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    1 mlmmj_list("listaddress",
    2               "List address",
    3               "This option contains all addresses which mlmmj sees as listaddresses (see ".
    4               "tocc below). The first one is the one used as the primary one, when mlmmj ".
    5               "sends out mail.");
    7 mlmmj_boolean("closedlist",
    8               "Closed list",
    9               "If the list is open or closed. If it's closed subscription ".
   10               "and unsubscription via mail is disabled.");
   12 mlmmj_boolean("closedlistsub",
   13               "Closed for subscription",
   14               "Closed for subscription. Unsubscription is possible.");
   16 mlmmj_boolean("nosubconfirm",
   17               "No subscribe confirmation",
   18               "If this option is set, the user is not required to confirm when subscribing or unsubscribing.");
   20 mlmmj_boolean("moderated",
   21               "Moderated",
   22               "If this option is set, the emailaddresses in the file listdir/control/moderators will act as moderators for the list.");
   24 mlmmj_list("moderators",
   25            "Moderators",
   26            "If the list is moderated, this is the list of moderators.");
   28 mlmmj_list("submod",
   29            "Subscription moderators",
   30            "This is the list of moderators that will approve subscriptions.");
   32 mlmmj_boolean("tocc",
   33               "To: Cc:",
   34               "If this option is set, the list address does not have to be in the To: or Cc: header of the email to the list.");
   36 mlmmj_boolean("addtohdr",
   37               "Add To: header",
   38               "If this option is set, a To: header including the recipients emailaddress will be added to outgoing mail. ".
   39               "Recommended usage is to remove existing To: headers with delheaders (see below) first.");
   41 mlmmj_boolean("subonlypost",
   42               "Subscribers only post",
   43               "If this option is set, only people who are subscribed to the list, are allowed to post to it. ".
   44               "The check is made against the \"From:\" header.");
   46 mlmmj_boolean("modonlypost",
   47               "Moderators only post",
   48               "When this file is present, only people listed in listdir/control/moderators ".
   49               "are allowed to post to it. The check is made against the "From:" header.");
   51 mlmmj_boolean("modnonsubposts",
   52               "Moderate non-allowed posts",
   53               "If this option is set, postings from people who are not allowed to post ".
   54               "to the list will be moderated instead of denied.");
   56 mlmmj_string("modreqlife",
   57              "Moderation request lifetime",
   58              "This specifies how long in seconds a mail awaits moderation before it's ".
   59              "discarded. Defaults to 604800 seconds, which is 7 days.");
   61 mlmmj_string("prefix",
   62              "Prefix",
   63              "The prefix for the Subject: line of mails to the list. This will alter the Subject: line, ".
   64              "and add a prefix if it's not present elsewhere.");
   66 mlmmj_list("owner",
   67            "Owner",
   68            "The emailaddresses in this list will get mails to ".encode_entities($list)."+owner");
   70 mlmmj_list("customheaders",
   71            "Custom headers",
   72            "These headers are added to every mail coming through. This is ".
   73            "the place you want to add Reply-To: header in case you want ".
   74            "such. ".
   75            "If a header should not occur twice in the mail it should be listed in the 'Delete headers' box too.");
   77 mlmmj_list("delheaders",
   78            "Delete headers",
   79            "In this file is specified *ONE* headertoken to match pr. line. ".
   80            "If the file consists of: Received: Message-ID: Then all occurences of these headers in incoming list mail will be deleted. ".
   81            "\"From \" and \"Return-Path:\" are deleted no matter what.");
   83 mlmmj_list("access",
   84            "Access",
   85            "If this option is set, all headers of a post to the list is matched against the rules. The first rule to match wins. ".
   86            "See README.access for syntax and examples. NOTE: If this field is empty access control is *disabled*, ".
   87            "unlike having an empty control/access file.");
   89 mlmmj_string("memorymailsize",
   90              "Memory mail size",
   91              "Here is specified in bytes how big a mail can be and still be prepared for sending in memory. ".
   92              "It's greatly reducing the amount of write system calls to prepare it in memory before sending it, ".
   93              "but can also lead to denial of service attacks. Default is 16k (16384 bytes).");
   95 mlmmj_string("relayhost",
   96              "Relay host",
   97              "The host specified (IP address or domainname, both works) in this file will be used for relaying the mail sent to the list. ".
   98              "Defaults to");
  100 mlmmj_string("smtpport",
  101              "SMTP port",
  102              "In this file a port other than port 25 for connecting to the relayhost can be specified.");
  104 mlmmj_string("delimiter",
  105               "Delimiter",
  106               "This specifies what to use as recipient delimiter for the list.".
  107               "Default is '+'.");
  109 mlmmj_boolean("notifysub",
  110               "Notify subscribers",
  111               "If this option is set, the owner(s) will get a mail with the address of someone sub/unsubscribing to a mailinglist.");
  113 mlmmj_boolean("notifymod",
  114               "Notify moderation",
  115               "If this option is set, the poster (based on the envelope from) will ".
  116               "get a mail when their post is being moderation.");
  118 mlmmj_string("digestinterval",
  119              "Digest interval",
  120              "This option specifies how many seconds will pass before the ".
  121              "next digest is sent. Defaults to 604800 seconds, which is 7 ".
  122              "days.");
  124 mlmmj_string("digestmaxmails",
  125              "Max. digest mails",
  126              "This option specifies how many mails can accumulate before ".
  127              "digest sending is triggered. Defaults to 50 mails, meaning ".
  128              "that if 50 mails arrive to the list before digestinterval have ".
  129              "passed, the digest is delivered.");
  131 mlmmj_string("bouncelife",
  132              "Bouncing lifetime",
  133              "This specifies how long in seconds an address can bounce before it's ".
  134              "unsubscribed. Defaults to 432000 seconds, which is 5 days.");
  136 mlmmj_boolean("noarchive",
  137               "No archive",
  138               "If this option is set, the mails won't be saved in the ".
  139               "archive but simply deleted");
  141 mlmmj_boolean("noget",
  142               "No get",
  143               "If this option is set, listname+get-INDEX is turned off.");
  145 mlmmj_boolean("subonlyget",
  146               "Subscribers only get",
  147               "If this option is set, retrieving old posts with +get-N is only possible for subscribers.");
  149 mlmmj_string("verp",
  150               "VERP",
  151               "Enable VERP support. Anything added in this variable will be appended the ".
  152               "MAIL FROM: line. If 'postfix' is put in the file, it'll make postfix use ".
  153               "VERP by adding XVERP=-= to the MAIL FROM: line.");
  155 mlmmj_string("maxverprecips",
  156               "Maximum VERP recipients",
  157               "How many recipients pr. mail delivered to the smtp server. Defaults to 100.");
  159 mlmmj_boolean("notoccdenymails",
  160               "No To: Cc: deny mails",
  161               "This switch turns off whether mlmmj sends out notification about postings ".
  162               "being denied due to the listaddress not being in To: or Cc: (see 'tocc').");
  164 mlmmj_boolean("noaccessdenymails",
  165               "No access deny mails",
  166               "This switch turns off whether mlmmj sends out notification about postings ".
  167               "being rejected due to an access rule (see 'access').");
  169 mlmmj_boolean("nosubonlydenymails",
  170               "No subscribers only deny mails",
  171               "This switch turns off whether mlmmj sends out notification about postings ".
  172               "being rejected due to a subscribers only posting list (see 'subonlypost').");
  174 mlmmj_boolean("nomodonlydenymails",
  175               "No moderators only deny mails",
  176               "This switch turns off whether mlmmj sends out notification about postings ".
  177               "being rejected due to a moderators only posting list (see 'modonlypost').");
  179 mlmmj_boolean("nosubmodmails",
  180               "No subscription moderated mails",
  181               "This switch turns off whether mlmmj sends out notification about ".
  182               "subscription being moderated to the person requesting subscription".
  183               "(see 'submod').");
  185 mlmmj_boolean("nodigesttext",
  186               "No digest text summary",
  187               "This switch turns off whether digest mails will have a text part with a thread ".
  188               "summary.");
  190 mlmmj_boolean("nodigestsub",
  191               "No digest subscribers",
  192               "If this option is set, subscription to the digest version of the mailinglist ".
  193               "will be denied. (Useful if you don't want to allow digests and notify users ".
  194               "about it).");
  196 mlmmj_boolean("nonomailsub",
  197               "No nomail subscribers",
  198               "If this option is set, subscription to the nomail version of the mailinglist ".
  199               "will be denied. (Useful if you don't want to allow nomail and notify users ".
  200               "about it).");
  202 mlmmj_string("maxmailsize",
  203              "Max. mail size",
  204              "With this option the maximal allowed size of incoming mails can be specified.");
  206 mlmmj_boolean("nomaxmailsizedenymails",
  207               "No max. mail size deny mails",
  208               "If this is set, no reject notifications caused by violation of maxmailsize ".
  209               "will be sent.");
  211 mlmmj_boolean("nolistsubsemail",
  212               "No list subscribers email",
  213               "If this is set, the LISTNAME+list\@ functionality for requesting an ".
  214               "email with the subscribers for owner is disabled.");
  216 mlmmj_string("staticbounceaddr",
  217              "Static bounce address",
  218              "If this is set to something\@example.org, the bounce address (Return-Path:) ".
  219              "will be fixed to something+listname-bounces-and-so-on\@example.org ".
  220              "in case you need to disable automatic bounce handling.");
  222 mlmmj_boolean("ifmodsendonlymodmoderate",
  223               "If moderator send only moderator moderate",
  224               "If this is set, then mlmmj in case of moderation checks the ".
  225               "envelope from, to see if the sender is a moderator, and in that case ".
  226               "only send the moderation mails to that address. In practice this means that ".
  227               "a moderator sending mail to the list won't bother all the other moderators ".
  228               "with his mail.");
  230 mlmmj_list("footer",
  231               "Footer",
  232               "The content of this option is appended to mail sent to the list.");
  234 mlmmj_boolean("notmetoo",
  235               "Not me too",
  236               "If this is set, mlmmj attempts to exclude the sender of a post ".
  237               "from the distribution list for that post so people don't receive copies ".
  238               "of their own posts.");
  240 mlmmj_string("smtphelo",
  241               "SMTP Helo Name",
  242               "When this file is present, it contains the hostname to send in the SMTP ".
  243               "EHLO or HELO command. Otherwise the machine hostname is used.");