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Member "ms-sys-2.7.0/CONTRIBUTORS" (20 Jun 2020, 2038 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/ms-sys-2.7.0.tar.gz:

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    1 Henrik Carlqvist		main developer
    2 Bob Tennent 			helped fixing problems compiling on RedHat 7.3
    3 Gürkan Sengün                   wrote the original man-page, pointed out bugs
    4 Ulf Gustafsson			contributed an NT boot record
    5 Chris Bshaw			tested NT boot record
    6 Ronan Salmon			debugged NT BR and contributed missing part
    7 Mike Jones                      added DOS FAT16 support
    8 Bodo Giannone			patched to compile on systems lacking libintl.h
    9 Andrew Yeomans			added support for XP/DOS/zero MBRs
   10 Andree Leidenfrost		helped debugging mkfs.vfat problem
   11 Matthew Brett			reported 2.6 kernel bug, provided shell-account
   12 Søren Holm			helped debugging BPB problem with -p switch
   13 Till Wimmer                     contributed FreeDOS FAT16 & FAT32 boot records
   14 Alon Bar-Lev                    patched Makefile to support DESTDIR
   15 Rene Arends                     added support for Win7 and Vista MBRs
   16 Peter Daum			patch for manually setting nr of heads in BPB
   17 Pete Batard                     added NTFS Win7 experimental support,
   18                                 Grub2, Grub4Dos, KolibriOS, ReactOS, Rufus MBR
   19                                 and experimental large sector support.
   20                                 Also contributed french translation and man
   21                                 page.
   22 Sven Köhler                     tested syslinux GPT MBR, updated MBR to 6.02
   23 Michael Schierl                 contributed and tested Windows PE FAT32 BR
   24 Mahmoud Al-Qudsi (NeoSmart Technologies)    contributed FreeBSD support
   25 Jiri B				contributed OpenBSD support
   26 Jörg Jenderek                   contributed german translation and man-page
   27 Joseph Zeller                   contributed macOS/OS X support and improved
   28                                 FreeBSD and OpenBSD support, added and tested
   29                                 NT6.0 FAT32 and EXFAT boot records, patched
   30                                 Makefile and tested install on Mac/BSD/Linux
   31                                 and updated man pages and po files with new
   32                                 information