::AtomicIncrement() now returns a boolean
 1700      (true iff the new counter value is equal to one).
 1701    - Modified the HashtableIterator class so that read-only
 1702      Hashtable iterations are now thread-safe even if the 
 1703      HTIT_FLAG_NOREGISTER flag isn't specified.
 1704    - Added a muscle_thread_id class to SetupSystem.h, to
 1705      properly represent a thread ID in an 
 1706      implementation-neutral fashion.
 1707    - Added a "deadlock" program to the tests folder.  This
 1708      program deliberately risks creating a deadlock, as a way
 1709      to exercise/demonstrate the deadlockfinder test.
 1711      command line flag, for those who would rather avoid the
 1712      overhead of automatic thread safety and promise to supply 
 1713      HTIT_FLAG_NOREGISTER arguments by hand where necessary.
 1714    - Added an optional LRU lookup cache to the GetHostByName()
 1715      function, so that it can return more quickly when the same
 1716      hostnames are getting resolved over and over again.
 1717    - Added a SetHostNameCacheSettings() function that enables   
 1718      and adjusts the LRU lookup cache in GetHostByName().
 1719    - Added support for "dnscache" and "dnscachesize" command
 1720      line arguments in HandleStandardDaemonArgs(), to allow
 1721      command-line specification of the LRU lookup cache's behavior.
 1722    o Modified the Hashtable class so that the _iterHead, _iterTail,
 1723      and _freeHead member values are now uint32s rather than
 1724      pointers, to reduce memory usage.
 1725    o Removed the ThreadLocalStorage::SetFreeHeldObjectsOnExit()
 1726      method, and added a boolean argument to its constructor
 1727      instead, since pthreads don't allow you to change that
 1728      setting after pthread_key_create() has been called.
 1729    o Moved GetCurrentThreadID() into the muscle_thread_id class
 1730      as a static member function, and changed it to return
 1731      a muscle_thread_id object rather than unsigned long.
 1732    o Changed the default hostname for sessions without a known
 1733      IP address from "<unknown>" to "_unknown_", as the angle
 1734      brackets in the former string have a special meaning as of
 1735      the 5.84 release, and that could interfere with node-path
 1736      matching in unintended ways.
 1737    o The CalculateChecksum() methods in Message.cpp have been
 1738      modified to be more robust in detecting data transposition
 1739      differences.
 1740    o Removed the MUSCLE_USE_QT_FOR_ATOMIC_OPERATIONS support
 1741      from AtomicCounter.h, since Qt's QAtomicInt class doesn't
 1742      support the functionality that the AtomicIncrement()
 1743      method's new return value requires.
 1744    o Removed MessageIOGateway::FlattenMessage() and 
 1745      MessageIOGateway::UnflattenMessage().  Added in their
 1746      place:  MessageIOGateway::FlattenHeaderAndMessage()
 1747      and MessageIOGateway::UnflattenHeaderAndMessage().
 1748      These new methods deal with both the header bytes and
 1749      the Message body at the same time.
 1750    o Added a udpproxy.vcproj file to the tests folder, to 
 1751      help compile udpproxy under Windows.
 1752    o Message:Flatten() now iterates over the fields in the
 1753      Message once, instead of twice.
 1754    o GetCurrentThreadID() is now an inline function, since
 1755      it may now get called often by HashtableIterator.
 1756    o Modified the deadlockfinder code to use Queues instead
 1757      of Hashtables, since muscle_thread_id can't be used
 1758      as a Hashtable key type anymore.
 1759    * Fixed testudp.cpp to properly use a MessageIOGateway
 1760      for its UDP communication.
 1761    * Tweaked the ifdefs in FilePathInfo.cpp a bit more so that
 1762      statInfo.st_birthtimespec won't be accessed when using
 1763      MacOS/X SDKs that don't provide it.
 1764    * MessageDataIOGateway no longer tries to Unflatten a
 1765      Message from a zlib-deflated data buffer that it was 
 1766      unable re-inflate.
 1767    * Fixed a bug in SendDataUDP() that could cause SendDataUDP()
 1768      to incorrectly return an error when sending to a multicast
 1769      address using non-blocking mode, and the output buffer was
 1770      full.
 1772 5.85 Released 7/2/2013
 1773    - Added LogTime(MUSCLE_LOG_DEBUG) calls to all the error paths 
 1774      in MessageIOGateway::DoInputImplementation() and 
 1775      Message::Unflatten(), so that it's easier to determine when 
 1776      TCP connections are being aborted due to data corruption.
 1777    - Added a PreviousOperationHadTransientFailure() function,
 1778      which returns true iff errno is EINTR or ENOBUFS.
 1779    - Specifying spamspersecond=-1 will now cause hexterm to
 1780      send spam data as fast as possible.
 1781    o SocketMultiplexer.h's MUSCLE_USE_POLL implementation was
 1782      supplying POLLERR to WSAPoll() but WSAPoll() doesn't support
 1783      POLLERR so WSAPoll() would return an error when this occurred.
 1784      Worked around the problem by filtering out POLLERR when
 1785      compiling under Windows.
 1786    * Fixed a bug where send() returning ENOBUFS could cause the
 1787      socket connection to be terminated, even though ENOBUFS is
 1788      not a fatal condition.
 1789    * SocketMultiplexer.cpp would not compile when MUSCLE_USE_POLL
 1790      was defined.  Fixed.
 1791    * The ZLibCodec::Deflate() method would fail to compress all
 1792      the data in a very large buffer (e.g. over 42MB).  Fixed.
 1794 5.84 Released 4/20/2013
 1795    - The StringMatcher class's numeric-range syntax has been
 1796      extended so that you can now specify multiple ranges.
 1797      For example, "<19-21,25,30-50>" would match strings
 1798      "19", "20", "21", "25", "30", "31", [...], and "50".
 1799    - Added GetCurrentTime64ForRunTime64() and GetRunTime64ForCurrenTime64()
 1800      conversion functions to TimeUtilityFunctions.h.
 1801    - Added a GetDescendant() utility method to the DataNode class.
 1802    - Added C++11 move-constructors and move-assignment-operators
 1803      to the Hashtable, Queue, String, Message, and ByteBuffer classes.
 1804      For backwards compatibility with older compilers, this code
 1805      will only be compiled if -DMUSCLE_USE_CPLUSPLUS11 is specified
 1806      on the compile line.
 1807    - SharedMemory class will now nerf itself into a non-shared-memory
 1808      class if -DMUSCLE_FAKE_SHARED_MEMORY is specified.
 1809    - Added a testfilepathinfo test to the tests folder.
 1810    o Updated all copyright notice headers to read 2000-2013 Meyer Sound.
 1811    * Added spaces between macro tokens (e.g. UINT32_FORMAT_SPEC) and 
 1812      string constants (e.g. "Hello") to make C++11 compilers happy.
 1813    * ByteBuffer.cpp had a syntax error that would prevent it from
 1814      compiling on big-endian hosts.  Fixed.
 1815    * MacOS/X only:  Replaced deprecated Carbon function calls with 
 1816      Mach equivalents, to avoid deprecation warnings under 10.8.x.
 1818 5.83 Released 11/11/2012
 1819    - Added convenience versions of InflateByteBuffer() and 
 1820      DeflateByteBuffer() that take a ByteBufferRef as an argument.
 1821    o Removed some obsolete/unused methods (EnsureBufferSize() and
 1822      FreeLargeBuffer()) from the AbstractMessageIOGateway class.
 1823    o Fixed some typos in the comments in the delphi subfolder.
 1824    * The Hashtable class no longer generates warnings when compiled
 1825      under MSVC with -DMUSCLE_AVOID_MINIMIZED_HASHTABLES defined.
 1826    * Fixed a bug in IPAddressAndPort::ToString() that caused IPv4
 1827      address strings to be formatted ambiguously when (preferIPv4Style)
 1828      was set to false.
 1830 5.82 Released 10/1/2012
 1831    - Rewrote the Hashtable class so that it now saves memory by 
 1832      internally using smaller per-slot index values (e.g. uint8 or 
 1833      uint16, rather than uint32) in Hashtables with fewer than 65,535 
 1834      slots in their HashtableEntry-array.
 1835    - Added support for compiling with -DMUSCLE_AVOID_MINIMIZED_HASHTABLES,
 1836      which will disable the above optimization (since sometimes you'd
 1837      rather use more memory and have faster code execution)
 1838    * Fixed ZLibUtilityFunctions.cpp so that it will again build when
 1839      -DMUSCLE_SINGLE_THREAD_ONLY is defined.
 1841 5.81 Released 9/13/2012
 1842    - If compiled with -DMUSCLE_ENABLE_DEADLOCK_FINDER, 
 1843      HandleStandardDaemonArgs() will now look for a "deadlockfinder"
 1844      argument that can be used to force deadlock-prints on or off.
 1845    - Rewrote the ZLibUtilityFunctions.cpp calls to use 
 1846      ThreadLocalStorage rather than shared ZLibCodec objects 
 1847      serialized by Mutexes.  This change helps avoids any possibility 
 1848      of deadlocks, and also improves performance because now multiple
 1849      threads can inflate and/or deflate data in parallel.  For systems 
 1850      without a ThreadLocalStorage implementation, the old
 1851      implementation can still be used as a fallback, by compiling with
 1853    - The pthreads implementation of the ThreadLocalStorage now uses
 1854      the destructor-callback feature of pthread_create_key() to ensure
 1855      that created thread-local-data objects are destroyed in a timely
 1856      manner (i.e. when their host thread exits, rather than only when
 1857      the ThreadLocalStorage object destructor runs)
 1858    o ParseHexBytes() no longer treats commas as token-separator 
 1859      characters, that way they can be escaped (by prefixing them
 1860      with a slash) and entered as ASCII literals.
 1862 5.80 Release 8/30/2012
 1863    - Added a new "micromessage" folder that contains a C API
 1864      with functions for constructing and parsing Message data 
 1865      directly to/from its flattened form, with no intermediate
 1866      representations, flattening/unflattening, or dynamic memory 
 1867      allocation necessary.  This API would be appropriate for 
 1868      embedded or other severely constrained environments.
 1869    - Added "testmicro", "microchatclient", and "microreflectclient"
 1870      programs to the tests folder, to serve as tests and examples
 1871      for the new MicroMessage and MicroMessageGateway APIs.
 1872    - Added a new constructor to the FilePathInfo class that
 1873      allows explicit/manual setting of the file info parameters.
 1874    - Added MoveName*() methods to the Message class, so that
 1875      the iteration order of the fields in the Message can
 1876      be easily modified.
 1877    o Made String::Flatten(), String::Unflattened(), and
 1878      String::FlattenedSize() into inline methods.
 1879    * IsMulticastIPAddress() now returns true for IPv6-mapped
 1880      IPv4 multicast addresses (e.g. ::ffff:
 1881    * Fixed a bug in MutexGuard class declaration, private
 1882      copy-constructor had wrong argument type.
 1883    * Fixed some inaccurate comments in ZipUtilityFunctions.h
 1884    * Fixed the "chatclient" test; it was forgetting to read
 1885      from stdin.
 1887 5.72 Released 6/27/2012
 1888    - Added HexBytesToAnnotatedString() functions to the 
 1889      MiscUtilityFunctions API.  These are similar to 
 1890      PrintHexBytes(), but they output to a String rather
 1891      than to a file.
 1892    - ParseHumanReadableTimeIntervalString now correctly parses
 1893      non-integral values (e.g. "3.5 minutes")
 1894    * Fixed a constant-overflow error in testbytebuffer.cpp
 1895    * Fixed the gcc implementation of MuscleX86SwapInt16(),
 1896      which would fail to compile under gcc 4.7 on 64 bit targets.
 1897    * Usage of the uintptr typedef no longer causes warnings under
 1898      MSVC when the /Wp64 compiler flag is specified.
 1899    * Cleaned up some other miscellaneous MSVC warnings.
 1901 5.71 Released 6/11/2012
 1902    - Added a WasSignalCaught() function to SignalHandlerSession.h.
 1903      This method will return true iff any SignalHandlerSession ever
 1904      caught a signal in the current process.
 1905    - Added global SetMainReflectServerCatchSignals() and
 1906      GetMainReflectServerCatchSignals() functions to 
 1907      SignalHandlerSession.h to allow easy programmatic enabling 
 1908      and disabling of the standard signal handling routines.
 1909    - Added WithPrefix(), WithSuffix(), WithoutPrefix(), and
 1910      WithoutSuffix() convenience methods to the String class.
 1911    - Added TruncateChars() and TruncateToLength() convenience
 1912      methods to the String class.
 1913    - Added an StartsWithNumber() convenience method to the String class.
 1914    - Added Append*(), Read*(), and Write*() methods to the ByteBuffer
 1915      class for easier endian-aware adding and retrieiving of various
 1916      primitive datatypes from a ByteBuffer's data array.
 1917    - Added a SetDataFlags() and IsEndianSwapEnabled() methods to 
 1918      the ByteBuffer class to help the user specify what data 
 1919      endian-ness logic the ByteBuffer should apply in its Append*(), 
 1920      Read*(), and Write*() method calls.
 1921    - Added a testbytebuffer.cpp test to the tests folder to test
 1922      the new data adding/retrieval routines.
 1923    - Added a PointerAndBool class that stores a pointer and a boolean
 1924      using no more space than that of a pointer by itself (unless
 1925      -DMUSCLE_AVOID_BITSTUFFING is enabled).
 1927      MUSCLE_AVOID_BITSTUFFING, since bit-stuffing is no longer
 1928      specific to the RefCount class.
 1930 5.70 Released 5/8/2012
 1931    - NodePathMatcher::DoTraversal() now returns the number of
 1932      DataNodes that the traversal visited.
 1933    * Fixed a bug in Queue::Clear() that would cause it only to reset
 1934      the first item in the queue rather than all of the items.
 1935    * Range-checking in DenybblizeData was incorrect (it would spuriously
 1936      reject characters 'G' through 'P').  Fixed.
 1938 5.69 Released 4/18/2012
 1939    - Made Queue::Clear() a bit more efficient.
 1940    - Exposed the DefaultConsoleLogger and DefaultFileLogger
 1941      classes in LogCallback.h so they can be re-used elsewhere.
 1942    - Added an Indent() convenience method to the String class.
 1943    - The matching logic in AndOrQueryFilter and NandNotQueryFilter
 1944      now has additional short-circuit logic for better efficiency.
 1945    - StorageReflectSession::RestoreNodeTreeFromMessage() now
 1946      has an optional (quiet) argument, which can be used to prevent
 1947      db-subscription-updates from being triggered when the subtree
 1948      is installed into the database.
 1949    o Rewrote the String::Arg() methods to take C-native argument
 1950      types rather than fixed-size types (e.g. int instead of int32)
 1951      so that explicit typecasting is no longer required to avoid 
 1952      ambiguous-argument-type compile errors that previously could
 1953      occur under certain compilers.
 1954    o Tweaked the .pro files in the qtsupport folders to make them
 1955      compatible with Qt 5.0.
 1956    o DenybbleizeData() now returns B_ERROR when passed a string
 1957      with an invalid (odd) length, rather than causing an 
 1958      assertion failure.
 1959    * Inet_NtoA() now formats IPv4-mapped IPv6 addresses in the
 1960      IPv4 style, if (preferIPv4Style) is set to true.
 1961    * Merged in more Haiku-compatibility fixes provided by Fredrik.
 1963 5.68 Released 3/23/2012
 1964    - Added an optional (retPort) argument to GetPeerIPAddress().
 1965    - Added optional "spamspersecond" and "spamsize" arguments to
 1966      hexterm, so that you can have hexterm automatically generate
 1967      random output at a specified rate for performance testing.
 1968    - Added a "quietreceive" argument to hexterm so that if you
 1969      don't want to see a printout of the bytes being received,
 1970      you don't have to.
 1971    - Added GetDistanceTo() and GetSquaredDistanceTo() methods
 1972      to the Point class.
 1973    o Privileged-address matching is now done using IPv4-style 
 1974      address strings for IPv4 addresses (even when compiled with
 1975      IPv6 support enabled), per Lior's request.
 1976    * Merged in some Haiku-compatibility fixes provided by
 1977      Fredrik Modeen.
 1979 5.67 Released 2/3/2012
 1980    - Added a AreOutgoingMessagesIndependent() method to the 
 1981      MessageIOGateway class, to allow better control over how
 1982      outgoing Messages are deflated when zlib-encoding is enabled.
 1983    - Removed some unnecessary data members from certain Message 
 1984      field-object classes, to cut down on memory usage.
 1985    - Added a Queue::GetItemAtUnchecked() method.
 1986    - Added a RemoveName() to the Python Message class.
 1987    o Cleaned up the Python code to avoid pychecker warnings
 1988    o Removed Queue::GetItemPointer().  Use Queue::GetItemAt() instead.
 1989    * BitChord::ToHexString() was broken -- fixed.
 1990    * Queue::GetItemAt() would return a garbage pointer if passed
 1991      an invalid index.  Fixed to return NULL (as documented) instead.
 1992    * Fixed a problem in QSignalHandler and QDataIODevice that could 
 1993      occasionally cause a CPU-spin on shutdown under MacOSX/Lion.
 1995 5.66 Released 1/5/2012
 1996    - Added a CountedRawDataMessageIOGateway class to 
 1997      RawDataMessageIOGateway.{cpp,h}.  This class is the same as
 1998      its RawDataMessageIOGateway superclass, except that it is
 1999      instrumented to keep a running count of the number of raw
 2000      data bytes currently held in its output-queue.
 2001    - Added a CountedMessageIOGateway class to MessageIOGateway.{cpp,h}.
 2002      This is similar to the CountedRawDataMessageIOGateway class
 2003      described above, except it tracks Message sizes.
 2004    - Added a PopNextOutgoingMessage() virtual method to the
 2005      MessageIOGateway class, so that subclasses can override its
 2006      behavior if necessary.
 2007    - Added EventLoopCycleBegins() and EventLoopCycleEnds()
 2008      virtual method hooks to the ReflectServer class.
 2009    o AbstractMessageIOGateway::AddOutgoingMessage() is now virtual.
 2010    o Trying to use -DMUSCLE_USE_POLL under Windows without declaring
 2011      an appropriate value for -DWIN32_WINNT now gives an informative
 2012      compile-error message rather than the inscrutible errors that 
 2013      would appear previously.
 2014    * Fixed minor bug in kqueue that could cause obsolete entries
 2015      to remain in the _bits Hashtable.
 2016    * Fixed a bug in the RawDataMessageIOGateway class that would cause
 2017      it to emit Messages with a what-code of 0 (rather than 
 2018      PR_COMMAND_RAW_DATA) when in immediate-forward mode.
 2020 5.65 Released 12/22/2011
 2021    - Added experimental support for kqueue under FreeBSD/MacOSX,
 2022      enabled by defining -DMUSCLE_USE_KQUEUE on the compile line.
 2023    - Added experimental support for epoll under Linux
 2024      enabled by defining -DMUSCLE_USE_EPOLL on the compile line.
 2025    - Updated testsocketmultiplexer.cpp to make it more useful for
 2026      gathering performance statistics for the various SocketMultiplexer
 2027      implementations.
 2029 5.64 Released 12/13/2011
 2030    - Added a SocketMultiplexer class (util/SocketMultiplexer.{cpp,h}) 
 2031      that acts as an API-agnostic wrapper around select() or poll(), 
 2032      depending on whether MUSCLE_USE_POLL is defined or not.
 2033    - MuscleSupport.h now declares uintptr and ptrdiff types that 
 2034      are guranteed to be the same size as a native pointer. 
 2035    - Added a PseudoFlattenable base class to Flatten.h, for subclasses
 2036      that want to act like Flattenable objects but don't want to incur
 2037      the memory overhead of actually having virtual methods.
 2038    o Modified all MUSCLE code to use a SocketMultiplexer object
 2039      rather than calling select() or poll() directly.
 2040    o Added a testsocketmultiplexer.cpp test to the tests folder.
 2041    * RefCount.h now uses uintptr instead of (unsigned long) when doing
 2042      its pointer-bit-stuffing magic, to avoid pointer-truncation warnings 
 2043      from MSVC.
 2044    * Message::FindFlat() now does the right thing when an object
 2045      is added to the Message as a FlatCountableRef and then
 2046      retrieved from the Message by value.
 2048 5.63 Released 12/1/2011
 2049    - Added a MUSCLE_USE_POLL build option which, if defined,
 2050      will cause ReflectServer::RunEventLoop() to base its 
 2051      event loop around poll() rather than select().  The benefit
 2052      of this is that with poll() the FD_SETSIZE limit imposed
 2053      by select() can be be avoided.
 2054    - Made a number of previously protected methods in the 
 2055      AbstractReflectSession class public.
 2056    - StorageReflectSession::PrintSessionsInfo() and
 2057      StorageReflectSession::PrintFactoriesInfo() now print 
 2058      additional information about the state of the sessions/factories.
 2059    - The Thread constructor now takes an optional boolean argument,
 2060      so that you can now create a Thread that doesn't allocate a 
 2061      socket-pair for inter-thread messaging purposes.  This is useful
 2062      when you want to create a lot of Threads but don't need to 
 2063      use socket-based inter-thread signalling and don't want to
 2064      allocate a lot of sockets.
 2065    - Added a FastClear() method to the Queue class (for when
 2066      you care more about performance than about having item 
 2067      destructors get called right away).
 2068    - Added a RemoveDuplicateItems() method to the Queue class.
 2069    o Retired the MUSCLE_ENABLE_MULTICAST_API compiler flag, and added
 2070      MUSCLE_AVOID_MULTICAST_API in its place.  (Which is another way
 2071      of saying that the MUSCLE Multicast API calls are now enabled
 2072      by default)
 2074 5.62 Released 11/2/2011
 2075    - Added a CountedObject<T> class that various other MUSCLE classes
 2076      now subclass from.  Subclassing from the CountedObject<T> class
 2077      allows the application to efficiently keep track of the number
 2078      of objects allocated of that type, for debugging/monitoring
 2079      purposes.
 2080    - Added a PrintCountedObjectInfo() function that prints to stdout
 2081      a report of how many objects of each counted type are currently
 2082      allocated.
 2083    - Added a GetCountedObjectInfo() function that returns a Hashtable
 2084      containing all of the current CountedObject counts.
 2085    - Added support for a -DMUSCLE_AVOID_OBJECT_COUNTING compiler
 2086      definition that will turn the object-counting code into a no-op
 2087      if you want it disabled.
 2088    - The Python Message.PrintToStream() method now recursively prints
 2089      sub-Messages by default.  It has arguments that can be used to
 2090      limit the depth of the recursion, if desired.
 2091    - Added XINT64_FORMAT_SPEC macros to MuscleSupport.h.
 2092    - MCRASH now calls __builtin_trap() under gcc/g++, rather than
 2093      writing to an invalid pointer.
 2094    - Added a GetGlobalObjectForType() function, which is similar
 2095      to GetDefaultObjectForType() except that the returned reference
 2096      is not read-only.
 2097    o Merged in Jean-François Mullet's patches to allow MUSCLE to be
 2098      compiled cleanly under Android.
 2099    * Fixed the code so that it now compiles cleanly under clang++ 2.1.
 2100    * String::AppendWord() no longer appends a separator string if
 2101      the word to be appended is blank.
 2102    * Added some missing string constant declarations to 
 2103      storage_reflect_constants.py
 2104    * Fixed a bug an exception-string-formation line of message.py
 2105    * Fixed a bug in StorageReflectSession::NodeChanged() that would
 2106      cause incorrect PR_RESULT_UPDATE updates to be generated for
 2107      subscribers using QueryFilter objects, if the matches-filter
 2108      status of the node was changed by the node update.
 2110 5.61 Released 9/28/2011
 2111    - Added a GetCurrentStackUsage() method to the Thread class.
 2112    - Added a CheckThreadStackUsage() function and CHECK_THREAD_STACK_USAGE
 2113      Macro to Thread.{cpp,h} to make it easier to determine if and
 2114      when a Thread is allocating more stack space than it was allowed 
 2115      to allocate.
 2116    - Added a ThreadPool class to the system folder.
 2117    - Added EINTR-proof wrapper functions to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 2118      for recv(), recvfrom(), send(), sendto(), read(), and write().
 2119      MUSCLE code now calls the wrapper functions (e.g. recv_ignore_eintr)
 2120      so that incoming signals won't cause spurious errors to be returned.
 2121    - Added an Arg(const void *) method to the String class, so that
 2122      Arg() can be used to print out pointer values.
 2123    o Replaced String::AddWord() with String::AppendWord(), which is
 2124      easier to use and takes an optional separator-string argument.
 2125    * The Point and Rect implementations of String::Arg() were broken; fixed.
 2127 5.60 Released 9/19/2011
 2128    - Added a qt_advanced_example directory to the qtsupport folder
 2129      to demonstrate more advanced usage of the QMessageTransceiverThread
 2130      class.  See the README.TXT and the diagram PNG in that directory
 2131      for details.
 2132    - Added a TamperEvidentValue<T> class (in support/TamperEvidentValue.h)
 2133    - ThreadWorkerSession and ThreadWorkerSessionFactory objects now
 2134      have (and use) a SendMessageToSupervisorSession() method for
 2135      sending messages to their supervisor.  This is more efficient
 2136      and less error-prone that calling BroadcastMessgeToAllSessions(),
 2137      and relying on non-supervisor recipients to ignore the Messages
 2138      that weren't meant for them, as was done previously.
 2139    - Added SetForwardAllIncomingMessagesToSupervisor() and 
 2140      IsForwardAllIncomingMessagesToSupervisor() methods to the
 2141      ThreadWorkerSession, ThreadWorkerSessionFactory, and 
 2142      MessageTransceiverThread classes.  These methods govern how 
 2143      Messages incoming from remote peers should be handled.
 2144    o Retired the MUSCLE_USE_IPV6 compiler option, since enabled
 2145      IPv6 support is now the default.  If you want to disable IPv6
 2146      support, you'll need to specify -DMUSCLE_AVOID_IPV6 instead.
 2147    o ThreadSupervisorSession::SendMessageToWorkers() is now
 2148      protected rather than private.
 2149    o MessageTransceiverThread::GetNextEventFromInternalThread 
 2150      now passes PR_RESULT_* Messages to the caller, so that it's
 2151      possible to use a MessageTransceiverThread as if it it were
 2152      a client to the local MUSCLE thread, if desired.
 2153    o QMessageTransceiverThread now calls SetDoLogging(false)
 2154      inside CreateReflectServer() rather than afterwards, so
 2155      that subclasses can easily re-enable logging if they want to.
 2156    * Gave the README.TXT file a badly needed rewrite/update.
 2157    * Tweaked the doxygen.dox file to yield better-looking
 2158      Doxygen HTML documentation.
 2159    * genDocs.sh now automatically extracts the current
 2160      MUSCLE version number from MuscleSupport.h, so it's
 2161      no longer necessary to manually update the muscle.dox
 2162      file for each MUSCLE release.
 2164 5.57 Released 9/16/2011
 2165    - Added the following new compile-time constant 
 2166      definitions to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h:
 2171      These constants (particularly the last one) are
 2172      useful for deciding how many bytes of data can
 2173      be added to a UDP packet without risking packet
 2174      fragmentation.
 2175    - testudp now prints out the values of the above
 2176      constants when it is run.
 2177    - Added a SetCount() method to the NestCount class.
 2178    - HandleStandardDaemonArgs() now accepts "realtime_rr"
 2179      or "realtime_fifo" as alternatives to the pre-existing
 2180      "realtime" keyword, for those who like to specify
 2181      their scheduling algorithm explicitly.
 2182    * The PacketTunnelIOGateway constructor now uses
 2184      its default maxTransferUnit value, rather than hard-coding
 2185      a magic value of 1500 (which was too large anyway)
 2186    * Fixed a bug that could cause Snooze64(MUSCLE_TIME_NEVER)
 2187      to return immediately, rather than sleeping forever as
 2188      intended.
 2189    * GetHumanReadableTimeIntervalString(MUSCLE_TIME_NEVER)
 2190      now returns "forever", rather than "584,942 years".
 2191    * Fixed warning in DemandConstructedObject == operator.
 2192    * Fixed warning in ZLibCodec destructor.
 2194 5.56 Released 9/4/2011
 2195    - Added a StorageReflectSession::PrintFactoriesInfo()
 2196      method to go with the existing PrintSessionsInfo() method.
 2197    - Added InsertItemAtSortedPosition() methods to the Queue
 2198      class, for convenience in doing insertion-sorting.
 2199    - Added SetSuggestedStackSize() and GetSuggestedStackSize()
 2200      methods to the Thread class.
 2201    - Added a IsSymLink() method to the FilePathInfo class.
 2202    - Added a qt_muscled folder to the qtsupport sub-directory.
 2203      The .pro file in this folder builds a version of muscled that
 2204      runs in a Qt GUI window.
 2205    - Added a "Clone Window" button to the qt_example application,
 2206      to make quick demonstrations of multiple-client scenarios
 2207      easier.
 2208    - The qt_example application is now more colorful -- each
 2209      client gets assigned his own (random) color.
 2210    o Added checks for (sizeof(float)==4) and (sizeof(double)==8)
 2211      to the SanitySetupSystem constructor.
 2212    o PrintHexBytes() and LogHexBytes() now take a 
 2213      ConstByteBufferRef rather than a ByteBufferRef, since
 2214      they don't ever need to modify the ByteBuffer they receive.
 2215    o DataNode objects now store their ordered-child index as
 2216      a Queue of DataNodeRefs rather than a Queue of String pointers.
 2217      This avoids any possibility of dangling pointers in the index.
 2218    o DataNode::GetIndex() now returns a (Queue<DataNodeRef> *)
 2219      rather than a (Queue<const String *> *).
 2220    o DataNode::ReorderChild() now takes a DataNodeRef rather
 2221      than a reference to a DataNode object.
 2222    o Added util/FilePathInfo.cpp, and Moved the non-trivial 
 2223      FilePathInfo method bodies into it.
 2224    o Made FileDescriptorDataIO.cpp compile (as a no-op)
 2225      under Windows, to avoid project-file confusion.
 2226    * CPULoadMeter::GetCPULoad() now uses uint64s to store tick
 2227      counts rather than uint32s, to avoid potential overflows.
 2228    * SysLog.cpp now works around the lack of a declaration
 2229      for TzSpecifiedLocalTimeToSystemTime() function when compiling 
 2230      under Windows with the Mingw compiler.
 2231    * Made several other tweaks for Mingw32 compatibility.
 2232    * Fixed the qt_muscled.pro to work under Windows.
 2233    * Fixed a bug in the qt_example application that would cause
 2234      a qt_example client to disconnect and reconnect whenever
 2235      the server-name field lost focus.
 2237 5.55 Released 7/28/2011
 2238    - Added a "plain" keyword to hexterm's arguments; useful
 2239      if you don't want any headers in hexterm's output
 2240    - Made it possible to embed hexterm as part of a larger program. 
 2241    - Added Arg() methods to the String class that take a bool,
 2242      a Point, or a Rect as an argument.
 2243    - Added a ToMixedCase() method to the String class.
 2244    - Added AddWord() methods to the String class.
 2245    - Added HeadWithDefault() and TailWithDefault() methods to the
 2246      Queue class that take a default-argument parameter.
 2247    - Added a PrintSessionsInfo() method to the StorageReflectSession
 2248      class, for quick discovery of what sessions are present and
 2249      how much RAM they are each using.
 2250    - The ObjectPool class now takes the maximum slab size as
 2251      a template argument, and has an assertion-check to make
 2252      sure that the resulting objects-per-slab count is small
 2253      enough to be tracked by a uint16 (i.e. is less than 65536)
 2254    * Fixed a crashing bug in hexterm's ASCII mode.
 2256 5.54 Released 6/24/2011
 2257    - Added a GetDefaultObjectForType() templated function to
 2258      MuscleSupport.h.  This function returns a reference to
 2259      a default-constructed static object of the specified type.
 2260    - Added a description of the Hashtable class's feature set
 2261      to the Hashtable Doxygen documentation.
 2262    - Added a const [] operator to the Hashtable class.  The 
 2263      [] operator behaves the same as the GetWithDefault() method.
 2264    - Expanded and enhanced the Doxygen per-class documentation
 2265      of various classes.
 2266    o Reduced sizeof(Queue), sizeof(Hashtable), and 
 2267      sizeof(ObjectPool) by removing their default-object member
 2268      items and adding calls to GetDefaultObjectForType() instead.
 2269    o Replaced the various get-default-object convenience methods
 2270      (GetEmptyString(), GetEmptyMessage(), etc) with inline 
 2271      call-throughs to GetDefaultObjectForType<Foo>().
 2273 5.53 Released 6/16/2011
 2274    - Added TarFileWriter.{cpp,h} to the zlib folder.  This class
 2275      allows for quick inline writing of .tar files to disk.
 2276    - Added a MUSCLE_MAY_ALIAS macro to MuscleSupport.h, as
 2277      an easier way to invoke gcc's __attribute__((__may_alias__)).
 2278      This macro expands to empty under other compilers.
 2279    - Added a version of the muscleCopyIn() function that returns
 2280      the copied-in value, for convenience.
 2281    - Added a DemandConstructedObject template (in 
 2282      util/DemandConstructedObject.h) to allow for member variables 
 2283      whose constructors aren't called until the object is actually  
 2284      needed for something.
 2285    - Added a ClearAndFlush() method to the String class, for
 2286      forcing a String object to free its allocated data.
 2287    o Reduced sizeof(String), by by employing a union to reuse
 2288      the bytes used for referencing small and large char arrays.
 2289    o Reduced sizeof(Ref) by storing the boolean (doRefCount)
 2290      value in the least significant bit of the item pointer.
 2291      (this works because the item pointers are guaranteed
 2292      to be word-aligned -- if for some reason that guarantee
 2293      isn't valid for a given environment, the old method can
 2294      be reinstated by adding -DMUSCLE_AVOID_REFCOUNT_BITSTUFFING
 2295      to your compiler arguments)
 2296    o Reduced sizeof(DataNode) by making the subscribers table 
 2297      demand-allocated, rather than a member variable.
 2298    o Removed the MUSCLE_CPU_REQUIRES_DATA_ALIGNMENT define, 
 2299      because it is no longer used anywhere.
 2300    * Rewrote the HashtableIterator class to no longer use 
 2301      type-punning trickery, so that g++ versions 4.4.0 and higher 
 2302      no longer complain about strict aliasing being broken.
 2304 5.52 Released 6/8/2011
 2305    - Added a Tuple::Contains() convenience method.
 2306    - Added a ExecuteSynchronousMessageSend() method to the
 2307      MessageIOGateway class.  This method is similar to
 2308      ExecuteSynchronousMessageRPCCall(), except that this method will 
 2309      return to the caller as soon as the Message is sent, without 
 2310      waiting for the server to return a reply Message.
 2311    - Added CreateSynchronousPingMessage() and IsSynchronousPongMessage()
 2312      hook methods to the MessageIOGateway class, so that subclasses can 
 2313      specify alternative ping/pong Messages if they wish to.
 2314    - Added a IsCharInLocalArray() method to the String class.
 2315    - Added a IsItemLocatedInThisContainer() method to the Queue class.
 2316    - Added a GetNumUnusedItemSlots() method to the Queue class.
 2317    - Added a + operator and += operators for the ByteBuffer class.
 2318    - Made the + operators for the String class more efficient.
 2319    o Converted the ExecuteSynchronousMessageRPCCall() functions into a method
 2320      of the MessageIOGateway class, so that its behavior can be used in conjunction
 2321      with a MessageIOGateway subclass to customize their behavior, if necessary.
 2322    * Some of the methods in the Queue class could access freed memory
 2323      if passed in references to held data items, and a reallocation occurred. Fixed.
 2324    * Some of the methods in the String class could access freed memory
 2325      if passed in references to their own string, and a reallocation occurred. Fixed.
 2326    * Some of the methods in the ByteBuffer class could access freed memory
 2327      if passed in a pointer to their own bytes, and a reallocation occurred. Fixed.
 2328    * Fixed a bug in StorageReflectSession::NodePathMatcher::CheckChildForTraversal()
 2329      that could cause the traversal callback to be called with an invalid DataNode,
 2330      likely causing the callback to crash.  This bug was a regression introduced
 2331      in the 5.51 release.
 2332    * CalculateChecksumForFloat() and CalculateChecksumForDouble() would return 
 2333      different checksum values for 0.0 and -0.0, even though the == operator 
 2334      considers them equivalent.  Fixed.
 2336 5.51 Released 5/23/2011
 2337    - Added convenience methods to the Queue class:  HeadWithDefault(),
 2338      TailWithDefault(), RemoveHeadWithDefault(), RemoveTailWithDefault(),
 2339      and RemoveItemAtWithDefault().  These methods are all safe to call
 2340      even when the Queue is empty.
 2341    - Added a SLIPFramedDataMessageIOGateway class to the iogateway
 2342      folder.  As the name suggests, it is used to do SLIP encoding
 2343      and decoding on outgoing and incoming raw data, respectively.
 2344    - Added an AppendByte() method to the ByteBuffer class, for convenience.
 2345    - The WARN_OUT_OF_MEMORY macro now prints the number of bytes that
 2346      the failed memory allocation attempted to allocate.
 2347    - Added SetExpendable() and IsExpendable() methods to the 
 2348      AbstractReflectSession class, to help influence which sessions
 2349      will be thrown under the bus in a low-memory situation.
 2350    o The QueryFilter::Matches() methods have been modified to take a
 2351      (ConstMessageRef &) argument instead of (const Message &), so that
 2352      it is now possible to create a QueryFilter subclass that modifies
 2353      the data it returns.  (Not that any of the QueryFilter subclasses
 2354      included in the MUSCLE distribution currently do this)
 2355    o Removed the optional MemoryAllocator pointer argument from the
 2356      ReflectServer constructor.  Now ReflectServer simply accesses the
 2357      installed MemoryAllocator object directly (via 
 2358      GetCPlusPlusGlobalMemoryAllocator()) when necessary.
 2359    * When MUSCLE_USE_IPV6 is defined, SharedFilterSessionFactory now 
 2360      compares ip_address objects using ip_address::EqualsIgnoreInterfaceIndex()
 2361      instead of the == operator.  This avoids spurious mismatches between IPv4 
 2362      addresses that have their interface index set, and those that don't.
 2363    * UnparseArgs(const Message &) wasn't escaping quote marks embedded
 2364      in the strings in the Message.  Fixed.
 2365    * UnparseArgs(const Message &) wasn't properly handling multiple values 
 2366      filed under the same field name.  Fixed.
 2368 5.50 Released 4/18/2011
 2369    - Added a qt_muscled_browser subfolder to the qtsupport folder.  qt_muscled_browser
 2370      is a GUI MUSCLE database browser, based on code contributed by Jean-François Mullet.
 2371    - Added GetFirstKeyWithDefault(), GetLastKeyWithDefault(), GetFirstValueWithDefault(),
 2372      and GetLastValueWithDefault() convenience methods to the Hashtable class.
 2373    - Added a RemoveWithDefault() convenience method to the Hashtable class.
 2374    - Added a CountAverageLookupComparisons() method to the Hashtable class,
 2375      to help determine the hashing performance of various hash functions.
 2376    - Added a -DMUSCLE_WARN_ABOUT_LOUSY_HASH_FUNCTIONS preprocessor define,
 2377      which will cause the Hashtable reallocator to calculate the hashtable's
 2378      average lookup comparisons value after every hashtable resize, and 
 2379      complain if the average lookup count is too high.
 2380    - Added 3-argument constructors to the AndOrQueryFilter and NandNotQueryFilter classes.
 2381    - Added regex/FilePathExpander.{cpp,h}.  These files contain a single function, 
 2382      ExpandFilePathWildCards(), which expands wildcarded file paths into a list of
 2383      non-wildcarded paths, similar to shell expansion.
 2384    - Added test/testmatchfiles.cpp, a unit test for the ExpandFilePathWildCards() function.
 2385    o Moved the boolean "isAnd" argument to the front of the arguments list for the 
 2386      AndOrQueryFilter constructors.
 2388      define, since the new -DMUSCLE_WARN_ABOUT_LOUSY_HASH_FUNCTIONS replaces it.
 2389    o PortableReflectClient now includes a string showing the current time when you
 2390      's'et a node, so it's easier to see the node change in other clients.
 2391    * FilePathInfo::SetFilePath(NULL) would crash.  Fixed.
 2392    * ChildProcessDataIO::System() and ChildProcessDataIO::LaunchChildProcess()
 2393      weren't NULL-terminating their argv arrays.  Fixed.
 2395 5.43 Released 3/29/2011
 2396    - Added GetSocketBlockingEnabled() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 2397    - Added GetSocketNaglesAlgorithmEnabled() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 2398    - Added GetSocketSendBufferSize() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 2399    - Added GetSocketReceiveBufferSize() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 2400    - Added GetUDPSocketBroadcastEnabled() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 2401    - hexterm now batches its stdin input together to send in fewer buffers, if possible.
 2402    - Added a libmuscle.a target to the Makefile in the server folder.
 2403    - Directory::MakeDirectory() now takes an optional third argument to specify
 2404      whether the pre-existence of the requested directory should be considered an error.
 2405    - Added a qt_example sub-directory to the qtsupport folder.  This directory
 2406      contains buildable code for a sample Qt-based GUI MUSCLE client.
 2407    * FilePathInfo now handles file paths ending in a slash properly, even if the
 2408      filesystem object located at that path is not a directory.
 2409    * Fixed hexterm so that it no longer exits prematurely when reading stdin from a file.
 2410    * ChildProcessDataIO::System(const Queue<String> &) wasn't declared static.  Fixed.
 2412 5.42 Released 2/26/2011
 2413    - Added SetEnabled() and IsEnabled() methods to the 
 2414      DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession class.
 2415    o Removed the ability to set String objects using an argument of type
 2416      'char', because having it was preventing the compiler from catching
 2417      errors where an integer is assigned to a String.  Use s = String(&c, 1) 
 2418      instead.
 2419    * The SharedMemory wasn't interpreting the return value of shmat()
 2420      calls correctly.  Fixed.
 2421    * Fixed the access privileges of the Hashtable classes so that they now
 2422      compile under g++ 4.4.x.
 2424 5.41 Released 2/2/2011
 2425    - Added a ParseBool() function to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 2426    - Added convenience implementations of PrintHexBytes() and LogHexBytes()
 2427      that accept ByteBuffers and ByteBufferRefs.
 2428    - PrintHexBytes() and LogHexBytes() can now gracefully accept NULL
 2429      pointers without crashing (they will just print out "NULL buffer"
 2430      instead of any hex bytes)
 2431    - printsourcelocations now filters out commented-out calls to LogTime().
 2432    - Hashtable.h now declares a Void class that can be used as a
 2433      placeholder for Hashtables that need only keys, not values.
 2434    - Added a PutWithDefault() method to the Hashtable class.
 2435    - Added a CanRegexStringMatchMultipleValues() function to StringMatcher.cpp.
 2436    - Added CaseInsensitiveNumericAwareStringCompareFunctor and
 2437      NumericAwareStringCompareFunctor classes to String.h
 2438    - printsourcelocations now sorts its output by key before emitting it.
 2439    o Added \r and \n to the list of characters that StringTokenizer 
 2440      will treat as word-separators by default.
 2441    * PrintHexBytes() and LogHexBytes() were incorrectly writing some
 2442      of their decorative output to stdout, instead of to the specified
 2443      FILE stream.  Fixed.
 2444    * Added some #ifdefs to hexterm.cpp and some logic to the tests Makefile
 2445      so that when hexterm is built as part of a Meyer software release,
 2446      it will show the standard Meyer software version string.
 2447    * ReflectServer::DisconnectSession() now calls ShutdownIOFor() on the
 2448      disconnected session, even if the session is to become a lame duck.
 2449      That way TCP connections are guaranteed to be disconnected quickly.
 2450    * PulseNode::GetCycleStartTime() now returns the correct value even
 2451      for PulseNodes that are children of other PulseNodes.
 2452    * Hashtable now uses == operator on user-values, not the != operator.
 2453    * The Hashtable class's Get(key), GetFirstValue(), and GetLastValue()
 2454      methods were not properly enforcing const-correctness.  Fixed.   
 2456 5.40 Released 12/20/2010
 2457    - Added various time-units-conversion functions to TimeUtilityFunctions.h
 2458    - Added a few time-related constants to TimeUtilityFunctions.h
 2459    - Added a DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession class, which can be used
 2460      to install a handler that is called whenever the host computer's
 2461      networking configuration has changed.
 2462    - Added testnetconfigdetect.cpp to the tests folder, as a simple
 2463      test/example of using the DetectNetworkConfigChangesSession class.
 2464    - Added a TelnetPlainTextMessageIOGateway class, that works similarly
 2465      to PlainTextMessageIOGateway, except that it filters out any
 2466      telnet-protocol control codes that get sent from the client.
 2467    o Made it a no-op to call AbstractReflectSession::EndSession()
 2468      on a session that isn't attached to a server.  (Previously it
 2469      would trigger an assertion failure, but an unattached session
 2470      is already effectively ended so there's no point in crying over it)
 2471    o Code cleanup:  Magic-number time-unit conversions in several places
 2472      now use the new time-conversion functions instead, for clarity.
 2473    o Simplified the SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator.  It no longer
 2474      maintains a running sum of the total memory usage of the daemon
 2475      set, but rather recalculates the current sum when needed.
 2476    * The StringMatcher class's copy constructor wasn't initializing
 2477      its _bits field to zero, which could cause undefined behavior.  Fixed.
 2478    * StringMatcher::SetPattern() didn't clear the negate-bit when
 2479      setting a non-simple (aka full regex) pattern.  Fixed.
 2481 5.35 Released 12/5/2010
 2482    - Added a MoveToPosition(key, idx) method to the Hashtable class.
 2483    - Added a InsertOrderedChildNode() utility method to the
 2484      StorageReflectSession class.
 2485    - hexterm now includes a version number in its LogUsage() text.
 2486    - ChildProcessDataIO::Launch*() can now be told to only capture
 2487      output to stderr, or stdout
 2488    - Added a GetTotalDataSize() method to the ObjectPool class.
 2489    - Added a GetNumAllocatedItemSlots() method to the ObjectPool class.
 2490    o Changed QueryFilterRef arguments to ConstQueryFilterRef where appropriate.
 2491    o Replaced the (usePty) boolean in ChildProcessDataIO::Launch*()
 2492      method with a launchBits bit-chord, so that multiple options
 2493      can be specified.
 2494    o Renamed Hashtable::GetNumAllocatedSlots() to GetNumAllocatedItemSlots().
 2495    * GetSystemMemoryUsagePercentage() was not being calculated
 2496      accurately under MacOS/X.  Fixed.
 2497    * ZLibUtilityFunctions.cpp now installs a cleanup-callback when
 2498      necessary, so that any privately allocated ZLibCodec objects
 2499      will be deleted as part of the shutdown sequence and thus won't
 2500      show up in valgrind as possibly-leaked-memory anymore.
 2501    * ByteBuffer::SetBuffer() now deallocates the current buffer if
 2502      the new data size is less than half of the current data size,
 2503      to avoid wasting memory.
 2505 5.34 Released 10/19/2010
 2506    - Added an optional (maxAsyncConnectPeriod) argument to the
 2507      AddNewConnectSession() and AddNewDormantConnectSession()
 2508      methods of the AbstractReflectSession and MessageTransceiverThread
 2509      classes.
 2510    - Added SetMaxAsyncConnectPeriod() and GetMaxAsyncConnectPeriod()
 2511      methods to the AbstractReflectSession class.
 2513      constant to the set of compiler -D flags that the muscle code
 2514      looks for during compilation.
 2515    - Added Strcasecmp() and Strncasecmp() wrapper functions to
 2516      MiscUtilities.h, to hide Windows' inconsistent function names.
 2517    - muscled and the programs in the tests folder are now compiled
 2518      with the -DMUSCLE_USE_IPV6 flag enabled.
 2519    - Added support for "disablestdout" and "disablestderr" startup 
 2520      arguments, that cause the program to close its STDOUT_FILENO
 2521      and STDERR_FILENO file descriptors, respectively (and thus 
 2522      suppress its output from then on)
 2523    - DebugTimer can now accept a negative logLevel parameter, which
 2524      will force it to output using printf() instead of LogTime().
 2525    - Added a GetSystemMemoryUsagePercentage() function to 
 2526      MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 2528 5.33 Released 8/31/2010
 2529    - Added an optional (argIdx) argument to ParseConnectArg()
 2530      and ParsePortArg() in MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 2531    - Added a udpproxy program to the tests folder.  This can
 2532      be used to forward UDP packets to and from a further
 2533      destination.
 2534    - Added a NumericAwareStrcasecmp() function to String.{cpp,h}.
 2535    - Added NumericAwareCompareTo() and NumericAwareCompareToIgnoreCase()
 2536      methods to the String class.
 2537    - Added SetMask() and GetMask() methods to the NumericQueryFilter 
 2538      class, to allow bitfield masking all numeric QueryFilters.
 2539    - Added a printtypecode program to the test folder, for quickly
 2540      getting the ASCII representation of a 32-bit type code.
 2541    o Changed String::CompareToIgnoreCase() to call strcasecmp()
 2542      rather than calling ToUpper() on both strings.
 2543    o Removed the OP_CONTAINS_BITS and OP_DOESNT_CONTAIN_BITS operators
 2544      from the NumericQueryFilter class, as that functionality can
 2545      now be handled more generally via the SetMask() call instead.
 2546    * Inet_PtoN now sets the ai_flags value to AI_NUMERICHOST under 
 2547      Windows, so that non-numeric address strings (e.g. "") are no 
 2548      longer possibly misinterpreted as valid IP address strings.
 2549    * ParseArgs() now un-escapes any escaped quote marks.
 2550    * The micromuscle Java classes were still packaged under 
 2551      com.lcs.*.  Changed them to com.meyer.*
 2553 5.32 Released 7/22/2010
 2554    - Added a GetTimeStampForHumanReadableTimeValues() function
 2555      to SysLog.{cpp,h}.  This function does the inverse operation
 2556      of GetHumanReadableTimeValues().
 2557    - Added a HumanReadableTimeValues::ToString() method, 
 2558      for convenience.
 2559    - Added SetFSyncOnClose() and IsFSyncOnClose() methods to the
 2560      FileDescriptorDataIO class.
 2561    - Added a SortFieldNames() method to the Message class.
 2562    - Added FindMatchingNode() and FindMatchingNodes() convenience
 2563      methods to the StorageReflectSession class.
 2564    - Added a serialproxy utility to the tests folder.  This program
 2565      exports a local serial port as a TCP port.
 2566    - Message::FieldsAreSubsetOf() is now a public method.
 2567    o Replaced GetServerUptime() with GetServerStartTime(), so 
 2568      that the returned value can remain meaningful even if stored 
 2569      for a period of time.
 2570    * Threads in a Java com.meyer.muscle.thread.ThreadPool object
 2571      now exit cleanly when they are interrupted (e.g. by an 
 2572      applet shutdown).  Previously they would just ignore the
 2573      InterruptedException and stick around, gumming things up.
 2574    * The interface-0-send-detect code no longer prints an error
 2575      if the destination address is (invalidIP), on the assumption
 2576      that the UDP socket was previously connected using 
 2577      SetUDPSocketTarget() in that case.
 2578    * ReceiveDataUDP() now returns correct source-address/port 
 2579      information even when receiving IPv4 UDP packets while 
 2580      compiled with the MUSCLE_USE_IPV6 flag defined.
 2582 5.31 Released 6/7/2010
 2583    - Added LaunchIndepentChildProcess() static methods to the
 2584      ChildProcessDataIO class, for quick fire-and-forget style
 2585      launching of child processes.
 2586    - Added an optional maxWaitTimeMicros argument to the 
 2587      ChildProcessDataIO::System() methods.
 2588    - Added a QDataIODevice adaptor class to the qtsupport folder.
 2589    - Made the MUSCLE GetCurrentThreadID() function publicly
 2590      available (declared in system/SetupSystem.h).
 2591    - Added a MUSCLE_ENABLE_DEADLOCK_FINDER flag.
 2592    - The deadlock-finder no longer requires manual insertion 
 2593      of PLOCK and PUNLOCK macros everywhere; instead, that 
 2594      functionality is conditionally compiled into the
 2595      Mutex class itself.
 2596    - Added code to deadlockfinder.cpp to detect inconsistent
 2597      sequences and print error messages about them, instead of 
 2598      just printing out all sequences and leaving it up to the 
 2599      user to detect any problems.
 2600    o The deadlock-finder generation code now stores up its output
 2601      in RAM until the process is exiting, and dumps it to stdout
 2602      at that time.  That way race conditions in accessing stdout
 2603      are avoided, so the output won't be garbled.
 2604    o LockLog() and UnlockLog() now lock/unlock a separate lock
 2605      that is dedicated to the log callbacks only, instead of
 2606      calling through to the global muscle lock.
 2607    o InflateBuffer() and DeflateBuffer() now use their own
 2608      Mutex also, for reasons similar to those listed above.
 2609    * The Windows implementation of ChildProcessDataIO now marks 
 2610      its master/slave notify sockets as non-inheritable, so that
 2611      subsequent child process won't hold them open unexpectedly.
 2613 5.30 Released 5/7/2010
 2614    - Added proper copy/assignment/equality operators to the 
 2615      StringMatcher class, and added a HashCode() method to
 2616      it so that it can be a key in a Hashtable.
 2617    - Added OP_CONTAINS_BITS and OP_DOESNT_CONTAIN_BITS operators
 2618      to the NumericDataQueryFilter family of classes, so that
 2619      you can do some bit-chord logic in a QueryFilter.
 2620    - Added an Area() method to the Rect class.
 2621    - Added optional checksum calculation and printing to hexterm.
 2622    - Added a GetDefaultObject() method to the ObjectPool class
 2623      that gives read-only access to the ObjectPool's persistent
 2624      default-constructed object.
 2625    - Added a GetEmptyByteBuffer() function to ByteBuffer.{cpp,h}
 2626    o GetEmptyMessageRef() now returns a ConstMessageRef instead
 2627      of a MessageRef, to ensure that the returned Message is
 2628      not (easily) modified.
 2629    o GetEmptyByteBufferRef() now returns a ConstByteBufferRef 
 2630      instead of a MessageRef, to ensure that the returned 
 2631      ByteBuffer is not (easily) modified.
 2632    o Simplified the ObjectPool class to make it less error-prone
 2633      and easier to use.  The function callbacks are gone; instead,
 2634      recycled objects are reset to their default state simply by
 2635      using their assignment operator to set them equal to a 
 2636      default-constructed object.
 2637    o IsRegexToken() no longer considers ':' to be a regex token.
 2638      This change is because ':' is often used in otherwise non-regex
 2639      strings, and is never the only regex character in a regex string.
 2640    * Fixed some compiler warnings under MSVC 2008
 2641    * Fixed a bug that would cause subscriptions not to be properly
 2642      unsubscribed in some cases.
 2644 5.23 Released 4/22/2010
 2645    - The Parse*() functions in MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h} now take
 2646      an optional (caseSensitive) boolean argument.  If left false
 2647      (the default), parsing will be case sensitive, as it was in
 2648      previous versions.  If set to true, then arguments will be left
 2649      in their original case and not forced to lower case.
 2650    - Added information to the leaked-ObjectPool-Ref assertion failure
 2651      error message, so that now the type and the address of the leaked
 2652      reference(s) are printed out as part of the assertion failure.
 2653    - Rewrote the ObjectNode class to use uint16 indices instead of
 2654      pointers, to reduce memory usage (especially on 64-bit systems)
 2655    - Added a Clear() convenience method to the Socket class.
 2656    - Added Append() and Prepend() methods to the String class that
 2657      take a char as an argument.
 2658    o Changed the (recurse) argument in Message::PrintToStream(), 
 2659      Message::ToString(), and Message::AddToString() to a
 2660      (maxRecurseLevel) uint32 argument instead, so that user-specified
 2661      maximum recursion depths can be supported.
 2662    o Re-organized the GlobalSocketCallbacks so that they all happen
 2663      immediately after the socket is created.  
 2664    o Changed the "Couldn't disable V6-only mode" message to MUSCLE_LOG_DEBUG.
 2665    o Made the Message(uint32) constructor explicit.
 2666    * Tweaked the code so that hexterm once again compiles under Windows.
 2667    * Tweaked NetworkUtilityFunction.cpp to build again even when 
 2668      MUSCLE_ENABLE_MULTICAST_API is not defined.
 2669    * MUSCLE sockets now have IPV6_V6ONLY explicitly disabled when they
 2670      are created, so that IPv4-mapped sockets will work even under
 2671      operating systems that disable them by default (read: Windows 7)
 2672    * The MCRASH macro no longer calls FatalAppExit() under windows;
 2673      instead it just writes to a NULL pointer.  That way if there is
 2674      a crash handler installer, it will run.
 2676 5.22 Released 3/3/2010
 2677    - Added SetSocketKeepAliveBehavior() and GetSocketKeepAliveBehavior()
 2678      functions to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.  Note that these functions 
 2679      are only available if MUSCLE_ENABLE_KEEPALIVE_API is defined.
 2680    - Added SetGlobalSocketCallback() and GetGlobalSocketCallback() to
 2681      NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}, to allow all TCP sockets in the
 2682      process to be set up in a similar way, if desired.
 2683    - Added a portablereflectclient.vcproj file to the tests folder, so that
 2684      portablereflectclient can be compiled under Microsoft Visual Studio.
 2685    - The AtomicCounter class now uses the OSAtomicCounter.h atomic counter 
 2686      API when compiled under MacOS/X.
 2687    - Added an optional (maxReplaceCount) arg to the String::Replace() methods.
 2688    - Added a ServerComponent::IsFullyAttachedToServer() method, which returns
 2689      true iff AttachedToServer() has already returned success, and 
 2690      AboutToDetachFromServer() hasn't been called yet.
 2691    o Removed MUSCLE_CUSTOM_ATOMIC_TYPE support from the AtomicCounter class,
 2692      since it wasn't useful and was cluttering up the code.
 2693    o Rewrote the CalculateChecksum() and CalculateChecksumFor*() methods
 2694      to call through to CalculateHashCode(), since the existing checksum
 2695      algorithms were not very good at avoiding checksum collisions.
 2696    * Updated win32client.vcproj and win32client.cpp to build properly again.
 2697    * Fixed a couple of typos in AsyncDataIO.cpp.
 2698    * GetFileLogName() is no longer included in the MUSCLE_INLINE_LOGGING
 2699      headers in SysLog.h, since its inclusion caused chicken-and-egg problems.
 2700    * Added inline versions of PrintStackTrace(), GetStackTrace(),
 2701      GetLogLevelName(), and GetLogLevelKeyword().
 2702    * Made all of the inline log functions into static inlines.
 2704 5.21 Released 1/21/2010
 2705    - Added UnparseFile() functions to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 2706      These convert a ParseFile()-style Message back into a text file.
 2707    - Added printsourcelocations.cpp to the tests folder.  This program
 2708      will scan a source code directory tree and print out the 4-letter
 2709      source location codes corresponding to all calls to LogTime(),
 2710      along with their human-readable location and the line of source code.
 2711    * The source code location alphabet had the numeral '5' in it, which
 2712      was not supposed to be there (it looks too much like 'S').  Removed it.
 2713    * Fixed a bug where UnparseArg("arg= val") wouldn't parse correctly.
 2714    * Fixed a potential race condition in ObjectPool::Drain().
 2715    * Some dependencies were missing from the VC++ project files; added them.
 2716    * Converted RefCount::CheckedGetItemPointer() from a method into
 2717      a stand-alone inline function, because calling methods on a NULL
 2718      pointer is specified as causing undefined behavior in C++, and 
 2719      therefore having CheckedGetItemPointer() as a method is unsafe.
 2720    * Removed unnecessary files from the vc++ folder, updated vc++/README.txt
 2722 5.20 Released 12/29/2009
 2723    - PrintStackTrace() is now implemented under MSVC/Win32, using
 2724      Jochen Kalmbach's StackWalker class.
 2725    - The debugcrashes command line argument is now supported under
 2726      MSVC/Win32; with it specified, crashes will cause PrintStackTrace()
 2727      to be called, and therefore a stack trace to be printed to stdout.
 2728    - Added a GetTotalDataSize() method to the Hashtable and Queue classes,
 2729      so that it's possible to query how much RAM the container is using.
 2730    - The Message::*Flat() methods are now templated so that the object
 2731      you pass in to them doesn't have to be a subclass of Flattenable...
 2732      it just have to have necessary methods declared.  This lets you 
 2733      save memory on small flattenable objects since they no longer
 2734      need a vtable pointer. 
 2735    - Added a GetFlattenedByteBufferFromPool() method to ByteBuffer.h.
 2736    - The HashtableEntry class now stores references to other 
 2737      HashtableEntries as uint32 slot indices rather than pointers, so 
 2738      that its memory footprint doesn't increase on 64-bit systems.
 2739    - Added a GetRawArrayPointer() method to the Queue class to
 2740      allow direct/low-level access to the Queue's items array.
 2741    - UnparseArgs(const Queue &) now takes optional startIdx and
 2742      afterEndIdx arguments.
 2743    o Rewrote/simplified the HashtableIterator class:  Removed all of 
 2744      the HasMore*(), GetNext*(), and PeekNext*() methods.  The only 
 2745      methods remaining are GetKey(), GetValue(), HasData(), 
 2746      operator++(), and operator--().
 2747    o Rewrote/simplified the MessageFieldNameIterator class:  Removed 
 2748      the HasMoreFieldNames(), GetNextFieldName() and PeekNextFieldName() 
 2749      methods.  The only methods remaining are HasData(), GetFieldName(), 
 2750      operator++, and operator--.
 2751    o The String, Point and Rect classes no longer derive from
 2752      Flattenable, and no longer have any virtual methods.
 2753    o Removed the (initialSize) constructor argument from the Queue
 2754      and PathMatcherQueue classes, since it was rarely used and added
 2755      4 bytes to the size of the Queue class.
 2756    * debugcrashes is also now enabled under OS/X.
 2757    * Rewrote the POSIX implementation of ChildProcessDataIO so that
 2758      the marshalling of the child process's arguments array is done
 2759      in the parent process rather than between fork() and execve();
 2760      that avoids potential problems with doing dynamic memory allocation
 2761      during that awkward phase of the child's development.
 2762    * Added a work-around in SendDataUDP() for a misfeature of MacOS/X
 2763      (and possibly other IP stacks) where sendto() will send on the 
 2764      default interface even when the destination address clearly 
 2765      specifies another interface.
 2766    * Replaced calls to gmtime() with gmtime_r(), for thread safety.
 2768 5.11 Released 11/23/2009
 2769    - Added GetHumanReadableTimeIntervalString() to SysLog.h.
 2770    - Added GetEmptyByteBufferRef() to ByteBuffer.{cpp,h}.
 2771    - Added a DataNode::GetChild() method that returns the result as
 2772      a return value rather than as a by-reference parameter.
 2773    - ParseHumanReadableTimeIntervalString() can now correctly parse 
 2774      multiple-clause time interval strings of the type generated by
 2775      GetHumanReadableTimeIntervalString().
 2776    - Added a GetPulseParent() method to the PulseNode class.
 2777    * Removed the MUSCLE_ROUTING_FLAG_REFLECT_TO_SELF bit from the
 2778      DEFAULT_MUSCLE_ROUTING_FLAGS_BIT_CHORD constant, since including 
 2779      this bit made the sessions' default routing behavior different
 2780      from what it was (and is) documented to be.
 2781    * BatchOperator now calls BatchEnds() from within the batch context
 2782      instead of after the batch context has ended, for consistency
 2783      with the semantics of BatchBegins().
 2784    o Rewrote the Windows implementation of the Mutex class to use
 2785      critical sections rather than locking a Windows Mutex directly, 
 2786      for better performance.
 2787    o Renamed the Python files in the python folder from e.g. CamelCase.py
 2788      to e.g. lower_underbar_case.py, per the Python Style Guide. 
 2789    o Made CalculateHashCode() and CalculateHashCode64() non-inline
 2790      functions, since they are rather large to be inlined.
 2791    * Rewrote the Xenomai implementation of GetRunTime64() to call
 2792      rt_timer_tsc() instead of rt_timer_read(), so that the value
 2793      returned is nanoseconds-since-boot, not nanoseconds-since-1970.
 2794    * The "realtime" command line argument support now memsets() the
 2795      sched_param struct to zero before filling it out, just in case
 2796      it has other members besides sched_priority.
 2797    * Fixed a bug in the Hashtable class where copying one Hashtable
 2798      to another could cause multiple identical entries to appear
 2799      in the target table's iteration list.
 2801 5.10 Released 10/12/2009
 2802    - Added a HashCode() method to the Tuple, Point, and Rect classes,
 2803      so that they can now be used as keys in a Hashtable.
 2804    - Added a Hashtable::Intersect() convenience method.
 2805    - Added SetRoutingFlag() and IsRoutingFlagSet() methods to the
 2806      DumbReflectSession class.  These flags allow subclasses of
 2807      DumbReflectSession to change default/unrecognized routing
 2808      behavior to be more appropriate for their needs, if necessary.
 2809    - Added two new parameters that can be set via 
 2812      PR_NAME_ROUTE_NEIGHBORS_TO_GATEWAY and they control the
 2813      similarly named bits in the DumbReflectSession class.
 2814    - Added a (reconnectViaTCP) argument to the AbstractReflectSession::
 2815      SetAsyncConnectDestination() method, so you can specify whether
 2816      Reconnect() should connect to the supplied address via a standard
 2817      TCP connection, or not.
 2818    - The file log name (as set by the "logfile" command line argument
 2819      or SetFileLogName()) is now interpreted by 
 2820      HumanReadableTimeValues::ExpandTokens(), so it can use any of
 2821      the standard tokens and they will be expanded to their values
 2822      at the time the log file is created.
 2823    - File logging now supports maximum log file sizes (via the
 2824      "maxlogfilesize=n" keyword and via the new SetMaxLogFileSize()
 2825      and GetMaxLogFileSize() functions).  When a log file becomes
 2826      larger than the specified size, it will be closed and a new
 2827      log file opened.
 2828    - Log files closed because they are too large can be optionally
 2829      gzip-compressed (if the "compresslogfiles" keyword is specified,
 2830      or via the new SetFileLogCompressionEnabled() function)
 2831    - Added an optional "maxnumlogfiles" argument (and associated
 2832      SetMaxNumLogFiles() and GetMaxNumLogFiles() functions) that
 2833      allow you to specify that old log files should start to be 
 2834      deleted after a certain number of log files have been created.
 2835    - Added an optional "oldlogfilespattern" argument  (and associated
 2836      SetOldLogFilesPattern() function) that lets you specify the
 2837      pattern of file-paths that can be safely assumed to be old log
 2838      files from previous instances of the current application, and 
 2839      deleted if necessary.
 2840    - Added a SetFile() method to the FileDataIO class.
 2841    - Added AppendBytes() methods to the ByteBuffer class.
 2842    - Added InflateByteBuffer() and DeflateByteBuffer() functions
 2843      to ZLibUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 2844    - Added raw-pointer versions of the Inflate(), Deflate(), and 
 2845      GetInflatedSize() methods of the ZLibCodec class.
 2846    - Set EXTRACT_ALL to yes in the muscle.dox file, so that the
 2847      non-member functions will show up in the DOyxgen documentation.
 2848    - Added Doxygen groups around the non-class APIs, so that they
 2849      show up as Modules in the Doxygen HTML.
 2850    - Added a brief Doxygen \mainpage introduction blurb.
 2851    o Changed the MUSCLE_VERSION macro in support/MuscleSupport.h
 2852      from hexadecimal to decimal, so it can be more readable.
 2853    o FileDataIO ctor's argument now defaults to NULL.
 2854    o Log() and LogTime() no longer inhibit re-entrant calls during
 2855      log callbacks.  This allows the callbacks to do logging themselves,
 2856      although they do need to be careful to avoid infinite recursions.
 2857    o GetNumAvailableBytes(), GetMaxNumBytes(), and GetNumUsedBytes()
 2858      now return uint64's instead of uint32's, so that they can
 2859      deal with more than 4 gigabytes of RAM allocation.
 2860    o DumbReflectSession::SetReflectToSelf() and GetReflectToSelf()
 2861      are now deprecated inline synonyms for
 2862      SetRoutingFlag(MUSCLE_ROUTING_FLAG_REFLECT_TO_SELF) and
 2863      GetRoutingFlag(MUSCLE_ROUTING_FLAG_REFLECT_TO_SELF), respectively.
 2864    o ParseArgs() no longer strips leading dashes off of the arguments
 2865      it parses, because doing that made it impossible to pass negative
 2866      numbers as command line arguments.
 2867    o Added a PrintStackTrace() comment to SysLog.cpp for easy
 2868      copy-and-paste to third party code when necessary.
 2869    o Moved the HumanReadableTimeValues class and its related 
 2870      functions out of MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h} and into
 2871      SysLog.{cpp,h}, so that programs that use the system log
 2872      but not the other functions in MiscUtilityFunctions.cpp do
 2873      not need to link in MiscUtilityFunctions.cpp.
 2874    o Moved Atoll() and Atoull() from MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 2875      to SetupSystem.cpp and MuscleSupport.h, for the same reasons.
 2876    * Fixed some printf() formatting warnings that occurred when the
 2877      C code (MiniMessage, etc) was compiled on a 64-bit OS.
 2878    * Changed a constant in SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator
 2879      from MUSCLE_NO_LIMIT to ((size_t)-1) so that it would work
 2880      properly under 64-bit OS's.
 2881    * NetworkInterfaceInfo::ToString() was broken.  Fixed.
 2883 5.00 Released 9/16/2009
 2884    - Added a MUSCLE_VERSION define that is the numeric counterpart
 2885      to the MUSCLE_VERSION_STRING define.  This makes it easier to
 2886      write code that will build against multiple MUSCLE versions, if
 2887      necessary.
 2888    - Split DataIO::GetSelectSocket() into two methods, GetReadSelectSocket()
 2889      and GetWriteSelectSocket().  This way a DataIO can use two different
 2890      file handles for event-catching if it wants to.
 2891    - Split AbstractReflectSession::GetSessionSelectSocket() into
 2892      GetSessionReadSelectSocket() and GetSessionWriteSelectSocket().
 2893    - Reimplemented the ARRAYITEMS macro in C++ land to be a templated
 2894      function instead.  This has the advantage of making it a compile-time
 2895      error if you try to call ARRAYITEMS() with a pointer argument.
 2896    - muscleCompare() now depends only on the less-than operator. 
 2897      Before it depended on less-than and greater-than working as expected.
 2898    - Removed the DECLARE_HASHTABLE_KEY_CLASS* macros, since they are no
 2899      longer needed.  Appropriate HashFunctors are now selected automatically
 2900      through SFINAE magic; all the user has to do is add a
 2901      "uint32 HashCode() const" method into his key class and it will be used.
 2902    - HashFunctor classes now also have a AreKeysEqual() method for determining
 2903      whether two keys are equivalent or not in a type-appropriate manner.
 2905      which can be used to test the efficacy of different hash functions. 
 2906    - Added CalculateHashCode() and CalculateHashCode64() functions to
 2907      MuscleSupport.h.  These functions return hash codes for any array of
 2908      bytes using Austin Appleby's MurmurHash2_Aligned algorithms.
 2909    - The Hashtable class no longer chooses its array sizes based on prime
 2910      numbers; instead it now relies on a better hash function (MurmurHash2.0)
 2911      that will hash values well no matter what the array size is.
 2912    - Optimized the String class's reallocation strategy to conserve memory
 2913      better when dealing with very long strings.
 2914    - Added a GetNumAllocatedBytes() method to the String class.
 2915    - Added IsValid() and IsNull() convenience methods to the ConstRef class.
 2916    - Added a version of DataNode::GetNodePath() that returns a String.
 2917    - Added ToCaseInsensitive(const String &) to regex/StringMatcher.h
 2918    - Added a PutOrRemove() method to the Hashtable class that takes
 2919      a pointer to the value (NULL pointer means remove).
 2920    - Added a GetAncestorNode() convenience method to the DataNode class.
 2921    - Added ++ and -- operators to the String class.  (they add a space
 2922      and remove the last character in the string, respectively)
 2923    - ParseHumanReadableTimeIntervalString() now recognized special strings
 2924      "forever", "never", and "infinite" and will return MUSCLE_TIME_NEVER in 
 2925      response to any of those keywords.
 2926    - ParseFile() can now accept its file data in the form of a String
 2927      as well as a (FILE *).
 2928    - Added BroadcastToAllSessionsOfType<SessionType>() templated methods 
 2929      to the AbstractReflectSession and ReflectSessionFactory classes.
 2930    - Added GetWithDefault() methods to the Queue class.
 2931    - Added a GetDataIO() convenience method to the AbstractReflectSession class.
 2934      flags GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() function's flag argument options.
 2935    - Merged in Monni's patch to make the B_SWAP_*() macros call through to
 2936      MSVC's _byteswap_*() functions on versions of MSVC that support that.
 2937    - Added a Contains(const ItemType &) convenience method to the Queue class.
 2938    - AbstractMessageIOGateway now derives from AbstractGatewayMessageReceiver,
 2939      so that you can link the input of one gateway directly to the output
 2940      of another if you want to.
 2941    - Added a SetFilterForEntry() method to the PathMatcher class so that
 2942      existing PathMatcherEntry objects can have their filters updated without
 2943      throwing the PathMatcher class's filter-count out of whack.
 2944    - Added ToString() methods to the PathMatcherEntry and StringMatcherQueue
 2945      classes, to better facilitate debugging.
 2946    o Removed CStringHashFunc() and CStringHashFunc64() functions; any code
 2947      that was previously using those should call CalculateHashCode(s,strlen(s))
 2948      instead.
 2949    o Split the Hashtable class auto-sort functionality out into subclasses.
 2950      The Hashtable class no longer supports auto-sort; instead you now
 2951      instantiate an OrderedKeysHashtable or an OrderedValuesHashtable
 2952      if you want a table that keeps its data sorted.
 2953    o All Hashtable sorting is now done via CompareFunctors instead of
 2954      via function pointers.
 2955    o Rewrote the Queue::Sort() method to used a templatized CompareFunctor
 2956      object instead of a function pointer.  This allows the compiler to
 2957      inline the comparisons for better performance, and also frees the
 2958      programmer from having to manually specify a comparison function in
 2959      most cases.
 2960    o Remove the Compare*() callback functions from MuscleSupport.h because
 2961      they are no longer needed (use functors instead)
 2962    o Made PulseNode::InvalidatePulseTime() public instead of protected.
 2963    o Made the object-capturing constructors in the RefCount and ConstRefCount
 2964      classes explicit, so that object-capture can't happen without the
 2965      programmer's explicit knowledge.
 2966    o ExecuteSynchronousMessageRPCCall() now returned an empty Message
 2967      if it connects successfully but receives no reply.  That way the
 2968      caller can differentiate that case from the could-not-connect case.
 2969    o Removed UNLESS() macro, since it was never used and was bad style.
 2970    o FindFirstSessionOfType() and FindSessionsOfType() template methods
 2971      now take <SessionType> as their template argument, not <SessionPointerType>
 2972    o Removed some characters from the source-location-code alphabet to
 2973      reduce the risk of inadvertent swearing in the lock file.
 2974    * Rewrote the Windows implemetation of StdinDataIO (again) so that closing
 2975      a StdinDataIO object no longer tries to shut down the Stdin I/O thread.
 2976      That appears impossible to do reliably under the awesome Windows API,
 2977      so now the Stdin I/O thread is a singleton that always runs (safely 
 2978      minding its own business) until stdin closes.
 2979    * Fixed a typo in MessageTransceiverThread.py
 2980    * ExecuteSynchronousMessageRPCCall() now includes the TCP-connect time
 2981      in its calculations regarding the timeout period.
 2982    * ParseHumanReadableTimeInterval() now defaults to seconds when
 2983      no units are specified (previously it would return zero in that case).
 2984    * String::operator-(const char) had a bug where it would read one
 2985      byte too many as part of its memmove() call.  Fixed.
 2986    * Atoll() and Atoull() weren't handling invalid strings 
 2987      (with preceding non-digit characters) properly.  Fixed.
 2988    * Added a _M_AMD64 case ot the LITTLE_ENDIAN byte ordering detection,
 2989      per Mika Lindqvist's suggestion.
 2990    * GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() no longer returns results for interfaces 
 2991      that are not currently up/enabled.
 2992    * SharedFilterSessionFactory::CreateSession() now assumes that any
 2993      connection coming in over the Loopback device is a local connection,
 2994      even if the source IP address isn't recognized as a local address
 2995      (a situation that can happen on a Mac when an interface has been
 2996      disabled)
 2997    * Fixed a bug in AbstractMessageIOGateway::ExecuteSynchronousMessaging()
 2998      that would cause it to sometimes return B_ERROR even when it had, in
 2999      fact, successfully completed.
 3000    * In MUSCLE_USE_IPV6 mode, IsIPv4Address() no longer returns true for
 3001      IPv4 addresses ::1 and ::, as these are commonly used IPv6 addresses.
 3002    * Fixed two bugs that could cause StorageReflectSession do do subscription
 3003      updating incorrectly when using QueryFilters in the subscriptions.
 3005 4.63 Released 7/17/2009
 3006    - When compiled with MUSCLE_USE_IPV6 enabled, MUSCLE now does automatic
 3007      transparent remapping of IPv4-compatible IPv6 addresses into IPv4-mapped 
 3008      IPv6 addresses.  This allows MUSCLE servers to be 100% compatible with 
 3009      both IPv4 and IPv6 clients (on platforms that support dual stacks, of 
 3010      course) without any additional effort on the programemr's part.
 3011    - Added SetAutomaticIPv4AddressMappingEnabled() and
 3012      GetAutomaticIPv4AddressMappingEnabled() calls to
 3013      NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}. 
 3014    - Added CAdd*() and CPrepend*() convenience methods to the Message
 3015      API, to the common "add value to Message unless it's the default value"
 3016      idiom quicker and easier to express.
 3017    - Added Contains() convenience methods to the String class.
 3018    - Added an optional (optRetTotal) argument to 
 3019      SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator::GetCurrentMemoryUsage().
 3020    - Added a ParseHumanReadableTimeIntervalString() convenience function
 3021      to MiscUtilityFunctions.cpp.
 3022    - Added an static Exists() method to the Directory class.
 3023    - Added a PutOrRemove() convenience method to the Hashtable class.
 3024    - Added an IsValidIP() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 3025    - GetNextEventFromInternalThread() now has an optLocation parameter that
 3026      can be used to find out the IP address and port that a session connected
 3027      to (or what accepted from).
 3028    - The SessionConnected() signals of the QMessageTransceiverThread and
 3029      QMessageTransceiverHandler classes now include an IPAddressAndPort object
 3030      indicating what the session connected to.
 3031    - The SessionAccepted() signal of the QMessageTransceiverThread class now 
 3032      includes an IPAddressAndPort object indicating where the session was accepted from.
 3033    - Added SetAsyncConnectDestination() and GetAsyncConnectDestination() methods
 3034      to the AbstractReflectSession class.
 3035    - Added ToString() methods to the SegmentedStringMatcher and
 3036      StringMatcher classes.
 3037    - SegmentedStringMatcher no longer bothers to allocate a StringMatcher
 3038      object for clauses that are represented by "*".
 3039    o Renamed DataNode::CountChildren() to DataNode::GetNumChildren().
 3040    o Renamed DataNode::SetMaxKnownChildID() to DataNode::SetMaxKnownChildIDHint().
 3041    o Renamed Message::CountNames() to Message::GetNumNames().
 3042    o Rewrote the static internal function AdjustValue() in
 3043      SharedUsageLimitAllocator.cpp to give more informative error output.
 3044    o Removed Message::GetConstPointer() since you can use GetPointer()
 3045      to do the same thing (by assigning a const pointer to the result).
 3046    o Documented some methods that were previously not documented.
 3047    * Fixed a bug where SharedUsageLimitAllocator::ResetDaemonCounter()
 3048      could push the cumulative memory counter into negative territory.
 3049    * Inet_NtoA was allowing the IPv6-specific "@3" interface-index
 3050      suffix into IPv4-style address strings.  Fixed.
 3051    * SetupSystem.cpp's Muscle_GetCurrentThread() wasn't working properly
 3052      on 64-bit OS's.  Fixed.
 3054 4.62 Released 6/17/2009
 3055   - Added a ThreadLocalStorage class to the muscle/system
 3056     sub-folder.  This class makes it easy for each thread
 3057     to access its own local copy of a global object, without
 3058     any need for Mutex locking/unlocking overhead.
 3059   - Added a Thread::GetCurrentThread() static method, so that
 3060     any Thread can access its Thread object conveniently.
 3061   - Added additional fields to the PR_RESULT_PARAMETERS Message:
 3062     PR_NAME_SERVER_CURRENTTIMEUTC   (server's GetCurrentTime(UTC))
 3063     PR_NAME_SERVER_CURRENTTIMELOCAL (server's GetCurrentTime(LOCAL))
 3064     PR_NAME_SERVER_RUNTIME          (server's GetRunTime64())
 3065   - Added a AddApplicationSpecificParametersToParametersResultMessage()
 3066     method to the StorageReflectSession class.  It allows a subclass
 3067     to add fields to the PR_RESULT_PARAMETERS Message before it
 3068     goes back to the client.
 3069   - Added an IsIPv4Address() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 3070   - Added GetSendDestinations() methods to the UDPSocketDataIO object.
 3071     With these methods you can have the UDPSocketDataIO object send the
 3072     same UDP packet to multiple destinations whenever Write() is called.
 3073   - Added a GetDefaultItem() method to the Queue class.
 3074   - Added GetDefaultKey() and GetDefaultValue() methods to the 
 3075     Hashtable class.
 3076   - If TARGET_PLATFORM_XENOMAI is defined, GetRunTime64() now
 3077     uses Xenomai's rt_timer_read() function to determine its result.
 3078   - GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() and GetNetworkInterfaceAddresses() now
 3079     accept a bit-chord of GNII_INCLUDE_* bits as their second argument,
 3080     rather than a simple boolean.  This allows the caller to express
 3081     in a bit more detail which sorts of interfaces he is interested in.
 3082   - Added a convenience constructor to the AndOrQueryFilter class.
 3083   o Added testthread.cpp back in to the test/Makefile.
 3084   o Modified testthread.cpp to test the ThreadLocalStorage class also.
 3085   o Reorganized the ObjectPool.h class implementation.
 3086   o Simplified the Qt implementation of the Thread class.
 3087   * system/Mutex.h now #includes support/MuscleSupport.h,
 3088     so that the Win32 build environment is detected properly
 3089     even when system/Mutex.h is the first #include.
 3091 4.61 Released 5/22/2009
 3092   - Added GetTotalNumSignalsReceived() and 
 3093     GetNumSignalsReceivedOfType() methods to the
 3094     SignalMultiplexer class.
 3095   - Added an IsCurrentThreadMainThread() function to
 3096     SetupSystem.{cpp,h}.
 3097   - Added support for a "catchsignals" keyword to
 3098     HandleStandardDaemonArgs().  This keyword, if
 3099     specified, will cause the main thread's
 3100     ReflectSession() (if any) to add a signal handler
 3101     session to itself.
 3102   - Added support for a MUSCLE_AVOID_SIGNAL_HANDLING compiler 
 3103     flag that can be defined by applications that don't
 3104     want to compile in signal handling support.
 3105   - Added a SignalChildProcess() method to the 
 3106     ChildProcessDataIO class.
 3107   - ChildProcessDataIO::WaitForChildProcessToExit()
 3108     now takes an optional timeout value, and returns
 3109     true if the child exited or false if it timed out.
 3110   - In the ChildProcessDataIO class, I replaced 
 3111     SetKillChildOnClose() and SetWaitForChildOnClose() with
 3112     a single SetChildProcessShutdownBehavior() method which
 3113     provides for more flexibility, making it possible to
 3114     do a "soft shutdown with a hard kill after a timeout".
 3115   o Removed the "catchsignals" support from muscledMain()'s
 3116     setup code, since that support is now part of 
 3117     HandleStandardDaemonArgs() instead.
 3119 4.60 Released 5/15/2009
 3120   - The Message class now derives from Cloneable.
 3121   - The Message::FindInt*() methods class now accept both
 3122     signed and unsigned value arguments, so that dangerous
 3123     C-style casting is no longer necessary when retrieving
 3124     unsigned integer values.
 3125   - Added a set of Message::Get*() methods that are similar to
 3126     Message::Find*() except that they return the found value
 3127     instead of a status code.  (if the requested value is not found, 
 3128     they return a user-provided default value instead)
 3129   - The Message::Find*() methods now take their value parameters
 3130     by reference instead of by pointer.  
 3131     (e.g. msg.FindInt8("foo", x) instead of msg.FindInt8("foo", &x).
 3132     The old by-pointer style is still supported, but is deprecated.
 3133   - Added a Queue::LastIndexOf() method that does a reverse
 3134     search in a Queue, optionally within a specified index range.
 3135   - Added a Flattenable::UnflattenFromByteBuffer() method
 3136     that takes a ConstByteBufferRef argument, per Mika's request.
 3137   - Added SetLowBits(), SetHighBits() to the IPv6 ip_address class.
 3138   - When MUSCLE_USE_IPV6 is defined, the ip_address class now
 3139     includes an interface-address field.  Inet_AtoN() and Inet_NtoA()
 3140     now append/expect this field at the end of the string if the
 3141     interface is non-zero (e.g. "fe80::1@3")
 3142   - Upgraded the multicast API to properly support IPv6 multicast.
 3143     In particular, when MUSCLE_USE_IPV6 is defined, 
 3144     AddSocketToMulticastGroup() and RemoveSocketFromMulticastGroup()
 3145     no longer take an interface IP address (instead they use the
 3146     interface index included in the groupAddress argument).
 3147     Also SetSocketMulticastSendInterfaceAddress() and
 3148     GetSocketMulticastSendInterfaceAddress() are replaced by
 3149     SetSocketMulticastSendInterfaceIndex() and 
 3150     GetSocketMulticastSendInterfaceIndex().  This is necessary 
 3151     because IPv6 doesn't identify interfaces by IP address,
 3152     rather it identifies them with integers.
 3153   - Added a broadcastIP_IPv4 constant to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 3154     to allow IPv4 braodcasts even in IPv6 mode.
 3155   - Added a localhostIP_IPv4 constant to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 3156     to allow references to the IPv4 localhost device in IPv6 mode.
 3157   - Added a GetHashCodeForIPAddress() function to
 3158     NetworkUtilityFunctions.h, to avoid #ifdefs in application code.
 3159   - Added a IsMulticastIPAddress(const ip_address &) function
 3160     to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h} that returns true iff the 
 3161     specified address is a multicast addess.
 3162   - Added a IsStandardLoopbackDeviceAddress(const ip_address &)
 3163     function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h, since under IPv6
 3164     localhostIP has several names and thus doing a literal
 3165     numeric comparison to (localhostIP) can be error-prone.
 3166   - Added a GetConnectString(const String &, uint16) convenience
 3167     function to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}, to generate strings
 3168     like "localhost:9999" or "[ff05::1]:9999" correctly.
 3169   - Added an ExecuteSynchronousMessageRPCCall() function to
 3170     MessageIOGateway.{cpp,h}.  This function connects to a
 3171     server via TCP, sends a Message, received a Message,
 3172     and returns the received Message, so that you can "call"
 3173     a server, RPC-style, as if it was a local function.
 3174   - Added a GetLocalHostName() function to 
 3175     NetworkUtilifyFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 3176   - Added a HashCode64() method to the String class, and a
 3177     CStringHashFunc64() function that it calls.
 3178   - Added a ToString() method to the NetworkInterfaceInfo class.
 3179   - Improved the parsing of IPAddressAndPort and ParseConnectArg()
 3180     so that they now properly handle IPv6 hostname-and-port
 3181     strings that don't contain brackets, when possible.
 3182   - Added a version of ParseConnectArg() that takes a direct
 3183     String (instead of a Message and field name)
 3184   - Rewrite the Win32 implementation of GetNetworkInterfaceInfos()
 3185     to use GetAdaptersAddresses() instead of GetIpAddrTable(),
 3186     so that it can detect IPv6 addresses as well as IPv4.
 3187   - Added an optional (preferIPv4Style) argument to Inet_NtoA()
 3188     so that if you prefer, IPv4 addresses can be returned in the
 3189     classic style ("") instead of new-style ("::")
 3191     compiler flag, which if specified will cause every call to
 3192     LogTime() to include location info (source file name and line
 3193     number) in the log information.  This can be useful for 
 3194     tracking down exactly where a particular log message came from.
 3195   - When MUSCLE_INCLUDE_LOCATION_IN_LOGTIME is defined, the
 3196     standard log-line preamble now includes the string returned
 3197     by GetStandardLogLinePreamble().
 3198   - Added GenerateSourceCodeLocationKey(), 
 3199     SourceCodeLocationKeyToString(), and
 3200     SourceCodeLocationKeyFromString() functions to Syslog.{cpp,h}
 3201   - Added a utility called "findsourcelocations" to the tests folder.
 3202     This utility will find possible locations for source code keys
 3203     in the specified directory hierarchy.
 3204   - Added a HashCode() method to the NetworkInterfaceInfo class.
 3205   - The Directory class is now a subclass of RefCountable.
 3206   - Added a GetPath() method to the Directory class.
 3207   - Added FileExists(), RenameFile(), CopyFile(), and DeleteFile()
 3208     utility functions to util/MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 3209   - Added an MEXIT(ret,msg) macro to MuscleSupport.h.  It's
 3210     the same as MCRASH, but it doesn't crash, it merely ends
 3211     the process (by calling ExitWithoutCleanup(ret)).
 3212   - Added a Reset() method to the StringMatcher class.
 3213   - Added a WasConnected() method to AbstractReflectSession,
 3214     so that subclasses can find out if the session ever was
 3215     connected to its remote peer.
 3216   - ExpandLocalhostAddress() now caches its first result from
 3217     GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() so that it no longer has to
 3218     call GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() every time it is called.
 3219   - Added a GetServerSessionID() method to the ReflectServer
 3220     class, and a PR_NAME_SERVER_SESSION_ID field to the
 3221     standard parameters set, so that clients can access a
 3222     64-bit value that is unique to the current server instance.
 3223   - Added a SignalMultiplexer class that deals with POSIX
 3224     signals or Windows Console signalling in a unified manner.
 3225   - Added a QSignalHandler class that can emit a Qt signal
 3226     when a POSIX/Windows signal is received.
 3227   - Added a SignalHandlerSession class that you can add
 3228     to your ReflectServer if you want signals to result
 3229     in a graceful shutdown (or other custom behavior)
 3230   - The Python MessageTransceiverThread class constructor
 3231     now takes a boolean argument which indicates whether or
 3232     not it should use IPv6 networking.
 3233   - Added a GetHumanReadableProgramNameFromArgv0(const char *) 
 3234     convenience function to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 3235   - Added a Win32AllocateStdioConsole() function that allocates
 3236     a console window for stdio to use under Windows.
 3237   - Added CleanupDNSLabel() and CleanupDNSPath() functions to
 3238     MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.  These are handy for removing
 3239     errors from user-entered DNS hostnames (e.g. "www.foo.com").
 3240   - Rewrote String::LastIndexOf(char) and the String -=
 3241     operators to be more efficient.
 3242   o The arguments to the Log() method in the LogCallback API
 3243     are now consolidated into a single LogCallbackArgs object,
 3244     for efficiency and cleaner code.
 3245   o The GetStandardLogLinePreamble() function now takes a
 3246     single LogCallbackArgs argument instead of separate args also.
 3247   o Removed support for the MUSCLE_AVOID_NAMESPACES,
 3249     macros, since they aren't necessary and use of macros to 
 3250     control namespaces can confuse Qt's moc utility.
 3251   o Rewrote portablereflectclient to use StdinDataIO instead
 3252     of accessing stdin directly.  This allows it to work
 3253     correctly under Windows, and simplifies the code.
 3254   o Queue::IndexOf() was defined as returning the last
 3255     matching item, which was inconsistent.  Replaced it with
 3256     a new IndexOf() implementation that does a forward search,
 3257     optionally within a specified index range. 
 3258   o Suppressed a warning in zip.c
 3259   o Removed the explicit signal handling from the ReflectServer
 3260     class (SetSignalHandlingEnabled() and WasSignalCaught() are
 3261     gone now).  This functionality is now handled by the
 3262     SignalHandlerSession class instead.
 3263   * The Win32 "console" keyword wasn't redirecting stdin.  Fixed.
 3264   * Fixed a syntax error in the EnsureRefIsPrivate() method.
 3265   * Updated the VC++ project files so they build again.
 3266   * ParseConnectArg() now handles the "[ipv6::addr]:port"
 3267     syntax properly when MUSCLE_USE_IPV6 is defined.
 3268   * Fixed a bug in the PulseChild class that would sometimes
 3269     prevent the GetPulseTime() method of grandchild PulseChild
 3270     nodes from getting called after InvalidatePulseTime() was
 3271     called on them.
 3272   * AbstractReflectClient::Reconnect() now sets the _wasConnected
 3273     flag to false.
 3274   * Fixed a bug in MessageTransceiverThread::AddNewWorkerConnectSession()
 3275     that was causing disconnect notifications not to be sent for
 3276     connect-sessions whose connections failed synchronously.
 3277   * IntCompareFunc() was taking an int8 argument by mistake.  Fixed.
 3279 4.51 Released 3/19/2009
 3280   - Added GetByteBufferFromPool() functions that accept a Flattenable
 3281     object as an argument, for convenience.
 3282   - Added a Message::GetPointerToNormalizedFieldData() method, which
 3283     is useful if you need efficient direct (array-style) access to 
 3284     the contents of a data field in a Message object.
 3285   - Added NumericAwareStringCompareFunc() functions to String.{cpp,h}.
 3286     These routines are based on Martin Pool's number-aware string
 3287     compare code, and compare strings in such a way that numbers in
 3288     the strings are sorted properly. 
 3289   - Added a SegmentedStringMatcher class to the regex folder, for
 3290     easy multi-level regex matching in e.g. file paths.
 3291   - Added GetStringMatcherFromPool() convenience functions to 
 3292     regex/StringMatcher.{cpp,h}.
 3293   - Added a ParseHexBytes() convenience function to 
 3294     MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 3295   - Added a PrintToStream() method to the ByteBuffer class.
 3296   - Added Bryan Varner's UDPClient class to the Java archive.
 3297     This class facilitates sending small MUSCLE Messages over UDP
 3298     in Java programs.  Thanks Bryan!
 3299   - Added Bryan Varner's DatagramPacketTransceiver class to the 
 3300     Java archive.  This class allow Java applications
 3301     to send large MUSCLE Messages over UDP in Java programs,
 3302     by breaking them up into multiple chunks that are sent in
 3303     successive UDP packets and then re-assembled by the receiver.  
 3304     This class is compatible with MUSCLE's C++ PacketTunnelIOGateway 
 3305     class.  Thanks again, Bryan!
 3306   - Added LaunchChildProcess() and System() methods to the
 3307     ChildProcessDataIO class that takes a Queue<String> as an 
 3308     argument, for convenience.
 3309   - Added implementations of ParseArg(), ParseArgs(), ParseFile(),
 3310     and UnparseArgs() that take a Queue<String> to hold the parsed
 3311     arguments rather than a Message.  This is useful in cases where
 3312     argument ordering must be preserved 100%.
 3313   - Added a Directory::MakeDirectoryForFile() convenience method.
 3314     It creates a directory for the specified file to be created in.
 3315   - Added Monni's 64-bit x86 byte-swap routine to MuscleX86SwapInt64().
 3316   o RemoveEscapeChars() and EscapeRegexTokens() now take a const
 3317     String and return a String.  This makes them easier to use
 3318     in nested function calls.
 3319   o Repackaged the com.lcs.* Java hierarchy as com.meyer.*, to reflect
 3320     my company's name change.
 3321   o Removed the Visual Cafe project from the archive, as it is obsolete
 3322     and I am no longer using Visual Cafe and thus cannot easily update it.
 3323   * Fixed template problems with gcc4 in BThread.h and AThread.h
 3324   * The Windows implementation of StdinDataIO now freopens stdin
 3325     as "nul", so that no other code will try to access stdin.  This
 3326     was done to keep third party libraries (read: Python 2.6) from
 3327     trying to muck with stdin while the StdinDataIO thread was using
 3328     and getting hung up.
 3330 4.50 Released 1/28/2009
 3331   - NullDataIO's constructor now takes an optional ConstSocketRef
 3332     argument, to let you specify the value that its GetSelectSocket()
 3333     method should return.
 3334   - Added a GetMessageFromPool(const ByteBuffer &) inline 
 3335     convenience function.
 3336   - Added another AddNewSession() convenience method to the
 3337     MessageTransceiverThread class.
 3338   - In the Message class, MoveName(), CopyName(), and ShareName()
 3339     all now take an optional target-field-name parameter, in case
 3340     you want to have a different field name in the target Message.
 3341   - Added an EnsureFieldIsPrivate(const String & fieldName) method
 3342     to the Message class.  This method is useful to avoid side effects
 3343     when modifying possibly-shared Message fields' contents.
 3344   - Added an "cleanup callbacks queue" to the CompleteSetupSystem
 3345     class, so that you can specify actions that should be taken as
 3346     part of the CompleteSetupSystem destructor's cleanup steps.
 3347   - Added a static GetCurrentCompleteSetupSystem() method to the
 3348     CompleteSetupSystem class, to make it easier for code to find
 3349     the current CompleteSetupSystem object.
 3350   - Added MUSCLE_CATCH_SIGNALS_BY_DEFAULT #ifdefs... if this
 3351     is set, ReflectServer will enable Control-C detection (and
 3352     graceful shutdowns) by default.
 3353   - GetOSName() now accepts an optional string value to return in 
 3354     the case where it can't determine the local OS name.
 3355   - Added a MUSCLE_UNIQUE_NAME macro to MuscleSupport.h which will 
 3356     evaluate to a unique identifier based on the line number that the 
 3357     macro is invoked on.
 3358   - Added a DECLARE_ANONYMOUS_STACK_OBJECT macro to MuscleSupport.h
 3359     to allow easy declaration of anonymous objects on the stack.
 3360   - Added util/BatchOperator.h, which contains the BatchOperator
 3361     and BatchOperatorGuard utility classes that help automate the 
 3362     amortization of setup/shutdown routines across a nested call 
 3363     tree, for more efficient batch processing.
 3364   - Added a DECLARE_BATCHGUARD() macro for each declaration of
 3365     batched areas of code.
 3366   - Added a DECLARE_MUTEXGUARD(m) macro to support declaring an 
 3367     anonymous MutexGuard on the stack in a simple and foolproof way.
 3368   - hexterm now automatically enables the UDP broadcast flag on its
 3369     UDP socket when the specified UDP address is a broadcast address.
 3370   - Added a Cloneable interface in util/Cloneable.h, and updated
 3371     ConstRefCount::EnsureRefIsPrivate() to use it when appopriate.
 3372   - Added a Clone() method to the ConstRefCount class, for easy
 3373     copying of referenced items.
 3374   - Redesigned hexterm to be Win32 compatible.
 3375   - Added a hexterm.vcproj file to the tests folder, to compile 
 3376     hexterm under Win32/VC++.
 3377   - Added a "child=" option to hexterm so it can spawn and communicate 
 3378     with a child process if you want it to.
 3379   - Added a "ascii" keyword argument to hexterm so you can send
 3380     and receive data in ASCII format rather than hex, if you prefer.
 3381   - Added LogHexBytes() functions to MiscUtilityFunctions.h.  These
 3382     are the same as PrintHexBytes() except that they call through
 3383     to Log() instead of directly to fprintf().
 3384   - Added an optional (portRequired) argument to ParseConnectArg().
 3385   - Added SetLogFileName()/GetLogFileName() to util/SysLog.{cpp,h}.
 3386   - Added a standard "logfile" keyword so you can specify the name
 3387     and/or location of a log file to write the log to.
 3388   - Added a WaitForChildProcessToExit() method to the 
 3389     ChildProcessDataIO class.
 3390   - Added ChildProcessDataIO::System() static convenience methods.
 3391   - Added a Directory::DeleteDirectory() static convenience method.
 3392   o Rolled in Mika Lindqvist's Haiku-compatibility patches.
 3393   o Renamed the standard "log" and "display" keywords to "filelevel"
 3394     and "displaylevel", respectively.
 3395   o Removed the OutOfMemoryCallback and FunctionOutOfMemoryCallback
 3396     classes and replaced them with more general-purpose 
 3397     GenericCallback and FunctionGenericCallback classes.
 3398   o Tweaked a call to FD_ISSET() in system/Thread.cpp in order to 
 3399     avoid a compiler warning under g++ 4.3.1
 3400   o Tweaked the _PLOCKimp and _PUNLOCKimp debug functions to compile 
 3401     properly in 64-bit environments.
 3402   o Updated the Message.h Doxygen documentation with some more 
 3403     descriptive parameter names.
 3404   o hexterm no longer disables multicast-to-self when sending
 3405     multicast UDP packets.
 3406   o Removed DebugTimer.cpp; that code has moved to SetupSystem.cpp.
 3407   o Updated all copyright notice headers to read 2000-2009 Meyer Sound.
 3408   * DebugTimer now uses GetRunTime64() if MUSCLE_USE_LIBRT is defined.
 3409   * Fixed some #ifdef problems involving the stat64() call in 
 3410     FilePathInfo.h.  FilePathInfo.h should now compile under both
 3411     32-bit and 64-bit environments.
 3412   * JeffK added a macosx.mak file to the muscle/zlib/zlib folder,
 3413     to support creation of universal binaries that include zlib.
 3414   * MuscleSupport.h now checks a much more exhaustive list of
 3415     Intel-compatible processor-type macros before deciding that
 3416     inline x86 assembly code is not an option.  In particular,
 3417     compiling with an __i686__ target now does the right thing.
 3418   * Fixed a potential infinite recursion in 
 3419     Thread::WaitForNextMessageAux().
 3420   * Tweaked the SharedMemory.h include directives to compile
 3421     more reliably under Win32.
 3422   * Updated the #ifdefs in MuscleSupport.h to define int64's
 3423     and uint64's properly under 64-bit Ubuntu Linux.
 3424   * Rewrote the Win32 implementation of StdinDataIO to be simpler
 3425     and more reliable.
 3426   * The Win32 implementation of the INT64_FORMAT_SPEC macros 
 3427     was incorrect.  Fixed it to do the right thing.
 3428   * Made ChildProcessDataIO::LaunchChildProcess() const-correct.
 3429   * ChildProcessDataIO::LaunchChildProcess() now specifies the
 3430     application name to launch, when possible, for better security.  
 3431     (See Microsoft's CreateProcess() man page for details)
 3433 4.41 Released 11/17/2008
 3434   - Added an implementation of PrintHexBytes() that takes a
 3435     Queue<uint8> as an argument.
 3436   - Added GetArchiveMessageFromPool() functions to Message.{cpp,h}.
 3437     These templated convenience functions let you convert any object 
 3438     (with a SaveToArchive() method) into a MessageRef with a single command.
 3439   - Added FindArchiveMessage() and FindArchiveMessageWithDefault()
 3440     template methods to the Message class, for convenient one-step 
 3441     restoring of archived objects.
 3442   - Added AddArchiveMessage(), PrependArchiveMessage(), and
 3443     ReplaceArchiveMessage() template methods to the Message class,
 3444     for further convenience in archiving objects.
 3445   - GetHumanReadableTimeValues() now writes into a
 3446     HumanReadableTimeValues object instead of into a series
 3447     of by-reference int parameters.  The HumanReadableTimeValues
 3448     object now also includes day-of-week and microsecond fields.
 3449   - Added an ExpandTokens() method to the HumanReadableTimeValues
 3450     class that makes it easy to generate time/date stamps of your
 3451     preferred format using various printf()-style field specifiers.
 3452   * ProxySessionFactory::IsReadyToAcceptSessions() wasn't passing
 3453     the call onto the slave session like it was supposed to.  Fixed.
 3454   * The calls to open() inside SpawnDaemonProcess() now supply a
 3455     mode argument to the open() call.
 3456   * AcceptSocketsThread.cpp wasn't compiling due to a const/non-const
 3457     issue.  Fixed.
 3458   * Fixed several bugs in the admin utility.  Thanks to Monni for
 3459     pointing them out and supplying a patch.
 3461 4.40 Released 10/16/2008
 3462   - The Ref class now subclasses from a ConstRef class, which is the
 3463     same as Ref except that it only allows read-only access to the
 3464     held RefCountable object.
 3465   - Added a CastAwayConstFromRef() template function to RefCount.h,
 3466     so you can easily convert a ConstRef to a Ref if you really need to.
 3467   - Renamed the SocketRef class to ConstSocketRef, because it now derives 
 3468     from ConstRef<Socket> instead of Ref<Socket>.
 3469   - Added a DECLARE_REFTYPES macro to RefCount.h, which you can
 3470     use to declare the standard BlahRef and ConstBlahRef typedefs
 3471     without having to specify the typedefs manually every time.
 3472   - Added implementations of the Connect() and ConnectAsync() functions
 3473     that take an IPAddressAndPort object as an argument.
 3474   - Added *_FORMAT_SPEC_NOPERCENT macros, for times when I need to
 3475     specify format specifications without the percent sign included.
 3476   - Added an AsyncDataIO class that can be used to transparently forward
 3477     I/O operations to a separate thread, to avoid blocking in your
 3478     main thread.  This can be useful for DataIO classes that don't
 3479     support non-blocking I/O (e.g. FileDataIO)
 3480   - Added a GetStackTrace() function to SysLog.{cpp,h} that returns
 3481     the current stack trace as a String.
 3482   - Added GetLightweightCopyOfMessage() convenience functions to 
 3483     Message.{cpp,h}.
 3484   - Added convenience methods FindFirstSessionOfType() and
 3485     FindSessionsOfType() to the ServerComponent class.  These
 3486     methods are templated to let you quickly find and collect
 3487     one or more atatched session objects of the specified C++ class.
 3488   o Renamed GenericRef to RefCountableRef, for consistency.
 3489   o Renamed PolicyRef to AbstractSessionIOPolicyRef, for consistency.
 3490   o Renamed Ref::SetFromGeneric() and Ref::GetGeneric() to
 3491     Ref::SetFromRefCountableRef() and Ref::GetRefCountableRef(),
 3492     respectively, for consistency.
 3493   o testrefcount now runs a 10-second test of reference-counts in a
 3494     heavily multithreaded environment, to ensure that they are thread safe.
 3495   o Improved performance of Tuple::ShiftValuesLeft() and 
 3496     Tuple::ShiftValuesRight().
 3497   * Removed re-definitions of 'true' and 'false' when compiling in C++ mode.
 3498   * Added some missing command codes to StorageReflectConstants.py.
 3499   * Message.py didn't handle B_INT32_TYPE fields properly when running on
 3500     a 64-bit host.  Fixed.
 3501   * AddNewConnectSession() and Reconnect() now handle synchronous connect 
 3502     failures the same way as asynchronous connect failures, so that the 
 3503     calling code doesn't have to worry about two different failure modes.
 3504   * Fixed a valgrind hit in CreateAcceptingSocket() on 64-bit platforms.
 3505   * Fixed a buffer overflow bug in Message::AddToString().
 3506   * Updated the header comments to fix various doxygen warnings.
 3508 4.30 Released 9/18/2008
 3512   - ChildProcessDataIO class now has SetChildProcessInheritFileDescriptors()
 3513     and GetChildProcessInheritFileDescriptors() methods to control whether
 3514     child processes spawned should inherit the parent's file descriptors or
 3515     not.  Note that these methods have no effect under Windows.
 3516   - When receiving UDP packets, hexterm now prints out the source of the
 3517     UDP packets it received (in addition to the data).
 3518   - Added a IsNormalized() method to the Queue class.
 3519   - Added a IsMessageDeflated() method to ZLibUtilityFunctions.h.
 3520   - Added Message::BecomeLightWeightCopyOf(const Message &), for making
 3521     lightweight copies of Messages, with shared fields.
 3522   - Added Message::ShareName() (like CopyName() except the data isn't
 3523     copied, rather only a reference is shared)
 3524   - Added Queue::AddHeadAndGet() and Queue::AddTailAndGet() methods,
 3525     for when you want to add an item to a Queue and then write to the
 3526     added object directly afterwards.
 3527   - Added an optional (retPort) argument to 
 3528     MessageTransceiverThread::PutAcceptFactory() so that you can now
 3529     use dynamic port assignment with it.
 3530   o PulseNode::GetPulseTime() and PulseNode::Pulse() now take a single
 3531     (const PulseArgs &) argument instead of two uint64s.  This makes
 3532     implementing the PulseNode interface less verbose, and calling
 3533     the Pulse callbacks more efficient.  However, this breaks compatibility
 3534     with earlier code that expects (uint64, uint64) arguments for those
 3535     methods, so be sure to update your code when upgrading to this
 3536     version of MUSCLE.
 3537   o Fixed some compiler warnings under gcc (thanks to Monni for pointing
 3538     these out)
 3539   o Trying to use MUSCLE's logging system when there is not a SetupSystem
 3540     object on the stack (e.g. before or after main()) is no longer a fatal error.  
 3541     Instead, muscle will degrade to output only to the built-in log services
 3542     (stdout and/or output-to-file) when called under these conditions.
 3544 4.28 Released 8/26/2008
 3545   - Added a RefCount::IsDeeplyEqualTo() method for more in-depth
 3546     comparison-by-value of the referenced items.  (The regular RefCount::==
 3547     operator only compares the pointers, not the items themselves)
 3548   - Added a Directory class (util/Directory.{cpp,h}) to support directory
 3549     scanning in a cross-platform-compatible fashion.
 3550   - Added a FilePathInfo class (util/FilePathInfo.h) to support
 3551     stat() functionality in a cross-platform-compatible manner.
 3552   - ReflectServer::SetSignalHandlingEnabled() now enables/disables
 3553     handling of console signal events (Ctrl-C, etc) under Win32.
 3554   - Added implementations of GetMessageFromPool() that take a 
 3555     pointer and a byte-count and try to return a Message that has
 3556     been unflattened from the specified byte array.
 3557   - ChildProcessDataIO::LaunchChildProcess() now takes an optional
 3558     boolean (usePty) argument that allows you to specify at runtime
 3559     whether you want to use fork() or forkpty() to launch the child
 3560     process.
 3561   - Added a MUSCLE_AVOID_FORKPTY compiler flag that tells the 
 3562     ChildProcessDataIO class to avoid compiling in calls forkpty().
 3563   o Made the AbstractReflectSession::EndSession() method virtual.
 3564   o The Win32 build of MUSCLE now #includes winsock2.h instead of winsock.h.
 3565   * The Win32 implementation of StdinDataIO wasn't handling a closed
 3566     stdin connection correctly.  Fixed.
 3567   * For the Win32 build, added Microsoft's recommended work-around for
 3568     the WSAECONNRESET problem with UDP sockets, as described at 
 3569     http://support.microsoft.com/kb/263823/en-us
 3570   * Fixed the Hashtable and Queue classes to again compile under
 3571     Visual C++ 6.0  (thanks to Mika Lindqvist for the patch)
 3573 4.27 Released 7/24/2008
 3574   - minichatclient.c now advertises the client's host OS on the server.
 3575   - PrintStackTrace() is now implemented under MacOS/X (Leopard or newer).
 3576   - PrintStackTrace() and all implementations of PrintToStream()
 3577     now take an optional (FILE *) argument, so that they can now
 3578     print to places other than stdout if you prefer.
 3579   - The testchildprocess test program now has you specify the number
 3580     of child process instances to run.  That makes it easier to test
 3581     what happens when many child processes are launched in parallel.
 3582   o Merged in some more of Mika Lindqvist's Haiku compatibility tweaks.
 3583   o Hashtable::GetByDefault() with one parameter now returns its result
 3584     by reference instead of by value.
 3585   o The Hashtable and Queue classes now keep default instances of
 3586     their user types, to avoid having to construct temporary default 
 3587     objects when resetting objects to their default state.
 3588   * PrintStackTrace() now prints appropriate error messages if
 3589     it fails, instead of just failing siliently.
 3590   * Fixed a syntax error in Hashtable::Remove(const Hashtable &)
 3591   * Hashtable::Clear() now handles re-entrancy (from the templatized
 3592     classes' assignment operators) correctly.
 3594 4.26 Released 6/5/2008
 3595   - Added a CheckedGetItemPointer() method to the Ref class.
 3596     This method is the same as GetItemPointer(), but with
 3597     an additional check so that it will safely return NULL
 3598     if the "this" pointer is NULL.
 3599   - Added a "assumeDefaultValue" argument to the NumericQueryFilter,
 3600     StringQueryFilter, and RawDataQueryFilter classes.  This 
 3601     argument lets you specify that in the event that a Message
 3602     doesn't contain the data item the QueryFilter wants to
 3603     compare against, a default value should be compared against
 3604     instead.
 3605   - Added a HashCode() method to the Ref class, for consistency.
 3606   - ChildProcessDataIO::GetChildProcessID() is now implemented
 3607     under Windows as well.
 3608   - Added two new conditional defines to MuscleSupport.h:
 3609     MUSCLE_USING_OLD_MICROSOFT_COMPILER, which is defined when
 3610     compiling under VC++6 or earlier, and 
 3611     MUSCLE_USING_NEW_MICROSOFT_COMPILER, which is defined
 3612     when compiling under VC++.net(2003) or later.  These make
 3613     managing Microsoft's bug circus a bit a easier. 
 3614   * Fixed the Ref class to compile under MSVC2005 again.
 3615   * Fixed the setsockopt()/getsockopt() calls in NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp
 3616     so that they again compile under Windows.
 3617   * Merged in Mika Lindqvist's patches so that muscle compiles
 3618     properly under Haiku.
 3620 4.25 Released 5/14/2008
 3621   - Added a DECLARE_HASHTABLE_KEY_CLASS macro that expands
 3622     to the boilerplate template code necessary to use the 
 3623     specified class as a key in a Hashtable.
 3625     which is the same as DECLARE_HASHTABLE_KEY_CLASS except
 3626     it works from within namespaces other than muscle.
 3627   - Added PutIfNotAlreadyPresent() convenience methods to the
 3628     Hashtable class.
 3629   - Added CopyFrom() method to the Queue and Hashtable classes.
 3630     These work the same as the assignment operator, except that
 3631     they return a status_t result code.
 3632   - Added a SetFilter() method to the PathMatcherEntry class.
 3633   o Cleaned up the setsockopt() and getsockopt() calls inside
 3634     NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp to be more portable.
 3635   * ExplandLocalhostAddress() is now more careful not to expand
 3636     (localhostIP) back into (localhostIP), even if that is the
 3637     first IP address listed in the interfaces list.
 3638   * Fixed a bug in the QueryFilter subscriptions feature --
 3639     after replacing a subscription's existing QueryFilter,
 3640     the old QueryFilter would continue to be used instead
 3641     of the new one.
 3643 4.24 Released 4/28/2008 
 3644   - If MUSCLE_USE_LIBRT and _POSIX_MONOTONIC_CLOCK are defined,
 3645     GetRunTime64() and Snooze64() will now use librt's high-resolution
 3646     functions (clock_gettime() and clock_nanosleep()) instead of
 3647     the older vanilla POSIX functions.  This can provides higher 
 3648     resolution timing on platforms that support librt.
 3649   - Added a new ExecuteSynchronousMessaging() virtual method
 3650     to the AbstractMessageIOGateway class, and some associated
 3651     hook/callback methods.  This method lets you easily do 
 3652     synchronous/RPC-style "function calls" across the gateway's
 3653     socket, passing in one or more Message objects as the 
 3654    "arguments", and receiving one or more Messages as "results".
 3655   - MessageIOGateway now overrides ExecuteSynchronousMessaging(),
 3656     IsStillWaitingForSynchronizedReply(), and
 3657     SynchronousMessageReceivedFromGateway() so that when you
 3658     call ExecuteSynchronousMessaging() on it you will get
 3659     proper RPC function-call semantics.
 3660   - Added an IsReadyToAcceptSessions() virtual method to the
 3661     AbstractReflectSessionFactory class.  Subclasses can override
 3662     this method to return false if they don't want to accept
 3663     any more connections for a while.
 3664   - Added an IsConnected() method to the AbstractReflectSession
 3665     class, to make it easier to check if a given session is
 3666     currently connected to anything or not.
 3667   - Added an XorDataIO class to the dataio folder.
 3668     XorDataIO XOR's all the data going through it, before
 3669     forwarding the method call to its held child DataIO object.
 3670   - Added a MutexGuard class that you can put on the stack
 3671     to automatically lock/unlock a Mutex via its ctor/dtor.
 3672   - Added versions of ReadZipFile() and WriteZipFile() that
 3673     take a DataIO reference instead of a file name.  That way
 3674     you can read zip files over the network, through custom
 3675     filters, and so on, if you want to.
 3676     zlib/ZipFileUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 3677   - ReadZipFile() now has an optional second argument called
 3678     (loadData).  Setting it false will cause ReadZipFile to
 3679     only read in the file names and uncompressed file lengths,
 3680     but not actually read or uncompress the file data.  This 
 3681     is useful if you just want to quickly check the zip file's
 3682     contents without actually unpacking everything.
 3683   - Updated testzip.cpp to accept an optional "namesonly"
 3684     command line argument, which will set (loadData) to 
 3685     false in its ReadZipFile() call, as described above.
 3686   - Added a GetNetworkInterfaceAddresses() function, as an
 3687     easier-to-use alternative to GetNetworkInterfaceInfos().
 3688   o Made AbstractReflectSession::IsConnectingAsync() public.
 3689   o Moved Snooze64() from NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp to
 3690     SetupSystem.cpp, and moved its function declaration from
 3691     NetworkUtilityFunctions.h to TimeUtilityFunctions.h.
 3692   * Joel Lucsy reported a bug in FlattenToDataIO() that would cause
 3693     the last four bytes of the flattened buffer not to be written
 3694     to the DataIO object.  Fixed.
 3695   * Updated zlib's included VC++ project files to reference zconf.h
 3696     in its new location (zlib/win32/zconf.h) so that they now work
 3697     again.
 3699 4.23 Released 3/26/2008 
 3700   - Added an UnparseArgs() function to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 3701     This function takes a parsed Message and turns it back into a String.
 3702   - Added an InsertItemsAt() method to the Queue class.
 3703   - Added an (includeLocalhost) boolean argument to GetNetworkInterfaceInfos().
 3704   - Made ServerComponent::SetOwner() and ServerComponent::GetOwner()
 3705     public, as it is necessary for classes other than ReflectServer
 3706     to access that value in order to properly support the facade
 3707     pattern within ReflectSessionFactory objects.
 3708   - Added a ProxySessionFactory class to support facade-style
 3709     ReflectSessionFactories better.
 3710   - Added an optional ITraversalPruner argument to both 
 3711     StorageReflectSession::SaveNodeTreeToMessage() and 
 3712     StorageReflectSession::RestoreNodeTreeFromMessage().  This
 3713     argument lets the caller specify a callback argument that
 3714     can direct the traversal based on custom logic, if necessary.
 3715   o Replaced StorageReflectSession::CloneDataNodeSubtree()'s rather clunky
 3716     MessageReplaceFunc and void-pointer filtering mechanism with the nicer
 3717     and more powerful ITraversalPruner filtering mechanism.
 3718   * Fixed a bug in FilterSessionFactory and SharedFilterSessionFactory 
 3719     where an assertion failure would occur if the "slave" factory attempted 
 3720     to call GetSessions(), etc.
 3721   * SharedFilterSessionFactory's IP-address checking was broken.  Fixed.
 3722   * AbstractReflectSession::GetPort() was broken and would always 
 3723     return 0.  Fixed.
 3725 v4.22 Released 3/4/2008
 3726   - Added an IsDaemonProcess() function that returns true iff
 3727     the current process was created via SpawnDaemonProcess()
 3728     or BecomeDaemonProcess().
 3729   - Added a AssembleBatchMessage() convenience function to
 3730     MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.  It's useful for creating a
 3731     PR_COMMAND_BATCH Message from zero or more other Messages.
 3732   - The NestCount class will now cause an assertion failure
 3733     if Decrement() is called when it is already at zero...
 3734     that should never happen in correct code.
 3735   - Added an optional (numColumns) argument to the 
 3736     PrintHexBytes() utility function.
 3737   - Added a templatized bit-chord class, support/BitChord.h.
 3738   - Added ReadData() and WriteData() functions to 
 3739     NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.  These are the same
 3740     as SendData() and ReceiveData(), except that they call
 3741     read() and write() instead of send() and recv().
 3742   - Replaced the PrintHexBytes() implementation with the
 3743     superior one from hexterm.cpp.
 3744   - Added a GetWithDefault() convenience method to the
 3745     Hashtable class.
 3746   o Moved the Win32 version of zconf.h from zlib/zlib to
 3747     zlib/zlib/Win32, so that it wouldn't show up in SVN
 3748     as modified whenever the configure script modified it.
 3749   o Changed the default value of MUSCLE_POOL_SLAB_SIZE to
 3750     4 kilobytes, to reduce memory overhead somewhat.  This
 3751     value coincides nicely with the most common memory page size.
 3752   * The POSIX implementation of RS232DataIO was broken, because
 3753     it was trying to use SendData() and ReceiveData() on the
 3754     serial port's (non-sock) fd.  Changed it to call ReadData() 
 3755     and WriteData() instead. 
 3756   * Rewrote the Unix implementation of ChildProcessDataIO to 
 3757     call forkpty() instead of doing everything by hand.  This 
 3758     makes the implementation much simpler and more reliable, 
 3759     although of course it will only work on systems that have 
 3760     forkpty() available.
 3761   * ChildProcessDataIO now closes any forked file handles in the 
 3762     child process before calling exec().
 3763   * Made the PacketTunnelIOGateway parsing more flexible;
 3764     duplicate packets no longer break a logical stream.
 3765   * Removed several files from the zlib/zlib folder that are
 3766     meant to be generated by the configure script.
 3768 v4.21 Released 1/22/2008
 3769   - Optimized Hashtable::GetOrPut(), CopyToTable(), MoveToTable(),
 3770     Put(), and Remove() to be more efficient.
 3771   o Updated the muscle.dox Doxygen file to reflect changes to
 3772     newer versions of Doxygen
 3773   * Hashtable::Put() and Hashtable::Remove() now do the right
 3774     thing if they are passed (*this) as an argument.
 3775   * Fixed a nasty bug in the ObjectPool destructor that would
 3776     cause it to go into an infinite loop, calling delete on
 3777     the same array over and over again.
 3778   * Filled in and fixed up the Doxygen comments to the point where 
 3779     Doxygen no longer gives any warnings when generating the autodocs.
 3780   o Updated all copyright notice headers to read 2000-2008 Meyer Sound.
 3782 v4.20 Released 12/31/2007
 3783   - Added an optional set of multicast networking API calls
 3784     to util/NetworkUtilityFunctions.h.  Define the constant
 3785     MUSCLE_ENABLE_MULTICAST_API to make them available.
 3786   - hexterm will now automatically use multicast UDP if you 
 3787     specify a multicast UDP address as an argument.  For example,
 3788       ./hexterm udp=
 3789   - Added SetSourceExclusionID() and GetSourceExclusionID()
 3790     methods to the PacketTunnelIOGateway class, to enable more
 3791     efficient filtering of looped-back broadcast/multicast packets
 3792     that you sent out and don't want to see back again.
 3793   - Added a ParseHexBytes() function to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 3794   - Under Linux, HandleStandardDaemonArgs() now takes a new argument
 3795     "debugcrashes" which will cause a signal handler to be installed
 3796     that will catch SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, SIGILL, SIGABRT, and SIGFPE,
 3797     and print a stack trace to stdout before exiting.
 3798   - Added RemoveFirst() and RemoveLast() convenience methods
 3799     to the Hashtable class (handy when using the Hashtable as
 3800     a keyed FIFO or LRU)
 3801   o Moved the PrintHexBytes() function into system/SetupSystem.cpp
 3802     so that you don't have to link in MiscUtilityFunctions.cpp
 3803     just to use it.
 3804   * Tweaked FinalizeAsyncConnect() to work properly under BeOS.
 3805   * Improved the BeOS/BONE detection -- Makefile support no 
 3806     longer required.
 3808 v4.11 Released 12/11/2007
 3809   - GetHumanReadableTimeString() and ParseHumanReadableTimeString()
 3810     now handle the uint64 value MUSCLE_TIME_NEVER as a special case,
 3811     by translating it into the string "(never)" (and back).
 3812   - Added a CalculateChecksumForUint64(), CalculateChecksumForFloat(),
 3813     and CalculateChecksumForDouble() convenience functions to 
 3814     MuscleSupport.h
 3815   - Added a FindFirstMatchingNode() method to the DataNode class,
 3816     which can be used to efficiently look up a descendant node
 3817     based on a relative or absolute path, with or without wildcard
 3818     matching characters.
 3819   - Added a GetRootNode() convenience method to the DataNode class
 3820     which returns the root node of the DataNode tree.
 3821   - Added SetAllowMiscIncomingData() and GetAllowMiscIncomingData()
 3822     methods to the PacketTunnelIOGateway class, so that a UDP socket
 3823     controlled by a PacketTunnelIOGateway can optional receive
 3824     individual (non-packetized) arbitrary UDP packets as well as
 3825     the packetized kind.  This mode is disabled by default.
 3826   - Added a Normalize() method to the Queue class that can be used
 3827     to ensure that the Queue's contents are layed out contiguously
 3828     in memory (like a C array).
 3829   - Added a AddNewDormantConnectSession() method to the ReflectServer
 3830     and ServerComponent classes.  This method is the same as 
 3831     AddNewConnectSession() except that the added session will not
 3832     start a TCP connection immediately; instead it will hang out
 3833     and wait for you to call Reconnect() on it.
 3834   - Added a PrintHexBytes() convenience/debugging function to
 3835     MiscUtilityFunctions.h
 3836   o Removed the (countFieldOrder) argument from the 
 3837     Message::CalculateChecksum() method.
 3838   o Changed instances of ((uint32)-1) literals to the more proper 
 3839     MUSCLE_NO_LIMIT constant in a number of places.
 3840   o Rewrote StorageReflectSession::GetDataNode() as a simple
 3841     inline call-through to FindFirstMatchingNode(), which means
 3842     that GetDataNode() now supports wildcard matching.
 3843   o GetHumanReadableTimeValues() now returns B_ERROR if you pass
 3844     it MUSCLE_TIME_NEVER as a time value (since there is no good
 3845     numeric way to represent infinity).
 3846   o DataNode::PrintToStream() and Message::PrintToStream()
 3847     no longer print this-pointer values in their debug output,
 3848     because doing so makes it harder to diff state dumps
 3849     from different processes.
 3850   o AbstractReflectSession::Reconnect() and SetAutoReconnectDelay()
 3851     can now be used in conjunction with sessions that were not
 3852     added with AddNewConnectSession() also.  In this context, they
 3853     will "reconnect" the session by destroying its gateway and
 3854     DataIO objects and creating new ones by calling 
 3855     CreateDefaultSocket() and CreateDataIO().
 3856   * system/AcceptSocketsThread.h was missing a necessary #include
 3857     line.  Thanks to Mika Lindqvist for reporting this.
 3858   * Fixed a bug in DataNode::InsertOrderedChild() that could cause
 3859     the inserted child's node name not to be unique in some
 3860     circumstances.
 3861   * DataNode::PutChild() now takes a (const DataNodeRef &) instead
 3862     of a (DataNodeRef &).
 3863   * Removed the index-order multiplication from most implementations
 3864     of CalculateChecksum(), since including an index-multiplier
 3865     in the checksum makes it inefficient to update a running
 3866     checksum tally when inserting or removing items in the list.
 3867   * The Thread class now closes the internal thread's side of
 3868     the inter-thread socket connection when the internal thread
 3869     hook function exits.  That way the main thread can be notified
 3870     that the child thread has gone away (the main thread's socket
 3871     will select() ready-for-read because of the socket close)
 3873 v4.10 Released 10/30/2007
 3874   - Added Bryan Varner's MicroMUSCLE port to the archive, in
 3875     the new java_j2me folder.  MicroMUSCLE is a fork of the
 3876     MUSCLE Java code that is compatible with the J2ME edition
 3877     of Java being used on modern cell phones, etc.  Unlike
 3878     the standard MUSCLE Java API, this version doesn't require
 3879     Java 1.4.x APIs to be supported.
 3880   - Added a GetNumberOfProcessors() function to the SystemInfo.h
 3881     API.  You can call this to find out how many CPU cores the
 3882     computer you are running on has.
 3883   - Made LockLog() and UnlockLog() part of the public MUSCLE
 3884     syslog API, in case you want to use the log mutex in your
 3885     own critical section.
 3886   - Added a CalculateChecksum() utility function to MuscleSupport.h
 3887   - Added CalculateChecksum() functions to the String, ByteBuffer,
 3888     Point, Rect, Message, and DataNode classes.  These methods 
 3889     compute a quick checksum on the object's contents which can 
 3890     then be used for sanity-checking later on.
 3891   - Added a PrintToStream() method to the DataNode class for
 3892     quick recursive dumping of database subtrees to stdout.
 3893   - Message::PrintToStream() and Message::ToString() now include 
 3894     the checksum value of the Message.
 3895   - Added IsInBatch() and IsOutermost() methods to the NestCount
 3896     class, for convenience and code clarity.  (Before they were 
 3897     only present in the NestCountGuard class)
 3898   - Added a KillChildProcess() method to the ChildProcessDataIO
 3899     class, for times when you need the child process dead right
 3900     away but you want to keep the socket to it open (so that it
 3901     will error out as if the child process died of its own accord).
 3902   - Added IsDescendantOf() and IsAncestorOf() convenience methods
 3903     to the DataNode class. 
 3904   - Added a StringCompareFunc() override to String.h that takes
 3905     (const String *)'s as arguments.  Useful when you want to
 3906     save space in a Hashtable of string-keyed, ref-counted 
 3907     objects, by changing the key-type to a pointer to a string
 3908     that is held in the referenced value-objects.
 3909   - Added a Message::FindString() method override that sets a
 3910     pointer-to-a-String, so that you can access the underlying
 3911     String object without having to copy it.
 3912   - Added a ServerComponent::GetSession() override that takes
 3913     a uint32 for the session ID argument.
 3914   - Added convenience versions of StringMatcher::Match()
 3915     and HasRegexTokens() that take a String argument instead
 3916     of a (const char *).
 3917   - Added a GetEmptyMessageRef() convenience function to
 3918     Message.h.  It's like GetEmptyMessage() except it returns
 3919     a (const MessageRef &) instead of a (const Message &).
 3920   - The StdinDataIO class now works as expected under Windows.
 3921     In particular, it implements some backstage trickery so that
 3922     you can use its GetSelectSocket() return value in select() 
 3923     even though Windows doesn't support doing that.
 3924   o Removed GetBlankMessage() from the StorageReflectSession
 3925     API.  Use GetEmptyMessageRef() instead.
 3926   o DataNode::GetData() now returns a (const MessageRef &)
 3927     instead of a MessageRef.
 3928   o The GetSessions() method now returns a Hashtable instead
 3929     of a HashtableIterator.
 3930   o The GetNumSessions() method has been removed; use
 3931     GetSessions().GetNumItems() instead.
 3932   o The GetFactories() method now returns a Hashtable instead
 3933     of a HashtableIterator.
 3934   o The GetNumFactories() method has been removed; use
 3935     GetFactories().GetNumItems() instead.
 3936   o Tweaked some of the code to avoid new warnings in gcc 4.1.x
 3937   o The SetDataNode(), FindMatchingSessions(), CloneDataNodeSubtree(),
 3938     NotifySubscribersThatIndexNodeChanged(), NodeIndexChanged(),
 3939     GetNewDataNode(), and JettisonOutgoingSubtrees() methods
 3940     in the StorageReflectSession class not take String arguments
 3941     instead of (const char *)
 3942   o The InsertOrderedChild(), ReorderChild(), HasChild(),
 3943     GetChild(), and RemoveChild() in the DataNode class now all 
 3944     take String arguments instead of (const char *).
 3945   o DataNode::GetPathClause() now returns a (const String *)
 3946     instead of a (const char *).
 3947   o FilterSessionFactory Put*Pattern() and Remove*Pattern()
 3948     methods now take (const String &) arguments instead of
 3949     (const char *).
 3950   o The StdinDataIO class no longer derives from the
 3951     FileDescriptorDataIO class.  This way it is possible to
 3952     use StdinDataIO under Windows (which doesn't support
 3953     file descriptors).
 3954   o Moved the StdinDataIO code into its own separate StdinDataIO.cpp
 3955     file, to better hide the ugly Windows implementation. 
 3956   * Fixed a VC++ compatibility issue in ObjectPool.h.  Thanks to
 3957     Mika Lindqvist for reporting this problem.
 3958   * Fixed a bug in AcceptSocketsThread.cpp.  Thanks to Mika
 3959     Lindqvist for reporting this problem also.
 3960   * Fixed a HANDLE leak in the Windows implementation of the
 3961     RS232DataIO and ChildProcessDataIO classes.
 3963 v4.00 Released 10/03/2007
 3967   *** YOUR CODEBASE TO MATCH.                                   ***
 3968   - Added a SanitySetupSystem class to the CompleteSetupSystem
 3969     object.  SanitySetupSystem just does some very quick tests
 3970     on the typedef sizes (int16, int32, etc) and endian-ness
 3971     of the compiled code to make sure that the code's build
 3972     settings are compatible with the run-time environment.
 3973     If any of the tests fail, it prints out a stern error
 3974     message and aborts the program.
 3975   - Added convenience methods for AddFlat(), PrependFlat(), 
 3976     FindFlat(), and ReplaceFlat() to the Message class that 
 3977     take a ByteBufferRef as an argument.  That way you can
 3978     deal with Messages and ByteBufferRefs without always
 3979     having to look up how to cast a ByteBufferRef to a
 3980     FlatCountableRef and back.
 3981   - Added HasChars() and IsEmpty() convenience methods
 3982     to the String class, for consistency with the other
 3983     container classes.
 3984   - Rewrote the ObjectPool class to do its object allocations
 3985     in 8 kilobyte "slabs" rather than one at a time.
 3986     This cuts down on the number of calls to new/delete
 3987     by an order of magnitude.
 3988   - Added a -DMUSCLE_POOL_SLAB_SIZE build option in case
 3989     you want the ObjectPools to use a different slab size.
 3990     This value is specified in bytes.
 3991   - Added an ExitWithoutCleanup() function to 
 3992     MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}, which is equivalent to
 3993     _exit().  This wrapper function exists because I
 3994     suspect _exit() may not be entirely portable.
 3995   - Added a "testpool" program to the tests folder to
 3996     measure the relative efficiency of various 
 3997     object-allocation techniques.
 3998   - AbstractReflectSession::GetSessionIDString() now returns 
 3999     a (const String &) instead of a (const char *).
 4000   - Added a GetSessionID() accessor to AbstractReflectSession.
 4001   - Added a CreateDefaultSocket() method to the 
 4002     AbstractReflectSession class.  This method is called
 4003     when AddNewSession() is passed a null SocketRef, and 
 4004     if implemented to return a non-NULL SocketRef, can be
 4005     used to provide a default socket for the session.
 4006   - Added a StdinDataIO class that can be used to do 
 4007     non-blocking-I/O on stdin without breaking the 
 4008     blocking-I/O functionality of stdout.
 4009   o Renamed the SocketHolderRef class to Socket.
 4010   o Added the a SocketRef class (which subclasses Ref<Socket>)
 4011   o All MUSCLE functions that previously dealt with sockets
 4012     as integer file descriptors now use the new SocketRef 
 4013     type instead.  This way there is no chance of leaking or 
 4014     double-freeing allocated sockets.
 4015   o Removed the CloseSocket() function from the API, since
 4016     it is no longer necessary.
 4017   * Changed the static casts in StorageReflectSession.cpp
 4018     to dynamic_cast<>, so that ReflectServers holding some 
 4019     sessions derived from StorageReflectSession and some 
 4020     derived directly from AbstractReflectSession will now 
 4021     work without crashing.
 4022   o Removed GetDataIORef() and GetGatewayRef(), and changed
 4023     GetDataIO() and GetGateway() to return references to Ref 
 4024     objects instead of pointers to objects. 
 4025   o AbstractReflectSession::CreateDataIO() now takes a 
 4026     (const SocketRef &) argument instead of an int, and now 
 4027     returns a DataIORef instead of a (DataIO *)
 4028   o AbstractReflectSession::CreateGateway() now returns an 
 4029     AbstractMessageIOGatewayRef instead of a 
 4030     (AbstractMessageIOGateway *)
 4031   o ReflectSessionFactory::CreateSession() now returns an 
 4032     AbstractReflectSessionRef instead of a (AbstractReflectSession *)
 4033   o StorageReflectSession::GetNewDataNode() now returns a
 4034     DataNodeRef instead of a (DataNode *).  This way any
 4035     chance of a memory leak is avoided.
 4036   o StorageReflectSession::ReleaseDataNode() has been
 4037     removed since it is no longer necessary.
 4038   o RefCountable's copy constructor no longer copies the
 4039     _manager pointer, since items allocated in one ObjectPool
 4040     can no longer be freed by a different ObjectPool.
 4041   o MessageTransceiverThread::CreateSupervisorSession() now
 4042     returns a ThreadSupervisorSessionRef instead of a 
 4043     (ThreadSupervisorSession *)
 4044   o MessageTransceiverThread::CreateDefaultWorkerSession()
 4045     now returns a ThreadWorkerSessionRef instead of a
 4046     (AbstractReflectSession *)
 4047   o MessageTransceiverThread::CreateDefaultSessionFactory()
 4048     now returns a ThreadWorkerSessionFactoryRef() instead of
 4049     a (ReflectSessionFactory *).
 4050   o ThreadWorkerSessionFactory::CreateThreadWorkerSession()
 4051     now returns a ThreadWorkerSessionRef instead of a
 4052     (AbstractReflectSessionRef *).
 4053   o The MessageTransceiverThread::AddNew*Session() family
 4054     of methods now take a (const ThreadWorkerSessionRef &) 
 4055     argument instead of (const AbstractReflectSessionRef &).
 4056   o The MessageTransceiverThread::PutAcceptFactory() family
 4057     of methods now take a ThreadWorkerSessionFactoryRef
 4058     argument instead of a ReflectSessionFactory.
 4059   o MessageTransceiverThread::CreateReflectServer() now 
 4060     returns a ReflectServerRef instead of a (ReflectServer *).
 4061   o The ReflectServer class now derives from RefCountable
 4062     and has an associated ReflectServerRef typedef.
 4063   o Removed the SetOkayToClose*() methods from the 
 4064     MessageTransceiverThread class, as they are no longer
 4065     necessary.
 4066   * BecomeDaemonProcess() now calls ExitWithoutCleanup()
 4067     instead of exit(), to avoid crashing the parent process
 4068     in the globals-cleanup phase (since the CompleteSetupSystem
 4069     object destructor never gets a chance to run).
 4070   * Replaced all calls to exit() with calls to 
 4071     ExitWithoutCleanup().
 4072   * Tweaked FileDescriptorDataIO to compile correctly on
 4073     64-bit systems.
 4074   * Fixed typedefs of int32/uint32 for the PPC64 platform.
 4075   * Fixed typedef of muscle_socklen_t on PPC64
 4076   * ZipFileUtilityFunctions.cpp was calling newnothrow to
 4077     allocate an array.  Changed it to call newnothrow_array
 4078     instead.
 4079   * RefCount::SetFromGeneric() would return B_NO_ERROR if
 4080     you tried to call SetFromGeneric(NullRef()), but it
 4081     wouldn't actually change the state of the Ref that
 4082     you called it on.  It now sets the state to NULL in
 4083     that case.
 4084   * AtomicCounter.h now uses the public QAtomicInt API
 4085     when compiled with Qt 4.4.0 or higher.  (When compiling
 4086     with Qt 4.0.0 through 4.3.x, it will still use the old 
 4087     private atomic API)
 4088   * Applied some tweaks to MuscleSupport.h for better
 4089     MacOS/X Leopard compatibility.
 4090   * Tweaked SharedMemory.h to compile on MacOS/X Leopard.
 4092 v3.40 Released 9/6/2007
 4093   - Added experimental IPv6 support.  To use MUSCLE with
 4094     IPv6, compile your code with the -DMUSCLE_USE_IPV6
 4095     flag.  The new typedef ip_address will then be compiled 
 4096     as a 128-bit datatype (the new ip_address class) instead
 4097     of being typedef'd to uint32.
 4098   - Added a new PacketTunnelIOGateway class that is useful
 4099     for "tunneling" arbitrarily large Messages over a
 4100     packet-based protocol with a smaller maximum packet
 4101     size (e.g. UDP).  The PacketTunnelIOGateway class
 4102     will packetize large Messages and reconstruct them
 4103     from the fragments at the other end.
 4104   - Added SetAutoReconnectDelay() and GetAutoReconnectDelay()
 4105     methods to the AbstractReflectSession class.  You can use
 4106     these to easily configure your AbstractReflectSession to
 4107     automatically reconnect itself after its connection to
 4108     the server has been broken.
 4109   - Added a new, optional (autoReconnectDelay) to all the
 4110     AddNewConnectSession() methods in MessageTransceiverThread,
 4111     QMessageTransceiverTherad, ServerComponent, and
 4112     ReflectServer.  If specified, this argument will cause
 4113     SetAutoReconnectDelay() to be called on the new session. 
 4114   - Added a new PacketizedDataIO class that can be used
 4115     to "wrap" a streaming DataIO class (e.g. 
 4116     TCPSocketDataIO) and make it act more like a 
 4117     packet-style DataIO class (e.g. UDPSocketDataIO).
 4118   - Accept() now has an optional second argument, which
 4119     will return the IP address of the interface that
 4120     a connection was accepted on.
 4121   - Added a new IPAddressAndPort class which is handy
 4122     for encapsulating an IP address and port number 
 4123     together in the same object.
 4124   - PutAcceptFactory() and RemoveAcceptFactory() now
 4125     accept optional local interface IP address arguments
 4126     so that you can specify that connections to the
 4127     server should only be accepted on a certain 
 4128     interface, if that's what you want.
 4129   - PutAcceptFactory() now accepts an optional (retPort)
 4130     argument which you can use to find out which port
 4131     the factory was installed on.
 4132   - PutAcceptFactory() now puts its connection-accepting
 4133     socket into non-blocking mode so that the server
 4134     can't ever block inside Accept().
 4135   - Added a GetLocalInterface() method to the
 4136     ReflectSessionFactory class so you can see which
 4137     interface(s) that factory is associated with.
 4138   - Added some more convenience methods to the Hashtable 
 4139     class: versions of GetNextKey(), PeekNextKey(), 
 4140     GetNextValue(), and PeekNextValue() that take
 4141     a pointer-reference as their sole argument.
 4142   - ReflectSessionFactory objects are now auto-assigned
 4143     a globally unique ID number when they are created.
 4144     This number can be accessed by calling
 4145     ReflectSessionFactory::GetFactoryID().
 4146   - Added a simple portscan utility (called "portscan")
 4147     to the tests folder.
 4148   - Added a GetChildProcessID() method to the
 4149     ChildProcessDataIO class, which returns the child
 4150     process's process ID (pid).
 4151   - Added a ByteBufferDataIO class that lets you read/write
 4152     ByteBuffer objects using the DataIO interface (as if
 4153     they were files).
 4154   - Added GetFirstFieldNameString() and GetLastFieldNameString() 
 4155     convenience methods to the Message class, so that
 4156     you don't need to set up a MessageFieldNameIterator
 4157     just to get a single field out of the Message.
 4158   - Added a GetSourceOfLastReadPacket() method to the 
 4159     UDPSocketDataIO class, so that you can find out after a 
 4160     Read() call where the data you just read came from.
 4161   - Added a SetSendDestination() method to the
 4162     UDPSocketDataIO class, so that you can have Write()
 4163     call sendto() instead of send() if you prefer.
 4164   - Added a GetSendDestination() method to the 
 4165     UDPSocketDataIO class.
 4166   - Added a testpacketio test to the tests folder, to
 4167     unit-test the PacketizedDataIO class.
 4168   - Added a testpackettunnel test to the tests folder,
 4169     to unit-test the PacketTunnelIOGateway class.
 4170   - Added a NestCount convenience class to the util
 4171     folder.  This simple class handles some of the
 4172     drudge work associated with tracking recursion
 4173     levels of recursive function calls.
 4174   - Added a Reposition() method to the Hashtable class
 4175     that can be used to manually update the position
 4176     of an auto-sorted-by-value entry that has been
 4177     modified in-place.
 4178   - Added MoveToTable() and CopyToTable() convenience
 4179     methods to the Hashtable class.
 4180   - Made some minor optimizations to the auto-sort-by-value
 4181     code in the Hashtable class.
 4182   o Removed the MemoryBufferDataIO class, since it
 4183     was not very useful or well designed. 
 4184   o Changed the MessageTransceiverThread class's
 4185     GetNextEventFromInternalThread() method so that
 4186     it passes back the ReflectSessionFactory's ID
 4187     (as a uint32) instead of its port number (as a
 4188     uint16).  This was done because port numbers
 4189     are no longer unique identifiers for session
 4190     factories.
 4191   o Changed the ReflectSessionFactory::CreateSession()
 4192     method to take different arguments (note that this
 4193     will break old code that defined its own
 4194     ReflectSessionFactory subclasses!  That code will
 4195     need to be updated to use the new arguments)
 4196   o The NetworkInterfaceInfo class's GetName() and
 4197     GetDescription() methods now return references to
 4198     String objects, instead of character pointers.
 4199   o Moved the declaration of Inet_NtoA() from 
 4200     MiscUtilityFunctions.h to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h.
 4201   o Removed the GetLocalIPAddress() function from
 4202     NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}, as it is redundant 
 4203     with (and less useful than) the new 
 4204     GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() function.
 4205   o Removed the GetPort() method from the 
 4206     ReflectSessionFactory class, since factories are
 4207     no longer necessarily associated with exactly
 4208     one port number.
 4209   * The final argument to the CreateAcceptingSocket() 
 4210     function in NetworkUtilityFunctions.h was documented
 4211     incorrectly.  It lets you specify the IP address of 
 4212     a local interface, not a client's IP address.
 4213   * The final argument to the SetPort() function in 
 4214     AcceptSocketsThread.h was documented incorrectly.  
 4215     It lets you specify the IP address of a local interface, 
 4216     not a client's IP address.
 4217   * Fixed a bug in ReflectServer's ReflectSessionFactory
 4218     design that caused muscled not to work correctly if 
 4219     you told it to listen to more than one port at once.
 4220   * Added an #ifdef to NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp so
 4221     that it will compile cleanly on BeOS/R5.0.3
 4222   * HashtableIterator::GetValue() was returning a const
 4223     reference.  Changed it to return a non-const reference,
 4224     since there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to
 4225     modify the returned object.
 4226   * Fixed a bug where calling PutAcceptFactory() with
 4227     the port argument set to zero would cause all already
 4228     attached accept-factories to be removed.
 4229   * Fixed a minor bug in the ReflectServer event loop,
 4230     where the fd_sets would be inspected after select()
 4231     returned -1/EINTR.  This could cause spurious
 4232     (albeit generally harmless) read-ready or 
 4233     write-ready events to be detected.
 4234   * The assignment operator, equality operator, 
 4235     ContainsValue(), and the batch Put() and Remove()
 4236     methods in the Hashtable class now specify the
 4237     HTIT_FLAG_NOREGISTER flag in their HashtableIterator
 4238     objects, for better thread safety.
 4240 v3.34 Released 7/12/2007
 4241   - Optimized CreateConnectedSocketPair() by having it
 4242     use the UNIX socketpair(AF_UNIX) function on systems 
 4243     that support that call.
 4244   o Removed the optional (useNagles) argument from the 
 4245     CreateConnectedSocketPair() function, since there
 4246     is little or no point in using Nagles algorithm
 4247     for sockets within the same process.  (if you
 4248     really needed it for some reason, you could still 
 4249     call SetSocketNaglesAlgorithmEnabled() manually on 
 4250     the resulting sockets afterwards)
 4251   o test/cvscopy.cpp is now test/svncopy.cpp, since I
 4252     don't use CVS anymore.
 4253   * Thread::WaitForNextMessageAux() wasn't handling file
 4254     descriptors properly when called with a wakeupTime
 4255     less than or equal to the current time.  Fixed.
 4256   o Added a testpulsenode.cpp file to the tests folder, to
 4257     test the reliability and scalability of the PulseNode 
 4258     timed-event-callback implementation.
 4259   * Fixed some valgrind hits in NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp
 4260     by having the code check the sin_family of sockaddr
 4261     structs before reading any IPv4-specific fields.    
 4262   * QMuscleSupport.h wouldn't compile under Qt 3.x.  Fixed.
 4263   * Added Mika Lindqvist's patches to get QMuscleSupport.h 
 4264     to compile under older versions of Microsoft Visual C++. 
 4265   * The SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator class was not
 4266     always freeing all of the cached memory during large free
 4267     operations, which could result in the process-memory-cache 
 4268     getting too large.  Fixed.
 4269   * Fixed a bug in the PulseNode class's linked list code
 4270     that could cause PulseChildren to not have their Pulse()
 4271     methods called at the proper times.
 4272   * Merged in Bryan Varner's patch to the MessageTransceiverThread
 4273     Java class so that spurious connect-succeeded tags are no longer 
 4274     sent by the I/O thread to the main thread.
 4276 v3.33 Released 6/6/2007
 4277   - Added a MultiDataIO class, for convenient writing of 
 4278     mirrored files, etc.
 4279   - Added a qtsupport/QMuscleSupport.h header file to 
 4280     contain Qt-specific utility/helper code.  Currently
 4281     this file contains only a QString specialization of
 4282     the HashFunctor template, to allow QStrings to be
 4283     used as keys in a Hashtable.
 4284   * SetupSystem.cpp builds again under BeOS (worked around
 4285     BeOS's non-standard gmtime_r() call)
 4286   * Merged in Lior Okman's patch to the Java client code
 4287     to fix a bug where partially received Messages might
 4288     get dropped, causing a TCP disconnect.
 4289   * Added a loop around the Unix implementation of 
 4290     SharedMemory::AdjustSemaphore()'s call to semop(),
 4291     so that if semop returns EINTR, the call is retried.
 4293 v3.32 Released 5/2/2007
 4294   - Added a new class, SharedFilterSessionFactory, which looks
 4295     at the contents of a shared memory region to decide which
 4296     client IP address(es) to allow to connect to the server.
 4297   - Added a IsIPAddress(const char *) convenience method
 4298     to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.  This method returns true
 4299     iff its argument is a string representing an IP address
 4300     in human-readable ASCII format.
 4301   - Added a new function GetNetworkInterfaceInfos() to
 4302     NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.  This function returns
 4303     a list of NetworkInterfaceInfo objects describing the
 4304     various network interfaces currently available on the
 4305     host machine.
 4306   - test/testnetutil.cpp Now tests GetNetworkInterfaceInfos()
 4307     by calling it and printing out the results. 
 4308   - Added a new argument (emitEndMessageBatchIfNecessary)
 4309     to the QMessageTransceiverHandler::Reset() and 
 4310     QMessageTransceiverThread::UnregisterHandler() methods, so
 4311     that if these methods are called while in the middle of a 
 4312     receiving-Messages batch, the un-registering of the handler
 4313     will no longer cause an imbalance between the number of
 4314     BeginMessageBatch() and EndMessageBatch() signals that
 4315     get emitted by the handler.  (You can override this behavior
 4316     by passing in false for the new argument)
 4317   - The muscle/java/build.xml file now builds JavaDocs too.
 4318   o AbstractReflectSession::GetHostName() now returns a 
 4319     (const String &) instead of a (const char *).
 4320   * Fixed a bug in SharedMemory::DeleteArea() that was
 4321     preventing the shared memory area's semaphore from 
 4322     being deleted.
 4323   * Rewrote the linked-list handling code in the
 4324     QMessageTransceiverThread class to use a doubly-linked-list.
 4325     This fixes a bug where the previous singly-linked-list
 4326     would occasionally not get updated properly, resulting
 4327     in the failure to emit EndMessageBatch signals in some
 4328     circumstances.
 4329   * The GlobalMemoryAllocator class now calls AboutToFree()
 4330     if AboutToAllocate() succeeded but malloc() or realloc()
 4331     failed.  That way AboutToFree() can undo AboutToAllocate()'s 
 4332     side effects in the usual fashion.
 4333   * The SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator class would 
 4334     deduct a buffer's memory size from the tally twice in 
 4335     the event of a memory failure.  Fixed.
 4336   * The SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator class now detects
 4337     when a program tries to reduce its memory usage counter to
 4338     less than zero, and clamps the counter to zero instead of
 4339     letting it wrap around to the 4 gigabyte range.
 4340   * The GlobalMemoryAllocator class now calls SetAllocationHasFailed()
 4341     on the MemoryAllocator object only if the second try to
 4342     allocate memory has also failed.  That way, if the first try
 4343     fails, but the MemoryAllocator's AllocationFailed() method
 4344     is able to free up some space to make the second try succeed,
 4345     program operation can proceed without any further disruption.
 4346   * ProxyMemoryAllocator::AllocationFailed() no longer calls
 4347     SetAllocationHasFailed(true) on its slave allocator.
 4348     That call is to be made solely by 
 4349     ProxyMemoryAllocator::SetAllocationHasFailed(), instead.
 4350   * AutoCleanupProxyMemoryAllocator::AllocationFailed() now
 4351     calls up to its parent class as well as doing its regular
 4352     OutOfMemory() callbacks.
 4353   * Cleaned up the JavaDoc comments so that they now build
 4354     without any warnings from the javadoc utility.
 4355   * The POSIX implementation of GetCurrentTime64() wasn't 
 4356     handling Daylight Savings Time properly, which meant its 
 4357     result would be off by an hour for part of the year.  Fixed.
 4358   * Changed some calls to gmtime() and localtime() to gmtime_r()
 4359     and localtime_r() respectively, to make them thread-safe.
 4361 v3.31 Released 3/14/2007
 4362   - The AtomicCounter API is now aware of Qt 4's atomic
 4363     counter API, and will use that as its implementation in
 4364     Qt-enabled programs compiled on systems where MUSCLE's
 4365     own inline-assembly support isn't available.
 4366   - hexterm will now send ASCII bytes if you prefix them
 4367     with a slash (e.g. "/0 /1 /2" sends 0x30, 0x31, 0x32)
 4368   - Added a Hashtable::IndexOfValue() function that lets you
 4369     find the index of the first (or last) value of a given
 4370     type in a Hashtable.  (with O(N) search time)
 4371   - Added implementations of the GetByteBufferFromPool() and
 4372     GetMessageFromPool() functions that take a user-specified
 4373     ObjectPool instead of using a default object pool.
 4374   - Added support for a new compiler flag, MUSCLE_64_BIT_PLATFORM,
 4375     which can be defined in your Makefile if you are on a 64-bit
 4376     platform that isn't autodetected inside of MuscleSupport.
 4377   - Added INT32_FORMAT_SPEC and UINT32_FORMAT_SPEC macros so
 4378     that printf() statements can be made less architecture-specific.
 4379   - Added a section  to the test/testtypdefs.cpp test that checks
 4380     to make sure the *_FORMAT_SPEC macros are working correctly on
 4381     the current platform.
 4382   - DataNode::GetChildIterator() now takes an optional flags parameter 
 4383     that is passed on to the HashtableIterator constructor.
 4384   - Added a DataNode::HasChildren() convenience method.
 4385   o Made the String class's destructor inline.
 4386   * SetupSystem.cpp wouldn't compile on 64-bit systems when
 4387     using Mutexes to implement atomic operations.  Fixed.
 4388   * Merged in Lior Okman's patch to the Java client code that 
 4389     sets the socket's send and receive buffers to 128KB.
 4390   * Merged in Lior Okman's patch to the Java client code to
 4391     fix an occasional busy-loop that could occur when
 4392     receiving very large (>400KB) Message objects.
 4393   * Merged in Nathan Whitehorn's patch to the FreeBSD
 4394     #ifdef's in NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp.
 4395   * Fixed a bug in MemMem() that where an incorrect return 
 4396     value would be returned when both buffers were the same size.
 4397   * Fixed a bug in RawQueryFilter::SetFromArchive() that could 
 4398     cause a crash.
 4399   * Some of muscle's text output would be wrong on 64-bit
 4400     platforms.  Fixed by changing all printf()'s to use the new
 4401     INT32_FORMAT_SPEC and UINT32_FORMAT_SPEC macros when appropriate.
 4402   * Fixed a bug in the Makefiles so that g++ now compiles all code
 4403     with all warnings enabled (except the multi-char constants warning).
 4404   * Went through the test files and fixed the minor problems that
 4405     were causing them to generate compiler warnings with -Wall enabled.
 4406   * hexterm now prints out an error message when it aborts due to
 4407     an invalid return code from Read() or Write().
 4409 v3.30 Released 1/16/2007
 4410   ***NOTE*** In this release, the byte-swapping functions for
 4411   floating point and double-precision floating point operations
 4412   have been renamed.  If your code handles floating-point byte
 4413   swapping itself, you will need to update your code before it
 4414   will compile.  See the FLOAT_TROUBLE and DOUBLE_TROUBLE comments
 4415   in support/MuscleSupport.h for details about this issue.
 4416   - Added a QMessageTransceiverHandler helper class to 
 4417     QMessageTransceiverThread.{cpp,h}.  This class handles the
 4418     multiplexing and demultiplexing of multiple session objects inside
 4419     a single QMessageTransceiverThread object, so that Qt-based programs
 4420     that use a N:1 session-to-thread model will be easier to write 
 4421     and maintain.
 4422   - Added a QMessageTransceiverThreadPool helper class to
 4423     QMessageTransceiverThread.{cpp,h}.  This class manages the automatic
 4424     creation of QMessageTransceiverThreads when QMessageTransceiverHandlers
 4425     are set up, so that an N:1 session-to-thread model can be implemented
 4426     automatically in Qt-based programs.
 4427   - Rewrote hexterm's output routine to be more useful; it now outputs
 4428     both ASCII and hex data, in a format similar to that used by od.
 4429   - Added chatclient.cpp to the tests folder.  chatclient.cpp is a
 4430     simple command-line BeShare compatible chat client (previously
 4431     distributed separately as "Clyde")
 4432   - Added a minichatclient.c to the tests folder.  minichatclient.c
 4433     is a C-only implementation of chatclient.cpp, just to show how
 4434     it can be done using only the MiniMessage and MiniMessageGateway APIs.
 4435   - Added a MemMem() function to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.  MemMem()
 4436     is similar to strstr(), except that instead of operating on 
 4437     NUL-terminated strings, it operates on binary data. 
 4438   - Rewrote the PulseNode class to be more efficient when many children
 4439     are present -- PulseNode now stores its children in ordered linked 
 4440     lists rather than in a Hashtable, and it no longer needs to iterate 
 4441     over all children in order to recalculate the next event time.
 4442   - Merged in Lior Okman's enhancement to the Java API:
 4443     StringBuffer is now used in toString() methods, instead of 
 4444     concatenating strings directly.
 4445   - Merged in Lior Okman's enhancement to the Java API:
 4446     Faster ByteBuffer operations are now used to fill in arrays, 
 4447     instead of looping over the arrays and manually setting the values.
 4448   - Merged in Lior Okman's enhancement to the Java API:
 4449     Use List instead of Vector and HashMap instead of HashTable.  This is
 4450     to lose the extra unneeded synchronization point that exists in these
 4451     old and deprecated (as of Java 1.2) classes.  Since ByteBuffer requires 
 4452     at least JDK 1.4 anyway, there is no need to use the older API.
 4453   - Merged in Lior Okman's enhancement to the Java API:
 4454     Use Iterator instead of Enumeration - same reason as above.
 4455     Note that this change will break compatibility with old Java
 4456     code that calls Message.fieldNames() -- it will need to be
 4457     updated to use an Iterator instead of an Enumeration.
 4458   - Merged in Lior Okman's enhancement to the Java API:
 4459     Changed the implementation of Queue.removeAllElements() to a 
 4460     more efficient implementation.
 4461   - Merged in Lior Okman's enhancement to the Java API:
 4462     Modified the ThreadPool to use a ThreadGroup and provide thread names.
 4463     This makes the class more profiler-friendly.
 4464   - Merged in Lior Okman's enhancement to the Java API:
 4465     Message.flatten() is faster now, because it doesn't call 
 4466     flattenedSize() as much anymore.
 4467   - Merged in Lior Okman's patch that adds a setOutgoingEncoding()
 4468     method to the Java IOGateway classes, so that you can change
 4469     message encodings on the fly.
 4470   - Made the IOGateway _outgoingEncoding variable private:
 4471     use setOutgoingEncoding() and getOutgoingEncoding() to access it.
 4472   - Merged in Nathan Whitehorn's patch to make FinalizeAsyncConnect() 
 4473     work properly under FreeBSD 7.
 4474   - Merged in Nathan Whitehorn's patch to fix a bug in SSLSocketDataIO
 4475     (previously, it could sometimes error out if the message length
 4476     exceeded the network's MTU)
 4477   - Rewrote the B_SWAP_* macros as C-compatible inline functions
 4478     (previously they called the muscleSwapBytes() template function,
 4479     which made them unusable in C programs)
 4480   - Added the new replacement floating-point byte-swap API to
 4481     support/MuscleSupport.h, including the following new functions:
 4486   - Added a -DMUSCLE_AVOID_INLINE_ASSEMBLY flag that you can set if
 4487     you want to avoid the use of inline assembly for some reason.
 4488   - Changed the ConvertFromNetworkByteOrder() and ConvertToNetworkByteOrder()
 4489     private virtual methods in the Message::PrimitiveDataTypeArray private 
 4490     class by changing them to operate on N items at once, instead of having
 4491     to be called repeatedly for each item in an array.
 4492   - PointerDataArray::ConvertFromNetworkByteOrder() and 
 4493     ConvertToNetworkByteOrder() now cause an assertion failure if called 
 4494     (because they should never be called: pointers aren't serializable)
 4495   - Added a set of common comparison functions (Int8CompareFunc,
 4496     Int16CompareFunc, Int32CompareFunc, Uint8CompareFunc, etc) 
 4497     to MuscleSupport.h because I was tired of reimplementing them 
 4498     separately every time I needed to sort a Queue or a Hashtable.
 4499   - support/MuscleSupport.h now defines a new preprocessor constant,
 4500     SELECT_ON_FILE_DESCRIPTORS_NOT_AVAILABLE, when compiled on an OS
 4501     that doesn't know how to select on file descriptor (e.g. stdin).
 4502     Currently that includes Win32 and BeOS.
 4503   o Removed the GetChildren() and GetPulseChildrenIterator() methods
 4504     from the PulseNode class, since they are no longer applicable.
 4505   o Separated the single-argument Hashtable and Queue constructors into
 4506     two separate constructors:  a zero-argument default constructor, and
 4507     a single-item constructor tagged "explicit".  That way nonsensical
 4508     conversions (e.g. myHashtable.Put(5)) get caught at compile-time 
 4509     rather than becoming hard-to-discover run-time errors.
 4510   o Rewrote muscleSwapBytes() to use a union instead of pointer-magic.
 4511   o The Java IOGateway classes are once again declared public instead
 4512     of being package-private -- that way you don't have to use the
 4513     MessageIOGatewayFactory class if you don't want to.
 4514   o MakePrettyTypeCodeString() is now implemented as an inline function
 4515     instead of a preprocessor macro.
 4516   * Merged in Lior Okman's fix for the flattenMessage() methods
 4517     in the MessageIOGateway classes, to make them work reliably
 4518     with non-blocking sockets. 
 4519   * Fixed a bug in MessageTransceiverThread.cpp that would cause
 4520     many of the commands sent to the internal thread to be received
 4521     by all of the internal thread's sessions instead of just the
 4522     intended target.
 4523   * Fixed some bugs in testendian.cpp, and made its output prettier
 4524     and more informative.
 4525   * Removed the following functions from MuscleSupport.h:
 4526        B_SWAP_FLOAT               B_SWAP_DOUBLE
 4531     Because they cannot be made to work reliably on x86-architecture
 4532     chips.  (See the FLOAT_TROUBLE and DOUBLE_TROUBLE comments in 
 4533     support/MuscleSupport.h for details)
 4534   * Message.py's unit test now correctly reads and writes its file
 4535     in binary mode.  Thanks to David Rene for reporting this bug.
 4537 v3.24 Released 11/28/2006
 4538   - The MacOS/X implementation of GetRunTime64() is now implemented
 4539     using the CoreServices UpTime() function instead of POSIX times(), 
 4540     which makes it more efficient, allows it to return more accurate
 4541     values, and avoids some potential problems with wrapping.
 4542   - Added GetKey() and GetValue() convenience methods to the 
 4543     HashtableIterator class.
 4544   - Added -- and ++ operators to the HashtableIterator class.
 4545   - Added SetBackwards() and IsBackwards() methods to the
 4546     HashtableIterator class.
 4547   - Added a GetFlags() method to HashtableIterator class.
 4548   - Added a new MessageFieldNameIterator constructor that takes
 4549     a Message object.  This is more efficient than calling 
 4550     msg.GetFieldNameIterator() and requires less typing.
 4551   - Added ++ and -- operators to the MessageFieldNameIterator class.
 4552   - Added a GetFieldName() method to the MessageFieldNameIterator class.
 4553   - Each DataNode object now keeps a running maximum of the IDs in
 4554     the child nodes that are attached to it.  You can access this
 4555     running maximum via the new GetMaxKnownChildIDHint() method.
 4556     This value can be useful when generating a unique name for
 4557     a new child node.
 4558   - Also added a SetMaxKnownChildIDHint() method to the DataNode
 4559     class.  This lets you manually reset the hint if you need to.
 4560   - Updated test/testhashtable.cpp so that it now tests for the 
 4561     HashtableIterator bug described below.
 4562   - The MessageReplaceFunc callback used by CloneDataNodeSubtree()
 4563     now takes a node-path as its first argument, in addition to the
 4564     other arguments it took before.
 4565   - The Python error strings generated by the ConvertMessageToPyObject()
 4566     in PythonUtilityFunctions.cpp are now a bit more informative (they
 4567     contain the problematic field name and/or type code)
 4568   o Reduced the default output-stall timeout from 20 minutes
 4569     to 3 minutes.
 4570   o Removed the () operator from the MessageFieldNameIterator class
 4571     because it was inconsistent with the operators of other iterator
 4572     classes, and rarely (never?) used anyway.
 4573   o Updated the copyright notices to 2007 Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc
 4574     (a.k.a. the new owners of what was Level Control Systems)
 4575   * The output-stall-detector mechanism would not disconnect 
 4576     moribund clients in a timely manner if the server was
 4577     completely idle.  Now it does.
 4578   * Fixed a subtle bug in the HashtableIterator class that could
 4579     cause the iterator to skip past the 2nd item in a traversal
 4580     if the 1st item in the traversal was deleted at the wrong time.
 4581   * Updated the portablereflectclient.cpp and portableplaintextclient.cpp
 4582     example programs to include a hack-around for Win32's inability 
 4583     to select() on stdin.
 4585 v3.23 Released 9/15/2006
 4586   - Added Nathan Whitehorn's SSLSocketDataIO class to the dataio
 4587     subfolder.  This class can be used to layer MUSCLE traffic over
 4588     an SSL connection.  Thanks Nathan!  Note that this code requires
 4589     the OpenSSL developer's toolkit to be installed before it will
 4590     compile.
 4591   - Enhanced the ParseArgs() routine to handle spaces intelligently
 4592     (e.g. "x = 5" is now equivalent to declaring a key "x" with value
 4593     "5", not declaring three separate variables named "x", "=", and "5")
 4594   - Added Put() and Remove() methods to the Hashtable class that
 4595     can put or remove the contents of an entire Hashtable at once.
 4596   - Added NybbleizeString() and DenybblizeString() convenience functions
 4597     to the MiscUtilityFunctions API.
 4598   - Added a MUSCLE_USE_QUERYPERFORMANCEHARDWARE compile-time flag that 
 4599     tells MUSCLE to use QueryPerformanceCounter() under Windows instead 
 4600     of timeGetTime().  Specifying this flag improves GetRunTime64()'s 
 4601     accuracy, but QueryPerformanceCounter() is known to have problems on 
 4602     certain PC systems.
 4603   * Fixed the Win32 and POSIX implementations of GetRunTime64() so that
 4604     when the underlying OS clock "wraps" around to zero, it is detected 
 4605     and transparently handled so that the values returned by GetRunTime64()
 4606     continue to increase monotonically.
 4607   * Fixed the vc++/muscle.dsp project file so that things link properly
 4608     again (thanks to Maurizio for help with this)
 4609   * Added several tweaks to compile properly under MS Visual Studio 2005.
 4610   * Made sure the files in the vc++ subfolder have Windows line endings.
 4611   * Fixed a couple of bugs in the String class -- empty strings that
 4612     had extra space preallocated in them could end up with unitialized
 4613     garbage in them.
 4614   * MuscleSupport.h now #defines WIN32 if _MSC_VER is defined.
 4615   * Updated the QMessageTransceiverThread and QAcceptSocketThread
 4616     classes further, so that they compile under Qt4 even when Qt3
 4617     compatibility support is disabled.
 4618   * Fixed a problem under Win32, where GetSystemPath() would return an
 4619     incorrectly formed path when unicode characters were present in the 
 4620     path name.
 4622 v3.22 Released 7/5/2006
 4623   - Updated the Mutex, Thread, and QMessageTransceiverThread classes so
 4624     that they are compatible with both Qt3 and Qt4.
 4625   - Added a Python implementation of the zlib/ZLibUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 4626     API.  It is in python/ZLibUtilityFunctions.py
 4627   * Fixed a valgrind hit in the Linux implementation of GetSystemPath()
 4628   * Commented out the buggy-QueryPerformanceCounter() warning under Win32,
 4629     since it usually causes more confusion than enlightenment when it 
 4630     is printed.
 4631   * Changed the custom-event codes in QMessageTransceiverThread.cpp
 4632     and QAcceptSocketsThread.cpp to be in the allowed range for user-codes.
 4633   * Added Lior Okman and Rony Gutherz' patches to re-enable compilation 
 4634     on 64-bit systems, Solaris, MSVC, and Windows 2000.
 4635   * Added Mika Lindqvist's patch to allow use of the newnothrow macro
 4636     under VC++6.
 4637   * Updated the Makefile in the borland subdirectory to compile correctly.
 4639 v3.21 Released 5/27/2006
 4641     SYSTEM_PATH_DOCUMENTS, and SYSTEM_PATH_ROOT to the list 
 4642     of directories returnable by GetSystemPath().
 4643   - GetHostByName() now requires a second argument, (expandLocalhost), 
 4644     which determines whether should be returned verbatim, or 
 4645     expanded out to the primary local IP address.
 4646   - Added an (expandLocalhost) argument to the various AddNewConnectSession()
 4647     methods that take a string for a hostname argument.
 4648   - Added an (expandLocalhost) argument to the GetPeerIPAddress() function.
 4649   - Added a RemoveEscapeChars() utility function to StringMatcher.{cpp,h}
 4650   - Rewrote GetLocalIPAddress() to use the if_nameindex() API if it
 4651     is available.  If not, it will fall back to the old method of using
 4652     gethostname().
 4653   - StorageReflectSession::SaveNodeTreeToMessage() and 
 4654     StorageReflectSession::RestoreNodeTreeFromMessage() now both take
 4655     an optional (maxDepth) argument which can be used to specify the
 4656     maximum depth of the node-subtree to be saved or restored. 
 4657   - The PR_COMMAND_GETDATATREES Message now has an optional PR_NAME_MAXDEPTH
 4658     int32 field:  If specified, the returned data trees will be clipped to
 4659     the specified maximum depth
 4660   - Added a PutAndGet() convenience method to the Hashtable class.
 4661     This method puts a new object into the Hashtable, and returns a pointer
 4662     to the object in the table.
 4664 v3.20 Released 3/20/2006
 4665   - Added SetGlobalQueryFilterFactory() and GetGlobalQueryFilterFactory()
 4666     calls, so that it is possible for MUSCLE-based servers to install
 4667     their own custom QueryFilterFactory objects if desired.
 4668   o Moved the DataNode class out into its own file, DataNode.{cpp,h}.
 4669     It is no longer an inner class of the StorageReflectSession class.
 4670   o All QueryFilter::Matches() methods now take a DataNode pointer 
 4671     as their second argument.  None of the built-in QueryFilter subclasses
 4672     use this value, but it is available so that custom QueryFilters can
 4673     use DataNode information in their matching decisions if necessary. 
 4674   o Renamed InstantiateQueryFilter() to CreateQueryFilter(), and
 4675     made it a virtual method in the new QueryFilterFactory class,
 4676     instead of a global function.
 4677   * Added serialization to muscleAlloc()/muscleRealloc()/muscleFree(),
 4678     to avoid potential race conditions in multithreaded programs that 
 4679     have memory-usage-tracking enabled.
 4680   * Fixed a bug in the Java receive code that could cause a 
 4681     parse error and subsequent disconnect if the Message stream
 4682     was uncompressed (DEFAULT_MESSAGE_ENCODING) and a large
 4683     Message was followed by a small one.
 4684   * Fixed a typo in the java/build.xml file.
 4685   * Rewrote MusclePowerPCSwapDouble() and MuscleX86SwapDouble()
 4686     to use unions instead of C-style casting.  Doing it this way
 4687     makes them more readable and avoids errors due to uncontrolled
 4688     interactions with g++'s optimizer.
 4689   * Made the testendian test program a little more robust.
 4691 v3.11 Released 3/1/2006
 4692   - Added a testsysteminfo.cpp test to the test folder, to test
 4693     the functions in the SystemInfo.{cpp,h} files.
 4694   - Merged in Lior Okman's updates to the muscle Java classes so that
 4695     they now support the new, more efficient java.nio.* interfaces.
 4696     Note that this means that the Java API now requires Java 1.4.0
 4697     or higher; let me know if that is a problem for you.
 4698   - Added zlib/ZipFileUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}, which contain functions 
 4699     that create a .zip file from a MUSCLE Message, and vice versa.
 4700     Also added a testzip.cpp program to the test folder to test them.
 4701   - Added a more convenient Inet_NtoA(uint32) function (that returns
 4702     a String) to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 4703   o Optimized TCPSocketDataIO::FlushOutput() slightly under Linux.
 4704   * Merged in Lior Okman's AMD-64 compatibility patch.
 4705   * Patched NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp to handle net_length_t 
 4706     properly under *BSD.
 4708 v3.10 Released 1/16/2006
 4709   - Added the JCraft JZLib code to the included Java code tree, so that
 4710     the MUSCLE Java code can again be compiled as provided.
 4711   - Added a hashCode() method to the Java com.lcs.muscle.support.Point class.
 4712   - Added NybbleizeData() and DenybbleizeData() convenience functions
 4713     to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 4714   - Added GetFirstKey(), GetFirstValue(), GetLastKey(), and GetLastValue()
 4715     utility methods to the Hashtable class.
 4716   - Added a HTIT_FLAG_NOREGISTER flag to the HashtableIterator class
 4717     that (when specified) will prevent the HashtableIterator from registering
 4718     itself with the Hashtable.  This option allows you to do a 100% 
 4719     thread-safe Hashtable iteration, at the expense of requiring you to 
 4720     guarantee that the Hashtable won't be modified during the traversal.
 4721   - Added a HasItems() convenience method to the Queue and Hashtable classes.
 4722     This method returns true iff there is at least one item present in
 4723     the object (i.e. it is the logical negation of the IsEmpty() method)
 4724   - Added a HasNames() convenience method to the Message class.  This method
 4725     returns true if the Message contains any fields.
 4726   o Removed the Flattenable::CopyToImplementation() methods since they were
 4727     redundant.  Instead, CopyTo() just calls CopyFromImplementation() with
 4728     the arguments reversed.
 4729   o Replaced the boolean (backwards) argument for HashtableIterators with a
 4730     uint32 (flags) argument.  Currently supported flags are 
 4731     HTIT_FLAG_BACKWARDS (same as backwards=true in older versions) and
 4732     the new HTIT_FLAG_NOREGISTER (see above for details)
 4733   o Inlined some trivial one-liner methods in the Message class, for efficiency.
 4734   * Merged in Eli "Scanty" Dayan's portability fixes so that the
 4735     code again compiles properly under Solaris.  Thanks Scanty!
 4736   * const methods in the Message class are now properly thread-safe 
 4737     (provided the Message object isn't altered by any other threads 
 4738     during their execution), thanks to the use of the 
 4739     HTIT_FLAG_NOREGISTER flag.
 4740   * The math used in the MUSCLE_POWERPC_TIMEBASE_HZ implementation of
 4741     GetRunTime64() would overflow after a week or two of uptime,
 4742     causing GetRunTime64() to return incorrect results.  Fixed.
 4743   * PythonUtilityFunctions.cpp now compiles correctly under MacOS/X Tiger.
 4744   * Tweaked MuscleSupport.h so that MacOS/X will properly use the 
 4745     x86 assembly language functions when running on an Intel-based system.
 4747 v3.03 Released 10/10/2005
 4748   - Added a GetLocalIPAddress() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 4749     This function returns the IP address(es) of the machine it is running on.
 4750   - Refactored the ThreadWorkerSessionFactory::CreateSession() method out 
 4751     into two methods:  CreateSession() and CreateThreadWorkerSession().  That 
 4752     way subclasses can override CreateThreadWorkerSession() but still take 
 4753     advantage of the session-accepted-notification functionality present 
 4754     in CreateSession().
 4755   - MessageTransceiverThread now identifies sessions via their root node
 4756     path instead of just their session ID. (e.g. "/", not "17")
 4757   - Added David Grossman's -DMUSCLE_PREFER_QT_OVER_WIN32 patch, so that you
 4758     can choose at compile time whether Muscle should prefer to use Win32 or 
 4759     Qt APIs for its threading/synchronization mechanisms.
 4760   - Added the 'cvscopy' utility program to the test folder.
 4761   * GetPeerIPAddress() and GetHostByName() now call GetLocalIPAddress() if
 4762     necessary to determine the local IP address, rather than returning
 4764   * GetSystemPath(SYSTEM_PATH_EXECUTABLE) would break under MacOS/X if
 4765     the executable path contained any non-ASCII characters.  Fixed.
 4766   * GetSystemPath() was broken under Win32 if Unicode support was
 4767     enabled.  Fixed.
 4768   * hexterm now compiles properly under MacOS/X.
 4770 v3.02 Released 9/10/2005
 4771   - The second argument to Hashtable::GetOrPut() is now optional.
 4772   - Merged in Lior Okman's changes to the Java client API:  these
 4773     included several bug fixes and the added ability to send
 4774     compressed Messages.  (If you have JZLib in your class path,
 4775     you can receive compressed Messages also)
 4776   - Added Lior's build.xml file for ant-based compilation and
 4777     JAR-packaging of the muscle java API (into the java folder)
 4778   - Added FailoverDataIO.{cpp,h} to the support folder.  FailoverDataIO
 4779     is a class that supports automatic failover across multiple redundant
 4780     DataIO streams.
 4781   - Connect() now takes an optional timeout argument, for people
 4782     who are too impatient to wait for the operating system's standard
 4783     TCP connect timeout period to elapse.
 4784   - The ParseFile() function in MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h} now supports 
 4785     hierarchical sub-sections (delimited in the text file with "begin foo" 
 4786     and "end" tag lines).
 4787   - Added testparsefile.cpp to the test folder.
 4788   o Moved the implementations of Inet_AtoN(), Inet_NtoA(), 
 4789     SetLocalHostIPOverride() and GetLocalHostIPOverride() from
 4790     NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp to SetupSystem.cpp, so that projects
 4791     can include MiscUtilityFunctions.cpp without having to also
 4792     include NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp
 4793   o Removed the MUSCLE_USE_CLONE support from the Thread class, since it
 4794     didn't work properly anyway.
 4795   * The Win32 implementation of the Thread class would leak a thread handle
 4796     each time the internal Thread terminated.  Thanks to Eivind Midtgård 
 4797     and Raymond Dahlberg for providing the fix!
 4799 v3.01 Released 8/13/2005
 4800   - Added a "shared" parameter to the BindUDPSocket() function,
 4801     to support the simultaneous reception of broadcast UDP packets 
 4802     by multiple processes on a single computer.
 4803   - Updated the included zlib distribution to v1.2.3
 4804   - Updated the hexterm app to handle UDP packet I/O (in addition
 4805     to the TCP stream and serial device data I/O it could do before)
 4806   - Added equality (==) and inequality (!=) operators to the Hashtable class.
 4807   * GetSystemPath(SYSTEM_PATH_EXECUTABLE) now returns the proper
 4808     path under Linux (it uses the /proc filesystem to figure it out)
 4809   * ChildProcessDataIO now uses the constants found in sys/ttydefaults.h
 4810     to fill in the termios struct, instead of using hard coded magic numbers.
 4812 v3.00 Released 7/12/2005
 4818   - Added Matt Emson's client API for Delphi, in the "delphi"
 4819     subdirectory.  Thanks, Matt!
 4820   - Updated the included zlib distribution to v1.2.2.
 4821   - Added StoreTraceValue(), TCHECKPOINT(), SetTraceValuesLocation(),
 4822     and associated functions to MuscleSupport.h.  These functions can 
 4823     be useful in tracking down where code is executing at when a 
 4824     debugger isn't available.
 4825   - Added a maxDepth argument to the LogStackTrace() call.
 4826   - Added a PrintStackTrace() function to syslog/SysLog.{cpp,h}.
 4827     This is similar to LogStackTrace(), but the stack trace
 4828     goes directly to stdout instead of going to the log facility.
 4829   - Added a "win32client" test/example app to the test folder.
 4830     This app test/demos the Win32MessageTransceiverThread class.
 4831     A VC++ project file (win32client.vcproj) is also included.
 4832   - Added a SetSignalHandlingEnabled() method to the ReflectServer
 4833     class, to allow servers to exit cleanly when an interrupt
 4834     signal is received.
 4835   - muscled now accepts an optional "catchsignals" argument that
 4836     enables handling of interrupt signals (Control-C) to initiate
 4837     a controlled shutdown.
 4838   - muscleMax() and muscleMin() can now take up to five arguments,
 4839     for convenience.
 4840   - If you define the compiler constant MUSCLE_ENABLE_MEMORY_PARANOIA
 4841     to an integer value (and also define MUSCLE_ENABLE_MEMORY_TRACKING), 
 4842     then the muscle memory allocator/deallocator code will add that many
 4843     guard values to the front and end of all dynamically allocated 
 4844     buffers in order to detect bad memory writes.  The guard values will 
 4845     be checked whenever the buffers are freed or resized, to make sure
 4846     they haven't been overwritten, and it will also fill all allocated
 4847     and freed buffers with special garbage bytes (0x55 and 0x66), 
 4848     so that it will be more obvious when freed or uninitialized
 4849     memory is read.  This slows down execution a bit and uses up 
 4850     extra memory, so it should only be enabled while debugging.
 4851   - Added a MemoryParanoiaCheckBuffer() function to 
 4852     GlobalMemoryAllocator.{cpp,h}.  Call this function to manually
 4853     validate that an allocated memory buffer hasn't been corrupted.
 4854   - All AbstractObjectRecycler objects (i.e. all ObjectPools)
 4855     now register themselves in a global linked list, so that
 4856     they can be iterated over.
 4857   - Added the function GlobalFlushAllCachedObjects() to the
 4858     AbstractObjectRecycler class.
 4859   - Added a FlushCachedObjects() virtual method  to the
 4860     AbstractObjectRecycler class.  This method is implemented
 4861     in the ObjectPool subclasses to call Drain().
 4862   - The CompleteSetupSystem destructor now calls
 4863     AbstractObjectRecycler::GlobalFlushAllCachedObjects(), so
 4864     that all the ObjectPools get flushed before any static objects
 4865     start getting destroyed.  This helps avoid dangling pointer
 4866     problems caused by the undefined ordering of static object
 4867     destructor calls.
 4868   - Added GetCount() and SetCount() methods to the AtomicCounter 
 4869     class, since it's occasionally necessary (albeit discouraged) 
 4870     to get or set the counter's value explicitly.
 4871   - Added IsRefPrivate() and EnsureRefIsPrivate() methods to
 4872     the Ref class to help facilitate Copy-on-Write semantics.
 4873   - Added a FlushInput() method to the PlainTextMessageIOGateway class.
 4874   - Added a BUILDOPTIONS.txt file to the muscle folder, to document
 4875     the various compile-time flags that muscle uses.
 4876   - Added WriteFully() and ReadFully() convenience methods to
 4877     the DataIO class.  These methods call Write() or Read()
 4878     in a loop as necessary to guarantee that the whole buffer
 4879     get written.
 4880   - Added new convenience methods FlattenToByteBuffer(),
 4881     UnflattenFromByteBuffer(), FlattenToDataIO() and 
 4882     UnflattenFromDataIO() to the Flattenable class, so that you
 4883     can now Flatten()/Unflatten() to/from ByteBuffers and
 4884     DataIOs with a single call when using blocking I/O.
 4885   - Added a GetLength() convenience function to the Flattenable
 4886     class, for easy determination of a DataIO's length in bytes.
 4887   - Rewrote InflateMessage() and DeflateMessage() so that they
 4888     spend less time holding the global muscle lock.
 4889   o Changed all Ref arguments to be passed by const reference 
 4890     instead of by value.  Note that this change will break most 
 4891     current Muscle-using source code -- your source code will 
 4892     need to be changed to match, in order for the virtual methods 
 4893     to be overridden properly.  To update your code, you should 
 4894     change all function arguments of type BlahRef to (const BlahRef &).
 4895   o Moved the AbstractObjectRecycler pointer out of the Ref class
 4896     and into the RefCountable class, and changed it into an
 4897     AbstractObjectManager pointer.  Removed the recycler
 4898     argument from all Ref class methods.  This makes the
 4899     Ref class a bit simpler and more efficient, but it also
 4900     breaks existing source code.  To update your code, you
 4901     should change all instances of BlahRef(blah, NULL) to 
 4902     BlahRef(blah), and all instances of BlahRef(blah, NULL, false)
 4903     to BlahRef(blah, false).
 4904   o Replaced StorageReflectSession::DrainPools() with
 4905     AbstractObjectRecycler::GlobalFlushAllCachedObjects(),
 4906     which does the same thing but more thoroughly, since
 4907     it flushes all ObjectPools and not just a few of them.
 4908   o Moved a few overly large inline convenience functions into
 4909     SetupSystem.cpp, for faster compilation and smaller binaries.
 4910   o InflateMessage() now guarantees that the inflated Message
 4911     will have the same 'what' code as the passed-in Message
 4912     (the what code of the 'interior' Message is ignored).
 4913   * Added a newnothrow_array #define to MuscleSupport.h and
 4914     changed all the muscle code to use it instead of
 4915     newnothrow when allocating arrays.  This macro works
 4916     the same as new (nothrow) for arrays, except it works
 4917     around a bug in gcc 3.x that could cause crashes on 
 4918     memory failure.
 4919   * ChildProcessDataIO now forces the removal if the SIGHUP
 4920     signal handler in the child process, so that any 
 4921     grandchild processes will be cleaned up when the child
 4922     process is killed.
 4923   * Improved ChildProcessDataIO handling of restricted 
 4924     permissions on the /dev/tty* nodes.
 4925   * Under Win32, if there were no sockets to select() on, select()
 4926     would error out and the server loop would return.  Fixed.
 4927   * Log() and LogTime() could forget to unlock the global
 4928     muscle lock if called re-entrantly.  Fixed.
 4929   * Fixed a nasty bug in the MUSCLE_POWERPC_TIMEBASE_HZ inline
 4930     assembly implementation of GetRunTime64() that would cause 
 4931     GetRunTime64() to very occasionally go into an infinite loop.
 4933 v2.65 Released 5/20/2005
 4934   - Optimized the String class by providing overloaded 
 4935     implementations of various common methods that take a 
 4936     (const char *) directly, rather than a (const String &).
 4937     This eliminates much of the need for the compiler to 
 4938     construct and destroy temporary String objects when 
 4939     using string literals.
 4940   - Added StartsWith() and EndsWith() convenience methods
 4941     to the Queue class.
 4942   o Made about a dozen one-liner String methods into into
 4943     inline methods, to reduce CPU overhead in calling them.
 4944   * Fixed a bug in the Windows implementation of 
 4945     ChildProcessDataIO that would cause the child process
 4946     to be killed the first time it generated any text to stdout.
 4947   * Fixed a problem in GetHumanReadableTimeValues() when 
 4948     compiling under Windows with pre-WinXP headers.  Thanks 
 4949     to Mika Lindqvist for helping with this fix.
 4950   * Added an #ifdef for _SOCKLEN_T to NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp,
 4951     so that net_length_t will be typedef'd properly on systems
 4952     that need it.
 4954 v2.64 Released 4/20/2005
 4955   - ConvertMessageItemToPyObject() now handles restoring list 
 4956     objects and dictionary objects.
 4957   - testendian.cpp now does a bit more thorough job of testing
 4958     the correctness of the byte swapping routines
 4959   - Merged in Mika Lindqvist's patch to add inline-assembly 
 4960     implementations of the byte-swapping and atomic counter
 4961     functions for the Win32/Visual C++ build environment.
 4962   - Added Equals(char), EqualsIgnoreCase(char), EndsWith(char),
 4963     EndsWithIgnoreCase(char), StartsWith(char), and
 4964     StartsWithIgnoreCase(char) methods to the String class.
 4965   - Added an optional (maxResults) parameter to 
 4966     ServerComponent::FindMatchingSessions(), and added a
 4967     ServerComponent::FindMatchingSession() convenience method.
 4968   - MuscleSupport.h now looks for a MUSCLE_FD_SETSIZE compiler
 4969     constant; if found, it will use that to force the host's
 4970     FD_SETSIZE to a new value (particularly useful under
 4971     Windows where FD_SETSIZE is a pitiful 64... just add
 4972     -DMUSCLE_FD_SETSIZE=512 to make it more reasonable)
 4973   - Added a SetFromGenericUnchecked() method to the Ref class,
 4974     for fast/unsafe reference-type conversion.  
 4975   - Added testtime.cpp to the test folder, to test MUSCLE's
 4976     time/date handling functions.
 4977   - GetCurrentTime64(), GetHumanReadableTimeValues(), 
 4978     ParseHumanReadableTimeString(), and GetHumanReadableTimeString() 
 4979     now all take a timezone argument that indicates whether the uint64 
 4980     time value arguments are meant to represent local time or UTC.  
 4981     These parameters have default values that are set to preserve 
 4982     the previous behavior, for backward compatibility.
 4983   o Moved QMessageTransceiverThread's event handling code
 4984     out into a virtual separate method, called
 4985     HandleQueuedIncomingEvents().
 4986   o Removed "volatile" keyword from the assembly byte-swapping
 4987     inline function implementations, since it is not necessary
 4988     and impedes optimization.
 4989   * Merged in David Grossman's Visual C++ compatibility changes.
 4990   * Fixed several bugs in the String class where memcpy() was
 4991     being called in situations where memmove() was necessary.
 4993 v2.63 Released 2/6/2005
 4994   - muscled now accepts "port=0" as a command line argument.
 4995     This argument will cause muscled to choose an available
 4996     TCP port to listen for incoming messages on.
 4997   - Added a GetHumanReadableTimeValues() function to
 4998     MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.  It's similar to 
 4999     GetHumanReadableTimeString(), except the results
 5000     are returned as separate integers rather than as a String.
 5001   - Added an optional "muscleSingleThreadOnly" bool argument to the 
 5002     ThreadSetupSystem and CompleteSetupSystem constructors.  This
 5003     flag lets you globally disable all Mutexes and other 
 5004     MUSCLE thread-safety mechanisms at run time.  Useful if you 
 5005     need to compile your app without the MUSCLE_SINGLE_THREAD_ONLY 
 5006     compiler flag, but know (sometimes) at runtime that you will
 5007     be running the process single-threaded...
 5008   - Added a ChildProcessReadyToRun() hook method to the 
 5009     ChildProcessDataIO class.  This method is called from inside
 5010     the child process (except under Windows, which can't support it).
 5011   - Added a GetSessionSelectSocket() convenience method to the
 5012     AbstractReflectSession class.
 5013   o ChildProcessDataIO now has a separate LaunchChildProcess()
 5014     method, instead of launching the child process from inside
 5015     the ChildProcessDataIO constructor.
 5016   * Merged in Wilson Yeung's update to the C# client code --
 5017     this update fixes an infinite-loop bug and makes flattening
 5018     and unflattening of Message objects more efficient.
 5019   * NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp once again compiles under BeOS.
 5020   * Incorporated Stephane Petithomme's patch to allow muscle
 5021     to compile correctly under SunOS.
 5022   * Merged in Monni's patches to GetSystemPath() so that it
 5023     handles Windows Unicode paths correctly.
 5024   * Replaced the Win32 implementation of GetCurrentTime64()
 5025     with a more standard (read: accurate) implementation.
 5026   * The Windows implementation of GetHumanReadableTimeValues()
 5027     was not quite accurate.  Fixed.
 5029 v2.62 Released 1/1/2005
 5030   - Added a SetUDPSocketBroadcastEnabled() function to the 
 5031     NetworkUtilityFunctions API.
 5032   - Added a broadcastIP constant declaration to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 5033   - Updated the "listener" test program to send hex bytes that are 
 5034     entered on stdin, to make outgoing TCP connections as well as 
 5035     accepting incoming ones, and to be able to connect to an 
 5036     RS232 serial port, if desired.  Renamed "listener" to "hexterm"
 5037     to reflect its expanded functionality.
 5038   - Added an AdoptBuffer() method to the ByteBuffer class, so that
 5039     you can populate a ByteBuffer with a pre-existing array of bytes,
 5040     if you are careful about memory-ownership issues..
 5041   - Added a ChildProcessDataIO class, which is useful for spawning
 5042     child processes and communicating with them interactively via 
 5043     their stdin/stdout streams.  Works under POSIX, Windows, OS/X, and BeOS.
 5044   - Added a RemoveANSISequences() function to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 5045     This function strips all ANSI escape sequences from a given String.
 5046   - Added a testchildprocess.cpp test to the test folder.  This
 5047     program is used to make sure ChildProcessDataIO works correctly.
 5048   - Added a system/SystemInfo.{cpp,h} support API.  These files contain
 5049     a GetSystemPath() function (for locating various important directories
 5050     on the host system), and a GetOSName() function that returns
 5051     the name of the host operating system.
 5052   o Adopted Jonas Sundström' simplified Makefile for muscled.
 5053   * Updated the dev-c++/muscled.dev file to properly build muscled.exe again.
 5054   * The included Python scripts are updated to raise exceptions using
 5055     proper Exception objects, rather than old-style bare-string exceptions.
 5056   * pythonchat.py now handles exceptions properly.
 5057   * SharedMemory regions are now created with full permissions (0777)
 5058     instead of just permissions for user and group (0770).
 5059   * Worked around a gcc inline-assembly bug in the PowerPC assembly
 5060     implementation of GetRunTime64().  (this bug would cause GetRunTime64()
 5061     to sometimes return the wrong value if the MUSCLE_POWERPC_TIMEBASE_HZ
 5062     compiler constant was defined)
 5063   * Added some BeOS-compatibility tweaks to the RS232DataIO class.
 5064     (I haven't really tested them to see if they work properly though)
 5066 v2.61 Released 11/04/2004
 5067   - Added a CPULoadMeter class to the util subfolder.  The CPULoadMeter
 5068     class knows how to monitor the amount of CPU being used on your
 5069     system.  Handy for doing xload style status displays.  Implemented
 5070     for OS/X, Windows, and Linux only.
 5071   - Added Jeff Koftinoff's Win32FileHandleDataIO class to the winsupport
 5072     directory.
 5073   - Added a "testtypedefs" test to the test folder.  You can run this 
 5074     program to check that the MUSCLE typedefs (int8, int16, int32, etc)
 5075     are correctly defined for your build environment.
 5076   - Added SetMaxPoolSize() and GetMaxPoolSize() methods to the 
 5077     ObjectPool class.
 5078   - Added a handy utility named "listener" to the test folder.
 5079     This simple program just listens on a specified port and prints 
 5080     out (in hexadecimal) the bytes it receives from any connecting 
 5081     TCP client.
 5082   - Added PLOCK() and PUNLOCK() macros to Mutex.h, and a new utility
 5083     called deadlockfinder.cpp to the test subfolder.  Together, these 
 5084     are useful for tracking down potential synchronization deadlocks in
 5085     multithreaded programs.  See test/deadlockfinder.cpp for details.
 5086   * Added Peter Vorwerk's Tru64-compatibility patches.
 5087   * Added Julien Torres' AMD64-compatibility patches.
 5088   * Added an #ifdef to Thread.{cpp,h} so that the Thread class will
 5089     compile properly with older (pre 3.2) versions of Qt.
 5090   * Tweaked the code to again compile properly under BeOS/R5/PPC.
 5091   * muscleFree now checks its argument for NULL-ness when memory
 5092     tracking is disabled.
 5094 v2.60 Released 9/25/2004
 5095   - Added in the initial implementation of the MiniMessage code.
 5096     MiniMessage is a minimalist C-only implementation of the Message 
 5097     dictionary class, for use with C programs or C++ programs where
 5098     simplicity and low resource usage is more important than flexibility
 5099     and convenience.  See the minimessage subfolder for details.
 5100   - Added a Clear() method to the String class, for more efficient
 5101     resetting of String objects.
 5102   - Added a SetFromString() method to the String class, for more efficient
 5103     copying of String objects.  Changed the copy constructor and 
 5104     assignment operator to call this method instead of SetCstr().
 5105   - Added a constructor to the String class that takes a String and
 5106     a maximum length in characters.
 5107   - Added HashtableIterator constructors that take the Hashtable to
 5108     iterate over as an argument, which is more convenient and efficient
 5109     than calling table.GetIterator()
 5110   - Rewrote the HashtableIterator construction code to be more efficient.  
 5111   - Added a compiler flag MUSCLE_AVOID_ASSERTIONS.  If you specify this
 5112     flag in your Makefile, all MASSERT statements will become no-ops.
 5113   - MuscleSupport.h is now parseable as a C header file (the C++ portions
 5114     of this file will be #ifdef'd out when compiling as C).  The non-C++
 5115     inline functions in this file are now declared as 'static inline'
 5116     to avoid linker problems when compiling C programs.
 5117   o muscled is now compiled with optimizations enabled by default.
 5118     To turn optimization off, compile muscled using 'make debug' instead.
 5119   * Merged in Monni's patch to make the INT64_FORMAT_SPEC, the
 5120     UINT64_FORMAT_SPEC, and the MCRASH_IMPL macros work correctly under
 5121     Visual C++ 6.0.
 5122   * Calling Destroy() more than once on a Python MessageTransceiverThread 
 5123     object would cause an exception to be thrown.  Fixed.
 5125 v2.52 Released 8/13/2004
 5126   - Added a GetInternalQThreadPriority() hook to the Qt implementation
 5127     of the Thread class.  This lets you specify the Thread priority
 5128     of MUSCLE Threads launched from Qt programs, if you wish to.
 5129   - Added a GetEmptyString() convenience function to the String class.
 5130     This function returns a read-only reference to an empty string.
 5131   * The Read() and Write() methods of the FileDescriptorDataIO class
 5132     now return the correct values when used in blocking I/O mode.
 5133   * Fixed a syntax error in Tuple::Replace() (thanks to Mika Lindqvist
 5134     for bringing this to my attention).
 5135   * Merged in Mika's patch to Message.cpp that fixes the template code
 5136     so that it will compile without errors under gcc 3.4.1.
 5137   * Rewrote the MuscleX86SwapInt64(), MuscleX86SwapDouble(), 
 5138     MusclePowerPCSwapInt64() and MusclePowerPCSwapDouble() inline
 5139     assembly functions to work around problems with gcc's optimizer.
 5140   * ParseArgs() now properly parses arguments with commas in them.
 5141   * Integrated Wilson Yeung's fix for a race condition in the C# code.
 5143 v2.51 Released 6/27/2004
 5144   - Wilson Yeung contributed an alpha version of a C# port of the Java 
 5145     client code (included in the "csharp" subdirectory).  Thanks Wilson!
 5146   - GetRunTime64() can now use the PowerPC time-base register,
 5147     if running on a PowerPC CPU and you have #defined the compiler 
 5148     constant MUSCLE_POWERPC_TIMEBASE_HZ as the proper update rate.
 5149   - Added SetMemoryAllocationStrategy() and GetMemoryAllocationStrategy()
 5150     methods to the ByteBuffer class.  You can call these to specify an
 5151     IMemoryAllocationStrategy object that the ByteBuffer will use to
 5152     allocate and free its buffers, instead of calling muscleAlloc() and
 5153     muscleFree().
 5154   - The PlainTextMessageIOGateway class now has SetFlushPartialIncomingLines()
 5155     and GetFlushPartialIncomingLines() methods, to govern whether "orphan"
 5156     incoming text without a carriage return should be passed to the owner
 5157     immediately, or whether it should be buffered until the carriage return
 5158     is read.
 5159   - Added in Monni's QNX compatibility patches.
 5160   * Calling SetGateway() or SetDataIO() from within a ClientDisconnected()
 5161     callback now does the right thing, instead of just immediately 
 5162     disconnecting the newly installed gateway (or DataIO) object afterwards.
 5164 v2.50 Released 6/01/2004
 5165   - If using gcc on a PowerPC or x86 target, inline assembly will be used 
 5166     in the B_SWAP_* byte swapping macros, which is more efficient than the
 5167     traditional muscleSwapBytes() template function.
 5168   * IsRegexToken() now also returns true when passed in any of the
 5169     following characters: =^+${}:-
 5170   * Removed the kludgy workaround from Mutex.h that simulated a recursive
 5171     pthreads Mutex using an int counter, and replaced it with a proper
 5172     PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE Mutex.  Note that the new code requires
 5173     a UNIX98 compatible pthreads implementation -- under Linux, you
 5174     may need to add -D_GNU_SOURCE to your Makefile in order to use this
 5175     code.
 5177 v2.49 Released 5/07/2004
 5178   - The "daemon" keyword now takes an optional argument specifying
 5179     where the daemon process's stdout and stderr should be redirected
 5180     to.  If no argument is specified, /dev/null will be used by default.
 5181   - Added support in the Thread class for a MUSCLE_USE_CLONE compile flag.
 5182     If specified, this flag tells the Thread class to use Linux's clone()
 5183     system call to create new threads, instead of the pthreads API.  If
 5184     this flag is defined, the method Thread::SetCloneParameters() is
 5185     available to specify the child thread's launch flags and stack size.
 5186   - Added SwapContents() methods to the Message, ByteBuffer, and Ref classes.
 5187   o StorageReflectSession methods SetDataNode(), RemoveDataNodes(), and
 5188     InsertOrderedData() are now virtual.
 5189   o The (createIfNecessary) argument to SpawnDaemonProcess() and
 5190     BecomeDaemonProcess() now defaults to true.
 5191   o ServerComponent::IsAttachedToServer() is now public.
 5192   * ParseArgs() now handles comment # marks inside quotes properly.
 5193   * Fixed a couple of Win32 incompatibilities.  Thanks to Monni
 5194     for reporting these.
 5195   * SysLog.cpp wouldn't compile under BeOS/PPC.  Fixed.
 5196   * QMessageTransceiverThread::event() is now public and not a slot.
 5197   * ByteBuffer::SetNumBytes() wasn't updating number-of-valid-bytes 
 5198     value correctly when called with retainData=true.  Fixed.
 5200 v2.48 - Released 3/17/2004
 5201   - Added a GetGroupSize() accessor method to the 
 5202     SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator class.
 5203   - Added ParsePort() and ParseConnectArg() convenience methods to the 
 5204     MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h} files.  These functions let you
 5205     easily parse values out of "port" and "hostname:port" arguments.
 5206   - Added an IsCallerInternalThread() method to the Thread class.
 5207     This method returns true iff it's being called from the internal
 5208     Thread itself, or false otherwise.
 5209   - Added GetOwnerSocketSet() and GetInternalSocketSet() methods to
 5210     the Thread class.  These let you customize the blocking behaviour 
 5211     of GetNextReplyFromInternalThread() and WaitForNextMessageFromOwner(),
 5212     respectively.
 5213   - Added a ParseArgs() method to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 5214     This method knows how to parse multiple arguments from a line of text.
 5215   o The Thread class now prefers to use the Windows threading API
 5216     over Qt threading when, both are available.
 5217   * Connect() now logs an appropriate error message if a hostname
 5218     lookup fails and logging is enabled.
 5219   * Rewrote LogLineCallback::Log() to be more robust (it now calls 
 5220     vsnprintf() instead of vsprintf() and does proper bounds checking)
 5221   * Fixed a problem with Message.py's parsing of 64-bit Message fields.  
 5222     Thanks to pyCube for reporting this bug!
 5223   * Cleaned up miscellaneous errors in the autodoc header comments.
 5225 v2.47 - Released 2/26/2004
 5226   - The muscle code now supports a -DMUSCLE_AVOID_NAMESPACES compile
 5227     flag that will cause all namespacing directives to be commented out.
 5228   * Fixed an off-by-one error in String::SwapContents() that would cause 
 5229     memory corruption if the longer of the two strings contained 7 bytes.
 5230   * The SetFromArchive() methods of the AndOrQueryFilter and 
 5231     the NandNotQueryFilter classes were broken.  Fixed.
 5232   * UDP didn't work in Windows, because sin_family wasn't being set.  Fixed.
 5233   * Fixed a bug that would cause ambiguities in the semantics of the 
 5234     PR_RESULT_DATAITEMS Message, if a subscribed database node was updated 
 5235     and then deleted immediately afterwards.
 5237 v2.46 - Released 1/27/2004
 5238   - Added some UDP support:  There is now a UDPSocketDataIO class, and the 
 5239     following new NetworkUtilityFunctions:  CreateUDPSocket(), BindUDPSocket(),
 5240     SetUDPSocketTarget(), SendDataUDP(), and ReceiveDataUDP().
 5241   - Added some advisory timeslicing support to the PulseNode class.  Now
 5242     any PulseNode subclass can find out when its time-slice started, by
 5243     calling GetCycleStartTime(), set a suggested time-slice-limit by calling
 5244     SetSuggestedMaximumTimeSlice(), and check to see if that time limit is up
 5245     by calling IsSuggestedTimeSliceExpired().  These methods can be used 
 5246     to help ensure consistent low latency to all clients.
 5247   - Added a MathSetupSystem class (included in the CompleteSetupSystem class).
 5248     This class disables BorlandC's floating point exceptions, to avoid 
 5249     crashing when a floating point exception occurs.
 5250   - Added callback function arguments to CloneDataNodeSubtree(), to allow
 5251     you to easily customize the Message payload of any nodes that it creates.
 5252   - Added String::SwapContents() and Queue::SwapContents() methods for 
 5253     efficient (O(1)) state swapping between objects of these classes.
 5254   - Added a HandleStandardDaemonArgs() function to MiscUtilityFunctions.
 5255     This function parses command line arguments that are of general use.
 5256   - Added a muscleSgn() convenience template function to MuscleSupport.h.
 5257   o DisconnectSession() now returns a bool indicating whether or not
 5258     the session decided to terminate itself.
 5259   o Moved BecomeDaemonProcess() and SpawnDaemonProcess() from
 5260     NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h} to MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 5261   o Rewrote muscledMain() to parse arguments using ParseArgs() and
 5262     HandleStandardDaemonArgs(), rather than by looking at argv directly.
 5263   o Rewrote Thread::InternalThreadEntry() to be cleaner.
 5264   o Rewrote String::Replace() to be much more efficient.  Also, it now returns
 5265     the number of substring replacements done, rather than an error code.
 5266   * Failed asynchronous-connect-attempts instigated by a call to 
 5267     AddNewConnectSession() were not being detected under Windows.  Fixed.
 5268   * Calling AbstractReflectSession::Reconnect() from inside the 
 5269     AbstractReflectSession::ClientConnectionClosed() method now works properly.
 5270   * Calling AddNewSession(ref, int) with an AbstractReflectSession that 
 5271     already had a DataIO object installed would cause the pre-installed 
 5272     DataIO object to be deleted and replaced.  Now the pre-installed 
 5273     DataIO object is retained, instead.
 5274   * SharedMemory::SetArea() with a zero createSize parameter now works 
 5275     correctly under Windows.
 5277 v2.45 - Released 11/10/2003
 5278   - Added GetNextKeyAndValue() convenience methods to the Hashtable class.
 5279   - Added an Atoll() function to MiscUtilityFunctions, to complement
 5280     the already included Atoull() function.
 5281   - Added a Pad() convenience method to the String class, for easy
 5282     padding of a string to a given minimum length.
 5283   - Added SetSocketSendBufferSize() and SetSocketReceiveBufferSize()
 5284     functions to the NetworkUtilityFunctions function collection.
 5285   - Added a ConvertReturnValueToMuscleSemantics() function to MuscleSupport.h,
 5286     and modified the various DataIO classes to call this function instead of
 5287     each one reimplementing the conversion-logic separately.
 5288   - Added QString-style Arg() methods to the String class, so that numeric values
 5289     can be inserted into strings in a convenient and relatively safe manner.
 5290   o Moved the PreviousOperationWouldBlock() and PreviousOperationWasInterrupted()
 5291     functions from NetworkUtilityFunctions.h to MuscleSupport.h, since they
 5292     weren't really networking-specific.
 5293   o Moved the %llu's and %lli's into MuscleSupport.h constants 
 5294     INT64_FORMAT_SPEC and UINT64_FORMAT_SPEC, so that they are
 5295     defined correctly for different compilers (some expect %Lu instead).
 5296   * GetRunTime64() now contains a work-around for a bug in Windows'
 5297     QueryPerformanceCounter() function that would cause time to "skip ahead"
 5298     under certain motherboard chipsets.  See system/SetupSystem.cpp for details.
 5299   * Under Windows, GetCurrentTime64() was returning microseconds-since-1601.
 5300     Fixed it to return microseconds-since-1970, as documented.
 5301   * GetCurrentThreadId() was misspelled in Win32Support.h.  Fixed.
 5302   * Renamed the SWAP_* macros to B_SWAP_*, for consistency with the
 5303     naming convention used in the other macros.
 5304   * The FileDescriptorDataIO class now handles EINTR and EWOULDBLOCK
 5305     return values appropriately, instead of erroring out.
 5307 v2.44 - Released 09/15/2003
 5308   - The QAcceptSocketsThread and QMessageTransceiverThread constructors
 5309     now take optional parent and name arguments, which are passed on to the
 5310     QObject constructor.
 5311   - The QAcceptSocketsThread and QMessageTransceiverThread destructors
 5312     now call ShutdownInternalThread(), so you no lnoger have to call it 
 5313     yourself if you don't want to.
 5314   - Added a setNotifyOutputQueueDrainedTag() method to MessageTransceiver.java,
 5315     so that the user thread can be notified when the output queue drains. 
 5316     Thanks to Bryan Varner for this code.
 5317   - Added a Replace() method to the Tuple class.
 5318   * Some of the SetFromArchive() calls in MultiQueryFilter and its
 5319     subclasses didn't mark their argument as const.  Fixed.
 5320   * Queue::AddTail(const ItemType *, uint32) was broken.  Fixed.
 5321   * Removed reference to QEvent::MaxUser from the QMessageTransceiverThread
 5322     class, so that it can be compiled against Qt 2.3.
 5323   * Replaced calls to QThread::postEvent() with QApplication::postEvent().
 5325 v2.43 - Released 08/19/2003
 5326   - Added an optional (count) argument to String::Append() and
 5327     String::Prepend().
 5328   - Added a DisconnectSession() method to the AbstractReflectSession class.
 5329     Calling this method force-disconnects the session's TCP connection.
 5330   - PR_COMMAND_SETDATA now processes multiple sets to the same node in
 5331     a single Message.
 5332   - Added a (numPreallocSlots) argument to the Queue::EnsureSize() method,
 5333     so you can specify how many extra slots to preallocate in the event
 5334     of an array reallocation.
 5335   - Added SetSignalHandle(), SetSignalValue(), and SetReplyThreadID()
 5336     methods to the Win32MessageTransceiverThread class.
 5337   * Fixed a bug in Hashtable::Clear() that could cause crashes under
 5338     certain circumstances (iterators weren't being unregistered reliably).
 5339   * Fixed a bug in the Queue class that was disabling queue-slot-preallocation,
 5340     making calls to AddHead() and AddTail() inefficient -- O(N) instead 
 5341     of amortized O(1).  Oops!
 5342   * The Win32 implementation of GetHumanReadableTimeString() was returning
 5343     date strings 369 years too early.  Fixed.
 5345 v2.42 - Released 7/15/2003
 5346   o DebugTimer's default minimum-print time is now 1000 (1 millisecond)
 5347   o DeflateMessage()'s force parameter now defaults to true.
 5348   * Fixed a bug in PathMatcher::MatchesPath() that would cause absolute
 5349     paths to not be matched correctly.  Thanks to VitViper and Monni for
 5350     reporting this bug!
 5351   * ReflectServer::GetServerUptime() was broken.  Thanks to Monni
 5352     for finding this bug!
 5353   * The first call to Queue::EnsureSize() no longer does an implicit doubling
 5354     of the initial array size, since it's likely that the caller to EnsureSize()
 5355     has the best idea of how many slots are needed, and thus shouldn't be
 5356     second-guessed.
 5358 v2.41 - Released 6/27/2003
 5359   - Added an sdlsupport folder with Shard's SDLMessageTransceiverThread class
 5360     in it.  This class interfaces MUSCLE to the SDL game library.  Thanks Shard!
 5361   - Added a PRINT_CALLS_PER_SECOND macro to TimeUtilityFunctions.h
 5362   - Added a PreviousOperationWasInterrupted() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 5363   - ZLibCodec::GetInflatedSize() now takes an optional second argument which
 5364     can be used to find out if the given compressed buffer is independent or not.
 5365   - Added ZLibUtilities.{cpp,h} to the zlib folder.  This file contains
 5366     InflateMessage() and DeflateMessage() functions that are handy for
 5367     compressing Messages down into a flattened state for efficient storage.
 5368   - Added a muscleRealloc() function to GlobalMemoryAllocator.h, to go with
 5369     the already existing muscleAlloc() and muscleFree() functions.
 5370   - The String and ByteBuffer classes now use muscleRealloc() when 
 5371     appropriate, to avoid unnecessary data copying while resizing buffers.
 5372   - Added a minimum-log-time argument to the DebugTimer class so that
 5373     printing of very small time intervals can be suppressed.
 5374   - Added a GetNumPreallocatedSlots() accessor method to Hashtable.
 5375   - Added GetHumanReadableTimeString() and ParseHumanReadableTimeString()
 5376     functions to util/MiscUtilityFunctions.h.  These functions convert uint64 
 5377     time values to ASCII "YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS" strings, and vice versa.
 5378   o SetupSystem's constructor is now protected, to make sure nobody declares
 5379     a SetupSystem object by itself (they should use CompleteSetupSystem instead)
 5380   o Removed the (copyBuffer) argument from the ByteBuffer constructor and
 5381     several associated methods, because it was error prone and not
 5382     very useful.
 5383   * Fixed a crashing bug in Queue.AddHead(const Queue &)
 5384   * SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator::AllocationFailed() was broken.  Fixed.
 5385   * String::SetCstr() would store bytes past the NUL terminator of the passed-in
 5386     string if (maxLen) was too large.  Fixed.
 5387   * Made String::Substring() is more efficient, and it now handles
 5388     out-of-range values gracefully, instead of throwing an assertion failure.
 5389   * The String constructor and SetCstr() took an int32 for (maxLen).  
 5390     Now they take a uint32 instead.
 5391   * Replaced calls to CreateThread() with calls to _beginthreadex() in the
 5392     Win32 implementation of the RS232DataIO and Thread APIs.
 5393   * The (independent) flag to ZLibCodec::Deflate() wasn't working properly.
 5394     Fixed.  (The ZLibCodec header format has also changed slightly)
 5396 v2.40 - Released 6/2/2003
 5397   - MUSCLE is now licensed under the standard BSD Open Source License.
 5398     (Previously it used an equivalent but non-standard license)
 5399   - Added the optional zlib compression library to the MUSCLE archive.
 5400     (Add -DMUSCLE_ZLIB_ENCODING_ENABLED to your Makefile to enable it)
 5401   - Added 9 levels of ZLib encodings to the MessageIOGateway class
 5403   - Added QueryFilter objects (regex/QueryFilter.{cpp,h}) to allow queries
 5404     to be restricted to include only nodes whose data Messages match
 5405     user-specified criteria.
 5406   - Rewrote the PathMatcher class and API to support QueryFilter objects.
 5407   - Added a PR_NAME_FILTERS keyword that can be added to commands (along
 5408     with PR_NAME_KEYS) to restrict results based on a QueryFilter.
 5409   - Added a QueryFilterRef parameter to the SendMessageToMatchingSessions(),
 5410     FindMatchingSessions(), and RemoveDataNodes() methods of the 
 5411     StorageReflectSession class.
 5412   - Rewrote the MessageIOGateway implementation and protected API to
 5413     use ByteBuffers, in order to better support ZLib encoding.
 5414   - Added a PR_NAME_REPLY_ENCODING parameter to StorageReflectConstants.
 5415     This parameter can be used to tell muscled to compress Messages that
 5416     it sends back to your client.
 5417   - Added a SetOutgoingMessageEncoding() method to the 
 5418     MessageTransceiverThread class.
 5419   - Added a GetRunTime64() function to TimeUtilityFunctions.h.  This
 5420     function is similar to GetCurrentTime64(), except it is not synced
 5421     to the real-time clock, and thus is guaranteed not to jump around
 5422     (e.g. when the user sets the system clock, or during leap-seconds)
 5423     GetRunTime64() is now used instead of GetCurrentTime64() where appropriate.
 5424   - Added a Reset() method to all the AbstractMessageIOGateway classes,
 5425     so that they can be re-used after a disconnect or parse error.
 5426   - Merged in Bryan Varner's enhancements to the Java muscle code.
 5427     These include a new Preferences wrapper class, and non-exception
 5428     throwing get*() methods in Message class.  Thanks, Bryan!
 5429   - Calls to the installed LogCallbacks are now checked so that
 5430     re-entrant calls (read: infinite recursion) cannot occur.
 5431   - StorageReflectSession::SendMessageToSessions() and
 5432     StorageReflectSession::FindMatchingSessions() now take
 5433     a (matchSelf) boolean argument.
 5434   - Optimized the Hashtable class to be a bit more efficient.
 5435   - Added an AddPathFromString() convenience method to the PathMatcher class.
 5436   - Added a muscleVoidPointer convenience typedef to MuscleSupport.h
 5437   - Added IsReadyForInput() and HasBytesToOutput() methods to the
 5438     AbstractReflectSession class; ReflectServer now calls these,
 5439     and the default implementations pass the calls through to the gateway.
 5440   - Added a GetOrPut() convenience method to the Hashtable class.
 5441     (handy for demand-allocated Hashtable entries)
 5442   - ByteBuffers no longer re-allocate their memory buffer when 
 5443     they are resized smaller.
 5444   - Added DebugTimer.{cpp,h} to the utils subfolder.  This class
 5445     is useful for quick-and-dirty profiling of code execution times.
 5446   - Added a GetTimeSliceElapsedTime() method to the ServerComponent
 5447     class, so that sessions and factories can see how much time
 5448     they have taken so far in their current cycle iteration.
 5449   - Added an EnsureSize() method to the Hashtable class, to support
 5450     pre-allocating tables (for efficiency).
 5451   - Added item-array implementations of AddHead() and AddTail()
 5452     to the Queue class.
 5453   - Added optional startIndex and numItems arguments to the Queue-arg
 5454     implementations of AddHead() and AddTail() in the Queue class.
 5455   - Updated the Beginner's Guide HTML to document QueryFilters,
 5456     ZLib encoding parameters, and a few other details that had
 5457     been left out of it.
 5458   o Moved the ByteBufferPool functions from Message.{cpp,h} to
 5459     ByteBuffer.{cpp,h}.
 5460   o Demoted certain log messages from MUSCLE_LOG_INFO priority 
 5461     to MUSCLE_LOG_DEBUG priority.
 5462   o Adjusted the DECLARE_MUSCLE_TRAVERSAL_CALLBACK macro to make
 5463     it more reusable in StorageReflectSession subclasses.
 5464   o The ByteBuffer class now refers to its data as an array of uint8's,
 5465     rather than using void pointers.
 5466   * RateLimitIOSessionPolicy would divide by zero if you
 5467     specified a rate limit of zero bytes per second.  Fixed.
 5468   * RS232DataIO::GetAvailableSerialPortNames() now works correctly
 5469     under MacOS/X.
 5470   * Fixed a couple of VC++-specific code problems.
 5471   * Fixed a bug that was causing Messages sent to a 
 5472     MessageTransceiverThread to be sent back to the user thread.
 5473   * StorageReflectSession::FindMatchingSessions() was broken.  Fixed.
 5475 v2.31 - Released 4/14/2003
 5476   - Rewrote the Hashtable class so that it no longer needs to
 5477     allocate HashtableEntries dynamically during hash clashes.
 5478   - Added in a remapping layer to the HashtableEntries so that
 5479     Hashtable operations can be efficient even when the Hashtable
 5480     is full or nearly full.  Removed the (loadFactor) argument to
 5481     the Hashtable constructor.
 5482   - Lowered the Hashtable's default (initialCapacity) to 7.
 5483   - Added some new optional parameters to StorageReflectSession's
 5484     SetDataNode() and CloneDataNodeSubtree() methods to allow for
 5485     more control over how nodes get placed into their parent's index.
 5486   - Added muscleAlloc() and muscleFree() calls to the
 5487     GlobalMemoryAllocator.h API, for those who like C-style 
 5488     memory management.
 5489   - Added GetArrayPointer() methods to the Queue class.  This
 5490     enables efficient bulk-manipulation of items in the Queue.
 5491   - Added an optional node-name argument to DataNode::InsertOrderedChild().
 5492   - Added an optional "releaseDataBuffers" argument to the Clear()
 5493     methods of Queue, Hashtable, and Message classes, to force
 5494     the immediate release of internally held memory buffers.
 5495   - Added GetNumAllocatedItemSlots() method to the Queue class.
 5496   - Added a muscleRintf() function to MuscleSupport.h
 5497   - Added a Win32MessageTransceiverThread class to the winsupport 
 5498     folder.  This subclass interfaces the MessageTransceiverThread 
 5499     class to the Win32 event API.
 5500   - Added support for MUSCLE_DISABLE_DEBUGGING compile-time
 5501     flag to turn all Log(), LogTime(), etc calls into no-ops.
 5502   - Added a GetGlobalMuscleLock() function that returns a process-wide
 5503     Mutex for simple serialization of Log operations, etc.
 5504   - Added an argument for enabling Nagle's algorithm to
 5505     CreateConnectedSocketPair().  Defaults to false/disabled.
 5506   - Added a GetPosition() method to the DataIO interface and
 5507     all subclasses thereof.
 5508   * Fixed a bug in RestoreNodeTreeFromMessage() that would 
 5509     sometimes cause indexed nodes not to be restored.
 5510   * Fixed a bug in Queue::EnsureSize(x, true) where sometimes it 
 5511     _itemCount wouldn't be properly set after a successful call.
 5512   * Some of the byte-order-swap macros weren't handling complex
 5513     arguments correctly.  Added extra parentheses to fix them.
 5514   * Added support for a -DMUSCLE_AVOID_NEWNOTHROW flag that will
 5515     tell all MUSCLE code to use new instead of new (nothrow).
 5516   * Trim() will no longer strip UTF8 chars from the end of a String.
 5517   * Fixed a bug in the RateLimitSessionIOPolicy that would cause
 5518     rate-limited transfers to occasionally stall.  Thanks to  
 5519     Garjala for all his help in tracking this problem down!
 5520   * Sessions that are about to be destroyed now have DoOutput()
 5521     called on them, in case they have any last-second data to send.
 5522   * Muscle now includes <new> instead of <new.h> to avoid gcc warnings.
 5523   * MessageIOGateway::DoInputImplementation() would sometimes hold
 5524     on to a large memory buffer instead of freeing it immediately.  Fixed.
 5525   * muscleAbs() was returning int instead of the templated type.  Fixed.
 5527 v2.30 - Released 3/03/2003
 5528   - Added a SharedMemory class to the system folder.  This class
 5529     acts as a platform-neutral wrapper API for the host OS's 
 5530     cross-process-shared-memory-area facilitities.
 5531   - Rewrote the MemoryAllocator API to be more flexible.
 5532   - ReflectServer's constructor now takes a MemoryAllocator
 5533     pointer instead of a UsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator pointer.
 5534   - Added a SharedUsageLimitProxyMemoryAllocator class that
 5535     uses a small shared memory area to allow multiple daemon 
 5536     processes to share a single aggregate memory-usage cap.
 5537   - Added a Reconnect() method to the AbstractReflectSession
 5538     class.  This lets a session that was added with 
 5539     AddNewConnectSession() restore his connection if it breaks.
 5540   - Added a GetSessionDescriptionString() method to the
 5541     AbstractReflectSession class, for convenience.
 5542   - Added GetAsyncConnectIP() and GetAsyncConnectPort()
 5543     methods to AbstractReflectSession, for convenience.
 5544   - Added a FindMatchingSessions() method to the
 5545     StorageReflectSession class, for convenience.
 5546   - GetPathDepth() now handles paths without a leading slash correctly.
 5547   - Added SetSocketNaglesAlgorithmEnabled(), ShutdownSocket(),
 5548     SendData(), ReceiveData(), and PreviousOperationWouldBlock() 
 5549     to the NetworkUtilities function collection.
 5550   - Added IsBlockingIOEnabled() and IsNaglesAlgorithmEnabled()
 5551     accessor methods to the TCPSocketDataIO class.
 5552   - Added the AbstractGatewayMessageReceiver interface, and the
 5553     QueueGatewayMessageReceiver convenience class.
 5554   - Rewrote ReflectServer::ServerProcessLoop() to be slightly
 5555     more efficient and fair.
 5556   - Added a (void *) misc-utility argument to the 
 5557     MessageReceivedFromGateway() method, and made it part of
 5558     the AbstractGatewayMessageReceiver interface.
 5559   - Added testnagle.cpp and testresponse.cpp to the test folder.
 5560   o Inet_NtoA() no longer returns a String object, since that
 5561     requires the String class to be linked in to programs that
 5562     could otherwise live without it.
 5563   o Rewrote the AbstractMessageIOGateway API to be more efficient.
 5564     Gateways no longer maintain a Queue of incoming Messages; rather,
 5565     whenever they parse a Message they immediately pass it to a
 5566     specified AbstractGatewayMessageReceiver object.
 5567   o AbstractMessageIOGateway subclasses no longer override DoInput()
 5568     and DoOutput() directly.  Instead, they should implement/override
 5569     DoInputImplementation() and DoOutputImplementation().
 5570   o Moved the StringMatcher and StringMatcherQueue singleton
 5571     ObjectPools out of the StorageReflectSession class and into
 5572     the StringMatcher.cpp and PathMatcher.cpp files, respectively.
 5573     They can now be accessed anywhere, via the functions 
 5574     GetStringMatcherPool() and GetStringMatcherQueuePool().
 5575   o PathMatcher no longer accepts pointers to ObjectPools in its
 5576     AddPathString() methods -- instead it just always uses
 5577     the appropriate singleton ObjectPools.
 5578   o Removed the type_code data type; now uint32 is used instead.
 5579   o Removed the PulseNode::Tick() method hook, since it turned
 5580     out to be unnecessary and encourages bad programming habits.
 5581   * ReflectServer's status output is now more informative.
 5582   * The ThreadSetupSystem and NetworkSetupSystem classes now 
 5583     handle multiple nested instantiations gracefully.
 5584   * TCPSocketDataIO's Read() and Write() calls would return an
 5585     error code for zero-length reads or writes.  Fixed.
 5586   * PathMatcher::MatchesPath() wasn't giving correct results
 5587     for paths with leading slashes.  Fixed.
 5588   * TCPSocketDataIO::FlushOutput() wasn't working in OS/X.  Fixed.
 5590 v2.25 - Released 2/04/2003
 5591   - Renamed Hashtable::Get() to GetValue() (Get() is preserved
 5592     as a synonym for compatibility with existing code)
 5593   - Added two Hashtable::GetKey() methods to allow quick lookup
 5594     of held key objects.
 5595   - Added a PrintStackTrace() function to the SysLog module.
 5596     MCRASH() and MASSERT() now call PrintStackTrace() so you
 5597     get more debug info when you crash.  (Only works under gcc)
 5598   - Added a (setNumItems) argument to Queue::EnsureSize(), which
 5599     can be handy if you want to add or remove a large number of
 5600     default data items at once.
 5601   - Updated MessageTransceiver.java with Bryan Varner's changes.
 5602   - Hashtable::Sort() now uses Simon Tatham's very efficient 
 5603     merge-sort algorithm instead of insertion sort.
 5604   - Added ToString() and AddToString() methods to the Message class.
 5605   - Added a SetCstr() method to the String class.
 5606   * binary String operators now return String instead of const String.
 5607   * StorageReflectSession::CloneDataNodeSubtree() was not 
 5608     cloning node indices.  Fixed.
 5609   * DataNode::InsertIndexEntryAt() now uses GetKey() so as not
 5610     to have to iterate over the node's child list.
 5612 v2.24 - Released 11/15/2002
 5613   - Added an "oldData" argument to StorageReflectSession's
 5614     NotifySubscribersThatNodeChanged() and NodeChanged() methods,
 5615     and removed the NodeCreated() and NotifySubscribersOfNewNode()
 5616     methods (since they are now redundant).
 5617   - Added a "backwards" flag argument to Message::GetFieldNameIterator(),
 5618     and added a Message::GetFieldNameIteratorAt() method.
 5619   - Added a GetBlankMessage() convenience method to the 
 5620     StorageReflectSession class.  This method returns a reference to 
 5621     an empty Message.
 5622   - Optimized the tree search traversal algorithm so that non-wildcard
 5623     patterns do a single hash lookup instead of matching against every 
 5624     child node.
 5625   - Added GetPattern() and IsPatternUnique() methods to the 
 5626     StringMatcher class.
 5627   - StringMatcher::SetPattern and the StringMatcher constructor
 5628     now take a (const String &) instead of a (const char *).
 5629   - Merged in Bryan's enhancements the the Java classes.  The
 5630     Jave MUSCLE API now includes better support in the 
 5631     MessageTransceiver class for listening for incoming TCP
 5632     connections, and a way to interrupt() the current Thread 
 5633     running in a MessageQueue.
 5634   - String::Replace() now returns a status_t to indicate whether
 5635     any replacements were actually made or not.
 5636   * QMessageTransceiverThread was using an illegal event code to
 5637     signal the master thread of new network events.  Fixed.
 5639 v2.23 - Released 11/01/2002
 5640   - Added RS232DataIO.{cpp,h} to allow for simple serial port I/O.  
 5641     Currently it only works under Windows and Linux; support for 
 5642     other OS's may be added in the future, if there is need for it.
 5643   - Exposed the AddPyObjectToMessage() function in the Python
 5644     argument-conversion-utilities package.
 5645   * Cleaned up the various comparison operators to return bool 
 5646     instead of int, and the equality-adjustment operators to
 5647     return (Class &) instead of (const Class &)
 5648   * Tweaked the code to compile cleanly under gcc 3.x.
 5650 v2.22 - Released 10/16/2002
 5652     and PR_JETTISON_SUBTREES commands, and a PR_RESULT_DATATREE 
 5653     reply.  These can be used to conveniently get and set 
 5654     database subtrees.
 5655   - MessageGateways now free their scratch buffers if they
 5656     are bigger than 10 kilobytes, so as not to waste memory after
 5657     having sent or received a very large Message.
 5658   * Integrated Monni the Cat's VC++6 compatibility tweaks.
 5659   * Fixed a horrendously embarrassing memory leak in muscled.  
 5660     In fact, ALL of muscled's heap memory allocations were being 
 5661     leaked, as of v2.18.  Sorry guys, that was a really dumb 
 5662     mistake.  :^( 
 5664 v2.21 - Released 10/08/2002
 5665   - Added a muscleAbs() utility template to MuscleSupport.h
 5666   - Queue::RemoveItemAt() and Queue::InsertItemAt() have been
 5667     optimized a bit -- they should be about twice as fast now.
 5668   - Added a GetLogLevelKeyword() function to SysLog.h
 5669   - StringMatcher::SetPattern() now looks for an optional tilde
 5670     character ('~') at the beginning of simple patterns; if it
 5671     finds it, it sets a negate flag so that Match() will return
 5672     the logical opposite of what it usually would return.
 5673   - Added manual SetNegate() and IsNegate() methods to the
 5674     StringMatcher class.
 5675   - IsRegexToken() now takes a second argument specifying whether
 5676     the character in question is the first in the string (since
 5677     there are several characters that are only 'special' when they
 5678     are the leading character)
 5679   - Database node paths are no longer cached, to save memory.
 5680     Instead, GetNodePath() now generates the node-path on the fly,
 5681     as needed.  Because of this, the function signatures of 
 5682     GetNodePath() and GetNodeName() have changed.
 5683   - Added a handy DataNode::GetPathClause() method that allows
 5684     quick access to the node name at a specified depth in 
 5685     a node's path.
 5686   * Queue::GetItemPointer() is now named GetItemAt().  (The old
 5687     name is still available, but deprecated).
 5688   * The PowerPC assembly implementation of atomic increment and
 5689     decrement wasn't being used under OS/X.  Fixed.
 5691 v2.20 - Released 9/05/2002
 5692   - Added a () convenience operator to the MessageFieldNameIterator
 5693     class.  It operates as a synonym for GetNextFieldNameString().
 5694   - Added PythonUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}, which currently includes
 5695     two functions, ConvertMessageItemToPyObject(). and 
 5696     ParsePythonArgs().  These are useful when embedding Python
 5697     and MUSCLE C++ code into the same application.
 5698   - Added ParseArg() and ParseFile() methods to MiscUtilityFunctions
 5699     .cpp and .h files.  These parse an argument (ParseArgs()) style
 5700     out of a single string, or a FILE pointer, respectively.
 5701   - Added a GetScheduledPulseTime() to the PulseNode class.  This
 5702     method returns the time at which Pulse() will next be called.
 5703   - Added a muscleCompare template that returns -1 if the first arg
 5704     is greater than the second, or 0 if they are equal, or else 1. 
 5705   - Added an Atoull() function to turn an ASCII string into a uint64.
 5706     (useful since atoll() and atoull() aren't standard functions)
 5707   - Added a SendMessageToMatchingSessions() convenience method to
 5708     the StorageReflectSession class.
 5709   - Added a dev-c++ subfolder that contains project files suitable
 5710     for compiling muscled under Windows' Dev/C++ IDE.  (Thanks
 5711     to Marcin "Shard" Konicki for supplying these!)
 5712   - Added inline x86 assembly atomic-increment and atomic-decrement
 5713     code to AtomicCounter.h.
 5714   - Added a "remap" argument to muscled, and corresponding accessor
 5715     methods to ReflectServer, to support explicit remapping of IP
 5716     addresses (e.g. so you can tell muscled to advertise local LAN
 5717     machines by their world-accessible IP address)
 5718   * AtomicCounter.h no longer relies on the (non-portable) 
 5719     asm/atomic.h API when compiled under Linux.
 5720   * ParseArgs() now parses argv[0] as well as the others.
 5721   * BeOS/net_server bone-check in FinalizeAsyncConnection() now uses 
 5722     be_roster->IsRunning() if possible for more accurate results on
 5723     systems where BONE has been installed and then disabled.
 5724   * Fixed a bug that would cause an assertion failure if you called
 5725     ReverseItemOrdering() on an empty Queue.
 5726   * StringMatcher's wildcard-to-regex code was overly complicated
 5727     and broken, especially when using the included regex parser (i.e.
 5728     under Windows).  Rewritten to be simpler and work right.
 5729   * When set to a numeric-range pattern like "<0-50>", StringMatcher
 5730     now only considers matches on strings that start with a digit.
 5732 v2.19 - Released 7/22/2002
 5733   - Added a GetPathClauseString() method to PathMatcher.{cpp.h}.
 5734     This version returns a String object containing just the one
 5735     clause you specified.
 5736   * GetPathClause() was not returning NULL on failure.  Fixed.
 5737   * When presented with an unknown hostname, MessageTransceiverThread
 5738     would sometimes try to connect to IP address instead of 
 5739     failing cleanly.  Fixed.
 5740   * The NodeCreated() callback would see the newly created node with
 5741     an empty Message payload.  Now it sees the node complete with the
 5742     Message it was created to have.
 5743   * The Win32 implementation of Thread::StartInternalThreadAux() wasn't
 5744     handling the return value of CreateThread(), which in turn caused
 5745     Thread::ShutdownInternalThread() to not work properly.  Fixed.
 5746     (Thanks to VitViper for detecting this bug!)
 5747   * The BeOS/net_server implementation of FinalizeAsyncConnection()
 5748     would cause net_server to half-close the connection after 60 
 5749     seconds if no send or receive activity had occurred by then.  Fixed.
 5751 v2.18 - Released 7/4/2002
 5752   - Removed checks for DISABLE_MUSCLE_MEMORY_TRACKING, and put in
 5753     checks for MUSCLE_ENABLE_MEMORY_TRACKING instead.  In other words,
 5754     memory tracking is now disabled unless the Makefile says otherwise.  
 5755     The muscled Makefile contains -DMUSCLE_ENABLE_MEMORY_TRACKING, so
 5756     memory tracking is enabled by default for muscled.
 5757   - Added two GetNumInstancesOf() methods to the String class; these
 5758     are handy for counting how many instances of a substring are
 5759     present in a String.
 5760   - DefaultConsoleLogger now calls fflush() after every call to printf().
 5761   - Added a Reverse() method to the String class.
 5762   - Added a muscleInRange() function template to MuscleSupport.h
 5763     This function tests whether a given value is within a given range.
 5764   * The 'maxmem' argument is no longer parsed if muscled was compiled
 5766   * The '==' operator of the Message class had a bug in which
 5767     Messages would sometimes be wrongly reported as equivalent 
 5768     when they weren't.  Fixed.
 5769   * Message class now holds its fields using a table of GenericRefs 
 5770     instead of AbstractDataArrayRefs (to avoid errors under compilers
 5771     that don't like creating templates for declared-but-undefined classes)
 5772   * The MemoryAllocator class hierarchy has been rewritten so that it
 5773     no longer allocates or frees memory directly; rather it is used only
 5774     to monitor and/or veto memory requests called in by the new and delete 
 5775     operators.  This makes it work better with the constructors and
 5776     destructors of static objects, and fixes a crash-on-exit bug in
 5777     muscled.
 5778   * Folded in Charlie Buckheit's SGI compatibility changes into the
 5779     muscled Makefile, made the Makefile simpler, and added comments.
 5781 v2.17 - Released 6/14/2002
 5782   - Message class now uses ObjectPools to cache extra AbstractDataArray
 5783     objects, to avoid having to dynamically allocate them most of the 
 5784     time.  You can define MUSCLE_DISABLE_MESSAGE_FIELD_POOLS to suppress 
 5785     this behaviour, if you need to.
 5786   - AtomicCounter now uses inline assembly to implement atomic operations
 5787     on the PowerPC processor with gcc, and the asm/atomic.h functions when 
 5788     under Linux/Intel.  
 5789   - Added '==' and '!=' operators to the Message class.
 5790   - Modified Head() and Tail() in the Queue class to return read-only
 5791     or read-write references to the head or tail items, instead of
 5792     doing return-by-value.
 5793   - Added PeekNextFieldNameString() and GetNextFieldNameString() methods
 5794     to the MessageFieldNameIterator class.  These return a (const String *)
 5795     instead of a (const char *), which is sometimes more efficient.
 5796   * MessageFieldNameIterator::PeekNextFieldNameString() was broken.  Fixed.
 5797   * AtomicCounter::AtomicIncrement() and RefCountable::IncrementRefCount()
 5798     now return void instead of bool (Linux doesn't support returning bool)
 5800 v2.16 - Released 6/5/2002
 5801   - Added SetNewInputPolicy(), SetNewOutputPolicy(), and
 5802     RemoveSessions() methods to the MessageTransceiverThread class.
 5803     These methods allow for some on-the-fly control of existing
 5804     ThreadWorkerSessions.
 5805   - Added comparison operators (less than, greater than, etc)
 5806     to the Tuple class template.  These do a lexical comparison
 5807     using the comparison operators of each sub-element, in sequence.
 5808   - syslog/SysLog.h now looks for a MUSCLE_MINIMALIST_LOGGING
 5809     preprocessor constant.  If found, Log(), LogTime(), and LogFlush()
 5810     will be defined as simple in-line pass-throughs to printf().
 5811     This allows small programs to use MUSCLE classes without having
 5812     to link in all the stuff that the regular logging facility 
 5813     requires.
 5814   - Added GetKeyAt() and IndexOfKey() methods to the Hashtable class.
 5815   - Added two Substring() convenience methods to the String class,
 5816     that take a String as an argument.
 5817   - Added a GetNumInstancesOf() method to the Tuple class.
 5818   * To ensure logical correctness, all methods in the Hashtable class 
 5819     that used to return (Key *) now return (const Key *).
 5820   * Folded in VitViper's Visual C++ compatibility fixes.
 5822 v2.15 - Released 5/17/2002
 5823   - The Hashtable class now uses a HashFunctor template argument
 5824     to calculate hash codes, instead of a function callback.  This
 5825     allows for more efficient code, but will break some source 
 5826     code (sorry!).  To fix the souce, you typically just need to 
 5827     remove the function pointer argument to the Hashtable ctor.
 5828   - Broke out the log-line-label-generation code in SysLog.cpp
 5829     into its own separate function, GetStandardLogLinePreamble(),
 5830     so that it can be accessed independently by other code.
 5831   - Changed the Hashtable class's performance parameters to
 5832     capacity=11, loadFactor=75%.  This should save some memory.
 5833   - Added an AfterMessageReceivedFromGateway() callback method 
 5834     to the AbstractReflectSession class.  PushSubscriptionMessages()
 5835     is now called by this method, rather than having to be
 5836     called manually by the subclasses.
 5837   - Added a CallMessageReceivedFromGateway() method to the
 5838     AbstractReflectSession class.  This method calls both
 5839     MessageReceivedFromGateway() and AfterMessageReceivedFromGateway(),
 5840     and should be used to 'fake' message reception (instead of
 5841     calling the aforementioned methods directly).
 5842   - Optimized the PushSubscriptions() method with a dirty-flag.
 5843   - Added the muscleCopyIn() and muscleCopyOut() templates to
 5844     MuscleSupport.h.  These support alignment-safe value copying.
 5845   - Added a GetEmptyMessage() utility function to Message.{cpp,h}
 5846   - ObjectPool now derives from AbstractObjectManager, which in 
 5847     turn derives from AbstractObjectGenerator and AbstractObjectRecycler.
 5848     This helps me use pools polymorphically.
 5849   * The ServerComponent detach/delete sequence is now better defined, 
 5850     avoiding possible errors that could occur in custom servers.
 5851   * A little more OS/X compatibility tweaking.
 5852   * Some of the Flatten/Unflatten code would crash on processors 
 5853     (e.g. MIPS) that required values to be read on written on 
 5854     word-aligned boundaries.  Fixed.  (Thanks to Charlie Buckheit 
 5855     for reporting this bug)
 5856   * Fixed a race condition in the Thread class that would cause
 5857     the thread's owner to not be signalled correctly in some cases.
 5859 v2.14 - Released 5/2/2002
 5860   * The Python Message implementation now flattens/unflattens
 5861     B_INT64_TYPE fields properly even under old (pre 2.2) versions
 5862     of Python.
 5863   * Bryan Varner found and fixed a bug in the Java Message class; 
 5864     it wasn't handling the sending and receiving of UTF8 strings 
 5865     correctly.  Thanks Bryan!
 5866   * Removed the B_POINTER_TYPE from the Java Message implementation,
 5867     since Java doesn't have pointers, and flattening a pointer into
 5868     a Message that goes across the network is a silly thing to do
 5869     anyway.
 5870   * Changed all instances of #include <winsock2.h> to
 5871     #include <winsock.h>, since Muscle does not require any 
 5872     WinSock2-specific features.
 5873   * The included fall-back regex library is now Henry Spencer's 
 5874     public domain implementation, instead of the GPL'd GNU version.
 5875   * The Windows version of Thread::StartInternalThread() was broken.
 5876     Thanks to VitViper for finding and fixing this bug!
 5878 v2.13 - Released 4/26/2002
 5879   - Added Python support, with Message and MessageTransceiverThread
 5880     classes, and pythonchat, a BeShare-compatible command-line
 5881     demo chat app.  Check out the README.TXT file in the python 
 5882     subfolder for details.
 5883   - Added a readmessage.cpp utility to the test folder.
 5884   - Added |= and &= operators to the Rect class.
 5885   - StorageReflectSession methods NodeChanged(), NodeIndexChanged(),
 5886     and NodeCreated() are now declared as virtual.
 5887   * String::Trim() would crash with an assertion failure on some
 5888     systems, due to incorrect handling of unsigned values.  Thanks
 5889     to Austin M. Brower (a.k.a. bobman) for catching this bug!
 5890   * Tweaked the Makefiles and the SetupSystem.cpp file so that they
 5891     compile properly under OS/X.  (thanks again to Austin for this)
 5892   * Fixed some problems that kept muscled from compiling under VC++.
 5893   * Added a couple of checks to Message::Unflatten() to keep it from
 5894     crashing if given a mangled flattened-Message to parse.
 5896 v2.12 - Released 4/4/2002
 5897   - Added a SetAboutToFlattenCallback() method to the MessageIOGateway
 5898     class.  This allows you to install a hook that gets called when
 5899     a Message is about to be flattened, in which you can modify or
 5900     inspect the Message.
 5901   - gcc now compiles muscled with the -fno-exceptions flag, resulting
 5902     in somewhat more efficient code since muscle doesn't use exceptions 
 5903     anyway.
 5904   - Added a muscleClamp() utility function to MuscleSupport.h.
 5905   - Added << and >> operators to the Tuple declaration macros.
 5906   - Removed the default/blank member items from the Tuple, Queue,
 5907     and Hashtable classes, as I finally found a way to declare them
 5908     properly on the stack instead.  This should save some memory.
 5909   * Snooze64() and GetCurrentTime64() were broken under Windows.  Fixed.
 5910   * Added a MUSCLE_MAX_OUTPUT_CHUNK #ifdef into ReflectServer.cpp, so
 5911     that people with finicky routers can limit their send-chunk sizes
 5912     by putting a -D flag into their Makefile if necessary.
 5913   o Removed TCPSocketDataIO::PollSocketReadiness(), since it is never
 5914     used, encourages polling, and causes warnings under C++Builder5.5.
 5916 v2.11 - Released 2/28/2002
 5917   - Added RemoveDataNodes() and DoRemoveData() convenience methods
 5918     to the StorageReflectSession API.
 5919   - Changed the Thread class to have separate 
 5920     SetOkayToCloseInternalThreadWakeupSocket() and
 5921     SetOkayToCloseOwnerWakeupSocket() methods, instead of passing
 5922     in a "release" flag with the Get*WakeupSocket() calls.  Also changed
 5923     the Thread class to keep the socket values even when they are 
 5924     considered "released", so that signalling will still work if needed.
 5925   * ThreadSupervisorSession::MessageReceivedFromOwner()'s argument list
 5926     was missing a parameter, and thus it wasn't getting called.  Fixed.
 5928 v2.10 - Released 2/7/2002
 5929   - MUSCLE now supports compilation under Win32 using Borland's 
 5930     C++Builder 5.5 compiler.  (use the Makefile in the 'borland' folder)
 5931   - StringMatcher can now (as a special case) do simple integer range 
 5932     queries of the form "<15-252>", which would match strings.
 5933     "15", "16", ..., "252".  See StringMatcher::SetPattern() for details.
 5934   - Added RemoveFirstInstanceOf() and RemoveLastInstanceOf() methods
 5935     to the Queue class.
 5936   - Added ByteBuffer and FlatCountable classes to the util folder.
 5937   - Added AddFlat(FlatCountableRef), FindFlat(FlatCountableRef), and 
 5938     friends to the Message class.  These allow you to add and retrieve
 5939     FlatCountable objects to/from a Message by reference,
 5940     so that they aren't actually flattened until the Message itself is.
 5941   - Rewrote the Message class to use ByteBufferRefs instead of raw
 5942     byte arrays for its flattened objects and raw data buffers.
 5943     Note that this changes the semantics of these fields slightly--
 5944     copying a Message object will no longer copy the contents of these
 5945     fields, but rather the two Messages will now both reference the 
 5946     same data.
 5947   - Pointer fields in Messages are no longer flattened, as the mechanics
 5948     of doing so are non-portable (and silly).
 5949   - All methods in the Message class now take String references instead
 5950     of (const char *)'s for field names.
 5951   - Removed all but one of the Message::GetInfo() methods, since they
 5952     were redundant and/or inconsistent with the rest of the Message API.
 5953   - Moved the "okayToAdd" parameter of the Replace*() methods in the
 5954     Message class to the front of the argument list.  (It was causing 
 5955     some nasty problems involving type promotion at its previous position)
 5956   - class ObjectPool now derives from an interface class named
 5957     AbstractObjectRecycler.  Also, the Ref class now holds a pointer to
 5958     an AbstractObjectRecycler, rather than to an ObjectPool.  This allows
 5959     more flexibility when keeping heterogeneous sets of objects referenced.
 5960   - Added optional CopyTo() and CopyFrom() methods to the Flattenable class.  
 5961     These methods support copying one Flattenable object to another in the 
 5962     most efficient way possible.  Per-class optimizations can be implemented 
 5963     by overriding the CopyToImplementation() and CopyFromImplementation()
 5964     virtual methods as desired..
 5965   * Default implementation of Flattenable::AllowsTypeCode() now accepts
 5966     B_RAW_TYPE as well as TypeCode(), to allow unflattening from untyped data.
 5967   * Removed the (char) constructor from the String class, as it was
 5968     interfering with proper type checking of arguments.
 5969   * Changed all index parameters in the Message class to use uint32
 5970     instead of int32 (since negative indices don't make sense).
 5971   * MessageTransceiverThread wasn't adding new sessions asynchronously
 5972     (i.e. after StartInternalThread() had been called).  Fixed.
 5973   * MessageTransceiverThread would not deliver a
 5974     MTT_EVENT_SESSION_DISCONNECTED message to the user code if an
 5975     asynchronous connection to localhost failed.  Fixed.
 5976   * FinalizeAsyncConnect() was using the wrong test and thus sometimes
 5977     thought an asynchronous connection had succeeded when it had in
 5978     fact failed.  Fixed.
 5979   * ConnectAsync() was broken under Windows.  Fixed.
 5981 v2.00 - Released 1/19/2002
 5982   - All MUSCLE code is now declared as being in the 'muscle' namespace.
 5983     This, plus all the changes listed below, pretty much guarantee that
 5984     any source code that compilable with previous versions of MUSCLE won't
 5985     compile now, and vice versa; sorry about that.  Hopefully everything
 5986     that needed changing has been changed by now though, so it shouldn't
 5987     happen again (well, not soon anyway ;^)).  If you need help updating
 5988     your old MUSCLE-using code, let me know.
 5989   - muscled now parses a 'maxmessagesize' argument, allowing you to limit the
 5990     maximum size of incoming Message objects (so e.g. you don't have to worry 
 5991     about some joker sending you 100 megabyte Messages, tying up all your RAM)
 5992   - muscled now parses 'maxsessions' and 'maxsessionsperhost' keywords to allow
 5993     limiting of the number of simultaneous connections, or simultaneous
 5994     connections from any given client IP address.
 5995   - muscled now accepts a 'localhost' keyword which lets you specify what
 5996     the advertised IP address of clients connecting from localhost should be, 
 5997     instead of (the rather useless)
 5998   - muscle now accepts the keywords "maxsendrate", "maxreceiverate", and 
 5999     "maxcombinedrate" -- these allow you to specify maximum allowed 
 6000     bandwidth usage (in KB/sec) for sending, receiving, or both.
 6001   - muscled now accepts a 'require' keyword on the command line as well
 6002     as 'ban', allowing for 'whitelisting' as well as 'blacklisting'.
 6003   - admin now parses 'require' and 'unrequire' keywords on the command line.
 6004   - Removed the word 'Portable' from all class names that had it; since 
 6005     muscle is now in its own namespace, a unique prefix is no longer necessary.
 6006   - Completely rewrote the MessageTransceiverThread class.  Now the
 6007     MessageTransceiverThread class is portable code, with optional thin
 6008     OS-specific wrapper subclasses available if you wish to use them.  
 6009     Moreover, MessageTransceiverThread now holds its own ReflectServer 
 6010     object, which means that it uses the same event loop as the servers 
 6011     do, and that a single MessageTransceiverThread object can manage multiple 
 6012     incoming and outgoing connections simultaneously.
 6013     BMessageTransceiverThread, QMessageTransceiverThread, and
 6014     AMessageTransceiverThread are the wrappers for BeOS, Qt, and AtheOS,
 6015     respectively.  (MessageTransceiverThread can also be used by itself
 6016     if you prefer to stick with threads-and-TCP only)
 6017   - Split the accept-tcp-sockets-thread functionality into its own
 6018     class, AcceptSocketsThread.  There is also a Qt-specific subclass of
 6019     of this available, named QAcceptSocketsThread.
 6020   - Added a Tuple templated class to the support folder.  This class
 6021     represents an array of numeric values, and is used to do simple 
 6022     vector math operations conveniently.
 6023   - Point and Rect (nee PortablePoint and PortableRect) are now derived from 
 6024     Tuple, to avoid code duplication.  The formerly public member variables
 6025     x, y, left, top, right, and bottom values are now exposed as
 6026     inline methods instead (e.g. use x() instead of x).
 6027   - Added aggregate bandwidth metering/management capabilities to MUSCLE.
 6028     This includes the introduction of a new interface, AbstractSessionIOPolicy,
 6029     and a bandwidth-limiter subclass, RateLimitSessionIOPolicy.  
 6030   - Added a SetMaxIncomingMessageSize() method to the MessageIOGateway class.
 6031   - Added a FilterSessionFactory decorator class, that can be used
 6032     in conjunction with any other ReflectSessionFactory object to enforce
 6033     ban-lists, require-lists, and/or connection limits.  
 6034   - ReflectSessionFactory and AbstractReflectSession now have a common base
 6035     class, named ServerComponent, that provides them with limited access to 
 6036     their ReflectServer object.
 6037   - Added SetLocalHostIPOverride() and GetLocalHostIPOverride() functions
 6038     to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h, to set a custom IP address to use instead
 6039     of when necessary.
 6040   - Added -= and - operators to the String class.  (you saw it here first!)
 6041   - Added a String constructor and assignment operator for char arg.
 6042   - Renamed ObjectPool::GetObject() to ObtainObject() to avoid a naming
 6043     conflict with a #define in the MS-Windoze headers.  (evil!)
 6044   - ObjectPool class is now thread-safe by default (unless you specify
 6045     -DMUSCLE_SINGLE_THREAD_ONLY in your build line)
 6046   - Added a new subfolder named "system", which contains code for exporting
 6047     OS-specified functionality in a platform-independent manner.  This folder
 6048     currently holds a Mutex class and a Thread class, both of which 
 6049     wrap the relevant portions of several supported native APIs:  
 6050     BeOS, AtheOS, pthreads, Qt, and Win32.  It also holds the 
 6051     new MessageTransceiverThread and AcceptSocketsThread classes, since
 6052     these are special types of Thread, and the GlobalMemoryAllocator.
 6053   - Moved the memory-usage-tracking code out of ReflectServer.cpp and into
 6054     its own file, system/GlobalMemoryAllocator.{cpp,h}.  Now you can choose
 6055     whether or not to link this in to your server.
 6056   - Added util/MemoryAllocator.{cpp,h}.  These files contain a set of
 6057     memory-allocation-handler classes, which can be composed together to
 6058     create a custom memory allocation strategy.  Included subclasses include
 6059     BasicMemoryAllocator, ProxyMemoryAllocator, UsageLimitMemoryAllocator,
 6060     and AutoCleanupMemoryAllocator.
 6061   - Merged PortableTypeConstants.h, PortableTypeDefs.h, PortableByteOrder.h,
 6062     PortableMacros.h, and PortableStatusConstants.h into a single file 
 6063     called MuscleSupport.h
 6064   - Renamed the BeOS and AtheOS conversion routines to ConvertToBMessage(),
 6065     ConvertFromBMessage(), ConvertToAMessage(), and ConvertFromAMessage().
 6066   - Added a RawDataMessageIOGateway class to the iogateway folder.  This
 6067     class is handy for reading or writing chunks of unformatted bytes  
 6068     to/from a socket.
 6069   - AbstractMessageIOGateway::DoInput() and DoOutput() now return the number  
 6070     of bytes that they read/wrote (respectively), or -1 if there was an error.
 6071     (Before they returned a status_t).  They now take a uint32 argument
 6072     instead of a (uint32 &).  The argument now indicates the maximum number 
 6073     of bytes they are allowed to read or write before returning.
 6074   - Added an InsertOrderedData() method into StorageReflectSession so
 6075     that subclasses can get more info about what gets inserted where.
 6076   - Added new methods to the Message class:  AddTag(), PrependTag(),
 6077     FindTag(), and ReplaceTag().  These let you assign non-persistent,
 6078     non-flattenable tag objects to a message that will be automatically 
 6079     dereferenced when the Message goes away.
 6080   - ReflectSessionFactory classes are now in charge of deciding who
 6081     gets to connect and who doesn't, rather than the StorageReflectSession
 6082     class.  This is useful because it means you can specify different
 6083     access policies for different ports.
 6084   - Removed AbstractReflectSession::GetClientPort() and replaced
 6085     it with the (slightly more useful) GetPort() method, which returns
 6086     the session's port number on the server side, instead.
 6087   - Added AbstractReflectSession::SendMessageToFactory(), and
 6088     ReflectSessionFactory::MessageReceivedFromSession(), so that
 6089     sessions can send instructions to the factories that created them.
 6090   - ReflectSessionFactory::CreateSession() now takes the IP string
 6091     of the remote peer, to allow for filtering on IP addresses.
 6092   - CreateAcceptingSocket() now takes optional arguments to return the 
 6093     selected port, and to specify an IP address to only accept from.
 6094   - Added ConnectAsync(), FinalizeAsyncConnect(), GetHostByName(), 
 6095     CloseSocket(), Accept(), and Inet_AtoN() functions into the 
 6096     NetworkUtilityFunctions toolkit.  Also added a version of Connect() that 
 6097     takes a numeric IP address rather than an ASCII string.
 6098   - INet_NtoA() now returns a String instead of writing into a char buffer.
 6099   - Added support for sessions that asynchronously connect outwards from
 6100     the server:  ReflectServer::AddNewConnectSession(), 
 6101     AbstractReflectSession::AddNewConnectSession(), and 
 6102     the callback AbstractReflectSession::AsyncConnectCompleted().
 6103   - Added SaveNodeTreeToMessage() and RestoreNodeTreeFromMessage()
 6104     methods to StorageReflectSession.  These allow easy recursive
 6105     archiving and restoration of database node subtrees and their indices.
 6106   - Made a bunch of formerly protected members of StorageReflectSession
 6107     private, and added protected accessors for some of them, where necessary.
 6108   - Added sort-by-value capability to the Hashtable class, and rewrote the
 6109     auto-sort interface so that there are separate SetKeyCompareFunction(),
 6110     SetValueCompareFunction(), and SetCompareCookie() methods, as well as 
 6111     associated accessor methods.
 6112   - Added Message::GetNumValuesInName().
 6113   - GetMessageFromPool() now returns a MessageRef instead of a Message *,
 6114     to avoid any possibility of a memory leak.
 6115   - Added templated convenience functions muscleSwap(), muscleMin(), and
 6116     muscleMax() to MuscleSupport.h.
 6117   - Added a Shutdown() method to the AbstractMessageIOGateway interface,
 6118     and made AbstractMessageIOGateway::GetDataIO() protected.
 6119   - Added a GetSelectSocket() method to the DataIO interface.  This method
 6120     returns the socket fd to select() on for that DataIO (if any).
 6121   - Removed AbstractMessageIOGateway::SetEnabled() and IsEnabled(), and
 6122     replaced them with the single virtual method IsReadyForInput(), which
 6123     function similarly to HasBytesForOutput().
 6124   - Consolidated the server-side Pulse logic into a single base class,
 6125     PulseNode.  ReflectServers, AbstractMessageIOGateways,
 6126     ReflectSessionFactories, and AbstractReflectSessions now all inherit from 
 6127     PulseNode, and thus are all capable of scheduling and receiving Pulse()   
 6128     calls for themselves.
 6129     Also renamed ReschedulePulseTime() to InvalidatePulseTime().
 6130   - AbstractDataIOGateway objects no longer take a DataIO pointer in their
 6131     constructor arguments;  instead, a separate SetDataIO(DataIORef) call
 6132     is used to install the DataIO into the gateway.
 6133   - Renamed the constant MUSCLE_NEVER_PULSE to MUSCLE_TIME_NEVER (since
 6134     it is used in situations other than just Pulse() now).
 6135   - Added the constant MUSCLE_NO_LIMIT, which is defined as ((uint32)-1).
 6136   - Separated the DataIO creation from the CreateGateway() callback,
 6137     making CreateGateway() implementations a bit simpler.  Also added
 6138     SetGateway() and GetGateway() methods so you can define a custom
 6139     gateway for your session "in advance" if you want to.
 6140   - Added SetRef(), SetFromGeneric(), and GetGeneric(), conveniences methods
 6141     to the Ref class, as well as a Ref constructor that takes a GenericRef.
 6142   - Renamed AddLogCallback() to PutLogCallback(), and change the arguments
 6143     to take a LogCallbackRef instead of just a pointer.
 6144   - Moved the log callback stuff into its own header file, syslog/LogCallback.h
 6145   - Modified several APIs that were taking a pointer and an "ownIt" boolean 
 6146     to take Refs instead.  That way the deletion can be handled automagically.
 6147   - Removed the InitializeTCPStack() method from NetworkUtilityFunctions and
 6148     added instead some SetupSystem classes, including a ThreadSetupSystem,
 6149     a NetworkSetupSystem, and a CompleteSetupSystem.  Placing one of these
 6150     (usually a CompleteSetupSystem) on the stack at the beginning of main()
 6151     is now the correct way to handle all environment setup and tear-down.
 6152   - Added MiscUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h} files to the util subfolder.  These
 6153     contain utility functions that don't fit in anywhere else--currently
 6154     they contain a ParseArgs() function that parses command line arguments
 6155     into a Message object.
 6156   - Added the SignalMessageIOGateway class -- a very simple gateway used
 6157     primarily as a convenience class for thread synchronization.
 6158   - Renamed MessageReceivedFromNeighbor() to MessageReceivedFromSession(),
 6159     and renamed BroadcastMessageToNeighbors() to BroadcastMessageToSessions().
 6160   - Added MessageReceivedFromFactory() and BroadcastMessageToFactory()
 6161     methods to the ServerComponent class and its subclasses.
 6162   - Added util/SocketHolder.h, to facilitate leak-proof socket file descriptor
 6163     transfers via Message objects.
 6164   - merged testreflectclient.cpp and testatheosclient.cpp into a single program,
 6165     and got rid of testplaintextclient.cpp
 6166   * Renamed Queue::CountItems() to GetNumItems(), and renamed Hashtable::Size()
 6167     to GetNumItems(), for clarity and consistency.
 6168   * Renamed all methods named MakeEmpty() to Clear(), for consistency.
 6169   * functions in the SysLog API are now serialized in order to be thread-safe.
 6170   * Removed the UnintrusiveRef class, as it isn't useful enough to keep around.
 6171   * Fixed a bug in the PlainTextMessageIOGateway that would sometimes
 6172     allow garbage characters into the imported text.
 6173   * All TCP port number arguments are now specified as uint16s instead of ints.
 6174   * All usages of size_t and ssize_t have been replaced with 
 6175     uint32 and int32, respectively (since that is more explicit/precise).
 6177     tokens from the headers, since they didn't have a well-defined meaning.
 6178   * Certain MUSCLE methods were using a non-standard convention of returning
 6179     a boolean value to indicate success or failure.  Modified all of the
 6180     following methods to return a status_t (B_NO_ERROR or B_ERROR) instead:
 6181        HashtableIterator::GetNextKey() HashtableIterator::PeekNextKey()
 6182        HashtableIterator::GetNextValue() HashtableIterator::PeekNextValue()
 6183        Hashtable::Get Hashtable::Put() Hashtable::Remove Hashtable::RemoveAux()
 6184        Hashtable::GrowTable() Hashtable::MoveToFront() Hashtable::MoveToBack()
 6185        Hashtable::MoveToBefore() Hashtable::MoveToBehind() Hashtable::Sort()
 6186        Queue::AddTail() Queue::AddHead() Queue::RemoveTail() Queue::RemoveHead()
 6187        Queue::RemoveItemAt() Queue::GetItemAt() Queue::ReplaceItemAt()
 6188        Queue::InsertItemAt() Queue::EnsureSize()
 6189        AbstractMessageIOGateway::EnsureBufferSize()
 6190        Message::GetNextFieldName() Message::PeekNextFieldName()
 6191        StorageReflectSession::DataNode::PutChild()
 6192        StorageReflectSession::DataNode::InsertOrderedChild()
 6193        StorageReflectSession::DataNode::ReorderChild()
 6194        StorageReflectSession::DataNode::RemoveIndexEntry()
 6195        StringMatcher::SetPattern() Flattenable::ReadData()
 6197 v1.93 - Released 12/05/2001
 6198   - Added an optional second argument to PortableHashtable::GetIterator(), 
 6199     that lets you traverse the hashtable's contents backwards.
 6200   - Added PortableHashtable::GetIteratorAt(), to allow iterations
 6201     that start from any item in the table's traversal list.
 6202   - Changed the compare function type for hash tables to return an int 
 6203     (strcmp() style) rather than a bool (== style), so that it can be used
 6204     for sorting as well as comparison.  Also added a (void *) cookie parameter
 6205     so that the callback can access user-defined context information easily.
 6206   - Changed PortableHashtable::SetCompareFunction() to take a second parameter
 6207     specifying whether or not the compare function should be used to auto-sort
 6208     entries as they are placed into the hash table.
 6209   - Added Sort() and Sort(compareFunc) methods to PortableHashtable to allow
 6210     in-place traversal order sorting.
 6211   - Added the PR_COMMAND_REORDERDATA message type, to let clients reorder their
 6212     indices without having to delete and reupload the associated data nodes.
 6214 v1.92 - Released 11/23/2001
 6215   - PortableHashtables now retain the ordering of the items you Put() into them.
 6216     (And since PortableMessage uses a PortableHashtable internally, this means 
 6217      also that PortableMessage now retains the ordering of the data fields you 
 6218      add to it)
 6219   - Added MoveToFront(), MoveToBack(), MoveToBefore(), and MoveToBehind()
 6220     methods to the PortableHashtable class.  These methods allow the user
 6221     to modify the iteration traversal order.
 6222   - It is now possible to modify a PortableHashtable in the middle of
 6223     traversing its contents with a PortableHashtableIterator, without causing
 6224     an assertion failure or even messing up the traversal(!).
 6225   - Renamed PortableHashtable::Contains() to ContainsValue(), to avoid 
 6226     confusion.
 6227   - Rewrote PortableHashtableFieldNameIterator to be simpler and more efficient.
 6228   - Rewrote ReflectServer to use only a PortableHashtable to hold 
 6229     AbstractReflectSessionRefs, instead of both a PortableHashtable and a 
 6230     PortableQueue.  
 6231   - Renamed ReflectServer::GetSessionsList() and 
 6232     AbstractReflectSession::GetSessionsList() to GetSessions(), which now 
 6233     returns a hashtable iterator instead of a reference to a PortableQueue.
 6234   - Renamed ReflectServer::GetSessionByID() and 
 6235     AbstractReflectSession::GetSessionByID() to GetSession(), which now 
 6236     returns an AbstractReflectSessionRef instead of a status_t.
 6237   - Added a +(char) operator to PortableString class.
 6238   - Made the non-session-specific server API access methods in 
 6239     AbstractReflectSession protected, instead of public.
 6240   - Added a SwapContents() method to the PortableHashtable class.
 6241   * Fixed the GrowTable() method -- the user compare function wasn't
 6242     being retained.
 6244 v1.91 - Released 11/01/2001
 6245   - Added atomic inc/decs for Linux and Windows into PortableRefCount.h
 6246   - The admin tool now waits for a response from the server, and informs you
 6247     if your admin commands failed due to a privilege violation.
 6248   - Changed GetPeerInfo() to try and find out what the local host's "real"
 6249     IP address is if necessary, instead of returning
 6250   - moved the signal(SIGHUP, SIG_IGN) code into InitializeTCPStack().
 6251   * Integrated Vitaliy's patches to get QMessageTransceiverThread to work
 6252     under Windows.
 6254 v1.90 - Released 10/26/2001
 6255   - Changed the PortableRefCount class to require that the items it 
 6256     reference-counts are subclasses of PortableRefCountable.  This has the 
 6257     advantage of removing all the RefCountMem and RefCountMemPool dependencies; 
 6258     unfortunately it also breaks most of the MUSCLE-using code out there 
 6259     (slightly).  The old PortableRefCount implementation is now called 
 6260     UnintrusivePortableRefCount, and is left in for use in cases where the
 6261     reference-counted class cannot be modified to derive from 
 6262     PortableRefCountable.
 6263   - Added a StorageReflectSession::CloneDataNodeSubtree() convenience method.
 6264   - Added a CreateAcceptingSocket() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.  This 
 6265     function creates and returns a socket that is listening for incoming TCP 
 6266     connections on the given port.
 6267   - Added a Flush() callback method to the LogCallback class, and a LogFlush() 
 6268     global function, so that SysLog output can be fflush()'d in a generic 
 6269     manner.
 6270   - Added support for defining a custom threadsafe incrementor function in 
 6271     PortableRefCount.h
 6272   - Added #define PR_NAME_SESSION "session" into StorageReflectConstants.  
 6273     Now when muscled sees a string with this field name in a client-to-client 
 6274     PortableMessage, it will replace the string value with the sending client's 
 6275     session ID.  This allows receiving clients to be sure that the client who 
 6276     sent them the message is the client indicated in the server field of the 
 6277     message (i.e. it disallows "spoofing" of other clients).
 6278   - Added an example flattened-PortableMessage byte listing to the end of
 6279     PortableMessageIOGateway.h
 6280   - Added AddHead() and AddTail() methods to PortableQueue that take
 6281     other PortableQueues, rather than individual items.
 6282   - QMessageTransceiverThread::PortableMessageReceived()'s second argument
 6283     is now a uint32 instead of an int.
 6284   - Added the InitializeTCPStack() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 6285     (Starts up the TCP stack;  only needed under Windows)
 6286   - Added handy factory functions for the PortableMessageIOGateway and
 6287     PlainTextMessageIOGateway classes.
 6288   - Added the LogLineCallback convenience subclass to SysLog.{cpp,h}
 6289   - Added Vitaliy's vc++ subfolder with VC++ project files.
 6290   * More windows compatibility tweaks; muscled now compiles and runs under
 6291     Windows XP with VC++! (many thanks to Vitaliy Mikitchenko aka VitViper!)
 6292   * StorageReflectSession::NodePathMatcher::DoTraversal() was not giving 
 6293     correct results for traversals that used multiple query strings and
 6294     didn't start from the global database root.  Fixed.
 6296 v1.84 - Released 10/15/2001
 6297   - Added a SpawnDaemonProcess() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 6298   - Added a Snooze64() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 6299   - Added ReleaseFile() and GetFile() methods to FileDataIO.h
 6300   - Added a PR_NAME_SET_QUIETLY tag so you can upload nodes to
 6301     the database without causing subscribers to be notified.
 6302   - Added a PR_NAME_REMOVE_QUIETLY tag so you can remove nodes from
 6303     the database without causing subscribers to be notified.
 6304   - Added Jonathon Padfield's QSocketDataIO class to the qtsupport
 6305     folder (for single-threaded Qt programs).  Thanks, Jonathan!
 6306   - Added a MCHECKPOINT macro to PortableMacros.h for use in debugging.
 6307   - Added a RemoveAllInstancesOf(const ItemType &) method to the 
 6308     PortableQueue class.
 6309   - Added == and != operators to the PortableQueue class.
 6310   - testgateway.cpp now takes optional filename arguments.  Any
 6311     filenames given to it will be read as flattened PortableMessages
 6312     and their contents printed to stdout.
 6313   - Added a OnceEvery(uint64, uint64 &) function to TimeUtilityFunctions.h
 6314   - PortableMessage::PrintToStream() now has optional arguments to make
 6315     it function recursively with varying levels of indentation.
 6316   - Added a new class regex/PathMatcher.{cpp,h} to the repertoire.
 6317     This class can be used to do efficient pattern matching against
 6318     node-path strings.  Moved the functions in 
 6319     reflector/StorageReflectUtils.{cpp,h} into these files instead.
 6320   - Previously subscribing to a string you were already subscribed to
 6321     was a no-op.  Now it is equivalent to a PR_COMMAND_GETDATA using 
 6322     that string.
 6323   - PortableQueue::Sort() now takes an optional void pointer that will
 6324     be passed through to the item-compare callback function.
 6325   * Jonathon Padfield contributed a patch to PortableByteOrder.h to
 6326     make it compile under FreeBSD.  Thanks again J  :^)
 6327   * PortableRef class now has a proper copy-constructor.
 6328   * Changed B_ERROR and B_NO_ERROR declarations from an enumeration
 6329     to #defines, to avoid compiler warnings.
 6330   * Fixed a bug in QMessageTransceiverThread that would cause 
 6331     TCP connections to be broken as soon as they were connected.
 6332   * TCPSocketDataIO::Shutdown() now calls shutdown() before close().
 6333     (Linux wasn't being properly punctual with just close())
 6334   * PortableString::Unflatten() now checks to make sure the
 6335     flattened string is terminated, and errors out if it isn't.
 6336   * PortableHashtable::Put()'s default value for the last argument
 6337     was false instead of NULL.  Fixed.
 6338   * Made several methods in StorageReflectSession inline and const tagged.
 6340 v1.83 - Released 9/12/2001
 6341   - Added a qtsupport folder, containing QMessageTransceiverThread
 6342     and QThreadSafeObjectPool classes for use with the Qt API.
 6343   - Added more of David Rene's Visual C++ compatibility changes in.
 6344   - Renamed GetCurrentTime() to GetCurrentTime64() to avoid a
 6345     conflict with the like-named Windows function, and added
 6346     David's Win32 implementation of the method.
 6348     tokens into the header files where appropriate.  These tokens
 6349     are #defined to nothing by default, but can be overridden by the
 6350     compile environment (-D flag) if necessary.
 6351   - Added an "okayToAdd" argument to all the Replace*() methods 
 6352     in the PortableMessage class; if set to true, then attempting 
 6353     to replace a non-existing item will cause the new item
 6354     to be added to the message instead of returning B_NO_ERROR.
 6355     If set false, the old behaviour (fail if old item not present)
 6356     is used instead.
 6357   - Added a Reset() method to the MessageTransceiverThread classes.
 6358     You can call Reset() on a MessageTransceiverThread object to
 6359     re-initialize its state (comparable to deleting the 
 6360     MessageTransceiverThread object and creating a new one)
 6361   - Added GetOutputStallLimit() methods to the AbstractMessageIOGateway,
 6362     PortableDataIO, and TCPSocketDataIO classes.  Now output stall
 6363     detection is only done on TCP connections, and can be controlled 
 6364     per gateway or per data io type.
 6365   - Changed the ReflectServer to take a ReflectSessionFactory object 
 6366     in PutAcceptPort() instead of a callback function.  Converted all session
 6367     creation callback functions into ReflectSessionFactory subclasses.
 6368   - Added an overloaded () operator to the StringTokenizer class, as
 6369     a convenience.  It works as a synonym for GetNextToken().
 6371 v1.82 - Released 8/21/2001
 6372   - During a memory shortage, muscled now kicks users whose output
 6373     message queues have grown too large.  This keeps someone with
 6374     a bad network connection and an ambitious subscription request
 6375     from tying up all the memory on the server indefinitely.
 6376   - Changed the signature of AbstractMessageIOGateway::DoInput() and 
 6377     AbstractMessageIOGateway::DoOutput() to DoInput(uint32 & addReadBytes)
 6378     and DoOutput(uint32 & addWroteBytes).  DoInput() and DoOutput()
 6379     should add to this argument the number of bytes they read or 
 6380     wrote during the call, respectively.  This helps the calling 
 6381     code know when I/O is stalled.
 6382   - muscled now keeps track of how long an output has been "stalled"
 6383     (i.e. it has bytes queued to send to the client but none have 
 6384     actually been sent) and will drop any clients that have been 
 6385     stalled for more than 20 minutes.
 6387 v1.81 - Released 7/16/2001
 6388   - Added Alan's stream operators ("<<") to the PortableString class.
 6389   * Made AtheOS refcounts use atomic_add(), for thread safety.
 6390   * Merged in David Rene's header tweaks to help MUSCLE code compile
 6391     cleanly under Visual C++.
 6392   * Tweaked time.h includes to compile properly under Debian Linux.
 6393   * Messages being returned to the global message pool now have
 6394     their 'what' code set to zero.
 6395   * Fixed a potential source of problems during out-of-memory
 6396     conditions in the PortableMessageIOGateway class.
 6398 v1.80 - Released 6/26/2001
 6399   - Added an atheossupport directory, which is a AtheOS port of
 6400     the BeOS code in the besupport directory.
 6401   - Added testatheosclient.cpp and testatheossupport.cpp testing
 6402     stubs to the test folder.
 6403   * Consolidated the netutil, string, stringtokenizer, hashtable,
 6404     refcount, pool, and queue subfolders into a single subfolder
 6405     named 'util'.  All code that uses MUSCLE will probably need 
 6406     to have its #include lines modified to reflect this, before
 6407     it will compile again.  :^(  (this change was necessary in 
 6408     order to avoid #include space conflicts with the STL headers)
 6410 v1.72 - Released 6/22/2001
 6411   - Added a "maxnodespersession" parameter to muscled, which lets
 6412     you specify the maximum number of nodes any given session may
 6413     have in its server-side database at one time.
 6414   - Added a uint32 PR_NAME_MAX_NODES_PER_SESSION read-only parameter
 6415     to the parameter set returned by PR_COMMAND_GET_PARAMETERS.
 6416     This returns the value mentioned above.
 6417   - Made some of the members of the DataNode class demand-allocated,
 6418     so as to use a little less memory.
 6419   - Tweaked the code to compile without errors under the CygWin environment.
 6420     (thanks to Joshua Schmiedlin for his help with this)
 6421   - Added a Sort() method to the PortableQueue class.  This method
 6422     uses a nice in-place merge-sort algorithm that I liberated from
 6423     Thomas Baudel's sorting visualizer applet at 
 6424     http://www-ihm.lri.fr/~thomas/VisuTri/
 6425   - Added Swap() and ReverseItemOrdering() methods to PortableQueue.
 6426     These let you swap two entries or a invert the ordering of a
 6427     whole range of entries, respectively.
 6428   - ReflectServer now preallocates 256 slots for the lame-duck session 
 6429     list, so that adding a session to the lest is less likely to fail 
 6430     during a memory pinch.
 6431   - Added a SetNotificationMessage() method to MessageTransceiverThread
 6432     class (in case the regular old PORTABLE_MESSAGES_RECEIVED message
 6433     isn't good enough for you)
 6435 v1.71 - Released 6/11/2001
 6436   - Renamed ReflectServer::AddAcceptPort() to PutAcceptPort().  
 6437     Changed ReflectServer to allocate accept-sockets inside the
 6438     PutAcceptPort() call instead of at the beginning of the 
 6439     ServerEventLoop().  Also added a RemoveAcceptPort() method to
 6440     ReflectServer, and added PutAcceptPort() and RemoveAcceptPort() 
 6441     pass-through methods to AbstractReflectSession.
 6442   - Added a BroadcastToAllNeighbors() convenience method to
 6443     the AbstractReflectSession class.
 6444   - Added a Seek() method to the PortableDataIO interface, and
 6445     Seek() implementations to the various subclasses thereof.
 6446     Moved FileDescriptorDataIO's implementation into a .cpp file 
 6447     so that it will link properly under Linux.
 6448   * Added some missing constants to StorageReflectSession.java
 6450 v1.70 - Released 5/20/2001
 6451   - Changed the Makefiles to reflect the changed, final location 
 6452     of the BONE headers (/boot/develop/headers/be/bone)
 6453   - Changed the Put() methods of PortableHashtable to return
 6454     true on success, false on error (memory allocation failure).
 6455     NOTE:  This changes the Put()'s return value semantics!
 6456     If you code was relying on them, you will need to modify it.
 6457   - Changed ReflectServer::ServerProcessLoop() to take no arguments,
 6458     and added a method ReflectServer::AddAcceptPort(func, port) instead.
 6459     This change allows a single server to accept connections on multiple
 6460     ports if it wants to, and create different AbstractReflectSession objects
 6461     based on the port the TCP connection was received on.  As a consequence
 6462     of this, you can now have muscled listen on multiple ports if you like;
 6463     e.g. muscled port=2960 port=4000 port=9999
 6464   - Added a GetServerUptime() method to the ReflectServer and
 6465     AbstractReflectSession classes, and a PR_NAME_SERVER_UPTIME
 6466     field to the message returned by PR_COMMAND_GET_PARAMETERS.
 6467     The value returned is muscled's uptime, in microseconds.
 6468   * Changed the AddLogCallback() and AddOutOfMemoryHandler() functions
 6469     to return B_ERROR on out-of-memory.
 6470   * Changed the muscled code to handle Put() failing a little better.
 6471     This should fix some of the memory leaks that occur when the server
 6472     has hit its memory cap.
 6474 v1.64 - Released 5/07/2001
 6475   - Added dataio/MemoryBufferDataIO.h.  This class lets you use
 6476     an in-memory array as a limited input or output device.
 6477   - Added a new first parameter to BecomeDaemonProcess().  This
 6478     first param lets you specify the directory that the child
 6479     process should chdir() to.  Leave as NULL to not change directory at all.
 6480   - Added a GetReadByteTimeStamp() method to the PortableDataIO
 6481     interface.  (used to support high-precision time-stamping in LCS-specific
 6482     subclasses.   Not implemented by any of the included MUSCLE classes, though)
 6483   - Added a PR_COMMAND_BATCH message type.  When the server receives
 6484     this message, it will parse the submessages in the PR_NAME_KEYS
 6485     field and execute them in order as if they had arrived separately.
 6486   - Added a PR_COMMAND_NOOP message types.  When the server receives
 6487     this message it is guaranteed to do nothing at all with it.
 6488   - In the StorageReflectSession class, changed NotifySubscribersOfNewNode(),
 6489     NotifySubscribersThatNodeChanged(), and 
 6490     NotifySubscribersThatNodeIndexChanged() to be virtual so that they can be 
 6491     overridden and used as hooks in a subclass.
 6492   - Added a CreateConnectedSocketPair() function to the 
 6493     NetworkUtilityFunctions.h package.  This function is useful 
 6494     for thread coordination.
 6495   - Added a SetSocketBlockingEnabled() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 6496   - muscled now compiles and runs under AtheOS, thanks to a 
 6497     patch submitted by Jonas Sundstrom.
 6498   * The docs were referring to the muscled's pattern matching
 6499     feature as 'regular expressions'.  This was inaccurate, as
 6500     muscled doesn't parse regular expressions so much as wildcard
 6501     expressions, a.k.a. globbing.  Changed the docs to reflect this.
 6502   * PortableString::LastIndexOf(char) was broken.  Fixed.
 6503   * Boolean PortableMessage fields were broken on architectures
 6504     where sizeof(bool) was not equal to one.  Fixed.
 6506 v1.63 - Released 3/25/2001
 6507   - iogateway/PlainTextMessageIOGateway.cpp now works.  While not
 6508     used by muscled, this class can be used by other programs for
 6509     easy communication with servers that speak ASCII text (e.g.
 6510     web servers, XML server, e-commerce servers, etc).  See
 6511     PlainTextMessageIOGateway.h for details.
 6512   - Added test/plaintextclient.cpp and test/portableplaintext.cpp.
 6513     These are command line communications test programs, similar
 6514     to testreflectlient.cpp and portablereflectclient.cpp, respectively,
 6515     but using plain text streams rather than flattened PortableMessages.
 6516   - Added a Shutdown() method to the PortableDataIO classes.  This
 6517     method can be used to immediately close the underlying socket/file
 6518     descriptor/whatever, without having to delete the PortableDataIO object.
 6519   - Made AbstractMessageIOGateway::GetDataIO() public.
 6520   - BecomeDaemonProcess() now takes two optional arguments:  the
 6521     first indicates where to redirect stderr and stdout to.  Default 
 6522     value is "/dev/null".  The second indicates whether or not to
 6523     try and create a file if it can't be opened; default is false.
 6524   * When the MessageTransceiverThread gets an I/O error, it now closes
 6525     its connection immediately (by calling GetDataIO()->Shutdown())
 6526     rather than waiting for the user to do it.
 6527   * The muscled ServerProcessLoop() and MessageTransceiverThread now
 6528     both suppress SIGPIPE signals, as these can be raised when sending
 6529     to a remotely-closed socket, killing the thread.
 6531 v1.62 - Released 3/2/2001
 6532   - Added a PR_NAME_SERVER_VERSION parameter to the parameter set
 6533     returned by the server.  This field contains a string to indicate
 6534     the version of MUSCLE the muscled server was compiled from.
 6535     (Currently the string is "1.62")
 6536   * Several parameter name constants were missing from
 6537     StorageReflectConstants.java.  Added.
 6538   * The clever byte-swapping macros put in for MacOS/X were screwing
 6539     up the byte-ordering for Linux, so I removed them.
 6540   * PortableMessage.java had a call to Vector.add() in it.  Changed it to
 6541     Vector.addElement().
 6542   * Made the _empty Hashtable in PortableMessage.java demand allocated,
 6543     otherwise IE would barf on it.
 6545 v1.61 - Released 2/16/2001
 6546   - Changed the Pulse()/GetPulseTime() callbacks to use uint64s instead of
 6547     timeval structs--uint64's are much easier to use than timevals.
 6548   - Added a BecomeDaemonProcess() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 6549     This function calls fork() and all the other incantations necessary to
 6550     convert the current process into a canonical Posix daemon task.
 6551   - muscled now recognizes the parameter 'daemon'.  If specified, muscled
 6552     will detach from the shell and run as a background/daemon task.
 6553   * muscled now parses keywords even if they have no '=' sign/value specified.
 6554   * Changed the SysLog implementation to use separate callbacks for console
 6555     and file logging.  Before it was using the same callback for both, but
 6556     certain versions of Linux crash if I try to re-use a va_list object.
 6558 v1.60 - Released 2/1/2001
 6559   - Added Java client support to MUSCLE!  (See README-JAVA.txt)
 6560   - Changed header comments to JavaDoc style throughout.
 6561   - Added extra commenting to a lot of previously uncommented header code.
 6562     Now all public and protected methods and member items are documented.
 6563   - The muscle/html/autodoc/genDocs.sh script now calls doxygen instead 
 6564     of PERCEPS.  Doxygen is a very nice autodocumenting program, and a 
 6565     BeOS port can be found on BeBits.
 6566   - Added a muscle.dox config file to the muscle/html/autodoc directory.
 6567   - Added a () operator to the PortableString class so you can say
 6568     myString(), instead of myString.Cstr(), if you want.
 6569   - PortableString methods StartsWith, EndsWith(), EndsWithIgnoreCase(),
 6570     and StartsWithIgnoreCase() now return bool instead of int.
 6571   - The PR_RESULT_PARAMETERS messages returned by the server now include
 6573     PR_NAME_SERVER_MEM_MAX fields that indicates how much
 6574     memory the server has available to be allocated by all MUSCLE clients.
 6575   - Added a FileDescriptorDataIO class to the dataio directory.  This
 6576     dataio supports sessions that want to do read() and write() on a
 6577     file descriptor for their I/O.
 6578   * AddFlat(), PrependFlat(), ReplaceFlat(), and FindFlat() will 
 6579     now call their Point, String, or Message counterparts if they 
 6580     are passed a PortablePoint, PortableString, or PortableMessage object.
 6581   * Flattened objects added to a PortableMessage are now filed using
 6582     the field type returned by their TypeCode() member, rather than
 6583     always as B_OBJECT_TYPE.  This will break compatibility with old
 6584     clients that expected B_OBJECT_TYPE flattened objects; sorry about that.
 6585   * Added in some extra tweaks so that MUSCLE will compile under MacOS/X.
 6586   * A bunch of member variables of the AbstractMessageIOGateway class
 6587     were protected when they should have been private.  Changed them
 6588     to private and added protected accessor methods where necessary.
 6589   * HTML-ized the README.TXT file (now named README.html)
 6591 v1.51 - Released 1/3/2001
 6593     commands.  Messages of these types instruct the muscle server to
 6594     disconnect other clients, forbid IP addresses from connecting to
 6595     the server, and remove previously added bans, respectively.
 6596     These messages will only be honored if sent by a privileged
 6597     client; otherwise a PR_RESULT_ERRORACCESSDENIED message is returned.
 6598   - muscled now takes "privban=<pattern>", "privunban=<pattern>",
 6599     "privkick=<pattern>", and "privall=<pattern>" arguments, to
 6600     specify which clients are allowed to do kick, ban, or unban ops.
 6601     (if not specified, no clients will be privileged)
 6602   - Added an 'admin' command-line tool to the muscle/server
 6603     directory that lets you manage your server's ban lists
 6604     and/or kick users without having to restart the server.
 6605     Run 'admin help' for args.
 6606   - Made ReflectServer::GetCentralState() public.
 6607   * Removed the ClientConnected() and SetClientConnected()
 6608     callbacks in favor of a more elegant StorageReflectSession
 6609     oriented privileges system.  The new system allows the server
 6610     operator to specify which clients are allowed to kick, ban,
 6611     and unban other clients.
 6613 v1.50 - Released 12/29/2000
 6614   - Loosened up the flattened-PortableMessage protocol specification
 6615     a little bit.  It is now legal to add fields with arbitrary typecodes
 6616     to a PortableMessage, and PortableMessages with fields that have
 6617     arbitrary typecodes may be Unflatten()'d without causing an error.
 6618     This will allow the addition and use of new datatypes without breaking
 6619     backwards compatibility, thus avoiding a repeat of the problems that 
 6620     were caused by adding the B_MIME_TYPE support.
 6621   - support/PortableMacros.h now contains a MUSCLE_VERSION_STRING
 6622     #define, indicating the current version of MUSCLE.  muscled
 6623     will print this version string out on startup if you set
 6624     the display threshold to DEBUG or lower.
 6625   * Tweaked StorageReflectSession.{cpp,h} to get it to compile under
 6626     Red Hat Linux 7.0.
 6628 v1.45 - Released 12/22/2000
 6629   - Added a GetPeerInfo() function into NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}.
 6630     This function returns the remote host IP and port of a connected socket.
 6631   - Added a ClientConnected() virtual method and 
 6632     SetClientConnectedCallbackFunc() method to ReflectServer.  Both of these 
 6633     mechanisms allow connecting clients to be checked before allowing them 
 6634     access to the server.
 6635   - muscled can now accept zero or more ban=<ipaddr> arguments on the command
 6636     line.  Each ban argument specifies an IP address (or wildcard pattern of
 6637     IP addresses) to ban from the server.
 6638   - Added EndServer() methods to the ReflectServer and AbstractReflectSession
 6639     classes.  These allow you to cause muscled to exit in a controlled manner.
 6640   - You can now disable the memory-usage-tracking overloads of new and
 6641     delete by defining the preprocessor symbol DISABLE_MUSCLE_MEMORY_TRACKING 
 6642     for ReflectServer.cpp.
 6643   - muscled's Makefile now supports both optimized and unoptimized builds
 6644     of muscled.  Do "make" for an unoptimized build, or "make optimized"
 6645     for an optimized build.  (Be sure to "make clean" first when switching 
 6646     from one to the other!)
 6647   * Fixed a couple of memory leaks in the PortableHashtable class.
 6648   * Rewrote PortableHashtable::GrowTable() to handle out-of-memory
 6649     conditions correctly.
 6650   * Removed the WATCH_MUSCLE_MEMORY_USAGE macros, since the overloaded
 6651     new and delete operators do the same thing in a more elegant way.
 6652   * Updated the docs slightly to reflect the fact that level one
 6653     server-database nodes are named after the clients' IP addresses,
 6654     not their hostnames.
 6655   * Fixed an uninitialized-pointer problem that could make muscled
 6656     crash while denying a login.
 6658 v1.44 - Released 12/21/2000
 6659   - Modified PortableHashtable to maintain a linked list of 
 6660     PortableHashtableEntry objects.  This should speed up traversals 
 6661     somewhat, as the PortableHashtableIterator no longer needs to 
 6662     iterate over the empty portions of the table.
 6663   - Merged in Trey Boudreau's changes to support adding fields of
 6664     type B_MIME_TYPE to a PortableMessage.
 6665   - Added IndexOfIgnoreCase() and LastIndexOfIgnoreCase() methods
 6666     to PortableString that take chars instead of (const char *)'s 
 6667     as their second argument.
 6669 v1.43 - Released 12/01/2000
 6670   - Added a "Custom Servers.html" file to muscle/html.  This file contains
 6671     information on making your own custom MUSCLE server.
 6672   - Changed ObjectPool to reuse items in LIFO order rather than FIFO.
 6673     This may increase cache coherency in some cases.
 6674   - Makefile now compiles muscled with -O3 and -fomit-frame-pointer options
 6675     under gcc, for efficiency.
 6676   - Added SetMessageFlattenCallback() and SetMessageUnflattenCallback()
 6677     methods to the PortableMessageIOGateway class (for when you can't be
 6678     bothered to do proper subclassing ;^))
 6679   - Added ParseLogLevelToken() function to SysLog.h, and added 'display' 
 6680     and 'log' arguments to muscled, so that you can specify how what sort 
 6681     of output you want on the command line.  
 6682     (e.g. "./muscled display=debug log=none")
 6683   - Added more *IgnoreCase() methods to PortableString, and changed
 6684     PortableString::Equals() to return a bool instead of an int.
 6685   - Pulled the timeval utility functions out of NetworkUtilityFunctions.{cpp,h}
 6686     and into their own file, netutil/TimeUtilityFunctions.h
 6687     Also declared them all inline, so you don't need to link anything
 6688     extra in to use them.
 6689   - Moved references to <sys/time.h> into PortableTypeDefs.h, and added
 6690     a #include there so that including this header can be avoided.
 6691     (This is to support certain embedded architectures which don't 
 6692     seem have this file...)
 6693   - Added a operator() overload to the PortableRefCount(), so you can
 6694     now specify myRef() instead of myRef.GetItemPointer().
 6695   * Renamed the LOG_* constants in SysLog.h to MUSCLE_LOG_*, to avoid
 6696     conflicts with the constants in Be's support/syslog.h header.  (This
 6697     may break some existing code, sorry about that)
 6698   * Disabled the memory-allocation code under BeOS/PowerPC environments,
 6699     as it was causing mysterious crashes (possible compiler bug?).  This
 6700     means that if you are running muscled on a PowerPC BeOS machine, the
 6701     memory allocation limits will be ignored.
 6703 v1.42 - Released 10/18/2000
 6704   - Added a new function, AddOutOfMemoryHandler((void *)()).  This lets you
 6705     install your own handler that will be called in the event of a memory
 6706     allocation failure.
 6707   - Added a new command code, PR_COMMAND_PING.  When muscled receives a message
 6708     of this type from its client, changes the message's 'what' code to
 6709     PR_RESULT_PONG, and sends the message right back to the client.
 6710   - Added a GetRemainderOfString() method to the StringTokenizer class.
 6711   * Moved the StorageReflectSession::DrainPools() call out of ReflectServer.cpp,
 6712     and into a callback that is installed by muscled.cpp.  This allows custom
 6713     servers to be compiled without having to link in StorageReflectSession.o.
 6714   * The memory-tracking new and delete operators now count their own 
 6715     4-byte-per-allocation overhead in the allocated-memory total.
 6717 v1.41 - Released 10/8/2000
 6718   - Added a FindDataPointer() method to the PortableMessage class.
 6719     This method returns a writable pointer to a field's data
 6720     array, for efficiency.
 6721   - PortableMessage::AddData() now allows the (data) parameter to 
 6722     be NULL.  If (data) is NULL, default-constructed objects or 
 6723     uninitialized data bytes will be added to the PortableMessage.
 6724   - PortableMessage::FindData() and FindDataPointer() now allow
 6725     the (numBytes) parameter to be NULL.
 6726   - muscled now parses command line arguments of the form
 6727     keyword=value.  Currently supported keywords are 'port',
 6728     'help', and 'maxmem'.
 6729   - muscled now detects out-of-memory situations and tries to free up 
 6730     some memory by draining the object pools and/or forcibly 
 6731     disconnecting the active session when an out-of-memory error occurs.
 6732   - muscled now lets you specify the maximum number of bytes of
 6733     data it should allow itself to have allocated at any one time.
 6734     For example, entering "muscled maxmem=15" will cause muscled
 6735     to not help itself to more than 15 megabytes of memory.  
 6736   * Went through the code and made it more resistant to crashing
 6737     in out-of-memory situations.  (i.e. it should correctly handle
 6738     NULL being returned by new (nothrow) in all cases)
 6739   * Fixed a bug that would cause muscled to crash if it was
 6740     sent a malformed PortableMessage.  Thanks to Ben and Pete
 6741     for helping me find this bug!
 6742   * Now compiles cleanly with full warnings enabled, thanks
 6743     to Christopher Tate.
 6745 v1.40 - Released 9/8/2000
 6746   - Added ordered-child-indexing to StorageReflectSession.  Support
 6747     for this includes the new PR_COMMAND_INSERTORDEREDDATA code, 
 6748     the PR_RESULT_INDEXUPDATED result code, and the INDEX_OP_*
 6749     enums.  (see comments in StorageReflectConstants.h and the new
 6750     chapter at the end of the Beginner's Guide for details)
 6751   - Added Prepend*() methods to the PortableMessage class.
 6752   - PortableQueue and PortableString can now handle very small
 6753     strings/lists without having to do any dynamic memory allocation.
 6754   - Added Head(), Tail(), HeadPointer(), TailPointer(), and 
 6755     InsertItemAt() to PortableQueue.
 6757 v1.31 - Released 7/30/2000
 6758   - Added custom-callback capability to the SysLog module.
 6759     (AddLogCallback(), RemoveLogCallback())
 6760   - Added the OnceEvery() function to NetworkUtilityFunctions.
 6761   * Fixed an uninitialized timeval struct in AbstractMessageIOGateway--
 6762     this was causing muscled to panic and exit sometimes under FreeBSD.
 6763     (Thanks to Peter Schultz for helping track down this bug!)
 6765 v1.30 - Released 6/30/2000
 6766   - Added optional object-allocation tracking into the code.
 6767     This tracking is useful for hunting down memory leaks;  to enable it
 6768     uncomment the -DMUSCLE_WATCH_MEM_USAGE line in the Makefile and
 6769     recompile the server (from scratch).  With this flag enabled, 
 6770     the server will print out memory-allocation stats every so many 
 6771     seconds.
 6772   - Added some PR_COMMAND_RESERVED and PR_RESULT_RESERVED constants
 6773     to StorageReflectConstants.h to allow future expansion.
 6774   - Added a PR_RESULT_ERRORUNIMPLEMENTED code.  This message is
 6775     sent back to the client when the client sends a PR_COMMAND_RESERVED
 6776     code that the serverd doesn't understand.
 6777   - Added a PR_COMMAND_JETTISONRESULTS command.  When the server receives
 6778     a message of this type, it will match the paths given in PR_NAME_KEYS
 6779     against the items in its list of outgoing PR_RESULTS_DATAITEMS messages, 
 6780     and any matched items will be deleted and not sent.  If no PR_NAME_KEYS 
 6781     field is found in the PR_COMMAND_JETTISONRESULTS message, then all
 6782     pending PR_RESULTS_DATAITEMS messages will be dumped.  (This is useful 
 6783     when a client is receiving a large result set and decides in the middle
 6784     of the download that he's no longer interested in it)
 6785   - muscled no longer does a hostname lookup when a client logs in.
 6786     This speeds up muscled's response time (and frees it from depending
 6787     on a working nameserver) but it means that nodes in level one
 6788     of the database tree will look like '' instead of
 6789     'mycomputer.mydomain.com'.
 6790   - Added ClientConnectionClosed() callback to the AbstractReflectSession
 6791     class, so that a session can decide whether it wants to stick around
 6792     after its TCP connection is gone.
 6793   - Replaced the AbstractReflectSession class's GetIncomingMessageQueue()
 6794     and GetOutgoingMessageQueue() methods with the more flexible
 6795     GetGateway() and SetGateway() methods.
 6796   - Added some utility functions to StringMatcher.{cpp,h}: 
 6797     IsRegexToken(), HasRegexTokens(), and MakeRegexCaseInsensitive().
 6798   - Now compiles under FreeBSD4.0, using gmake.
 6799   * The StringMatcher wasn't handling parentheses properly.  Fixed it,
 6800     so now you can use expressions like *.(jpg,mp?).  Also rewrote the
 6801     regex translation code to be more readable, and fixed a nasty
 6802     dangling-pointer bug in the process.
 6803   * Changed the RefCountMem class to use atomic_add instead of the
 6804     C preincrement and predecrement operators, so that it can be used
 6805     safely in multithreaded environments.
 6806   * Fixed a subtle bug in the Remove*() methods of the PortableQueue
 6807     class that could cause crashes if you were removing items whose
 6808     assignment operators looked at the PortableQueue they were
 6809     being removed from...  geez
 6810   * Added some missing virtual destructors
 6811   * Rewrote the PortableString class to be more efficient, and
 6812     in the process found and fixed a nasty bug--the CStringHashFunc()
 6813     was completely broken.
 6814   * StringMatcher::Match() is now tagged as const.
 6816 v1.24 - 6/17/2000
 6817   - muscled now splits its PR_RESULT_DATAITEMS messages into multiple 
 6818     messages if the message has more than 50 items in it.  This allows 
 6819     for more fine-grained updates.
 6820   - Added a PR_NAME_MAX_UPDATE_MESSAGE_ITEMS parameter that can
 6821     be set by the client to change the above threshold if desired.
 6823 v1.23 - 6/15/2000
 6824   - Added a StartServerThread() method to the MessageTransceiverThread
 6825     class.  Now the MessageTransceiverThread can be used to accept
 6826     multiple overlapping connections, instead of just a series of
 6827     single connections.
 6828   * make clean now removes .xSYM files.
 6830 v1.22 - 6/14/2000
 6831   * MessageTransceiverThread::WaitForAllMessagesToBeSent() was broken.
 6832     Changed it to use benaphores instead of BLockers, and now all is well.
 6834 v1.21 - 6/12/2000
 6835   - Added Prepend() and Append() methods to PortableString.
 6836   - Added InetNtoA() convenience method to NetworkUtilityFunctions.cpp
 6837   - Added EscapeRegexTokens() to StorageReflectUtils.h
 6838   * User messages would be reflected back to the sender even when
 6839     the reflect-to-self flag wasn't set.  Fixed.
 6840   * Fixed several bugs in the MessageTransceiverThread class.
 6841   * muscled now handles connections from localhost correctly.
 6843 v1.20 - 6/8/2000
 6844   - Added new accessors to PortableHashtable and PortableMessage that 
 6845     return key and value objects by pointer rather than by value.  
 6846     This can make access and traversals more efficient, as it eliminates 
 6847     an unnecessary data copy.
 6848   - Added default constructors to the PortableHashtableIterator and 
 6849     PortableMessageFieldNameIterator classes so that you can use 
 6850     them in arrays, as class members, etc.
 6851   - Added SetOutgoingQueueDrainedMessage() to the MessageTransceiverThread 
 6852     API so that you can (optionally) receive notification when the outgoing
 6853     message queue has become empty.
 6854   * Made ObjectPool's destructor virtual. 
 6856 v1.10 - 6/1/2000
 6857   - Added ReplaceSession() method, by which a server-side session object
 6858     can replace itself with a different one.
 6859   - AbstractMessageIOGateway objects can now request Pulse() callbacks.
 6860   - Added system logging, to the console or to a log file, or both.
 6861   * Fixed some minor compilation problems
 6863 v1.01 - 4/11/2000
 6864   o Redesigned the Pulse() support to work based on absolute wakeup times
 6865     rather than relative periods.
 6866   - Added some convenience methods for working with timeval structs to
 6867     NetworkUtilityFunctions.h
 6869 v1.00 - 3/29/2000
 6870   - Initial release